How Do We Keep Ourselves Firm On Islam

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The speaker discusses the importance of learning about Islam and its trending zero point. They stress the need to be firm on Islam and not the need to be born in a certain way. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of practicing the daily act of learning to the Prophet sallam and not the need to be born in a certain way.

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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he just compulsory for him? Somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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You have your question about this brother, know how do we keep ourselves film on Islam.

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Keeping form or Islam is the fundamental duty that a person has to do right after accepting Islam

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or a person who is born, he has to be firm on his belief throughout his life. Now we know we know that our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala cannot be formed without the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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we need to realize that Allah subhanaw taala mentions about the fullness that we need to have after accepting Islam. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah facilite through a number 41 ayah number 13. Allah subhanaw taala says all work and they say

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Allah is our Rob, he is our Lord

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and then some master and then be on it. Be firm on it. Yeah. How do we be firm on it? There are so many ways that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us and if we study the glorious Koran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We find numerous ways how we can keep ourselves firm on Islam. Number one, number one, we need to realize why do we need to be firm on Islam?

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Why do we need to be firm on Islam? In the same ayah Allah subhanaw taala says so Mr. amo and latter half who wanna know what Abba Shirou Belgian Attila t coutume, to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he says right after when you be former Islam,

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the angels will descend upon you.

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That anessa la human melodica the angels will descend upon you, and incentive, saying, Do not fear, do not grieve, but received the good news of gentlemen, that which you were promised. So this is the incentive that we need we get after accepting Islam, if you are firm on Islam. So that is the reason that we need to keep in mind, which drives us that we need to be firm on Islam. So the first thing, or the first way that we can reform on Islam is by gaining knowledge about

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the more knowledge that we gain, about Islam about Allah about or on, its trending zero, yo, it strengthens you to be for more in Islam. Because the more you explore, the more you discover. The more you read, the more you study, it helps you realize that this is the

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number one number two, you need to believe in Allah subhanaw taala with sincerity and certainty that makes your belief firm in Islam. You need to be sincere. When you said ash had to Allah ilaha illa Allah be sincere about meaning and sincerity demands that you be beat into a loss pantai sincerity demands that you believe in him and him and in him alone. Without was worshipping anyone beside him. Sincerity demands that you submit yourself completely to Allah.

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Yeah, Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Baqarah surah number two, number 208 yo yo lagina amanu or you will be on the Hulu facility carpha enter into Islam completely. Because Islam is a is not a seasonal religion. It is not a religion of part time, that six months you do it and then you six months you live it. No. Islam is a religion is a way of life that demands your full submission to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says, or the Hulu facil me Guf enter into Islam wholeheartedly, complete, absolute

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and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan for shaitan is to you and open

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And he will do he does not want you to be firm on Islam. And you can be firmer Islam when you sincerely submit to Allah subhanaw taala when you certainly believe in him that makes you believe

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in Allah subhanaw taala in Islam for so second thing after knowledge, you need to be sincere and certain

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in the belief of Allah subhanaw taala. Number three, you need to know and follow Mohammed Salah Hansen, that makes you firm on Islam. When you know, when you study when you understand who Mohamed salah and he said was, what was his message? What was his purpose, what challenges, what trials, what things that he has passed through, when you know him closely, you will realize that how much he loved you, you will realize how much he paid for you. You will realize that how he cried for you. You see, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had deep concern for us. So if we know Him and follow Him, that makes you form in Islam. Number four, the thing that makes you form on Islam is my dear

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brothers and brothers, you need to make Koran as a manual of your life.

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If you are away from the Quran, will be lost. If we are away from the Quran, then will be lost a person if he is away from Allah subhanaw taala speech that is the Quran, then he will never have guidance, he will never be firm on Islam. Leave aside be firm on Islam, he will be away from Islam. So fourth thing that you can actually practice in order to make sure that you need to be form on Islam is be with the Quran, with a companion of the Quran, and you will never be misguided inshallah. The fifth thing that you need to make sure to do in order to be firm on Islam, is that you need to be in the company of good people have righteous people, of those people who remind you

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about Allah, of those people who remind you about aka, of those people who remind you about salah and your ultimate benefit.

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Those people who remind you that you need to get gender. If you are among these people, obviously psychologically you will be intact. Your Eman will be intact. You will have firmness in Islam.

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These are the main things that you can actually practice you see, in order to make sure yourself form on Islam Apart from this, there are so many ways that you need to actually understand and explore when you study further in house of Islam. So that's the way that you need to keep yourself firm on Islam insha Allah hope that answers your question.