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AI: Summary © The third part of the story of Islam is discussed, including the story of Masala's death and the new phase of his life. The history of the people of Egypt and their authority is also discussed, including the loss of Islam during the golden era and connections between the culture and the western world. The use of Masala as a symbol of pride and respect is also discussed, along with the use of water in military events and the use of the mask as a form of protection. The importance of qualification and trustworthiness in achieving success in a job is emphasized, along with a proposal to work for the customer in return for their ease of getting married and a culture of fear and fearless behavior.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Wahhabi Vina Alma bossier Rahmatullah alameen Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Saavedra in roboshot. Recently, Dr. Melissa Neff, Coco damn about Oprah's due to loss of Hannah Tara and please pray upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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or testify that there's no god except the law and or testify that Muhammad is the Prophet the Messenger of Allah. Brothers and sisters jack and Willow. Hi Ron. I'm Allah subhanaw taala wrote every single one of you for being here and I am Allah xojo make us from amongst those who listen and hear and act upon what they listen to me narrow balada mean

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masala Sallam I grew up prophet messenger Allah subhanaw taala sent too many slides

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tonight is a third episode.

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Third part on the story of masala is over already spoken about the first part where Allah subhanaw taala tested many of the use of a Salaam and then the big test came when the mother of masala Salah was concerned over Musa one for Arnold's killing the children, the male children and male babies, the baby boys have been in slavery. And then we spoke about the story how Allah subhanaw taala made masala salon grow up in the household of is an enemy later on. until we reach to where masala Salam had grown.

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And as a young men, Allah subhanaw taala makes mentioned not only Kareem

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when he became young,

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why Bella should

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know hochma while ma

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when he reached a strong state of young youthful days.

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Allah subhana wa says we gave him wisdom and understanding. moosari Salah was always a follower of Islam, because he was brought up in the house out of the home, but he was brought up by his mom. We're talking about his biological mother,

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his mother that gave birth to him. And obviously, his mother is from Benny Israel in a Muslim, a believer that believes in the laws of Panama and adheres to the religion of Islam, according to the Sharia, Visa, a Salam or any other Sharia during that time. Then we spoke about the story about him when he was young and fit, healthy and strong.

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A young man with authority because he grew up in a household of flowers, I was considered to be

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an authority figure.

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Even though people had dad so he's the direct biological son of foot on by he was still considered to be the son of Route, which means he's like a King

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musala was treated like a king, or at least like a son of a king, a prince.

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But there was always those that his looks his color of skin. His approach his language, does not resemble someone from the household of around.

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And then we said about the story we walked inside that city during the day while everyone else was resting. And he saw two people finding one from Benny slay the other one from the coptics and then he came and pushed the Coptic and he died. And no one knew of this incident except the man from Benny's right? We spoke about hey, my daughter lots of panel data or baby man I'm gonna hit on a Muslim in Allah for whatever you have bestowed upon me. I will never ever vary from amongst the oppressors.

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And then he started concerned watching over his shoulder. Whether people know about him or not The following day, he saw the same man that he saved from Benny's life fighting with another cryptic man another Egyptian man. And he came in a way masala Islam came to stop the fight but the Bani Israel in the Israeli man, he saw a bit of aggression in the eyes of masala celebs I became scared and concerned about himself. So he disclosed that secret that no one knew of that Messiah, the one that killed the Egyptian man yesterday.

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We spoke about all this and then after the news came out people were after Musa alayhis salam and now the Egyptian authorities

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for our and his authority and his people are after masala Salah for committing an act of murder the he killed someone from the Egyptians from the optics and it was an opportunity an opportunity maybe for for our backup masala inshallah because it was never happier masala Salah been in Israel so from the very beginning

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So Maasai Salam was in a state of confusion and insecurity. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the Napoleonic era Raja Raja Manasa, Medina, TSR Kalia Musa in Alma la mirada, Calif to Luke

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in the lack of a man that he's from the people of Iran is from the optics is an Egyptian. So he's not from any Israel. I mentioned before that there was that superiority amongst the people of Egypt with a coptics with hierarchies, and then you had the Israelis, or bending Israel were considered to be like the lowest class of people in that state or in that country, and they were considered to be slaves to the Egyptians. But this man that came and informed masala is a lab that the Egyptian authorities and for all and his soldiers are after him, he's from the Egyptians and he's one of the close people to follow him but he was close to masala Islam. He's always liked masala Islam was a

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good friend. With masala Salah he was always sympathetic with masala Salah who was a good friend of him. So he came to one masala Salaam that the authorities in Egypt after especially after the news that went around that it was Musa alayhis salam, the one that killed the Egyptian man the day before that. So what did he say to him in the La Mirada because

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the sound is after you to call you or advise you that you leave agent in the locker Manasa and I'm giving you good advice. You know, maybe friends. Yes. Come from the hierarchies and from the closest people to put on bob honest, I'm genuine with you. I'm giving you a C. brotherly advice runner authorities are after you

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leave and flee Egypt.

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So now this is the new phase of the life of Masada Islam.

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So masala is Salam.

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fleas and escapes Egypt was about the Egyptian authorities after him.

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So masala is Salam flees Egypt towards Palestine he travels from Egypt towards the east to Palestine. Allah subhanaw taala makes mention of the end of Kalani Karim Sahaja Minho.

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masala is Salaam

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fled Egypt

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afraid and scared

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watching over his shoulder making sure that no one is pursuing him no one is after him. And then he knew that he has no one else to resort to except the loss of Allah tala tala rabina Genie mineral calm environment Oh my Lord saved me from the process. Robbie the gym No, I mean you told me at a time he talks

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he talks about an era during the talk for all here's the rub to the Egyptians for all but masala Salaam is asking

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Allah subhanaw taala which is clear evidence the masala was what a believer masala was a Muslim he was never ever I believe it.

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Or someone who has subscribed to the religion of Rhino followed the religion of Ron he was always I believe a Muslim. He fought Islam in the minority ism Islam, according to the Sharia of my views of Allah is salam o one of the one of the surah of the prophets and messengers just before that time in Iran.

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So we're gonna head towards who went towards meridian. Where's meridian Meridian is a town in Palestine. So this is where Egypt is towards the east through the through se na towards Palestine. There's a village in Palestine called Medea now matthean is far away from the actual center of agent. So masala is Salah Tommy rich to Madea Madea is the city of

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shrine. So I wonder whether this connection between sharp and musala is

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and that's why I was reading about the story of schreib la salud before the storm musala is because there's that connection.

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masala is Salam live during the time of schreib even though she was born before Moses, there was a messenger before Musa was older than most other Muslim tribe. But masala is Salah lived during the time of shrine. So in Lusaka, a Salaam escaped from Egypt, he went towards Palestine, where there's a town the town of Prophet right after Allah subhanaw taala destroyed. You remember when he spoke about the story of love destroyed it. Then I went back to my dorm. So the second phase of Medea, after lots of errata destroyed Maria Shriver alehissalaam was in Madame

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Here are some Indian masala Islam

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obviously masala is Salam is escaping his fleeing he's running away. He's a fugitive in the eyes of the Egyptian authorities to them he killed someone. Yes it did, but it was an excellent, he pushed him he died, he did a minute.

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But obviously at the end of the day, in the eyes of the Egyptian authorities, He's a murderer.

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They are committed an act of crime killing someone, and therefore, he needs to be prosecuted. So masala is set on fled Egypt, and obviously because his running away, and he fled Egypt during the time it's not like he prepared himself and he carried his luggage and he took something with him. He left without anything. So you could imagine that he was just traveling hundreds of kilometers under the sun in the middle of the desert, without any luggage without any sustenance without any provision. So

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you can imagine the state that masala Salaam was in.

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And Masai Sara was eating the leaves of the trees. Some urgency was said that on his tongue and around his lips, you could see the color of the leaves

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and submerge and say that his topic was stuck to his back. I will talk about a big muscley and strong men what masala is Salaam is known to be his full strength. And now even tells us about his strength.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about

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musala is Salam O

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Allah Medina was the Dalai Lama termina nursia school.

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So now masala is a lot more Madden. And now he is in safety. He's safe. He's in security. Now he secured himself that he is far away from Egypt, in which the Egyptian authorities will struggle to reach to most allies, because he's gonna travel hundreds of miles for them to come out of the out of the star of the country to get all the way to measure which is hundreds of kilometers away from Egypt to get and search for Musa alayhis. Salaam somos. Allah is Allah. He's in a state of safety after he had a Salah, who was in a very, very insecure position, especially when I was in Egypt and traveling away from Egypt. But when I left my dad, he was more insecurity.

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Obviously Madden is a town it's not a big massive city like the city that he was living in. And the vast majority of the people I met them are shepherds in which I used to pasture and these to graze their herd.

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And when you talk about

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village people, obviously there's a particular system that the village people follow. One of them is for them to feed the herd. not want to feed their flocks. So there is a wall. We're usually the shepherds around mud Ganga and get water for the herd. For the shape for the cattle for the flock.

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When Masada imagine he saw a group of shepherds and eat Shepherd had I grew up

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where I grew up of kennels.

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And each one of them is going to that will pick him up or to go and feed their herd. But on the side, he picked up on

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two shepherds.

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But there's two shepherds were females.

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So Allah subhanaw taala makes mention of that. He saw while everyone else all the different shepherds are going to collect water for the herd, he saw two women with the herd standing on the side. Now masala is Salam. Okay, it's a sign of Akka these people need help.

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And at the same time, it's a good sign of modesty, that these two ladies, these two women are not really pushing themselves in between those men, which is respectful. It's a dignified scene

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so much and I saw those two women on the side, waiting for the rest of the shippers to finish them or for them to finish feeding the shepherds. So he wanted us to him and he said Maha Puma. Why are you standing on the side for a while then he go within the rest of the shifts and get water for your hood? They said

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Carlota learnosity had used it and

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they replied back to Masada Salaam after masala asked him like what's your situation? What's the deal with you? How can we not part of the rest of the ship? It's trying to get water for your earth. They said no, no, no we're not gonna push and shove amongst men.

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We are waiting for me for these men waiting for this

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To finish, well, I bought a shotgun cabin. And the reason that we don't have a man amongst us if that's what you're trying to say, our Father is the only man that's in our life and he's an old man who's the father, Schreiber the hustler now to you and I look at asaka and I feel sorry for those two ladies I feel sorry for those two women but to masala cinnamon really looks at it. These are two dignified women, respectful woman that I want to push and shove amongst men and are willing to be patient and forbear until the wall is clear for them to go and feed the herd. So what the masala is allowed to do for Sokka lahoma Houma from Botswana lol

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So masala is Salaam, took this, the herd, took the animals and fed the animals he pushed on shop and fed the animals the some narrations that sell masala is set up to the world. There was a big massive rock that had locked the mouth or the actual entrance of the world. And all the shippers were trying to push that rock away and it was a struggle for them was a big challenge like 1015 shepherds masala Santa Monica and Cameron put on, on his on by himself. And that's an erosion that's been eroded with 10 shepherds 10 men couldn't even remove that rock but most la ceremonies are managed to remove it.

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So Allah subhanaw taala continues to mention the stories of Masada, his salon took the hurt of those two women and he went and Fed does hurt and then he brought her to the woman with more water.

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And then masala Salaam knew that with all the strength that he's got. He needs Allah subhanaw taala at the end of the day. So mattawan illa Allah subhanaw taala is depicting growing this image. This film,

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Allah subhanaw taala is depicting for us this scene where most Allah is Allah with all his strength, with all his powers fatawa let amatola 11 he resorted to the shade of a tree

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or a bee in neelima and delta lamb. He said Oh Allah, everything that you have given me from strength and power, I'm still poor to you.

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And this is the son of a true believer the O's resorts to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter how strong you are,

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no matter how powerful you are, I need the loss of Han

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sama sama Salah was a true slave and seven of the laws of Hamilton and he knows with all his strength and physical strength that he's got he still lives diligently and he looks at himself. He's a physically strong man, but he's very poor at the end of the day. And this Allah subhanaw taala was otherwise

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be in the cinema and

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everything they had bestowed upon me from this physical strength. I'm still I proposed to you

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for the home at MC Allister here in Charlotte. In the Kelley at Xerox edge Rama sockeye Atlanta. So after Masada Salam had assisted as to woman, then went back to the home.

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the father Shriver is an old man.

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And his daughters are the ones who are taking care of the hood. They usually go at a set time. And because the other ones who weren't at the end, they come back late, but this time we're out of the house early. So the father asked, it seems that you hit early Why? Like you know what made you come early usually come late in the afternoon, but the story came early. So they narrated the story to their father schreib on a salon. And they said to their father or father, there was that man physically strong, he came and helped us and that's why we came early. So Allah subhanaw taala. Again, Allah is drawing this image for us for

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the Houma timesheet here. So the father wanted to reward Musa alayhis salam that's Dr. Allah Islam. He wanted to reward this man that helped his daughters. So I asked one of his daughters to go and go Musashi Salah to come and speak to him to reward him. So Allah subhanaw taala and he mentions the story and the event of that moment when the daughter of Cheyenne

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went to speak to masala Salaam to invite him to go man and father. Allah even speaks about the way she went approach masala is Salaam. She didn't come to MSR you know within a big bubble, if I saw happiness is talking to these physically strong men, maybe good looking man, whatever it is, as he was talking to him in a way as if

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he's not our laws of Hamilton says pleasure to

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be here. So one of the daughters of tribe

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After her father told her to go and speak to masala Salam and volunteer come speak to him. She went and spoke to masala Sana walk into masala Salah in most time she Alastair Shannon approach masala is Salaam and modesty, shyness and that's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says, If you are not sure

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what stops you from this journey many times its sharpness and modesty. modesty is part of a man. And unfortunately men and women these days, not all of course, like modest.

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Allah subhanaw taala speaking about the daughter of sure I love the way she approached the way she spoke and walked musasa she walked him with modesty.

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It just shows you this modest woman this modest young lady that will become to be the wife of masala Sarah, pilot in Abby.

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Kelly at Zika drama sockeye Atlanta my father's calling you so you could reward you for you've done to us reward you for the help and assistance they had assisted us from

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Walker Sala Hill cosna masala Acela comes

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the sub narrations

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that no right

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she came to masala salon in full modesty.

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Now she's calling masala a salon. And she's the one that she needs to go and masala Santa's house their father's house. So obviously Follow me. I'm gonna be at the front. You're gonna be behind me. But she was a morose lady. She said, Nah, you walk out the front, or the behind. Okay, but you need to grab me. Don't worry. When a toy turn right, I'm going to throw a rock towards the right side turn right. When it comes to turning left, I'm going to throw a rock towards the left, turn left. So however modesty, you do something like that, you will be crazy anyway.

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La imagined lucky.

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That's a sort of modesty.

00:22:12--> 00:22:21

a modest daughter of a prominent messenger, respectful. She's not loud enough, she feels comfortable talking amongst men or men fooling

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each other. Regardless, there's got to be a least a barrier, at least a principle of modesty, which unfortunately these days we are working in destroying any form of modesty, removing any level of modesty. So Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the modesty of the tribe and a salon in

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Atlanta, my father is calling is able to reward you for the assistance they had the sisters and for the water they had fed

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our sheep and hood. Philip magia who he causes a lot of masala Salah into the house of shipe you know when you see someone with righteousness, piety, feel comfortable.

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And we're talking about a nonprofit. We're talking about a man that fees Allah subhanaw taala. Sometimes he sees someone out of archness at a party food, that comfort ease that you could sit down and talk to him Can you imagine if it's a problem, isn't it? So you could imagine what masala is Salam? So Dr. Liu salam, and up until this moment, masala Salah is not even a proper messenger yet. He's still being trained by laws of Allah tala to become a messenger. But you could imagine that she was a prominent messenger when masala is self absorbed. And he said that he felt that comfort.

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He's talking to a prophet than a messenger he felt that comfort was the most out a seller knew that he's been very proper messenger bah, bah, the spirit, the morale, the respect, the integrity of a proper messenger is there samosa feel comfortable speaking team, maybe even a messenger but before comfortable talking to this man. He felt comfortable to disclose his secret team so he told him everything

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maybe most of the time and disclose his issue and the secret to anyone what is secret that he pushed someone he killed him is considered to be a criminal is considered to be a murderer and that's why masala Salaam escaped and fled Egypt coming to Madhya say sir No sir I haven't explained to him everything he told them everything because he felt comfortable talking to shy

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so what the tri Valley Salah replied back to him on the half.

00:24:46--> 00:24:46

Then before

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that begins

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

Don't be afraid and don't be concerned. Naja with terminal warning mean you are in a secure place.

00:25:01--> 00:25:16

Noah's gonna come here now from Egypt, and none of the Egyptian authorities or none of the Faroe Islands, soldiers will ever come here. Don't be afraid. Here in full safety and security.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

Relax, and stay here.

00:25:23--> 00:25:29

I mean, don't be scared anymore. You have managed to save yourself from the oppressors. who jumps in?

00:25:32--> 00:25:35

In the hydro Minister xataka when I mean one of the daughters of schreib.

00:25:37--> 00:25:39

System sister, Father, Father, as you know,

00:25:40--> 00:26:08

we don't have any men in a household. Why don't you hire him? Since he is a man of desperate need of a shelter? of security of comfort? What can we use him whoring take care of him? You know, give him something give him money, give him something in return for us to home. Alicia could help us and assist us in this household. Alicia could take care of my head. Alison could take over kettle, Alicia could take over things.

00:26:12--> 00:26:26

In the Hydra minister, amin or father Hari in the Hydra ministers, I mean the best people they could ever hire, are the people who are strong and trustworthy.

00:26:28--> 00:27:11

Strong and trustworthy. Somehow Subhana Allah Allah subhanaw taala makes mention of anything not always Allah subhanaw taala is applied to something. Yes, I was talking about the masala a salami. And yes, I was quoting. I was quoting what the data for I'm sorry, the data for I've had mentioned. So Allah subhanaw taala is quoting what the doctor is mentioning the father hiring the best people they could hire others who are strong and trustworthy. But even though the story he is talking about child and his daughter masala is Sarah but there's something for us to learn out of this verse. What's the first learn out of this verse competency when it comes to hiring people? Usually when you

00:27:11--> 00:27:17

want to hire someone to do a job, there's two things that you look into competency and qualification, trustworthiness,

00:27:20--> 00:27:22

competency and qualification and trustworthiness.

00:27:24--> 00:27:31

alluding to the importance of being qualified when you want to do something and be trustworthy, because that has to come hand in hand

00:27:32--> 00:27:36

will be a big struggle for you to deal with someone that's competent

00:27:37--> 00:27:41

and trustworthy or someone that's trustworthy, but incompetent.

00:27:42--> 00:27:47

So there's something for us to run out of this verse in the Hydra ministers. I mean,

00:27:48--> 00:27:52

so schreib Allah is around for a very, you know, good Id

00:27:53--> 00:28:10

call in the OD do and okay Hagia Natalia attain Allah and Juanita Manya Hey judge, find out Natasha Femina. Indic wema od Donna showcar Lakes at ag duni insha Allah home and Asada hain.

00:28:12--> 00:28:15

Social is a Ramadan offer to masala Salman said,

00:28:16--> 00:28:25

I agree with this deal. I agree with this proposition. I want to make an offer to you. I want to hire you, but I don't have money.

00:28:26--> 00:28:33

So I want you to do something for me. I want you to work for us to take care of our needs take care of our farm to take care of our Earth.

00:28:34--> 00:28:40

In return of your payment is the armoury of one or more dollars to you for ease.

00:28:42--> 00:28:58

Ease you work for us, that's a dairy. If you want to add another 10 years that's up to you. So right now I want to give you something that you give us in return for me in return that you work for us. Take care of our mate.

00:28:59--> 00:29:14

Our payment to you. Is the owner of my daughter t phi is that you work for us for free. No, he's married and divorced. Oh, no, he is working. So get married to my daughter who worked for me is

00:29:16--> 00:29:30

so your family is and you get married to my daughter. And obviously a majority of the scholars say the daughter of schreib the Masai Salaam got married to his daughter

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

to hear that game to massage Acela in modesty.

00:29:36--> 00:29:38

And so Hannah, last year, I told the masala salon

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that I want to hire you that you look after my needs, and you look after our farm, you look after our hood, in return that you work for us for our ease, and you get married to my daughter, if you want to do 10 years. That's a question.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

That's up to you.

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It's an optional thing but minimum as someone replies back and he says from Atlanta so from indecision inshallah masala hain if you want to complete 10 from your own then inshallah you follow me from amongst the righteous people so masala Salaam says the Lika benei or beynac

00:30:18--> 00:30:24

will make this deal and we'll agree but these new stands between me and you

00:30:25--> 00:30:26

a young

00:30:27--> 00:30:30

fella aduana a human Angelina died for Odwalla.

00:30:32--> 00:30:33

I'll accept this deal

00:30:34--> 00:30:39

I'll accept this proposition that will work for you in return the mirror of your daughter to me

00:30:41--> 00:30:43

it's my decision at the end of the if I'm gonna do eight or 10

00:30:45--> 00:30:47

so then come later on after he told me what like 10

00:30:49--> 00:31:04

Hello tribe is an Arab show they don't have the Arabic mentality that we have these days. Allah agree on 100 bucks No worries, can you do this for me and do that for me the next day? What about this one and this one and the one who agreed on two jobs for 100 bucks? Yeah.

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I'm sure that wasn't on the bar.

00:31:12--> 00:31:27

samosa was very straightforward to arrive at a salami with a hyper laser was a problem messenger no straightforward with masala Santa, he told them work for us armor, armor off my daughter to you. And your Crossfire ease. If you want to complete them. That's up to you.

00:31:28--> 00:31:31

Except, but it's my decision. If I want to do I thought and

00:31:33--> 00:31:35

lots of panel data revealed this verse.

00:31:36--> 00:31:44

And it's a habit of the love that Adam recited, as the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, let me know I'm sure you're also eager to know what did he do?

00:31:46--> 00:32:05

So the Sahaba of the alota asked the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, did he do eight or 10? Because Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mention him. Allah just mentions the option that I mentioned. If most Allah is Allah, work for schreib his attorneys sanllehi sanlam replied, and he said he completed 10

00:32:06--> 00:32:19

detainees. He worked for him even though sure I asked him for his working for free in return that he made memories of his daughter tape. And he works for ease. But masala is one of the 10.

00:32:20--> 00:32:35

So you could imagine a masala Santa for 10 years in Medan with a new family, and he has held a son in law of a prophet his father in law is a prophet. So he talks about our righteous household, a respectful household.

00:32:36--> 00:32:46

They feel Allah subhanaw taala married to a woman that feels a lot more than a daughter of a man. That is Allah subhanaw taala 10 years

00:32:47--> 00:32:51

away from the eyes and the sight of the Egyptians

00:32:52--> 00:32:57

and for our own and his army. In 10 years what happens attendees

00:32:59--> 00:33:04

especially when you're in 20s you face changes, gray hairs start to grow.

00:33:05--> 00:33:32

Your facial resemblance start to change. After 10 years or more Sally, Sally is away from Egypt and Madame and he had fulfilled his agreement with his father in law Dr. la salud. Moosa has family too. He's got a mother or a father. He's got a brother. A lot of his brother was around at that time, but he's got a mother got a sister, he's

00:33:34--> 00:33:57

got family. He wants to go and reconnect with this woman again. Alhamdulillah it's been 10 years away from for our knees army and his authority. And at the same time he got married, he established himself he's got a family, his ground. It's a good opportunity that fulfill this promise and work for 10 years. Now he wants to go back to his family and see them so Masada

00:33:58--> 00:33:59

took this opportunity

00:34:01--> 00:34:14

and he saw it to be a good opportunity for him to get back to Egypt especially the after 10 years I had forgotten about him they're not going to continue searching for him for the next 10 years. They don't have the systems that we you know that didn't have the systems that we have these days. Mashallah this

00:34:17--> 00:34:24

isn't you? They'll start after you for the next 100 years everything's just recorded. They don't have this intelligence.

00:34:25--> 00:34:54

So masala is Salaam decided to go back from madeon to Egypt again check up on his mother. And you could imagine his mom doesn't even know if masala mala Is he dead? Is he kidnapped is he locked up? So it's not like he just feels so to go say as well. Also, he needs to make his mom feel comfortable too. And it's got a sister that's gonna borrow some masala syrup disorder to go back to Egypt and it was a good opportunity after 10 days for him to get back to Egypt. So now he picks up,

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

takes his family along and travels from Medina.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

back to Egypt.

00:35:04--> 00:35:33

And that's where Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted Masai salam to get into a new phase of his life not seeing his mom not seeing his mother and his brother and his sister. Now the second phase of the lava masala Salah, which is the most important phase of his life is a proper messenger. So, masala is Salaam travels from India to Egypt, around the world, Allah subhanho wa Taala decrees for this man there was unknown to be the proper messenger. How would that happen?

00:35:34--> 00:35:43

happen? And the story behind the next Thursday is the light Allah Subhana Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Mustafa Raka

00:35:55--> 00:35:59

Jenna, Jenna, versus destiny

00:36:01--> 00:36:03

Jenna, Jenna Jenna