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This episode is about the legacy of the verse from Surah Yusuf numbered 92, spoken by Yusuf AS to forgive his brothers upon plotting to kill him, continued by Prophet SAW on the victory of Mekkah after suffering oppression for 20+ years and 500 years later by Salahuddin Rahemallahu Ta’ala upon conquering of Jerusalem. A powerful story on victory of forbearance.

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sulamani from Florida cats with your brothers and sisters, welcome back to people of Poland, where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with the poor. And now had a lot you might have noticed from the title of the video that you know this one is going to go through a transition. And this shows you some how the court can inspire multiple people over the course of history that can really lead them to beautiful things, Yusuf alayhi salam, as we know and sort of uses and this is verse 92, that when Yusuf Alayhi Salam saw his brothers after all those years, despite the oppression that they that they'd committed against him, despite the fact

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that use of it his Salaam now was in the position where he was a king. I mean, he could have done whatever he wanted with his brothers when they were in front of them. They were in need, they were in despair, they were vulnerable and use of it his Salaam had all the power in the world. But when used finally his Salaam saw his brothers in front of in front of him use of honey, his salon said letter three, but equally on your local Warhammer. rochman he says that there is no blame upon you today. You know, don't worry about it. May Allah forgive you. And Allah is the most merciful, of the Merciful. And so how about that taught us a legacy or that gave us a legacy of compassion and mercy

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to those that harm us to those that don't show us that same level of compassion, mercy to really show the victories, we had a lot of wilhelma forbearance, that that comes from our profits, we see then in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam entered into Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is coming and so how Allah I mean, these are this is the land that he was run out of this is his hometown. And there are people there that have killed the family members of the Prophet slicin them and then have subjected him to oppression for 20 plus years, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he chooses to ride into

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Mecca. And this is the greatest testimony of the mercy of Islam and the compassion of Our Messengers like Selim, with his nose touching the back of his animal, and with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, calling out with the same words the verse from pseudo uses lots of three barley camileo there is no blame upon you today. May Allah forgive you and He is the Most Merciful of those who have mercy. And also la sigh Salaam starts to call out that whoever enters into this house is safe and whoever is here is safe. And the prophets lie Selim guarantees the people of Mecca absolute safety. Now let's fast forward over 500 years later, and the date is March 4 1193. The equivalent of that day and

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hingedly years is Friday, Yama, Yama, the best day the 27th of Raja 583 83 years after Hitler. That's kind of what makes the 27th of Rajab significant. No, I'm not sanctioning any forms of acts of worship or things of that sort of that night. But historically speaking, it could or could not, it could or could have been or could or could not have been the night of an assault and medwatch the night when the prophets license ascended from Jerusalem to the heavens, obviously we have popular narrations of that none of them you know are historically you know, completely sound but still it's significant that on this night, salaam Deen Rahim Allah to Allah Allah, you will be standing on the

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outskirts about to enter Jerusalem. He's about to bring Jerusalem back to the Muslims after it's been ravaged by the Crusaders. And as Salahuddin is standing there, you know, Salahuddin Rahim Allah Tada. He was known for his compassion he was known for his mercy. He was known for his nobility and that's something that writers throughout history whether they were Muslim or not have had to acknowledge. So I had been writing lots of to Allah He sends a letter to to the king he sends a letter to gi Julissa, neon, and Geeta Lisa neon, who is the ruler of that time the king at that time, he was afraid that Salahuddin was going to kill him Why? Because the Crusaders have done all

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types of things. And Salahuddin did, in fact, you know, kill raynolds and the reason why he killed reynald is because reynald you know, massacred many, many innocent people. Reynaldo was someone that could not be trusted. He tried to even confiscate the body of the Prophet slice of them. I mean, he was a very nasty man. So, you know, he was afraid. So Salahuddin sent him a message and he reassured him, and he said, it's not the desire of Kings to kill kings, he said, but that had transgressed all bounds, and therefore I had to treat him as a special case meaning what I'm not going to do to you what was done to raynald I'm not going to kill you, you're safe. And Salahuddin Rahim Allah to

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Allah, reassures gdd, Sanjana young that you know that you're going to be protected that your people will be free. And the Crusaders had carried out an attack on the Muslims. They sent letters to the Muslims in the past, particularly in Ottawa, and modern day Syria. They sent a letter saying that, you know, you're safe, we're not going to do anything. Once they got in the city. They they completely destroyed it. And they they massacred all the innocent Muslims. So it's ladina saying we're not going to do that. And so Pamela, once the law had been enters into Jerusalem on that glorious

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Night salaah had been rocking lots out according to. According to the narrator his biography was a dud. He says this a lot had been Rahim Allah, Allah was repeating the same over and over and over again. So Pamela, that's a three value comedy. Oh, there is no blame upon you today, remembering use of Halle history and remembering the way the prophets lie, some conquered Mecca, remembering that grace in that compassion. Now on the other side, you know, the many of the women of the Christians at that time that were under the protection of the Crusaders, a lot of them shave their heads and actually mutilated themselves because they were afraid that the Muslim warriors were going to do to

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them with the Crusaders did to the Muslim women, they thought that you know, they were going to be raped. They thought that the terrible things were going to happen to them. Some of them somehow even committed suicide. Some of them killed their own children thinking that the Muslims were going to take their children as slaves. But Salahuddin enters into Jerusalem with such grace and he lets you know Subhana Allah, He frees the people. Not only does he free the people, you know, he sets a ransom on the warriors. And you know, some of the Christian leaders they complain they said the ransom is too high. So he decreased they said it's still too high he decreased it again and he

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decreased it a third time to where it was just a matter of Penny so Pamela he freed the warriors. He invited the Jews who are run out of the city back into the city the first thing he does to the king to the leader of the Crusaders is he gives them an ice cold water so how to LA no poison or anything, you know, to comfort him and to put him at ease. And Salahuddin Rahim Allah you see this even this great respect, even for religious tradition, realize the Crusaders when they entered into Jerusalem, they put across on top of the messages. They filled it with with the blood of the innocent Salahuddin Rahim Allah to Allah, He collects the relics of the Christians for crosses in

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particular, and he puts them into these chests for chests, all of their relics and all of their holy things. And he gives it to them, he presents it to them and says, We have no interest in this and panela he doesn't harm them. He doesn't break those relics, but instead he shows them absolute mercy. And he shows them that compassion and this victory was a great victory for Islam not just because it was it was a conqueror conquering Jerusalem know what's a lot of de Mola tada showed us is what a big heart can do the legacy of compassion and the legacy of benevolence that we have from use of it his salon and from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And one more very cool fact.

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Did you know that a lot of Dean's name is actually not solokha Dean? Salahuddin is a law club it's a nickname, right which means the righteousness of the faith so law Dean's name is actually uses subpanel law so he's carrying the legacy of the one that he was named after use of it. He slapped We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant us that same level of compassion, that forgiveness and that benevolence and to make our hearts bigger than those of our enemies. And to make us better than our enemies We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant us righteousness and to grant us the best of this world in the next alumni mean inshallah tada I will see you all next time when people have called

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and as I can low hate on what's around ya come when I come to like a lot of cattle