Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #23

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Marlena myInfo now and finally my lamp Anna was in the in manjar hammer I mean,

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering in sha Allah, Allah with baraka and it in sha Allah and make us from the people who listen and apply in sha Allah Amina blood Amin and the Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to one day see all these characteristic of Rasulillah Salam live in Sharma

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we have reached last week and we discussed the way that or Salah Salem

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sleeps right the way he sleeps on a salatu salam. And we mentioned one of the DUA that he used to make before he sleeps or the rakia that he used to make before he sleeps. And yeah when when you hear that Subhanallah when you hear that Rasulullah sallallahu is already protected by Allah.

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He does not need rakia, right? Is Rasul Allah sighs

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So that means when he teaches us something like this, this is for our own good

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so the Hadith we took last week here one please practice it every night inshallah to Allah, teach your family to practice it. Very simple. That he said

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and that is a mockery 100% authentic. And Aisha Radi Allahu anha Barbra Carlat, Kana Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either our inner philosophy

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couldn't Lila Gemma aka fe, Gemma, cafe KEF fan GEMA Cafe fan fsfe Hema

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necesita is to blow without any split for NSF and fsfe Hema will call a fee Hema called who are more who

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bill falak will call us will be Robin nurse some NASA hubby be Hema Mustafa I mean yesterday Yep, that will be him and so who would you who warmer, acapella mean Jessa de

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Bertha Lika yes now they're Lika Sedef Murat Okay.

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Solo solo solo Salam confirmed by his loving his most beloved wife for the Allahu anha our mother

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she said every night call Lila every night

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so if he's doing that, and he's already protected by Allah, that means I should be extremely grateful thank you yeah rasool Allah for teaching me something that will protect me Bismillah So Jeremiah de

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he put cafe I mean, he puts the cafe together.

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How about this one? I'm afraid you're gonna go to sleep. Let's try it in shallow don't go to sleep. Okay, let's try it. Put your hand together in sha Allah.

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Masha Allah Nafa naffy Hema, welcome

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim call who Allah Allah Who Samad? Let me lead you on a new lead. You don't have to make 13 Whenever we are called Naboo for one I had similar Rahman Rahim but we are up bill Fadak Michelle remark Allah when you shall reverse it in either when you shower in 30 film oh god one shall rehearse it in either hazard Bismil your rough Nan your Rahim out of Europe been Mullikin Illa in Milan SHARI LEWIS was in

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the US with Sophie Soto in Meenal Jean not even let me stand up now you've probably be sitting you probably be sitting on your bed when you do that. So Massa, his head, face when I occupied I'm in jeopardy and whatever is facing carbon facing this spot. All as much as you can all the way to the leg thigh there. Lika sadef Murat. So this is what we just did is once

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three times, okay

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okay, that's a good question. Chef. Love it.

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Okay, let's read the Hadith

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it will clarify inshallah. Alright.

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Gemini Kaffee fan fsfe Hema

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Gemma fenetre. Walk on, right? So, obviously, Allahu Allah, but from what my understanding from the hadith is that let me do the translation. I incinerated every night before so seldom slept upon his bed, he would join his hands lightly like he joined his hands likely blow into them

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and recite

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the last three Surah of the Quran,

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class and falconers he would then wipe his hands over whatever parts of his body he could. He began, he began with his head and face and then the front of his body. He did that thrice, three, three times. Okay, so I can do that. And I, one time a chef told us that even when you finish the front, you could do also whatever you can from the back, you know, but here it's emphasizing the the front. The regular practice of this indicates the keenness of Rasulullah Saxena to do so, to the extent that he ordered Aisha to do so on his behalf during his sickness, remember when he was sick, and he told her to do that and wipe his with his hands remember, because his hands are mobile aka

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it is important that a person understand and contemplates the meaning and we said that last week if you're doing that and you're not feeling protected before you sleep, it is the main reason is because you have no idea what you're saying. So we said please open the Quran and understand and try to

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memorize what does these three sutras mean? Okay, this was last week. Let's go to the next Hadith Inshallah, listen to this. And this hadith is in

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296 in Sahih Muslim had definitely has helped no one saw her call her death and offend her death and Mohammed bin Salman and third it an innocent nomadic and not assault Allah Subhan Allah and the Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can either our interfere Archie, if you if you notice most of that hadith that we'll be talking about what to say or how to sleep. They start by either our elf urushi if he goes to bed, if he goes to bed, or when he lies down when he lay down on his bed, call Alhamdulillah he led the upper Amana was a corner worker fan webinar for Kim mimin laka Fianna who, when we

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saw the hadith is Alhamdulillah hymnody Uttanasana was a corner worker fina

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for commitment there Kaffee Allahu wa mui what does it mean? And as narrated that also salam would lie down on his bed he would say all praise is for Allah Hamdulillah we all know and let the lady apartment

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fed us Sakana

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I think the hardest for you is easy. I wanna

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shelter right shelter us from Mattawa

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gender Tamala right it's our shelter inshallah

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often I'm sorry what Catherine Grafana

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GAFA Yanni

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surely translated,

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gave us enough any suffices gave us something sufficient for Kim Min Min lair keffi. Allah who when we so how many are there that they have no suffice and No, no shelter Subhanallah

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Jaquan most of the time, you know you eat and you drink. And then you know sometimes you go to sleep. So

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you have to remember before you go to sleep that there are so many people so many not only people so many brothers and sisters that do not have that that blessing that you have.

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So the least I can do is before I go to sleep Alhamdulillah Elodie, Uttanasana, Osaka, Osaka

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for coming man laka Vienna who went how many people do not have Cafe they don't have sufficed, Dana. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you slept hungry?

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Lie most of the time we sleep we cannot sleep because we fall.

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Right? Because we ate so much we cannot sleep

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While we have brothers that are suffering and sisters that they do not have enough remember I never forget that they went one time in Ramadan Allah it was so touching a mother in forgot Syria or Iraq. She said while you are choosing what to eat, I'm choosing which child to feed

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while you are choosing what to eat in Ramadan, I'm choosing which child to feed tonight.

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Yesterday was a today is B tomorrow see?

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This is on the 21st century is happening. And listen to this Rasul Allah says Allah listen to this

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hadith that we all know but I will repeat for the men far for the benefit and Sharma men are spa having come Amazon fees are

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more often fee, instructor wife and fever

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in the who go to Yomi fucka and Nima. He's at Lahore dunya the mafia.

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So as I said, if you get up in the morning,

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you are safe in your home with your family safe, you are healthy.

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Three things only if you have them. As if you have owned the whole dunya

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you'll save at your home.

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You're healthy in your body, and you have enough code enough food enough sustenance for one day.

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As if you have owned

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America, Africa, Europe, Australia, the whole the whole world is yours. The whole dunya

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now, every single one of us have more than that, and we're always complaining.

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Even though we have only that this was our solemn Sadhak right? He's all truthful. So if you have that, what else what's missing?

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Karna contentment,

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and Canaletto can zone

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life now

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contentment is a treasure that does not expire.

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I suppose as Alan said, it cannot be cast, like Allah. I have that. I have that same as a bumper sticker on my car. Be content what Allah has given you. You will be the richest of people.

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The richest

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be content. I'm happy I'm making $1,000 a week and hamdulillah Allahu Akbar. I'm so happy. I make 500 Allahu Akbar. I have one child, Allah, Allah, but I am sick Alhamdulillah always content whatever Allah has decreed. Then I'll be the richest class motto. I'm the richest. Let's just lay Selena. As soon as as soon as the Rena is the winner of the neffs to be rich to be rich in your neffs so so much SLM is reminding us here of this hadith of the other Hadith, you know, that?

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Thank Allah subhanaw taala for all the food that you had all day, fresh clean, some of us only eat organic

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only organic Right? Which are not added. I guarantee you one thing if Allah make us all from the people agenda, or the food agenda is organic

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Right. called Organic Don't worry 100% Pure no enzymes no nothing no bacteria. So

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let's be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala let's let's repeat this by the way this 1-234-567-8910 Any around 11 words.

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I'm going to try to make you memorize it before we leave in chunks. Okay. Hamdulillah we all know right? So this is done.

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I'm going to pick somebody to recite it and then he will get inshallah a Twix. Okay.

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Small one but Apartment All right.

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And you're on your way.

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So hamdulillah Levy, we all know because we say it in the morning and handled reality. Right. So the first three words are done. Right. Sister ready? The first three words are done and hamdulillah Hilary. We all know that right? Now, a phenomenon from time right? A time. Where Sakana waka Fana whoa Anna.

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So Al Hamdulillah lady we know right? At Amina was a corner. Worker Fana Katha can

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Fana where I wanna

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Alhamdulillah and that the automata are Sakana vaca Fana I wanna spar this Salahuddin is God last season this is the easy part. The hard part is COVID

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so this is the easy part Al Hamdulillah Elodie at Ramona Sakana aka fauna what I wanna

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here's the tricky part for Kim Min.

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For Kim Min.

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For Kim, let's see if I can min la Caffee alone when we

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let's do the first part

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that Cassia the WHO while they are moving from Grafana and Awana the chips fall the Cathy the one who's given the defier the one who gives them our al careful movie for can mean men like if you know what weather

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Okay, one more time Alhamdulillah Hey lady phenomena are Sakana like a foreigner awareness for Kim Min Min la Kathy hello when

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you're gonna raise your hand

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for the you're not from before

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yes does not apply

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now okay

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that could be

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give this to

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anybody else we have some more stuff and don't worry. We have three musketeers you have a nice variety from before now now further

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can mean

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Masha Allah subhanaw taala we will say it tonight before before we sleep

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imitating and emulating Rasulillah some sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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One more Hadith in sha Allah Allah had definitely the same bin Mohammed Al J. L G ri called Hadassah Suleiman bin herb had definitely Ahmed bin Salman homemade and Becker bin Abdullah and Mussolini and Abdullah the robber Aneri Qatada and then the reason why Selim Khanna either out of rasa beguelin TASHA Allah Shakti Hill Amon, were either Arosa Kobe in a sub he not saw that era, over the razza, who either Allah Cafe abhi Abu Qatada, or the Allahu generated when the Prophet SAW Selim was journeying during the journey

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and stopped for rest. And there was enough time in the night he slept on his right side. However, if he stopped close to the time of the morning, he would lift his right arm

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behind his back, and he put his head upon it and sleep.

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You know what I'm talking about, you know, he put his hand like this, and he sleeps on and on his on his arm. Obviously, he wasn't a journey, there was no nothing to sleep on, you know. So

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that shows that Subhan Allah is always concerned

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about the future of prayer, because this is not a very comfortable way to sleep. You're gonna wake up soon, this is not comfortable at all. There's no mattress, there's no pillow, there's nothing. So any move would wake you up. So he's always thinking, this shows that the concern he had of performing the federal prayer, and sleeping in that position would make it difficult for the person to enter the state of, of deep of deep sleep. The this is the chapter of sleeping has ended, and the next chapter Jaquan. And like I mentioned in the morning, maybe some of you were not here at treasure.

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We said that one of the ways to gain the love of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah said, My Love, Allah is love.

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Allah as love is where God is due to the people who love each other, for the sake of Allah, to the people who have agenda soon. They sit down with each other to study the book of Allah to study anything that will bring them close to Allah. When we desire we ruin the ones who visit one another for the sake of Allah, and the ones who spend on one another, only for the sake of Allah. So let's try to get as many of these characteristics that will make us gain the love of Allah subhanaw taala. So please,

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try to attend these halacha I'm

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on purpose, making them very short so you could stay and then you have time to go and spend some time with your with your spouse, spend time with your wife. talk, communicate, discuss some stuff. joke around a little bit. Make the house full of love and

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Mercy Insha Allah, may Allah fill all our homes with love and mercy and no blood and tranquility, I mean your enemy. I want you to all get up and shall not stand up. It's not an exercise just stand up

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okay, look at your brother to your left. Tell him I love you for the sake of Allah hug him in sha Allah. Everybody hug everybody, Zach

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