Qur’an Burner Raises Money for Muslims

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi obado canceled last week I made a video about particular pipsqueak, a particular delinquents, a particular ruffian, an individual a full block headed fool, who, who's coming out and burning the Quran on a weekly basis, thinking that he is harming Islam and the Muslims, thereby. Unfortunately for him, I have to say, he has come out and done it again. Let's take a look at the video of him being aggressive and burning the Quran coming out of masajid people try a threatening behavior to people and come back and see.

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As you can see, this fool thinks he's getting something done. He's achieving something that the objective is being met. I'll tell you what objective is being met, what objective is being met is that you're actually helping us raise money to establish Islam and Muslims in Norway. In fact, the video that we've done last 80,000 euros we raised. That's thanks to you. Last thought I wanted to thank you personally. Again, you know, that's 80,000 euros, you can get a lot with with that. And as I promised, every time you burn the Quran was a promise of mine. Yes. And the promise of the Muslim community

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was the promise of the Muslim community, that every time that you burn the Quran, there'll be 50,000 euros to your name, that you'll be yourself. The chief fundraiser. Thank you so much last one for Fundraising, by doing antagonizing the Muslims, making the Muslims angry, making the Muslims give charity in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, which is what you're doing, which is what it is now. You're encouraging the Muslims to do this. But not only that, but you've actually come out. You had the audacity, you had the bravery.

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to challenge me to a debate. It's changed Muhammad hijab to a debate. No problem. I accept the debates. I'll come down to Norway. Let's debate Islam. True. Let's debate anything you like, you can bring whatever you want. And we'll have a discussion. Not just you. But that political leader in Sweden I'm one maybe when I'm done with you, I'll go, you know, Solia one hour flight or something to Sweden enough to deal with him as well. But for now, what I will say is for the Muslim community, as we promised to the people, that every time this man burns a Quran, and he creates a ruckus in our community and he creates some problems in our community that you're going to yourself last as the

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chief fundraising officer, you are going to now help us raise another 100,000 Since we're now yes, we're now in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So this is the time for everybody to go full throttle. So honestly, don't just let your right hand spend and forget about don't even inquire don't even look back man like Asana elements or the curtain as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that mal or wealth does not depreciate from giving in charity. And on the flip side, one thing which we are individuals on the Day of Judgment may be like Lars stone himself was going to be burning in the Hellfire himself in sha Allah if it continues at the pace that he's burning and hellfire Yeah,

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is that they will be saying well Masala or Sadako masala we're lacking because dabbawala The one thing they'll be regretting is the fact that they haven't even given charity. We don't want to be like these individuals who regret not giving the charity and days like golden days like this. Tonight they be local cover. You must give the charity we must go forward we must continue the cause was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh