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The speakers emphasize the importance of sacrificing in Islam to achieve success and avoid risked others' lives. They stress the need to invest in oneself and risked others' lives to achieve success, as it is crucial to avoid sacrificing in order to achieve success. The importance of investing in one's own success and not in a great investment opportunity is emphasized, along with the need to make a positive change in one's life to make it easy for them to get rewards and achieve their goals.

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Nelson Mandela salatu salam, ala rasulillah are that

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today being a lot higher here in India, Hyderabad

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and lls Raja Allah has blessed us with the aid.

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And we thank Allah subhanaw taala for blessing us with the aid and also

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having decreed and made it possible for us to be in a situation where we are able to

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make the sacrifices, we are able to do the Odia,

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the cavani, and we thank Allah subhanaw taala for this, that we are among the people that who can actually do this Alhamdulillah.

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The thing to understand, however, as far as sacrifices is concerned, with respect to Islam

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the critical difference between a sacrifice and an investment.

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A sacrifice effectively is something where you are losing

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or not losing is not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is something where you have lost something,

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you've given something and you've got no return, that would be a sacrifice.

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But if you give something and you get a return,

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and not only do you get a return, but you get a return, which is huge.

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Minimum 10 times 700 times.

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And then, in addition to that, more than that,

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then this is not a sacrifice. This is an investment.

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This is the big difference in how this I have understood this Deen and how we understand it.

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And that is why it is our exam, the hairline was mine, they did not hesitate to spend in the bag all as Renata.

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Whereas we think 10 times before we spent in the bath, or even the ones who spend, I'm not talking about the ones who don't spend, but even the ones who spend

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the very few who spend enthusiastically, who look for opportunities to spend. And then we'll go and spend the very few, who if we ask them to draw up a balance sheet on a monthly basis, and say, How much money did I spend for myself? And how much money did I spend for Allah?

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on a monthly basis? Which side of the balance sheet is But does this does this balance sheet balance?

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How many I'm sure there are people obviously who for whom this will work. But how many of us can say that for me this is the fact that I spend less on myself. And I spend more in the battle

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with the Sahaba recently halaman May,

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Allah Adam but maybe if we drew up these balance sheets,

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month on month for every single one of them the balance sheet would be they were spending more in the path of Allah than they spent on themselves.

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So that is the reason why there was Baraka in their lives. That is the reason why there was power in the law.

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With us, it is the other rights.

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When the question comes between the work of Dean and our personal work, our personal work takes precedence, there's always an excuse for it, they always refuse.

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So if you look at this, why is it that we don't spend in the back of Allah and why is it that I have spent in the battle? My understanding is that the reason the Sahaba spent in the bath of Allah is because they did not consider the sacrifice.

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They looked at an investment.

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They were like the we were looking at you know, they were looking at the stockbrokers

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he will buy what what are they looking at in the market? Where is the return?

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Which company is giving the best return? They'll put money

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because they're getting the best return the moment they get best they put the money they don't hesitate. Would broker is the one who at the end of the day, when he balances out, he must have more money in terms of his return than what he invested.

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So savar is our leverage man understood his Deen as an opportunity to invest.

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So they invested invested their money they invested the time they invested.

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Eventually they invested their lives

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because of of their faith and belief in Allah subhanaw taala and in His promise,

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and that is the key the crux of the matter is do believe Allah?

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Do you believe Allah

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losing allies speaking the truth or not? Simple as that? Because one lesson I will give one is to 700

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and on top of that allows rather than allowing in greed over that

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As he wishes

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you live along with the Maya

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Do you believe this statement? Do I believe this statement? Because if I believe this statement then how is it that I'm not investing in this great investment opportunity? Where I'm going to get this return? It is absolutely certain return there is no doubt about his return there is no loss in this return. And this is the thing which will be for me waiting when I am gone

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in my view, this is a lotta is a

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eight which should teach us this lesson.

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That it is not the question of sacrificing one sheep or one go on camera or whatever it is no, this issue is this is an investment in the

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path of Allah subhanaw taala which in a way of speaking, the reality of that is it's an investment in ourselves. We are seeing investment for the sake of Allah in the path of Allah we are not giving Goliath you know that she belongs to Allah already. Allah is the one who created that she

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is not my sheep I didn't bring the sheep from somewhere else giving it Alana up now you can have it no zip Blanca I also belonged on the big desert give Allah something which belongs to him already so so what is the data that he also started then I will also reward you

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would love to

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get you the yo I would like him a blogger like he will get a love I'm not at the wonder what I can get away

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with it.

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But the thing to understand is that Ruby really believe

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by myself especially do we really believe that Allah will give this because if we believe that I'm saying he doesn't even sit down and make a budget month on month, what am I spending for myself? What am I spending in the bottle

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which is both on myself. So basically another way of looking at it is what am I spending for myself in this dunya for which I will not get any reward and for which I will be questioned? And what am I spending on myself for which I will get a reward and I will not be question is both for us.

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This is the reality this is the actual reality. How much am I spending on myself? for which there is no reward? And for which there is questioning?

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whistlin is only on holiday and I'm not talking about how I did it.

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But even halaal sobre la la la la la la

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la you May Allah give us Jana without is up but developers used to take exam you can take it up. So how much am I spending on myself? for which there is no reward? And there will be question and how much am I spending on myself only for which there is reward? And there is no question

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and then we'll be able to say seriously we'll look at ourselves and say By the way, should I spend more on it this is a no brainer. If this is the way you describe it, then there's no brainer how Where will you spend maximum in the place where I will get reward? And I have no question because again it is happening to me or laser is not going anywhere else.

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If I spend money on this, Allah is not giving the reward to Mr. Y or to size or anyone my revise been delivered comes to me it doesn't go anywhere else.

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So when we don't spend seriously we have to ask ourselves the question to say what is my thinking? Why the hell do I really believe in the promises of others

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coming back to the same thing to say do I what is the state of my event, as well as regard to make it easy for us and to make this as a source of great happiness and joy for us and also a point of reflection, so that our lives change from this from every point life has to change. So life has to change, where we learn to invest in ourselves in a way where we are willing to get the returns inshallah from Allah subhanaw taala

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and that they will be very happy that we made this change in our lives. Or Salalah Hara on a really good he while he was I was very practical.