A Manhunt Which May Destroy Your Hereafter

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why should anybody want to become religious?

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When you have some sickos out there who are not really one ly worried about the deep, they're just worried about their Muslim, they're worried about the segment they belong to, they don't give a damn about the deed.

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He's not from our group, he said to blidi, we're gonna go for him.

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And we was one of your own, I can literally swear the vast majority of you would have defended the tooth and nail.

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One person makes a mistake, and now you're off to that person. And if it goes on social media, then there is a hunt. Everybody wants to read about it. Everybody wants to comment, because you can sit at home and comment and nobody knows you're behind your computer. But what you are doing is that you are destroying the honor of a believer. And you may get away with it in this dunya you may have a pseudo account, which doesn't have your name on it, nobody knows who's trolling, but a day will come and you will stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And everything will be revealed.

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Everything will be revealed what you wrote and what you said, you know, we behave

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like we've got no faults.

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But we want nothing to hide when it comes to other people. We behave we behave like we got no skeletons in our closet. Imagine

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if all our faults were placed in front of people.

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If all our skeletons were taken out of the closet and placed in front of people, the truth is, you know, and I know nobody would sit next to us

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nobody would talk to us. But when it comes to other people's have an alarm when it comes to Hiba slandering other people, destroying other people's marriages, destroying other people's lives, they lay livelihoods we become heroes.

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You let me give you an example. Because it happened within our lifetime. Junaid Jamshed

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I studied in Pakistan in the late 80s when he belonged to you know, a vital signs which was you know, this band was so big in Pakistan.

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It was so honestly this number so big, was amazing. Everywhere you went is a vital science.

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This guy left all that.

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And he becomes religious. He goes knocking on people's doors from there to here.

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Or I would say from here to there

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knocking on the Pew and he makes one he's not

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he makes one mistake. He says something regarding eyeshadow the Allah which he was done on him. He needs no better. He made a slip. He apologized, killed his ego apologize, cried in front of the world. And he was still not sprayed.

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attacked at the airport. Because why? why should anybody want to become religious?

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When you have some sickos out there who are not really one ly worried about the deed, they're just worried about them.

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They're worried about the segment they belong to, they don't give a damn about the deed. He's not from our group, he's at the bleedy we're gonna go for it

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and we was one of your own. I can literally swear the vast majority of you would have defended him tooth and nail

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and then after he passed away, I saw somebody sent me this video where the celebrities and the singers of Pakistan are having some function

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and then they stand up

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and they give Junaid Jamshed a standing ovation. Although they have his pictures with his bed

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with his clothes on and they say that the music industry would have never been like it is in Pakistan without Junaid jumpship and they stood up and they had a picture. They knew that he had given up music. He believed it was Haram. But I stood up and they still gave him a standing ovation. You have on one side the religious debacle.

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And on the other side you have those people who are really maybe knows nothing close to religion,

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who are not Rogen the garden has religious and you look at the behavior.

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Oh and look at how he died.

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He was in Jamaat in the past of Allah subhanaw taala and he was coming home and the plane crashed

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Allah gave him so much that he even died in the path of Allah subhanaw taala.

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A person spent his entire life

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serving the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And all we can do is find one fault. And we want to bring him down, you and I take one scholar who spent his entire life one great individual spent his entire life, one slip of the tongue.

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And we want to bring him down.

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You know, I'll tell you what the example is like, you know, you have a glass

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and you have a drop of urine in a glass.

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That urine is quite visible in that glass, very small glass. And then you have an ocean, you have a huge river, and in that same in that river use put the same drop of urine.

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Can you see that you're right in that river?

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That is the example of that person who spent his life in the servitude of Allah, who was a good individual. But we see none of the rest of the river we just see that one drop of your rain because that one drop of urine is a reflection of your and my sick state. And Allah subhanaw taala told the province of Alison patellas coolibah advocate that every son of Adam is a sinner. Well, hello.

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Everyone sins everyone mistake that makes mistakes, everyone falls but the best one is that one who does over to Allah subhanho wa Taala