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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallua alayhi wa uses words and actions to encourage love, which can increase the sense of connection between people. The three highest levels of love, mutual affection, and deeds are the highest level of love. The importance of mercy and not showing mercy is emphasized, as well as the importance of political unity in society. The segment also discusses the concept of political unity and its potential for harm, while educating young Muslims about their values and avoiding political unity is emphasized.
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You meet for Hawaii mode via the hill firewalla coalition in Kadir Mashallah Mohammed Abu Vasu wasafi who were kalila at the Manitoba lava result one also had an Alma Kashif and alma mater rockin Ireland phygital by law legal her kind of happy New Year's Eve on her illa halleck Valley he of Kawasaki automata sleep. While early he was often the woman standing vicinity either Yama de la Medina, Medina Armand warangal sliney How to auto so we'll have to also stop I mean your agana mean will sleep Come on FCB tuck Allah wa called emiliana will help la Carlota Allah Latina taco la ha happy to party he will add some more tuna illa Anta Muslim en un NASA tuffeau Bakula de la hakomi

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nevsun wahida Hello caminhadas Elijah Ha. Best Semin humare john and Kathy are on one Isa what's up Allah that He Tessa I don't know. Maybe he will or hum in the LA I cannot even Rafi but yeah, you had Edina homina choco Allahu kolon Salida useless local mathematical way of luck on doesn't overcome on miltary la hora seudah hufa differs 1000 our lien method I'm about to begin by praising Allah subhana wa jal and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped are unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his final messenger We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and

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messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessing of path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah I mean, dear brothers and sisters, this past read, we spoke about the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentions the sanctity of the believer being greater than the sanctity of what has become a great relic of belief, which is the camera.

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And I wanted to build on this with a hadith that we frequently quotes, but perhaps don't pay attention to the subtleties and I think that one of the things that we have to remind ourselves of is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would repeat things, and he would remind of concepts that were well enshrined, but then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam while repeating them would also give you another layer to them, so that you're not just glancing over some of the words that are being used the famous heavy handed Norman Bashir while the Allahu taala animal by a badass little lion he still Allahu it he was Southern method will not mean if he terroir de him. Ouattara humi him

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What are our coffee him method was just the either stuck I mean, who heard one today, who saw it will just study the salary will him the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this hadith that is multifocal knotty, it's an agreed upon Hadith and its authenticity, that the example of the believers in their mouth what in their affection for one another, what's on our homie him and in their mercy for one another, and in their sympathy compassion for one another is like that of one single body. When any part of the body aches, the entire body responds with sleeplessness, and fever. This is a Hadeeth that you hear often. However, I want to focus on the subtleties between the

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three things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentions why because often this heavy is repeated. And you kind of look at the first three things as the same thing just being emphasized over and over again. In fact, you'll look at the translations and sometimes what is the rockmount is up what is nawada is Rama it mixes it all up love, mutual affection, care, we get the main premise of the Hadith, but there's something very profound about the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constructs the rights of the Ummah upon us. First and foremost, he started off with Salalah Harney, he was Salaam Alaikum, Allah wa

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Taala to him. And when you talk about I don't know what the word means an active love. It's actually the highest level of the three things that the prophets of Allah who it was Salaam, is mentioning here. It means that you love someone in your heart. And your deeds lend themselves consistently and actively to that love. And so you feel it, and you're acting upon it. And you are showing it in every way consistently. And so for example, when the prophets lie, some has to hide due to humble, give gifts to one another. And you will love one another more. That's a form of mawatha that you love people so much that you're constantly looking out for your brother and sister and you're

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exchanging gifts with one another and we're passing either either the time that fosters that gift giving in the community, the prophet slice them says that took me No You will not believe until you love one another and Shall I tell you something that if you were to do it, you would love one another epsilon of a nickel spread Salaam amongst us.

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Get used to saying Salaam amongst yourselves. When you see your brother and sister in the supermarket, even if you don't know who they are, say Salaam to them, say Salaam to them in public, say Salaam to them in private. don't replace your Salaam with other forms of greeting one another, increase your love with one another through Salaam. When you pray next to each other, I know social distancing. All that right, but the Prophet slice and I'm saying not to leave gaps between you

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and non COVID days, not to leave gaps between you because it will increase the love between you, when you set up your lines for prayer don't put gaps between you in normal days. Otherwise, the shape on will foster division and gaps between you. So this is my word. This is love. It's a son, it's excellence. It's looking out for people, it's feeling joy, and being a cause of joy for your oma for your brother or sister who otherwise you would have no relationship to your brother or sister graduates they get married their success of a group of people success of an institution, there is no wonder that is at the institutional level as well, that we will support other

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institutions will support other massage will support other collective efforts and be proud of them and lend our support to them because it's my wonder it's a right of the believers upon the believers. So this is the highest level of the three that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned there, the mount mentioned the I in the Latina arm and what I mean Oh slightly hands off manual would beautiful idea that Allah subhanaw taala says that those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, the Most Merciful will grant them and would and that is a special affection from him to you. And a special affection amongst yourselves for his sake. The highest level to aspire for

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some amongst yourselves. The second one is Tila homie him mercy. And we know that the presence of love is not always there and mercy. Sometimes you show mercy to someone you really don't like, because there's a higher calling. There's something that is causing you to show mercy even in a situation where you feel a sense of how much where you feel a sense of hardship, constriction in the heart, but you still show mercy. It is forgiveness amongst ourselves. It is showing mercy when someone's name is brought up in your presence. It's showing mercy in regards to deaths. When you loan someone money or when someone owns you, it's letting things go all of that is a form of

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mercy. And there's something very important about this by the way, because Allah subhana wa says men nyatoh hum ly euro hum right. Whoever does not show mercy will not have mercy shown to them. It will humble man fill up your humble man for some so many Hadith in this regard, show mercy to those on the earth and the one in the heavens will show mercy upon you. It's very interesting about these two words is that they are also the in the most important ingredients of a good marriage to woman IRT and Haleakala, cumin and forsaken as Raj and Lita schooner. Illa, WA, Giada, the inoculum ma 1001. What are the first two things the profit slice on mentions in this Hadeeth about how an oma

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functions are the first two ingredients? The primary two ingredients of a good marriage? Why? Because in the beginning, it's all my word. Or at least it looks like my wedding, the honeymoon phase? Right? We're in love.

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Then after that comes, what? The first moment of tension? Are you going to be forgiving or not? Are you going to let things go? Are you going to always try to score points on your spouse? Are you going to try to win every argument is that the goal?

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Is it that now that there's tension, things are different, you show no mercy to that person that you have now been paired off with in the holiest type of bonds that exists after the parent and the child. Now it's all out the window. Why? Because I don't love her anymore. I don't love him anymore. That was quick. It's only been two months.

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But the honeymoon phase wore off. Right? All the romance has gone away. And now it's like, wait a minute. Now it's just arguments, and everyone's trying to win the arguments. That's a problem. Now that doesn't mean that my word that doesn't exist in a marriage no matter what the has to exist, but sometimes you need to activate it.

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And you need to strive to always be in a place of nawada and sometimes LACMA is that you are in a state of mawatha even when you're upset, still gift giving, still being charitable with your words, still showing compassion xsan excellence in your marriage at all times. So these are the first two ingredients that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentions and then the prophets nice that I mentioned.

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To out of town coffee him. So this is a different word. This is sympathy. And I'm very intentionally using the word sympathy and not empathy here, even though empathy is greater than sympathy. But it is actually at its root sympathy, that at the bare minimum, you feel bad, you hurt, you see others pain and it does something to you It moves your heart and the profit slice, I'm often would start with the highest and go to the lowest and this is from his manhood sallallahu wasallam in teaching his methodology that he starts with the highest. So whoever amongst you sees an evil value value to who we are We start with the highest, don't start with the lowest Can you change it? Can you

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actually change it? Okay, if you can't change it, then say something about it. Okay, you can't say something about it, then at least hate it in your heart. So here is the lowest of the three. But it is important. And some of the scholars say something very beautiful. They say my word is so Luke and shuru.

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It's both a feeling and an action. You feel my word the inside of you, you love someone and you act in accordance with that love. There are deeds, charitable words, generous words, loving words, loving deeds that are emanating from you, as a result of something in your heart. But what they say is sudak it's actually a methodology, it's that when the feeling is dissipated, you're still in this at least in the context of this Hadeeth in particular, that you still show mercy, you still show forgiveness, you still overlook things. These are all forms of Rockman. So it's soup. And out of here is shrewd, it's the feeling alone that at least you have feeling inside of you. You hurt, you

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see hurts and it does something to you don't like to see your own in a bad state. So let's start to break this down. Now in regards to the consequences, this Hadeeth often gets invoked in the political sense. And how could it not? Right? The betrayal of Muslim leaders of Muslim populations,

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the betrayal of Muslim leaders of Muslim populations, if only our Muslim countries could be more like an ice cream company? How pathetic is that?

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Right? I mean, how pathetic is that? It's laughable, but it is pathetic. It is absolutely pathetic. What would it look like? If our Muslim leaders did not, I'm not talking about supporting Muslim populations not stand in the way of the legitimate aspirations of their people. But instead, they act in direct opposition,

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contrary to anything that would serve the religious, spiritual, political social upliftment of their own populations and of the Muslim world as a whole. So what would 2 billion people with some semblance of political unity with some semblance of economic unity actually look like? What would economic strength look like? And it's very, it gets very interesting here because as soon as you start to talk about political unity of the Muslim world, then you can't do that, you know, Malcolm X, Hajj America, Chavez Rahim Allah, He said that, when you're talking about the unity of black people around the world, he said that once you exit the realm of charity, you know that one

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successful group of black people in the world to give charity or in the community should give charity once you actually start to talk about the reasons why there is suppression that is global, and you start to talk about establishing meaningful political unity, then you will provoke global hysteria.

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And when Muslims, you can't even don't even go there to start talking about any semblance. And that is if that's not Islamophobic I don't know what is that every other religious community can talk about political unity, global unity that transcends nation state that that talks about upliftment that talks about shared reasons of oppression and then shared reasons of upliftment. If that's not Islamophobic, then I don't know what is if Muslims are the only faith community global faith community that's robbed of the ability to even talk about that. And let's also be clear, that the interests that harm will be the first ones to talk about your unity so long as it serves their

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interests. Emmanuel Macron passes the bill, the anti separatism bill in France, which is just an excuse to shut down more masajid and hurt more Muslims. He'll be the first one to talk about the unity of Imams, so long as the unity of the mountains does what signs off on his charter of nonsense that directly hurts the Muslim population, politically speaking, Western interest historically, we'll talk about and support Muslim inter governmental unity, so long as those inter governmental Unity's do what serve as a tool of Western interests. So it's all a game and the political sense, but as Muslims, how do we, first and foremost make this an issue of faith Eman? It's an issue of

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Eman And when I say it's an issue of Eman

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Jedediah. bila while the Allahu taala and he says part of the answer Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah economists, Allah Allah eata is a cat when neuspeed equally Muslim. He said, what the amount of time it took me out to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that I would establish my prayer that I would pay my sucker and that I would have no say, which is the well wishes and sincere advice and upliftment of every Muslim. It's a part of faith.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is mentioning this law took me no matter to Habu, you don't really believe until you love one another. And so when we're talking about the viability of our Muslim youth in the West, and how do our young Muslim survive the pressures of being young Muslims in a country that shows increasing hostility towards them? How do they deal with Islamophobic aggressions in their schools and in their societies? How do they still say la ilaha illa Allah? How do they still look and act and be Muslim, we have to remember that we also have to teach them that there is more to Muslim than just Muslims in America.

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Just like we teach them, that there is more to humanity than those that they see in their own social places. And so your brothers and sisters, this is something that we learn and I'll conclude with what Allah subhana wa tada concluded with Tao, and literally with tequila, what else is her own? Well, if me when everyone that you work with one another, you uplift one another, that ability with taqwa in righteousness, in obedience in good deeds, and you don't cooperate and evil, and that's where the next level of this comes in that first there's a response that the whole body feels sick, when part of us hurts, but then there is us becoming stronger institutions applying this Hadeeth in

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the micro sense, when ad messages work together in Dallas, it's better than when two messages work together. And when every message works on its own, you can keep building these big structures, but you know what, you're not living up to your full potential, when a few scholars get together in one capacity and Hamdulillah, but when 100 scholars get together to legitimately advance the Muslim Ummah, and hamdulillah that strength is unlike any other strength, you should do bah, bah, blah, and so the Muslims become like a structure. So we apply that in our own circles as much as we can. And we build and we build and we build and we build, and the profit and Allah subhanaw taala says,

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finally, what's the last little bit happy? What's the one so the sub that verily we are in loss in that in Santa Fe, close Illa, dynamin huaming assignee, how to auto also be happy. What's also the song, we are in a state of loss, except for those who cooperates in that which is righteous and that which is truth, and they cooperate in patience. It is a loss to ourselves when we don't cooperate and good is a loss to the world when the Muslim Ummah does not unite amongst itself in whatever capacity it is, and shine its brilliance. Its light forward for the world, whether that's here in Dallas or that's anywhere else in the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to uplift those that are

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suffering wherever they are to connect us to our brothers and sisters to not let us have that deficiency of Ian, the deficiency of faith where we don't hurt when we see our brothers and sisters hurting, to not let us have that deficiency of emotion which is apathy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with the love of him and the love of that which is beloved to him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada Allah Mohammed Ada you know, Eamon was the one who will be our character, Elaine uncomfortable for so called RCN which I'm in a rush to the end that Allah fills our hearts with faith, and that Allah subhanaw taala makes hated to us wickedness and evil that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala makes us amongst those that work towards righteousness work together towards righteousness and uplift the vulnerable amongst us Allah I mean a colocar we have over stuff a lot he will accompany certain Muslim infested Pharaoh in a horrible for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was off by a woman with a lot of money and you know, it's one Muslim, you know, and Muslims

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in the Kashmir and caribou but there are a lot, a lot more than our Hamner. guanella robina vadhana and fusina inlanta for Lenovo, Lenovo, nominated for sitting ultimate in a castle when Kareem went to Africa for an alarm in a careful and kiddin 12451 la familia Dena Abraham Omar Kamara bonus Ihara Robin I have learned I mean as far as you know the reaction approach I know Jana Sakina imama Allah amongst others one and mustafina fee Michelle it could be one mahavihara Allah Allah good lighting you know the volume in Northridge and I was fine and the veniam study mean about the law and the law I'm looking at the quarterback well her in fracture it will mean carry well Betty, you're either

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coming to handle come to the current federal law school Congress Kuru Anna, is it like them? What are they called Allah Akbar Allah.

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