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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Why Dawah? by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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Peace teeth. The solution for humanity.

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It says the

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we turn upon

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in Alhamdulillah. Madhu Anna Stein who

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went on to Billahi min surely fusina was say, Medina, Maha de la who follow Mandala one minute little fella Deanna, a shadow Allah in the law where the hula sharika was shadow, Mohammed Abu yeah Johan de la Koto party while at the moon

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mostly moon

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in a circle Hades kita below Jolla, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Bashar Al Morimoto Desa to her wakulla da da da da da da da da da wakulla de la Latina. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah allowance, blessing, mercy and PHP upon all of us, I mean, arable admin,

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fellow brothers in Islam, today we are going to discuss a very important topic as a Muslim. There is a topic of data. Now, before we talk about that, well, we have to understand what is the definition of that word? According to the teaching of Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. Always remember when you talk about Islam, Islam belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It doesn't belong to me or to you, or to our forefather, but it belongs to Allah. So anything you want to talk about Allah religion, you must refer to his book, there is the Holy Quran. And when you talk about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you cannot say I think, I think

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it's okay. I think this I think that no, you must just go back direct to the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam in saya Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, all the others have paddies, meaning, what I'm trying to share with all of you today is we are talking about a very important topic now about the message of Dawa, and Islamia.

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medica. That one means inviting, calling in white and called people who are not yet Muslim, to Islam. That is what that is.

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If I'm talking to fellow Muslim, if I'm addressing Muslim, in the mosque example, I'm not doing any of our work. Because this is just naseeha at the newness here means I'm here to remind each other could believe in Allah and the Prophet from not a good Muslim to be a better Muslim, for not practicing Muslim to a practicing Muslim. That's all but I cannot say that when I'm talking to fellow Muslim, I'm doing that what know that misconception of that will make us forget our main duty towards fellow mankind, our neighbor, our next of kin, who are not yet Muslim, our good friend, our business partner, who have been asked for a year and yes, but they did not know anything Islamic and

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we do not call them to Islam. Now, all Muslims know that there are two kinds of responsibility to be a Muslim. There's one paradigm and Farooqi fire. That means an obligation upon every Muslim and something that is not upon all Muslims, just a group of Muslims. That were the prophet SAW Salam said, believer and he will

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convey for me even one time that you have learned from Prophet Muhammad saying you must share it with others. Now why Allah subhanho wa Taala address us and Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the title of Hydra oma because we are oma of responsibility not only to fellow Muslim, but to mankind as a whole. Lynas Jamia what is our main responsibility that our motto Nabeel Maru, that means is our duty to invite people to Morrow? What is the best murder of Islam? Because the most important matter of our hate, called people to know Allah and to worship the only one God that created all of this last panel Adana that only what and how nonimmune car and always remind them to stay away from

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anything that will destroy the man

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All kinds of mooka that is bad for them what took me no Nabila and also we always remind people to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the Prophet sallahu wa salam was sent not only to the Arabs, neither to me or to you only, but he was saying as a messenger of Allah to all mankind. Cool. Yeah yohannes in the Rasulullah Alaykum Jamia this what Allah says the Prophet Muhammad, or Muhammad, remind fellow mankind, that you are the Laos, messenger of Allah to all of them, not only a prophet to the Arabs, like the early prophets, the early prophet Allah sent them to a particular tribe and nation. Let Moses Allah say, what is Paula musala call me by Jesus, Allah is Allah is no Maria,

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Rabbani surah, Al or Yeah, Bani Israel in the mail all other prophets was sent to a particular nation and tribes, where Mohammed was sent to all mankind, for the Chinese, for the Indian and Malay for the Arabs. For the non Arabs. Prophet Muhammad samosa is the last messenger to all of us and the message of Islam have proved that by believing in Allah alone, and follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, or race and nation and tribe or get together become one, oma, there is the beauty of this religion, regarding Islam, calling people to unity. Whether you are different in color, a tribe is not a brand to belief in one God. And when you believe in Allah and the Prophet

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all of us is like a big family. We are no more stranger at all. Now we as Muslim has a big responsibility. Because we know prophet mama is the last messenger. There's no prophet after him, land, Nabil Abadi, the prophet said, there is no prophet after me. The responsibility of a prophet and messenger is on his oma to us now.

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My what is happening today, we do have some groups of Muslim who has been calling people to Islam, but only a small group of people. Maybe because a lot of people do not understand the concept of Dawa. We have a lot of Muslims who have been talking about Islam, to fellow Muslim, just among Muslim, but they forget about the other group of the society. There's the people who are not yet Muslim. I remind all the brother and sister in Islam again, please, we are not here to judge people and say that they are non Muslim, saying that they are not yet Muslim, maybe Allah Subhana Allah give them guidance, after we call them to Islam.

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The Prophet has said it very clearly believer Nuala ayah, even one saying of the Prophet that we have learned from him, from his saying, in the Hadith, we must convey and share it with other is very wrong for us to keep the knowledge of Islam within ourselves. Because Islam belongs to all of us belong to all mankind. That's what Islam stands for. I asked l. a. m, I shall love all mankind, not into the Arabs, not only to the Muslim, but to all mankind. This universal message is very important for us to understand that we bring it to other people of color, when you want to call people to Islam, you must understand the basic teaching of this religion first. If we don't

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understand the spirit of Islam is not easy for us to invite others to Islam, because Islam do not invite people to racism. Yeah, to tribalism, to enter Islam. But we bring people to be under one big family, that we are the children of Adam, and we are like a brother and sisters in this world and here after. Now that law is very important not only for me, but to every group of Muslim. That's why Allah says one to many come a limb here we are Marina Del Mar, we can hona anemone car, like a human roughly how what am I saying? He is telling us among you, what is the meaning of among you

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know, in a time of the prophet who is the one who call other people to Islam, the prophet who is the leader among all the Muslims, the call or the leader to be Muslim. But today, only people like me maybe lay person so called people the

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ways the leader. Where is the big Mr. Smith? Where is all the great people, you know who is doing the data? What is happening today is when you talk about that people always lift this work.

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To the Imam, they share maybe two scholars, but people forget that that law is not something that is only for the scholars, but it's for every Muslim could know about Islam they must get involved in Dawa because Allah have said all taco mean come on man.

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Well, yeah more Marina Del Mar over in Havana animoca Ola ecohome of Leon was the meaning of this ayah Allah one, all of us to be the winner at the end of the day. And how can you be part of the winner? How can you be the part of the team? Because we have the Cairo Omar the best Omar, they may Allah is telling among you. What do you understand by this them among you? Among the leader in the time of the prophet who is the one who call people to Islam is the leader in the Prophet was alive The Prophet sent letters to the king of Rome, the king of Persia, invite them to Islam. When Abubakar become the halifa. Abubakar is the one who called as the leader to Islam, the same go to

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Omar Osman Ali, meaning among Muslim leader, also the mass of people who will call other leaders to Islam, to peace, to become one family, to worship one God, the God who create every one of us is very important. But now that one is only like me, or like some shoe, some amount going here and but how about the Muslim leader, we call up our Muslim leader, let us do this together, Let us save this world, let us call other leader to become our family in this role in the hereafter. And also among the minister example. I'm talking about the leader for now among the minister, we have some ministers who are Muslim, some minister who are not yet Muslim, we mix around we share a lot of

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common values, common issues, you know, we travel together we eat together. But why don't we tell you about Islam? Of course, we are not forcing anybody, but at least let them hear what is Islam? Let them know who is Allah? Let them know who is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam if you're not going to do that,

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then other people is going to talk about our religion couldn't understand about this religion. And they will miss present Islam and Prophet Muhammad to others. So a lot of misunderstanding is because the Muslim is not doing that well enough. To the people who are not yet Muslim. I always use that term. Not yet. Mostly because I'm not gonna judge that you are non Muslim. No. Maybe today he is not a Muslim. Later on, he become a Muslim. Now, this is important among the business men. There are some businessmen who are Muslim, some decent Muslim, you have business among yourself, why don't you show him? What is Islam? How do Islam want us to conduct in a business deal and so on, show them the

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Islamic value. If they find that Islam benefit anybody, then why not? Everybody wants something that is good. But we know what is good for us. But we do not open it up and shame to other people did not know about Islam. So don't blame them if they don't want to be a Muslim or the pet about us. Because it's our own wrongdoing is because of our own mistake. We are to be blamed. The same go to the doctors, teachers among us, but we as normal person, public, we go out to meet with the public and we share with them Islam, we invite them to Islam Alhamdulillah example in my country, we try to do our level best in the multiracial society. And Allah hamdulillah a lot of people who are not yet

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Muslim, the Chinese, the Indian, or some of the people come to us when they know about Islam, the beauty of Islam, the Islamic value is a universal value, not an Arabic religion, or Arabic value, or Malay or Pakistan or Indian value, but is a universal value, or humbly become Muslim. Now our duty is just convey the message. It's not our duty to make people Muslim, our duty Alena, lol Bella, Bella, Yaga, Masha, Our duty is to convey Allah give guidance to whom we please, why I want to call all of the brother and sister wherever you are, young, male or female is our responsibility is because I want all of us to end up to be a winner. I want all of us to be clear.

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Because it's what the prophets are want us to do. We got to carry out the mission of the Prophet if we love the Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam Of course, among the Indian among the Indian Muslim is better for you to approach your people. You understand them better you understand their culture, better

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Among the Chinese, maybe it's easier for the Chinese to talk to their own people. But it's not it's more than that everybody can interact.

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Okay, surely the beauty of Islam Islam for all raise our culture, this is the beauty of Islam. Now, I'm going to share with you one important point,

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the attribute of of people that we are going to encounter. When you do that well first is people who are not yet Muslim. Now how to present Islam to them, to these kind of people, you just highlight the importance of believing in one God to hate and Allah and the Islamic value.

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And explain to them so don't miss interpret. Don't miss understand, Islam and Muslim or like in our country in Malay, Malay, and Islam. Malay is a race. Arab is a race is dumb, have nothing to do with race. Islam is a religion that belongs to Allah. Everyone come to Islam. Islam don't follow us. We follow Islam. make them understand the difference between Muslim and Islam Muslim is a people Islam is the teaching and also the difference between Islam and race. Nothing to do with race is not belong to everybody. Now after they know, then you come to the second level, that the people who are now who are new to Islam, then you will have a follow up program. Teach them the foregoing the basic

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knowledge that every Muslim must know male or female, but what the prophet said tala elfrida Allah, Allah Muslim, seeking knowledge is an obligation upon all Muslim, male and female, this is the right of every one of us. Then the third one is you must remind Hello Muslim, the important to work together as a team.

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The important to understand the wishes of Allah in namami known for us we have been awaken what Allah Allah. Indeed, almost an unbeliever is like a family. And you must always try to strengthen the family ties don't create friction, division, anger, enemy among you don't fight with each other. A Muslim are not supposed to create hatred among themselves. A Muslim are not supposed to have any Venus among Muslim No, nobody is perfect. If you see somebody is wrong, it's our duty to remind each other. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us was given in a secret and alimony meaning as a Muslim who had been a Muslim for some time, what we need to do is we got to remind each other again

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and again, how to be a better Muslim. What is our main responsibility? What must we do? What must we stay away from this is the do's and don'ts and then also is very important that the Muslim, the born Muslim must show the Islamic brotherhood to this new brother, or new sister Come and join us in Islam, because they are new and we are considered as the old Muslim born Muslim, so we should welcome them to Islam. Now this is very important for the born Muslim we strengthen the

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Islamic brotherhood. Now if the Muslim encounter any problem, or they have any dispute among themselves, Allah subhanho wa Taala have shown a better way to solve our problem. Allah says in the Holy Quran, Allah Xena Amano at a lower atira Sunil am remain calm for in 10 to vishay produce the lower soul. Now Allah is remaining as given as guidance, or you who believe, obey Allah and obey the prophets and obey the leader among yourself. If any time you are dispute in any matters, whether it is a personal matter, family problem, whether it is a community problem, social problem, then let us sit down together and refer the final word to what Allah says and what the prophet said. Not what I

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say what you say no, but what Allah and the Prophet said, you solve your problem. The Muslim has the best way to solve the problem by referring to what Allah say and what prophet see. Because what Allah say is to now go wrong, what the prophet say will be blessed. What I say and you say, maybe right, maybe wrong, so why not we follow Allah and the Prophet, that the best for us to refer to now you solve your problem as Muslim. Then you show good example to people who are new to Islam, and also for people who are not yet Muslim. The best that law according our Prophet sallallahu Sallam is that law

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belhar that means to good example, good corrector. So that way is a responsibility to all of us. I personally want to call upon a lot of people from all levels of the society meaning from the top to the bottom, everybody, it was in the hour. Why? Because the Prophet has promised us for law he the local Baker or Judah hydralic admin home rhenium, or another word pero, la Kamiya, Daniela mafia, he said With the name of Allah, our profit. So nasm said, I swear With the name of Allah. If any one of us within a Muslim, try your best to call one person who is not in your lifetime.

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And that person, Allah give Ada to your little effort. Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to reward you kindly in the hereafter. You are the richest person in the after because you manage to save one soul. But you have all the money that you want in this world, you are a billion l billion or trillion. But you cannot even save one soul, you are poor in the hereafter. So let us be Irish in here after your poor may be here. But let us be rich over there. Because how poor you are in Israel is just for a while. Because this one is temporarily the he after his everlasting world, and Islam want to invite all of us to be

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successful in the hereafter to be the winner to get a lot of blessing and enter the agenda of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So fellow brothers and sisters now please don't take this data or method, you're likely because it's a very important issue. Because it is our duty to feel for others. We are so sad to see a lot of our friend or neighbor who are not yet Muslim, not because they do not want to be a Muslim, take out the Muslim to not even go to them and tell them what is Islam. We have been very unfair to a lot of people. We have been unjust a lot of people because we like to pass judgment to others without calling them to Islam. So don't ever call people you are so far. You are disbeliever

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if you do not carry out your responsibility to invite them to Islam, fellow branches, the Dharma is a simple thing. It's not a difficult work actually. But I used to share with my students is that that one is like a salesman a dying is like a salesman. We know that our product is a good product is the best product in the market. Our duty is to promote this product. We don't have to criticize other people's products, they have their own product, we have our own product. And we know Islam is the best product because Islam is a perfect and complete religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala It teaches us everything. Anything you want to do about this world, there is an answer in the Holy

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Quran. So Alhamdulillah we are lucky because we have the divine guidance that guides us until today, compared with other people, maybe they don't have any divine guidance anymore. But our guidance is still authentic. From the day it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW Islam. Until today the word of Allah never changed the law of our languaging apply to everybody and to all time. So we consider ourselves very lucky. But how about the people who do not know about Islam is our duty to try our best to reach them and save them fellow brother and sister. Please show kindness and ping about your neighbor, your friend who are not yet Muslim. They need your help. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala

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for Hidayat at the end of the day we can do is to invite them what we can do is to invite them to Islam. And at night we should make dough and ask Allah to give guidance because guidance come from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So May Allah guide us and all our fellow brother and sister whom we know and open the hearts of the people who are not yet Muslim, so that one day they will become Muslim. become our brother and sister in dunya. And in our cara, or Bella Hitoshi, or acleda 100 Nairobi alameen Subhana Allah Houma Ambika shadow Allah Illa de Estado Furukawa boo boo la assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato