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Essence Of Islam Episode 4 – Tawasul and intercession

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The speakers discuss the history and worship of Islam, including its use as a means to protect against natural and natural disaster risk and the importance of shaping behavior to reflect the value of Islam. They emphasize the need for a strong stance and being a good Muslim to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, as well as the danger of worshiping the creator and the need for clear evidence to prove deboubt. The speakers also discuss the use of hesitation as a means to connect with Allah and the importance of clear evidence to prove deboubt and avoid offense.

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Are we live in a *hole regime? I

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mean salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mine, my beloved brothers Mr. Mr. Dominic McCullough but a cattle

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apology somewhat late.

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demonstration in in town, something else we can blame on the government to run it run up some without a break. from Netflix actually funnily enough for me

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala though knowing your why's La Ilaha Illa ma IV witness, none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa tada and we send our greetings and salutations to a beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time, it will be amongst them amin Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, we've been doing a series of tawheed and this is part five in that series. And we have come to the conclusion in our discussion. As we said, the purpose of Islam is a Buddha. In fact, that's the reason why Allah put us on this dunya the reason why we are here is to worship Allah alone, and to make our ibadah pure for him and him alone. We discuss that without the heat you will not enter into Jannah and it is the one thing Allah subhanho wa Taala is non negotiable on that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive each and every sin except shield which nullifies the heat, and I must elaborate on this point, brother asked if I can with a cheat in the past. And I stopped and I

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made Toba while I NTP gender. And this is like very worked. The non Muslim who embraced Islam, he obviously committed his whole life to Sahaba many of them idol worshipers a number on the line. And then when they embraced Islam, Allah removed the shear the sin, what we mean by Allah when Allah says that he will not forgive schicke I was talking about on piano.

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We believe that once we get to kiama whatever sins we have a loss of what Allah can either forgive them on chiamato makishima. So the person if he committed Zina, or some other sin in the dunya, and he made Toba and Allah forgives that sin then on qiyamah He won't see that silly to be gone. Alhamdulillah forgiven it already. But we're talking about coming on to kiama for a sin that you will not forgiven for you didn't make Toba.

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Now, what happens to a person he committed a major sin and he did not receive forgiveness in the dunya What does he do? Allah subhanho wa Taala can either forgive all those sins into you into Jenna, or Allah can punish you for a time for those sins and they include agenda exception. If you come to a long kiama and you have committed cheated in your life and you died committing that chick, then everything is null and void. Then you will not intergender where you have to be left

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is the one thing Allah says on Kiana a person will come and we know that IDC kills 99 people and a lower foot forgives him. There's a hadith which says the Hadith of the vitarka you were this hadith harissa Taka where a man will come with 99 scrolls, all of the fold with evil that he's done, as far as the eye can see. And the only thing he has is this little bit darker meaning this little piece of paper and on it is still hidden meaning Lalalalala and then he will say yeah, Allah, what is the point of us even weighing my deeds? Why should we even go through the process? I have so many sins and just this one good deed. And Allah will say no, today we must be free and just and that's the

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heat we know will outweigh the sins and will enter into gender. So forgive it. So what we say when Allah says love ladyish layyah

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Allah will not ever forgive one who commits stick with him, meaning a person who dies on ship.

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And as we said last week in the series schilke is not just worshipping an idol.

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The q4 of Makkah affirmed Allah is the Creator and sustainer Abuja he will own a lot of STEM manchaca similar to a lot of Oh Abuja, Abu lahab, who created the heavens and the earth. They said Allah, they believed in Allah. And one of the things that we mentioned was supposed to mention last week, if you look at the term a law, where does it come from? We say the Rahman Rahim comes from the women from mercy. The term Allah We come from it comes from Allah. We said Allah, La Isla is no Allah, what is Allah, a deity that which is worshipped. Right, so anything that is worshipped is an ala, like Jesus isn't like saints, graves, that people we seem to worship those Allah, Buddha and

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the idols that the Hindus worship, all these things are the idols of maybe, maybe no, maybe Ibrahim the prophet SAW salams people, these were all the earlier that ilas

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and Isla is something which is worship a deity. Allah when you edit to something in Arabic, it becomes different like MSG, MSG, MSG, the mosquito

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Kitab Al Kitab the book, so Allah is Allah, Allah, the Deity, the one and only one to be worshipped. Can you see, the point is the most common name of Allah is attached to his worship, not not only his mercy and His power, but his worship, and we said, this point must be made so clear that every nabby came to fix the worship of the people, the people that they came to believe in Allah, but they worship something other than Allah. And if you look in Surah, no,

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actually didn't Serrano and Surah Hood, Allah speaks about the different mbf and Allah speaks about the different mvf Allah Subhana Allah says, wa salam, ala comi that reference to Surah. Luke is incorrect. It should be sort of a side note here. When the prophets of Salaam passed away he only had about 14 to 20 ladies in his in his in his beard and he said he only had about 20 gray hairs and easy young still looks like a young man as an old man. And the Sahaba said like jokingly Rasul Allah, you're going gray like what's happening? And he said yes, this Surah Surah Hood makes me go gray, the Surah Surah Surah 11 makes me go gray and in the surah Allah speaks about the different

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MBR that he sent to the different people. He said nobody who would nobody knew nobody saw it. Nobody Shoei and look at what those mbsa look at this is how repetitive they are. So love begins and he says

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we seek no illa comi to his people. In Nila Kumari Ruby in Nibiru saying I am for you a clear winner. What is he wanting Allah to Abu in the law do not worship any besides Allah. So let me know what is the first thing he said to his people? What is the first thing he said to his people? don't worship anything other than Allah what you are adding into art the city of add a home the brother was sent who the neighborhood was into art called a coma he said oh my people airblue La Ilaha you worship Allah you have no Allah no deity except Him. Who said that, that he would say that the scenery sala de mucho de moda Hamza was into the moon or Jaco Marabou de la Ilaha You are my people

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worship Allah alone worship Allah. They didn't say believe in Allah. It's a big difference. They believe in God, but they didn't worship Allah so whenever you who would never know nobody who would not be sorry, why Allah Medina Hamza, and to my d&d brother Shoei, what did he say? Casey echo merimbula my people worship Allah milea coming allow him for you. You have no ILA except Him, Allah subhana wa Tada. And we said, that is the purpose of La Ilaha Illa. Allah, we say Allah, there is none worthy of worship besides you. And schicke is when we give that which belongs to a law to someone else.

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And the most common form of shirak, as we said, is when we give worship to someone other than Allah, and now we're talking about the different ways we worship. That might be Shin Kumar leadership. Last week, we spoke about the excessive veneration of saints and the graves of saints.

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We spoke about this last week, and we said that to ascribe any power of divinity to any person living God, that he should, and this is actually unanimous. Even those who will talk about today who asked the saints as intermediaries, they will also affirm those who go and worship at graves or worship the prophets or Lambo ask him, they will say, if you believe the prophet SAW, Selim has the power to heal and to forgive, and the profits of them as the power in himself to go on Baraka. This is confidential, because you've made a partner with a law, you've given power which belongs to a law to someone other than him. So this is with unanimous consent and not unanimous that everyone agrees

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that this should

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ascribing blessings and Subhanallah how many people will say not intentionally, that the karma, the karma, the karma, protect takedown from natural disaster span Allah, this is ascribed to someone other than Allah. It is only a law that protects us from calamity and natural disaster.

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And harried being that the graves of pious people protect a place in Palestine would be the most protected place with its fold with the graves of Gambia, Medina would never have any kind Medina had drought it had many problems, calamities, and you have the graves of the greatest saints, the Sahaba, Abu Bakr and Omar de Landa, mothers of the believers. We don't ascribe the happenings of the universe to us except through the deeds of the people. As we know, it says that Allah withholds that when we commit sin.

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And Subhana Allah, people will say, but they know how do you explain how good things are in South Africa? hamdulillah things are good now. In fact, we're going through a drought now. But if there's one thing that we can say, maybe, maybe that we can ascribe goodness, is that humbler every house so every family, there's some

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This hospital. Maybe this is the reason why that is goodness in our community that there are little boys and girls reciting Quran entire day. That's maybe the reason why there's Baraka and blessing in our community, but not the graves of pious people

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who said worshipping pious figures, making them the object of worship, or making the graves, a place of worship. And we must discuss the difference here. One who goes to the grave and say

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to one guru, oh Rasulullah so seldom hear me This is

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that this is you made the prophets of Allah, my partner Allah. If you said I'm not going to ask the prophets of Salaam I am just going to have a vicar at the grave. We said this is an innovation and we gave all the Hadith last week where the Prophet Sal says, Do not take my grave as a place of worship, that the macabre the cemetery is not a place of a bother. There's very few instances in the entire Sierra with a profit center I sell them worshipped at the cemetery. keeper once performed gentle Salah on the the lady who cleaned the masjid when she died. They buried her without telling them the vehcile seldom they took her that she was like the Sahaba which is the cleaning lady. And

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when the prophet SAW send them notice that she was missing. He said Why is it so and so? She died we buried already so we said why don't you tell me and he went to her grave and imagine as a Sala, we don't have other examples of the navitas alum making Salah at the cemetery magick is the place of Salah infects called Masjid the place of sujood do not take my grave as a masala and ibclc says do not take my grave as a place of Salah where having said all that, we don't deny the piety of our pious criticisms that came here. The men that are buried and the women that are buried about as we call them, our Olia. We believe firmly that they are earlier that they are close to Allah subhanaw

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taala that what did they do they both massage it they brought the Quran and they told the deen to people who would not have been of the Allah taken away from them their homes and their families. In between guru and Romulan, all the greats earlier that came here. They fought jihad against the colonizers, in Holland, or in Indonesia. They were brought here, they spent the life in the path of Allah, and they lost. Allah gave him defeat, and the loss of a family and their homes, yet they came here not broken people, they started from scratch. And these massage at the end of WooCommerce, estimated that for 200 years, 300 years is a community that has survived. This is the legacy they

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didn't build shines. And I would shudder to think that a man who lived very small humble life would want you to spend a million Rand to build a shrine on top of his grave, give that in his name rather than charity. There's a lot of these sooner, and it's not of the way and I must mention this, that if we look at the way of our forefathers and our ancestors, we talk about the ordinary Muslim who has khusus on a Sunday, right? It's not known to go to the graves and worship you might ask yourself, your grandparents didn't do this. Maybe they will greet them before they go on Hajj, the front point here, but they never would go habitually, to the cemetery to make a vicar at the grave.

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This is not part of our culture even is something new brought to our culture. And we are against grave worship, that we worship Allah alone. We'll talk today about something else which is in the middle now. Something is referred to as tawassul tawassul. Another very gray and very dangerous area and an area of great debate between different schools of theology in Islam, masoumeh schools, schools of theology tawassul refers to using something to connect you to something else, something which brings you near to something else. What do we mean? in our context today? It is using an intermediary to connect you to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So a shortcut to Allah a path to Allah a

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connector between you and Allah.

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Do we believe in such things? Do we believe that there's anything between me and Allah? And in terms of our general understanding of Islam? No. But in fact, Allah came to bring the message. And this is the beauty of the hate. The message of tawheed is you and me as bad as we are. We can directly link to Allah for any query.

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That no matter what I did in my life and how far astray I went, I just need to raise my hands and Allah will respond to me likely response to anyone else that Alo once the Senate to come to him. Not just Islam. Allah isn't exclusive to the earlier

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a Lucha Allah showed he was the Sahaba even though you have the best of the best of creation hardmetal salaam you make do. Are you for yourself? Yes. Awesome. Nice to meet you all for you. But at night, make your own tahajjud and ask Allah and make your own Salah. Everyone has a personal access to a las panatela

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That's the beauty. How do we say that there is no ILA that blocks me to Allah. Now we asked in the Sharia is the any forms of tawassul. That's permissible. And in reality, there are two types of tawassul permissible and impermissible.

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But it must be taken very cautiously, that if you make tawassul, you use a connector and intermediary incorrectly, you can end up worship worshiping the intermediary. And in reality, all ship began with tawassul.

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If you know one of the dangers of ship, the man who commits murder, and he commits Zina, he knows he's committing sin. He knows it's wrong. Even if he doesn't regret it. He wouldn't want his kids to follow him. Ask for the machine. The machine does, the more good he thinks he's doing. He's near his good. He's near as good. The more he worships Jesus, over saints are the ancestors, the more he feels he's getting closer to allow in realities further away from Allah. And it is in fact, look at what the kafir that's Abuja and Abu lahab. What they said Allah Subhana, Allah is speaking about them. Allah says in Surah, Zuma a powerful suit in terms of the heat, and indeed we sent down to you

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the book of Mohammed in truth. So worship Allah sincerely to him in the religion, unquestionably, for Allah is the Pure religion purely by this one law. They listen to what Allah says pay close attention. Yeah. And those who they take only our protectors guides besides Allah. So those who take others besides Allah, when you asked him like, you worship the idols, why do you worship the prophets of Salaam? Why do you worship the comets? He will say we only worship them that we may be brought nearer to ally position we want to get to Allah. These are just our shortcuts. Allah Subhana. Allah is saying in Surah Zoomer, but just because your intention is to get to a lot. And

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you say that, and you say that my intention is a lot, he still should.

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Why? Because you've used a connector, you've put your faith and dependency into this person, that when times are hard, you run to that statute, or to that ancestor to that grave.

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This is exactly what the kuffaar of Makkah said and did. And it makes us worried that if we are taking means of tawassul It's a dangerous area.

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A loss of one another is in this chapter, which is very pertinent and we'll talk more controversially about this next week. I don't mean to be controversial. This this area of discussion for others, this is not for me to condemn anyone. This is for me to reflect on my own life and my ibadah and my kid's life, and by the end for you to reflect on your own life. We don't pass judgment on anyone that is a lost job on kiama.

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But to look at your own life and say Am I willing to take the risk with my Avada? Remember the sticks here is john and Jana.

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It is eternity in john number one single lesson stay away from and many times we feel we are safe from ship, I can never worship an island. Indeed, inshallah, we can never do that. But there are other forms of schicke. As we see the veneration of saints, using saints as intermediaries using other sort of losses about another about tawassul in the say, God

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into the room, these things that you are asking that you're making that you're asking, if you invoke them, they do not hear you.

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They can't hear you too, or you can go to the grave, and you can ask them 10 million times. Men in the cover can't hear you. And even if they heard a law saying when it was sent me Oh, and if they heard you, they would not Mr. Jabu would never respond to you. They will say even if you ask a visa, and he's alive, we know when the visa is alive, that visa come to your door. And even if he heard you calling out to him, he will not answer you.

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We only Kiana and on the day of PMR Yuk funabashi Kiku, they will reject you and your ship. They will say Allah I had nothing to do with this man. Don't look at me. So this is the dangerous area of philosophy that many people who commit ship believe they're doing so in the name of philosophy. So is there a place for tawassul in Islam, very limited scope, and we need to talk about these things.

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tawassul taking an intermediary between you and Allah is permissible in a very strict strict category of things. Allah says yeah, you will arena I'm an otaku. La La La La Silla. Allah says, Oh, you will believe do your duty to Allah and fear him and seek a tawassul a means to eat you find a thing that connects you to Allah. So this ayah

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is not taken as a blanket approval for anything that I want to connect myself to Allah. I can use anything as a connector. No, it's very limited.

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Examples of permissible tawassul so you can ask someone to make law for you. You can ask your parents, your grandparents, the Sahaba asked the prophets of Allah. And in the Quran, Allah says that they do have a visa Salaam

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He's a second it's a, it's a form of, it's a benefit to the Sahaba. When the Prophet Allah makes dua for for them and in fact we make dua for the Navy so seldom when often doesn't allow

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Mohammed the most suitable for the law, right we make you to ask within a visa law is and I'm not to him, for him Allah elevate Nabi sallallahu sallam. So to make dua for the believers is part of our belief in spots of being a good Muslim, we continuously keep the believers in our da, and this is a means you're getting closer to Allah through what through a third party through the door of your parents, the two of you, your you know, you pious, your brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah permissible.

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Another very powerful evidence for this

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powerful evidence for this is the tawassul. And it's very unique and relevant, actually, because we are living in a drought. There was a drought in Medina, as often a result across the way and so not only was the halifa and they were making two and then

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they say normal code and abass, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said, Yeah, a bus in the time of NaVi Salam when we needed the rain, we made tawassul and in fact, the translation of bahaya to say that we asked you to make dua is not accurate. The correct Arabic C's Natal Rasul, b rasulillah that we connected we drew near to Allah through the prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now we want to make tawassul through you, all of us. So it's very clear. Do you think Buhari that tawassul permissible, but what's what's really happening here, say nobody's saying when the prophet SAW Salaam was alive, we he used to make the offer as foreign. And Allah would bring that in, now that

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he's passed away. We're asking you or a bus, because you're the uncle of an abyssal Salaam that you have this relationship with him, ask Allah and you make dua

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understand the difference here. Had it been permissible to go to the prophets of Salaam while he was dead, they wouldn't have needed a bus in the sand the point here that had been permissible so he's saying when the NaVi son was alive, we make tawassul through him and it's permissible we said you can make you can ask your grandmother to make dua for you. If you know someone is pious inshallah you ask them make dua for me permissible. Once they die, it's a different story head than a B cell cell, I'm still being able to make lawfully Sahaba that have gone to the carpet of the visa, office we need rain, but instead This is our bass debate.

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Through our love for you, it shows we love that salsa number understands how the point is the muscle is permissible, but not a blanket permissibility.

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And these other examples, so how do I make my relationship with Allah closer is for example you want your daughter to be accepted. Allah says take his names and attributes that are further reliable as well Krishna further will be that to Allah belongs the best of names, but it will be that make dua on the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one of the ways of tawassul is you use all those names appropriately. So as I said, you want wealth using Johan, the one who is wealthy, and it will increase your da you can sell a lot over a man. But when you apply the name of Allah appropriately, that was more accepted. So don't say he adore or the one who brings calamity grant me a wife.

00:23:24--> 00:23:31

Dangerous is dangerous. So you use the names and attributes of Allah in the correct way. It's a form of tawassul

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also your good deeds, you connect our soul through your good deeds. And the classic example is the three who got stuck in the cave who know the Hadith, it was raining and they went in the cave, and then a boulder block the clip code authentic hadith. And the author he needed to make this heading beautiful because why the first one makes the law and he said I had opportunity to commit Zina. And then I remembered Allah and I stayed away. So yeah, Allah because of that, I make tawassul through that helped me and the rock moved a little bit. The one linseed, you know, I parents and I preferred my parents over my children, I only have so much food and I waited for my parents to eat and then my

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kids, I did this for your sake. So the rock moves a little bit more. The third one, he said that, you know, some person worked for him. And he didn't pay that guy's wages the guy went missing. So he took the guy's wages and invested it. And that was profit and profit with efia. Right It brought more Baraka and placing and he was able to buy you know, many animals without money. Then this worker came back many years later and said You never paid me back. So what does he do because he only paid him the initial amount. Instead he said all this money you see is from your initial, your initial amount, so take all of it and he took everything not leaving anything behind. So the man

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said Allah I only did this for you and the rock move even more and all three could leave. So yeah, these people are using the good deeds as a wartsila also, also

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each one individually could not exert they needed to do or have someone else without optimal, further understand the point here, that the death of others also benefited them. So it's a very clear example of tawassul, you can use, what did we say, we can ask others to make dua for us, if they are alive and they are present, we can ask through the names of Allah, we can ask Allah through the good deeds that we did, and the sins that we lift off, we can also make the muscle through our situation like nebia, you be Allah, I'm in such a calamity. And this this, you know, this, my situation helped me. So we using this situation for the law. And the for the rule of tawassul is

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and I need to explain the rule before we get into controversial, the controversial stuff is next week,

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the rule of tawassul that if you want to take an intermediary between you and a law, then they must have the ability to, to mediate between you and Allah, it must be something that can draw you closer to Allah, it must have the ability to do tawassul. Secondly, that it must be proven that this into this form of tawassul is acceptable, they must be clear evidence. And what I mean by this is, you'll find things in the Sharia

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that you need evidence to prove it's impermissible.

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So the general rule in certain things is permissible. You can eat whatever you want. You can wear whatever you want, you can marry whomever you want. But these are the exceptions. So the rule is permissibility. As for tawassul, is the opposite. The rule is not permissible. exceptive is evidence to say you can understand. So you need clear proof before you can do the fourth tawassul. And then lastly, very importantly, you should not put your dependence on the connector. So let's give an example.

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The brother is going through difficulty. He's making the law making the law and he doesn't seem to come out of that. So they say go to such and such a chef asked him to make law for you. In the chef mix to offer your permissible No problem, you can ask the chef to make the offer you or your grandmother to make the offer. You're hungry. And in fact, it is better that your parents make the offer you then even shifts today. So whatever it might be, why, because that was way more sincere than to have your mother is very sincere, because she isn't gonna cry for you. No matter how big the slavery is, he's not gonna cry for you, is not going to wake up to agitate for you. But your mother

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will do that. Your mother will wake up and she'll cry for you. And maybe they'll do it even more than your doula because it's sincere. But we don't ascribe dependency on mommy's da, we don't say had it not been for my mother and my mother's piety and her blessing that the DA came in the sand the difference the minute you start depending on the door of your mother and not Allah and you forget that this person only connects you to a lot, then it becomes insane how gray and dangerous This is. It's an issue of your heart, the minute your heart, ear canal, Buddha can assign your ally you alone we worship and You alone without dependency, the minute you put the dependency on the

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chef, on your mother on whatever it might be, you have made this you have made this person an intermediate with a law which you should have created the law. So now that we have a basic picture of the lawsuit, we'll talk about the controversial issues of the lawsuit. And what are those controversial issues? Can we ask the pious did to ask Allah so yes, we can ask the Imam when he's alive make dua for me. Why can't I ask him when he's dead in the grave? Make dua for me? I'm not asking him to heal me. I'm saying oh Mohamed, Salah Salim make it to other Allah heals me, Is this not permissible? I did it when he was alive, why we need? We'll discuss this next we can show and

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secondly, can you make tawassul at a distance, so I have a chef in one country. And when things are tough, I mentally ask him Chef mograph for me, I turned to him and asked and people believe us. And there are people who do this. There was a guy at the high school. And he said he had a ship that he you know to buy or to. And the chef told him whenever you go through hard times, just think of me and I'll make dua for you. And he said, you know, exams and difficulty began thinking of a chef. And he realized after a while, he stopped thinking of Allah subhanho wa Taala he no longer went to Allah and ask Allah for help. And he became afraid. And we said leave this, the best thing is to ask Allah

00:29:17--> 00:29:38

directly. So that can you make at a distance? Can you ask a chef or someone doesn't have the ability from a distance of power, because this is prevalent. So we'll talk about these things in Sharla next week, and as I said, this area of discussion is very controversial to some people. And the objective is not to condemn anyone, but it is to keep the heat pure.

00:29:39--> 00:30:00

And I've done my best to even research the other views that permit even asking the date and depending on them, and they will say and will lie they say this, that it's permissible to ask XYZ but it's better to ask Allah to stick to what is best. If, if you feel I am so bad and spot the shape on sticks, I'm too bad to go to Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

He knows my sins. If Allah is not merciful enough to forgive you, do you think to one Guru is merciful enough to forgive you? If Allah who loves you the most more than your mother will not answer your dua. Why would a saint on scioto who doesn't know you who has no relationship with you?

00:30:18--> 00:30:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala we spoke about our Rahman that he put us here to build that relationship with Him. And I'm kiama that's the only thing that will save us from janam keep that pure. Don't put that into doubt. Whenever you need anything. remember Allah is near and that when you raise your hands a level answer your glasses, and the more you turn to Him, the more level they respond. But no other creation or no other person in the universe will do this for you, not even your mother. So turn to Allah subhana wa tada in every single moment that you need in terms of sugar in terms of esteana That's why my brother's 17 times a day in your soul. Are you safe ear canal? ooyala you

00:30:59--> 00:31:22

alone I worship what year Can you alone do I depend on I don't need anyone other than you. No need for anything else or anyone else besides Allah? Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive us and guide us when we die without the hating text. And we intend to generally mean what hamdulillah remind our senior classes on Tuesday evenings from seven to eight, and any questions or comments with [email protected] Douglas, a solo singer Mohammed

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Assalamu alaikum