Allah Does Not Love These People

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The speaker discusses how people in society are not aware of certain people and try to avoid them. They also mention that certain culture positions are associated with certain colors and that people may walk with them. The speaker suggests that people may be considering certain positions because they are seen as " garbage" and may not be aware of them.

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Allah does not love. Okay? That's very intense. Allah does not love these people who are these people that Allah subhanaw taala does not love that we want to stay away from them. In Allah Allah hippo man Ghana mokdad hora, ALLAH SubhanA data does not love those who are more than for Mattel is a person who walks with conceit. So this is a person that might have their nose up, they're looking away, they're not looking at people. For example, I see this

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I'll tell you like personal when people wear certain clothes, I mean, in in, in countries around the world, when you wear certain clothes, you become like you're invisible. I don't want to mention countries, I don't want to mention what kind of clothes and stuff like that. But when you wear certain clothes from a certain country, and it's not normal, I don't wear these kinds of clothes, those that I'm talking about. But when I do I become invent, invisible. And there are people in society that that we don't pay attention to, and we may walk beside them, maybe we just don't see them. Or maybe May Allah forgive us. We're walking with conceit, that oh, they're not from my

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people, or whatever, or they're not indifferent. And people for whom people show off with things like

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lineage. So I'm from this thing, or I'm from nationality, such and such, or they might show off with skin color, I'm from skin color, that color. And for some reason, there's a, there's a tendency to lean towards certain colors, and then they get higher or somebody might show off because of wealth. Other clothes are so clean, and they smell so good. So then they're conceivable to others. Another thing is position in society. We've seen in some cultures, they have cast systems or is looking down upon a person. I remember somebody commenting. They went from one country, I won't mention the country, but I'll mention where they went to. They went to Canada, yeah, Canada, and this person

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commented, and they said in Canada, just because somebody is the janitor doesn't mean you can treat them badly. And he was very shocked by this because in his home country, if somebody was in a certain occupation, they were in a in a hierarchical, hierarchical position and they would be looked down upon. Whereas in Canada if you're the janitor and you treat a janitor, badly janitor, a slap in the face

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