Stories from the Past #08 Du’a’ for Anas

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The speaker discusses a story about the Prophet's announcement to the Prophet's wife, which demonstrates the manifesting of the Prophet's potential. The story also touches on the potential for a new rainbow to increase one's wealth and children. The speaker describes the effect of the Prophet's teachings on a person, including the creation of a family and the use of the word "barakin" to describe their life.

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all the beautiful stories and Indians in terms of narrations. It's a beautiful one in which demonstrates the miracles of a prophet saw life and his karma to the things that are lost pantallas honored the Prophet with and one of those things is that his dua is answered, and a similar mechanic of the ALLAH and he said, My mother brought me to the Prophet site him and I was a little boy.

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And she said, young, young man, little boy, she said, to the Prophet lies in them, almost a lie, this is an S, he is she didn't describe me way. Demek he's like your little servant.

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So take him as a servant, you know, we don't have anything else to offer you. But this is something we offer you someone to serve you and also make dua for him. So the Prophet slicin was really touched by this offering and that this little boy would come and serve the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and, and actually, it was a good investment in finance, because he's going to be with the process and he's going to learn from him. He's going to be experience life, firsthand with the prophets, Allah, Allah lives and the process of made dua for and as he said, Allahumma barik level were female. But when FC waka theater Well, hello, I'm Ella.

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The processing may dua that Allah bless NS in himself and in his wealth, and he made dua that Allah will increase his wealth and increase his children. Look at that Donna's house a great Baraka dua from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and enter says, commenting on this, he said by Allah,

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and this is after the passing of the prophesizing. He said, I do not know anyone who is in a better, luxurious life than me. You know, he's obviously so content with what Allah subhanaw taala has given him and that Allah has has opened for him the avenues in response to the drought of the Prophet Solomon, he said, I buried with my own hands, I buried with my own hand, because as also he lived for a long the life that I buried my own hands, around 100 of my children, span Allah. And he said, I don't say these are children which have been born, you know, like abortion, not abortion, like stillbirth, or those are how are my grandchildren? Because sometimes your grandchildren also because

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it's your child. He said, No, these are my children's Allah gave him around 100 children which he buried them meaning that he even outlive them, which is also the effect of the DUA and the bark of the prophesy said lambs do out for him, in that he managed to live a long life, happy, luxurious life, and he had so many children's Pamela, what a great blessing to be made

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from the peroxisome. And obviously, when you look at this specificity, specificity, if I can say the word right about how the process and amuse to make dua and it was answered by Allah subhanaw taala. Then you can see whenever the Prophet may draft for someone, you can see the effect of that on that person and his life where there was the DA five to live in our best if Allah teaches him the Knowledge where there was a lot of drama and a bit of that Allah gives him barakin as well, and so on and so forth.