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This Mufti Menk Lecture commences with the explanation of a weak hadith regarding the powerful story of Ta’laba Ibn Haath Ibn Ansari RA mentioned in the previous episode and continues with reasons of revelation Surah At-Tawbah which include exposure of the hypocrites, janaza of hypocrites, and exception of disabled.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa momento. de San Angelo Medina with that.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. We thank him for everything he has bestowed upon us. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, all his companions, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to bless them all and to grant them all goodness and ease in us as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us every form of goodness and ease in this world, as well as the next me, my brothers and sisters. Yesterday, we made mention of a very interesting narration that I had said was a weak narration, if you recall, and I did say that the reason why I made mention of it was because of the lesson that we wanted to derive from it. This

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narration regarding verse number 75, or pseudo Toba

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is narrated by Allah ed in his book as baboon mazoon, as well as a suti in a similar book of Bharani. I'll be happy and Hakeem hadith of Abu Mama rhodiola.

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However, there is a very interesting

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And that is something that each one of us needs to take notice of. We all know that the Battle of bedroom took place. That was the most decisive battle in the history of Islam. It was the battle whereby against all odds, the Muslim in one, they were only approximately 313 Muslims, and perhaps 1000 plus from amongst the Kufa, the Muslim mean, we're not even armed properly. But Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted something to occur and that was the victory

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at that particular time with the small number.

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And one of those who took part in this particular battle

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was a man known as Taliban even know how to Bill Ansari or the law and the man whom some of those have made mention of in the narration. Now we have one problem and the problem is, if you go back to the Battle of butter, and you take a look at it, you will find that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam later on made mention of the virtue of the people who participated in the Battle of butter. And he said, Well, Maria de la la la polla, Allah Allah, fatale maluma. She, in nikka, Fortuna. He says, What do you know perhaps Allah has looked at the hearts of those who participated in the Battle of butter, and he told them from today you can do as you please, I am happy with you. So hon Allah

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Do as you please.

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Amazing. So if we were to look at this, we would realize that those who participated in the Battle of battle were known as Badri Yin, it was impossible for anyone to blemish the image. They were people who were considered the creme de la creme, if we can say that they were the top notch the best of the lot. So it would be wrong for us to actually think for a moment that this man fallible even know how to build on sorry, not be a loved one who participated in the Battle of button had to be a person who rejected the verse of Zakah. So this is where the weakness comes in from. This is why the scholars say it's a weak narration, I'm sure it would have been interesting for us to know

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why is it that people say it's a weak narration, so much so that some scholars have gone and said, Listen, the naming is actually fabricated, and I think we inclined towards that because it would be wrong for us to take the name of such a great Sahabi May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us understand however, another very interesting point is, it is reported that this man who participated in the Battle of but there was a time when he stopped coming for Salah, do you recall that also, we would like to say not him, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us similarly, It is reported that when the verses were read to him, he said, No, I need some time.

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Not him. So pan Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us if you notice what we're doing, we're actually making mentioned why the scholars have said it's weak or fabricated. And we are going back to revisit the status of that lava even know how to balance it and not be a loved one, although I did make mentioned quite clearly that it was weak, but I decided it is only befitting for us to spend as much time speaking of the merits of this beautiful man.

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So thereafter, if you take a look at the narration that says

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He went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam crying, saying except my wealth, it is not befitting for a messenger sallallahu Sallam to reject it. Subhana Allah. Why would Allah subhanho wa Taala when he does not reject the Toba of an individual? Why would the messenger who was sent as a means of mercy for mankind and creation at large, reject someone who was coming to him with goodness and regrets? So this also makes it weak or fabricated. Similarly, when it comes to the issue of the fact that he was from amongst the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu, Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Alon, Omar Alfaro co

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founder of the law when it is reported that they too rejected the man's act of worship, that too we say, there is something wrong with the narration. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgive us, and may He open our doors. So one might ask, so what is the narration? Well, there are two or three explanations. One is, there was a group of hypocrites besides the Alabama Hannibal Ansari, whom that happened with perhaps, or secondly, they may have been two or three of them, or they may have been mixed up in the name. But as for our men, let us all say on the line, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Be be pleased with him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant all of us the companionship of those who

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participated in the Battle of burden on the day of judgment as well as in the afternoon. So this is something extremely interesting. I'd like to still spend another few moments telling you what exactly we derived from the story. Very interesting. When you promise a law, make sure you fulfill the promise when you have a little bit and you promise a law that you're going to give 5% 10% that 5% 10% when it's 100 grand, it's only five rounds of 10 rounds, the minute it becomes 100,000 grands, it becomes much, much more in terms of figures. Be careful what you promised Allah follow it through. So panela similarly, it is not wrong to be wealthy in Islam, but it is wrong for us to

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become arrogant due to the wealth remember this it's something very interesting. You can have as many garages as you want, you can have as many service stations as you want. Yesterday I made mention of the service stations and one of the brothers came up to me and said Did someone tell you about me I'm the one who has a few service stations.

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Allah forgive us really. Allah bless you all Allah He service stations are not Allah grant us well, that has Baraka Islam actually acknowledges those who have lots of wealth because they are the ones who will be spending inshallah, in their Ico. So, it is a lesson for us to say look, the more you have become humble, become humble, be down to earth, whether you have power, position, authority, whatever else it is, well, anything, become humble. Don't let that change your attitude negatively. In fact, it should change it positively. Similarly,

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what we also learn is that when Allah subhanho wa Taala has bestowed something upon us we should make use of it in the correct course. Allah has given you expertise in something help the oma serve the oma your expertise. You might be a doctor, you might be an accountant, you might be someone ask yourself, How did I use my expertise, my field to save a little bit of Islam to save the deen to serve humanity to be able to reach out to the rest of human beings in order to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. What's also interesting is the regret that we should be feeling whenever we have sinned whenever we've said something wrong. Whenever we rebuked

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or whenever we've abused someone, it should be from the heart We should feel sorry, the remorse should be from deep within May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us acceptance. Brothers and sisters we move on still with the Battle of taboo still with pseudo Toba. Like I said this surah has exposed the hypocrisy in so many different ways. They were some of the hypocrites when the Battle of the book was announced it was known as the difficult battle. Why was it the difficult battle it was just after typing her name. And at the same time, it was very, very hot. It was in the middle of the summer. And there was not much that the minion had they were gathering wealth, and they had to match

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a long, long distance hundreds of kilometres and go and face the Romans. It was something that was not a joke. So many people began to make excuses although nobody was excused besides those who were perhaps disabled or completely unable to go from amongst them will name excuses, you know, cheap excuses. It reminds me before I mentioned this, when we have work to go to we don't mind how cold or hot it is. When we have a function to go to we don't mind how cold or hot it is. We don't mind we'll make a plan. We'll get a lift. We'll do something. When we have Salah to go to suddenly it's too cold. Suddenly it's too hot. Suddenly it's too long. When we have to make Oh, it's too early in the

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morning. It's a little bit too cold. The water's not running. When we've got an act of worship closeness to Allah we find an excuse it happens to all of us let's apply it in our lives. But when it is something we need to go to the gym come what may we are there

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wonders in the condition of fasting. We are still there. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us as steadfast with our Salah, my brothers and sisters, it is not wrong, but the point I'm raising is let us understand if we apply it in one area of our life to apply it in spirituality and religiousness is even of a greater level in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember this. So this is why those people made an excuse. They did not want to go with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they started telling each other

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don't go out, it's too hot. Make an excuse that it's extremely hot, too hot, I can't go. So they started saying it's too hot. Allah exposes them. Verse number 81. Allah replies, responds to them. Guess how Allah replies? What a powerful verse mentioned the sirata Berry narration of an ambassador of Allah and when they were instructed to go out the Battle of the book, some of them said, It's too hot. Allah says ferryhill mipela una Bhima pata de la formazione la whakaari who I

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foresee him, Allah says, Those who stayed behind, they were happy to stay behind against the Prophet sallahu wa sallam and against the last instruction and they will happy not to strive in the course of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know what they said? were called hula

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few feel how

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do how low can we have?

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They said that you know what, it's too hot. We cannot go Allah says let them know the fire of hell is even more hot. The fire of hell is hotter, far hotter, the heat is intense, much more intense. If only they had a deep understanding. Don't make cheap excuses. When it comes to obeying the instruction of Allah Get up. forsake your bed. No matter how cold or hot it is, you will make them will do you will fulfill your Salah you will adopt the instruction of Allah. If we were to dress in order to go to a party, we are ready to go out and buy clothes that will please the people and that will suit their eyes even though they may be haram but when we are asked to dress in order to please

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Allah subhanho wa Taala we find lame excuses. People are going to think this and that. And some of the young they know see how will I get married if I cover myself? My love will give us when if you don't cover yourself you're going to marry the wrong person, the one who loves those who are uncovered once you marry him, you are now his he looks at the others who are still uncovered. Remember this, so it doesn't stop me Allah subhanho wa Taala help us now open our doors and grant us a deep understanding. Like I say these are reasons of revelation interesting to know good to apply. The most powerful thing we take home is the lesson from it. The lesson from it. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala help us. Now we have another very interesting occurrence at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there were several hypocrites we know one of the chiefs. His name was Abdullah hypnobabies saloon. I can take the liberty to mention his name because that is confirmed. There is no there is no doubt about this man. Abdullah hypnobabies was the head of the hypocrites known as absolute monarchy.

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And he caused a lot of harm and damage Hadeeth Mutasa palay reported by neuroma rhodiola one another Hadith also in Bukhari, Suna Timothy sunon anessa Muslim Ahmed reported by bnab buzzworthy Allahu anhu, who is narrating from Omar, Abdullah Han, he says when Abdullah Abdullah obey Abu Salah, who was the head of the hypocrites when he died, they called Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to lead the genocide. You see, sometimes a person dies, they select a pious man they say, look, please share, you know, would you mind that there is a request that you leave the genocide because they perhaps feel that maybe this person will make dua for them. To be honest, the merit was there for Muhammad

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Sallallahu Sallam indeed, but for you and I so long as that Salah to janessa is done. It's okay Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala help us. Some people think if a pious person officiates your nikka you won't go through divorce, that is actually very tame.

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So long as the nikka has done correctly, may Allah grant us Baraka so long as we ourselves know why we are marrying and we have Taqwa and we know how to fulfill each other's rights, then Nothing will go wrong. But even if the most pious person has to has to officiate that Nika or that marriage ceremony is no guarantee that you're going to be happy, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us happiness, he is the owner of happiness. So similarly, when it comes to Salatu janaza at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that prayer of his was definitely powerful, different from everybody else's, what an honor to have the messenger sallallahu Sallam lead the Salah. So amarapura sobre la

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gnosis as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is going forth now to lead the Salah. I blocked him actually

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Talk to him. I paused for a moment I told him your Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you want to leave the genesis of this hypocrite he yet he used to say this and this and this. And he used to do this and this and this. Have you forgotten what he's done and what he said, and you want to honor him by leading the Salah.

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Look at what

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he's what he's saying, we have this hypocrite who harassed us and has hassled us throughout our lives and today, you're going to honor him. The final moments, the prophet SAW Selim was sent His mercy to entire creation. You know that.

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Mata Lila salami, and we have not sent you all Muhammad peace be upon him, except as a point and the means of mercy to all the words, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us understand His mercy. So he said, Oh Allah, Allah has given me an option to seek forgiveness for him or not to seek forgiveness for him. So I will choose to seek forgiveness and I leave it in the hands of Allah.

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Because verses were revealed earlier, is Stubblefield law whom Allah does not seek forgiveness for them or do not seek forgiveness for them.

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To feel alone, even if you are going to seek forgiveness for them 70 times Allah will not forgive them. Allah is telling Mohammed Salah Salem so you know what he tells Alma listen to the mercy. This is why earlier we spoke about that Alibaba know how to build on Satya Nadella and and we said it's not possible for Mohammed Salah salam to have rejected a man who came crying a man who came with remorse and regret. Because Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tells

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in this Hadith, which is absolutely authentic, regarding Abdullah hypnobabies saloon, that if I knew that Allah would forgive him had I made is still far for him more than 70 times, I would have done it more than 70

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Did you hear this? Amazing what what mercy what kind of a heart look at us. We cannot forgive our brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and in laws and outlaws.

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Allah forgive us. Allah forgive us. We don't want to forgive anyone. Here is the man Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he is saying this hypocrite I'm ready to say Allah for him. May Allah forgive him, Allah, Allah will decide what will happen. But on top of the Allahu anhu was still dissatisfied, but obviously he follows the instruction of Rasulullah saw Salaam The janazah was led and later on verses were revealed. Guess what verses were revealed was number 84. So to tober while Otto Sania Allah had the Minamata Abba, wala takumar Kamala, Qatari in Hong Kong Rasulullah Allah says, and do not ever lead Salatu janaza for any one of them, and don't even stand at their graves they have

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disbelieved in Allah and His messenger and they have died as sinful people who are disbelievers.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is made mention of a Hadith of the day if I have nearly Amanda Willa Han, also authentic, where he says the prophets Allah wa Salaam was given by Allah subhanho wa Taala, the list of people who are hypocrites named one by one, the whole list, and the Prophet peace be upon him, confided in her a 5 million man and told him over the phone, I'm telling you the list of those who are hypocrites 1234, and the list was counted. And it was so so amazing that every time one of them died, somehow, conveniently, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not there. So this is why it's reported that Omar will have tabula when some of the Sahaba they used to check is the messenger

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there. If he was there, they knew this man is not a hypocrite Subhana Allah. And if he wasn't there for the janazah they had their doubts, but more than having their doubts about others do you know what was their concern? their concern was, are we from among the hypocrites? Oh, no, look at Ella Han. He went to who they find, you know, he spoke to him and he wanted to extract the list from the men to say look, I just need to know these names Omar Abdullah who is a big man Mashallah he's the second of all those who are great from among the Sahaba after abubaker acidic or the lava and without a speck of doubt, Omar Abdul Fatah Allah.

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So they've had many amount of Allahu anhu He says, I can't give it to you. I am. I mean, I am a person who is trustworthy. I was entrusted with the trust by a pseudo law seller, impossible for me to give you that list. So they finally settled on something What was it? He says, okay, at least tell me is my name on the list. So, Allah who was informed then your name is not on the list. Subhana Allah, he was worried, as powerful a Mottaki he was conscious of Allah pious men Sahabi. He was so powerful in his system, his whole style that

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Every time he said something, it was a powerful statement of your loved one. Sometimes this words he said, literally came later on in the plan. We've seen some and we will still see some in this beautiful reasons of revelation series. That was the man and he's worried. Am I a hypocrite? My brothers and sisters, let's learn a lesson with us. Perhaps we are overtaken by hypocrisy in a lot of ways. May Allah forgive us, may Allah strengthen us, may Allah grant us the ability to revisit our hearts And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to cleanse our souls and to cleanse our systems and spirituality and closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala May he granted to us I mean,

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so these were some of the verses where the prophets Allah seldom was instructed not to lead Salah to janaza and not to stand at the graves of those people who make dua for them.

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Then we have verse number 91 of the same Surah Surah to tilbyr.

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The same battle we're talking of the book, difficult battle

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narration of Abby Hatem

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reported by Zadie Smith abit rhodiola han who used to be one of the scribes of the Prophet peace be upon him, he says, I was writing revelation. And suddenly, we were instructed by Allah subhanho wa Taala to go out in the wall, and verses were revealed, saying that we need to go out for this particular battle, the Battle of the book, and there was a blind man who came and he said, Oh, messenger, what about me? I'm blind. I can't see. Am I also to go out or is there is there an excuse? So first number 91 was revealed, excusing those who were disabled. La La,

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la, la, la, la, la, la, la La Nina la dee da una.

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de la he was only Allah is making an exception. He says there is no blame on those who are weak. No, no those who are sickly, Ill disabled, etc. The exception was being made of this particular man. Like we said, it was the reason of revelation of this beautiful verse. If we pause for a moment, I've spoken about it before, when Allah has instructed us to do something, he definitely takes into consideration our ability. Definitely, if you are unable, he will not punish you. If you cannot read Salah standing and now you set in you read you read your Salah. Whether you were dizzy because of being in a ship or an aircraft or whether you are unable because of your health. Both of those

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excuses are valid. It was inability, either yours or the surroundings. But you tried that's all. So this is allows mercy. The same applies to do you don't have water you can do to him. We've actually talked about this. May Allah help us understand His mercy so merciful, so loving to all of us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all fulfill His commands, which have really been simplified for us yet. We still find ourselves so lazy. May Allah protect us from laziness. I mean,

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then we have with number 99, Hadith Mutasa, palay reported by capitani Malika Viola Juan. Now, before we get into this, verse khabib, know, Malik al Ansari, it'll be Allah and he was known as one of the three, one of the three. Now what is meant by one of the three, there were many people who stayed back, when it comes to the Battle of tabuk. The bulk of them are hypocrites, because you had three main categories. One, those who had an excuse, like we mentioned moments ago, those who were ill, or sickly, and so on. To those who are hypocrites, like we spoke about a few moments ago when three, those who made a mistake they wanted to go but laziness. Laziness overtook them, and they

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said, Okay, we'll go just now we'll do it. We'll, we'll go, we'll go. And before they knew the army was gone, and before they knew it was too late. So from among them, they were three, who were really, really remorseful, they regretted what they did. And one of them was marrara hypnobabies. The other one was Cabot numele. And the third one was Hillel, Amaya. Viola, Juan, Jimmy And may Allah be pleased with all of them. The way I remember it is meme cough and that hat, it makes Mecca. So meme Kapha so marrara, cap, ebene Malik, and Hillel, even ommaya Mecca. If you remember it, you remember the three names. So it's amazing how this these people they have their stories which we

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will be speaking about tomorrow. I'm going to start in Sharla tomorrow with exactly the details of what happened is very interesting, and how Allah forgave them as a result, and what caused their their absence from the Battle of tabuk. But copied nomadic says they were hypocrites who remained behind and I have never remained behind from any battle, except button, enter book and he says the hypocrites will explain

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paused even before the messenger came back, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed verse number 99 of Soraka Toba while the messenger peace be upon him was coming back from the book. And Allah says, Yeah, Tirana, la comida Raja de la him when you go back to them, Allah is telling hamatos Allah, when you go back to them to Medina, they will crush to you with big, big excuses. So he already knew people are going to come to me with excuses. Who LA to

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mean Allah can tell them do not present your excuses. We're never going to believe you. But then a ban a lot of Americans medical, Allah has already informed us regarding all your news, everything Allah told me that this is what will happen. And this is what is people are going to come don't accept the excuses. So Allah says to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam livan Allah.

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Allah, Allah Ravana will come in first city,

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they will come to you, swearing an oath for you, in order that you become happy with them, they will say the name of Allah, Allah He we did this one law here we have this excuse. We promise by Allah this was the excuse. Allah says, if you are going to accept that excuse, you need to know Allah will never ever be happy with accepting such excuses. It's not acceptable in the eyes of Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us. I want to pause there for a moment. Brothers and sisters, we are guilty of Allah here we are guilty of doing what promising what we don't deliver number one. Number two is finding excuses where we are guilty rather than apologizing and making amends. That is also another issue that we face in our own myth. Number three, we take the name of Allah when we are lying sometimes, like I said the other day, a person says what a lie. But my brother, I didn't ask you to save a life You should be such that people believe you because you haven't lied. And the more people say will lie, and the more emphasis they lay on the term one.

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Perhaps they have something to hide. Well, it's reality. It's reality. Why? My brothers and sisters can we not be truthful people. Similarly, this tongue is an Amana from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The tongue is entrusted to us will lie there are people who cannot speak there are people who cannot pronounce words correctly. And amazingly, we who have the ability to talk what do we use the tongue for? The tongue is going to bear witness for you or against you on the Day of Judgment. Would you like it to bear witness that I was used to remember you? Oh, Allah, I was used in order to repeat your praise Allah I was used in order to read your words. Oh, Allah. That's what we would like,

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wouldn't we? So let's use the tongue. We talk we speak we gossip, we slander we backed by how much of it Have we

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used in the right direction.

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If we were to create a scalar, and to work out how much we use our tongues, we're lucky my brothers and sisters, we would try

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to see how much we wasted and how much in actual fact we use it correctly or to our benefit.

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My brothers and sisters, it's important for us to protect our tongues from abuse, bad words, vulgar words, they are written down, they will come and glare us in the face on the Day of Judgment. You were swearing you were shouting, screaming. Recently, I had a young boy who I knew who I saw lots of bad words online by this young chap. And I happen to tell him you know what, don't use this language. He says I did not do anything. I'm only typing. Look at the answers you're getting. I'm only typing. It's even worse. If you utter the perhaps one or two people might have heard it, you typed it it's there forever. 1000s of people will retweet it perhaps and then what will happen? It's

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you. You're receiving and achieving such a great sin. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not do that to us. My brothers and sisters. These are the beautiful words of the Quran. Like I said, the lesson we learn these people were promising, using their tongues to make excuses. These were invalid. Let us always use our tongues to please Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Brothers and sisters, do you realize that we have already completed half of the Quran recitation in Salatu Tara we already almost half of Ramadan is over. Already. We are heading towards the end of this beautiful month. If your heart has not been moved and has not changed and come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't let the second

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half go by without that happening.

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Before you know it, Ramadan will go. You might not see the end of it. I may not see the end of it either. But perhaps Allah might grant is the acceptance to see the end. Let's see the end with forgiveness. May Allah forgive us. Allahumma inaka for one, two hibbeler 4510 Allah you love to forgive all

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are you most forgiving you love to forgive? So forgive us all was Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Ganesha to Allah, Allah, Allah and Mr. Furukawa to Hoylake