How to deal with the jealous

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to appear, see you achieving them, many of them will want to pull you back down to their level. Why? Because you have achieved and they haven't this is a jealousy from them. But what is your response? What the cathedral mean al Kitab that will do not come back the money come Kofa many from amongst the people of the Scripture, the wish that you would turn back to disbelief after your iman. In fact, they wish that they could turn you back to their disbelief why? Because they want to pull you down to their level I mean by the American cover has set them in the unforeseen. This is just the jealousy from themselves. This is just a jealousy from themselves, meaning that the matter by

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intellect will help after the truth became manifest to them. They knew that this is the reality. These people have risen above us. They've gone far above and beyond. And they've achieved and we know it's the truth. So they want you to go back down to their level. So what should you do when people want to pull you down back to their level after you have achieved fire force? So forgive and pardon them had tie it to Allah will be Emery until Allah comes with a decision from him in Allaha that couldn't be shamed or did indeed Allah is able and capable of everything. So the next time people are jealous of you, and they want to bring you down to their their level. Forgive them