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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of belief in oneself and the need for guidance in regards to deeds. They stress the importance of affirming one's belief in Jesus through actions and words, and use examples such as Jesus saying to the brothers and a woman saying to a man. They stress the need for guidance and guidance in regards to deeds to create a "feel great journey." The segment also touches on the importance of affirming one's belief in Jesus through actions and words, and emphasizes the need for firm affirmations in one's belief to ensure it is affirmed in the heart.
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So did kilimani He was talking we had Marian so Subhanallah I wanted to talk about one particular topic but I decided actually to do the next whatever 1012 13 Hot Cheetos that I have all within this same topic and shot la tile and inshallah it's complementary to what we are learning after salata rasa which if yes it will with some of the derives from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice of them. And it's the means by which do as are accepted, so things you can incorporate into your to us to Allah the agreed upon forms of tawassul, of coming close to Allah subhanaw taala in your dua that cause your DUA to be answered. So in sha Allah Tala that way once we get into the last two nights in

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particular, but the night Tada you can incorporate these elements and really it becomes it becomes so prominent in the very beginning because if you realize these first few Surah of the Quran are loaded with the Diaz of prophets, the do eyes of the believers, the Diaz of righteous people, it's loaded with job. And I actually want to pick up from where we left off from from the very first hotair on this regard, where he does sound like everybody and if any Corrib one my servant asks you about me I am close Uji Buddha to dairy either than I respond to the color of the call or when they call upon me. fell yesterday booty. Well, you mean we'll be there? Soon. So let them answer me and

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believe in me, answer me and believe in me, so that what so that Allah Spano, Tata can answer your DUA. No, this is actually a very important part here. Allah already has done if that he has already affirmed the answer to the DUA if it's done properly. So a question becomes, do you have to be a righteous person for your data to be answered? Yes or no.

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So the general rule, obviously, is that righteousness leads to a greater probability of your job being answered, however, Allah subhanaw taala answered, the door of bliss, when a breeze said on lydney give me respite until the day that they are resurrected. The prophets I send them said, do out in my room, the supplication of the oppressed, there is no barrier between that supplication and Allah subhanho wa taala. Even if the person making the drop is a non believer, however, Allah would respond to them only in that specific thing. When it comes to the amount of slavery how when it comes to good deeds, he man is necessary for them to be accepted as a whole. So when it comes to

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kaaboo when it comes to acceptance of good deeds, Eman is a necessary part of it. But the IRS says Landerholm Yahshua doing so that they may find guidance in their lives and rushed is a higher level of guidance than he Daya.

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He Daya is to be guided in regards to the path in regards to an A rushed L e di Affilorama. To be guided in regards to your deeds. So you have guidance in all of your actions and that's why we call them and Khalifa Al Rashid doing because the Khalifa were guided not just in regards to their perception and knowledge but also in regards to their actions. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them. So there is a condition here that's put for rushed for guidance, guidance and all of your affairs and Subhanallah there are two things that are mentioned here. fell yesterday Budi well you mean OB let them answer my call and believe in me, and believe in me. There's a beautiful journey

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that you can take from the first two sutras in regards to invoking your belief into invoking your Eman in your job. What do I mean by this? And the beginning of sorts of Bacala Allah subhanaw taala says that those who will find guidance are and levena Winona BeLight those who believe in the unseen and establish the prayer and give charity and those who believe in that which was revealed to that which came to the prophets I send them the mountains eat it like when mountains eat I mean public right? And that which was revealed to those that came before you will ask you not to homeopathy known and then they have full certainty in the hereafter. That's the beginning of Bukhara in the end

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of Al Baqarah and our rasuluh Viva una de la la Hema Robbie well known cologne and a biller who amila it catchy. We're cool to be here. We're oh sorry. That the messenger SallAllahu wasallam believes in that which was revealed to him and the believers. They all believe in Allah, the angels, the books and the messengers. Okay, so that is a leap, and they believe it and they're affirming it. Now go to it. I'm Ron, this is so profound Subhanallah what Ross the horn affiliated Mia Kowloon man be here. Okay, that those righteous people say, Man Nabil, we believe we believe and then Allah subhanaw taala a few Ayat later, Rob banner ad

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Nana, Nana for Lana rubra Aki da da da, O our Lord we believe. So forgive us for our sins and protect us from the fire.

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Midway through sort of early Ramadan, by the way, this was all going to come the night of the hailstorm. So that's why we're still back in it. I'm going on. So I'm just just to be clear. Midway through it, I'm Iran, the disciples of a Saudi is set up the * out of you, who are by the way, incredible people. We're hearing about them right now. Their interactions with the Saudis Saddam unsuited money. They're very emotional ions. These were righteous people, the small group of people that were around Jesus peace be upon him, the disciples, you know, incredible human beings, right, very righteous people. In the middle of it. I'm Ron, Rob, Donna.

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Oh Allah, we believe the mount and zult in that which you have revealed what Tibetan are soon and we follow the messenger effectiveness, Asahi Dean, when you're writing down the history of our society Salaam and what happened around Christ write us the disciples amongst the believers who actually supported him. Write us amongst the witnesses. But the first thing they invoked was their Eman. Our Lord, we believe Rob manna, if you go to the end of adding Emraan the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite the end of Ali Imran, in every single night before his Glion every single night before he started his PM. He'd recite the end of earlier Imran and beautifully put

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SubhanAllah ogbonna In Nana Samina Mona Dion, Yuna de Lille, Imani and Amina will be robbed become. And

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it's panela our Lord, we heard a caller calling us and saying Believe in your Lord for Amana. Oh our Lord, we believe. Pamela This is a powerful form of dua to actually say in your drop, drop be adamant, My Lord, I believe and it's actually one of the greatest forms of TELUS soon, Indra when you're calling upon Allah in your data, to affirm your belief, and it has multiple purposes. The prophets I sent him said if doubts comes to you, when the shaytaan starts to whisper, and starts to create doubts, you shouldn't be mad at yourself that the doubts came in. Even some of the Sahaba they told the prophets I some sometimes these things come in our head, all of a sudden doubts about

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God doubts about existence, all these things. The Prophet slice of them said, say, man to Billa

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respond by saying, affirming and unto Billa I believe in Allah. The man who came to the Prophet slice on me said to the Prophet, sallAllahu wasallam yada so Allah give me a few words that will benefit me and make them very short. He said, Unto Billa, for stepping open a man's Villa Sama, Stocker. Say I believe in Allah and then be firm. So, again, very simple. In your DUA, affirm your belief. And by repeating that, and there are multiple drives until howqua do can help or kolu can help where you know you are the truth. There are two ads that have in them affirmation affirming Allah's greatness, also affirming your belief. So while you're making your banner and oh Allah we

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believe and inshallah Tada. When you do that, you're actually solidifying that belief in your heart we ask Allah subhanaw taala to write us down amongst the believers. I love them. I mean, just like a little halo sound like rock solid

Join Dr. Omar Suleiman in this nightly Ramadan reminder as he explains the du’as that begin with “Rabbana Amanna” and when it’s appropriate to use.

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