Omar Suleiman – Self Actualization and the One Who Needs No Praise

Omar Suleiman
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Everyone somebody coming up from Florida Council, community ministry Valentina some knowledge from the denial but I mean, we're going to learn a lot. I mean what happy but in almost Hollywood, Central America because we can Mohammed in Salalah Han Solo, and he will be with Olympus even kathira. First of all, before I start, tonight, I want to talk about what I just actually posted about an hour ago, which is about the murder of our brother Abdullah. He has a lotta a lot of mercy on him. very disturbing news. I've spoken to him in touch right now with his family and his attorney has actually been married, who's a dear friend and someone who's represented the families of many

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victims of police brutality, including George Floyd, in fact, was there in Minnesota and a part of that entire process represented the family of Marbury and then here both from john Jordan Edwards and so many others a touchdown in Jefferson.

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So handle a lot of times people die in prison. And there's absolutely no recourse whatsoever. You don't hear about what's happened or anything of that sort. Here you have a brother. And it speaks to the heart of the argument of defunding the police in removing some of the funds that are used towards policing and putting them towards mental health, for example, since there's a disproportionate effect on people with mental health issues. Here you have a brother who escaped war in Somalia to come to this country, and was suffering from mental health issues. He himself checked himself into a mental health hospital. And, you know, the police were called to check him back in

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when he left after doctors told him not to. And then he was taken to jail and, you know, apparently

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killed in a confrontation with the guards.

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It's an absolutely tragic incident, and lost pets have mercy on him make it easy on his family, to tragic incidents. And there have been three deaths in Tarrant County Jail just in the last week alone. And so it speaks to a larger issue and I pray that insha Allah if we amplify his story, and we'll be talking about this in the next few days, that we want this to, we want this to be a national story, we need people to know about what's happened to him. So please follow that inshallah to Allah and, and, you know, amplify it as much as you can. And in the next couple of days, we'll

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be putting out some more information in terms of calls to action and things of that sort. I'm going to speak now to the, to sort of Brahim and continuing on some of the reflections on it. We were talking about the first verse, you know, for the last few nights, and particularly here we talk about Salafi Aziz and Hamid, where Allah subhana wa tada says that this is the path that you guide people from the darkness to the light to the path of Allah, Aziz al Hamid, to the path of disease of Hamid. And if you read any translation of the Quran, you're going to have a different translation for these names of Aziz and Hamid.

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But Aziz is that the Almighty and and Hamid is the one who is innately praiseworthy. I'm going to talk about why I choose these names and what the implications of them are. And azeez here refers to the one who is alive, He is all powerful, he is almighty and he cannot be overcome. No one gives a law, his strength or power, he is the source of power and strength is the source of dignity and honor. He is dignity, honor, power and strength, and so no one can give that to him, nor does he need that from anyone else. A loss of Hannah horchata is a disease and so a disease is mentioned here. And then Hamid is the one who is all endowed with praise. It's different from mood. mood is

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someone who is praised. Mohamed Salah lohani was said I'm the name Mohammed is the highly praised he's praised by Allah subhana wa, tada first and foremost, and Hamid is the one who is praiseworthy, whether you praise him or not, whether anyone praises him or not, there are many narrations ahadeeth. To this effect. I could see where the first of you in the last review of the human have you in the agenda view to be as to be the most righteous as righteous as the most righteous person or the opposite of that and I'm paraphrasing, if everyone wants to be as wicked as the most wicked person, it would not increase or decrease the kingdom or the majesty of the loss of how to how to in

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any way whatsoever. So it is often Aziz and Hamid, it is the path and this path is the light. It is the path of the one who is all endowed with praise. And the one who is all endowed with strength, and nothing that anyone else does affects a loss of habitat as might or his being

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praiseworthy now what are the implications of that? Well, a person who takes this path, finds ism and finds praise. They find a sense of strength. They are Aziz beer is Attila. They are made dignified and strong by Al Aziz. And they become praiseworthy by virtue of them praising the one who needs no praise, but who is Worthy of all praise, they themselves become praiseworthy, and they become dignified, very famous statement of Omaha Pablo de la putana. I know that we are a people as isn't allowed in Islam when Elena and I said to the lady Evelyn Allah that we are people who Allah honored through Islam, when we seek honor through anything else than a loss parents, I would cause

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us to be humiliated. And so, Aziz and Hamid, what this is referring to is that a person that takes this path gains a sense of independence gains a sense of strength, gains a sense of honor that cannot be found in anything else. When we talked about a photo mat to an order darknesses. To light we talked about how there are insecurities and there are pitfalls and disappointments in all of those other forms of darkness that every time a new curtain is drawn, every time a new path is taken away from Allah, that a person finds themselves obstructed from fulfillment and happiness and purpose. This is going to the next level. This is going to a sense of self actualization. If you

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look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the top of that is self actualization. And the peak of self actualization is that a person becomes independent of the good opinion of others that a person finds a great sense of dignity and honor and validation. And that is independent of others of the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. You find it only in Allah subhanho wa Taala, not in other people. So it's, it's growing from a sense of purpose, to a sense of actualization of that purpose, or through that purpose, through a sense of self validation. And that's why you know, we find in the advices that God has Salaam, giving to the prophets lie Selim, walk them in a shuffle notman know that the

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nobility of the believer is his pm at night as a standing up in prayer at night and his his and his sense of dignity, his sense of honor is still not one that is his being independent of the people, right has been independent of the people. And so by, again, connecting yourself to the one who is almighty and who is the source of all power and might a person gains a sense of strength and connecting yourself to the one who needs no praise, but is Worthy of all praise, a person gains a sense of becoming praiseworthy by that themselves, they become honorable, they become dignified in that path. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala gives as a gift to us. Now, this is also

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connected to, you know, a little humble man from out of the hammock in Memphis summer show mercy to those on earth and the one in the heavens will show mercy to you that if you are generous, Allah subhanaw taala will shower you would generosity here Allah Subhana which Allah will elevate the one who praises him, will elevate the one who praises him and who lives a life in praise of him. Even though Allah does not need any of that from us and so it's just a powerful lesson for us to think about that a lot does not need us yet. Allah subhana wa tada calls us and we need Allah subhana wa tada we need him and we are completely dependent upon him. He is completely independent of us yet

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Allah, Allah extends Allah subhanaw taala extends his mercy and forgiveness to us and his pleasure and Allah subhanho wa Taala is happy and pleased when we turn back to him, even though he does not need us. Allah subhanaw taala loves us, especially as we turn back to him and we seek that place of dignity. And we seek that place of fulfillment. And we seek that place of self actualization. And I'll talk a little bit more about this tomorrow in Charlottetown. But this is really, you know, when you think about when a lot talks about the qualities of the believers, and the last one he mentions is what a halfmoon Aloma tele and they don't fear, the blame of the blamer they are there in

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different place. They don't fear the blame of the blamer they are pleased with the praise of the Praiseworthy, and as long as they are doing the actions that would earn them that then that is enough to keep them fulfilled and to keep them in a place of self actualization and to keep them in a place of validation, independence of the creation. We ask Allah to grant us that station. We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, knowing that our praise will never be enough. We thank Allah knowing that our gratitude will never be enough.

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We praise Allah for the ability to praise him and hamdulillah for the ability to praise him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to live a life praising him, and to allow us to die praising him, and to be raised up to a praise worthy station in the presence of the Praiseworthy prophets. Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam, mccammon Moroder a praise station, a station that Allah has honored the Prophet slicin and with no loss of honor us and elevate us to that station on the day of judgment to be in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in genitive shadows llama amines is located on once again so that you can learn to lie here with our capital.

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