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Sheikh Daood Butt’s Halaqa / life session. At Isna High School.
October 27 2015

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Okay, Mashallah, maybe we should do this in here every day. And then at the beginning, whoever or maybe throughout the entire

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whoever is speaking we can make them do like laughs

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starting with

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All right, let's try and pay attention.

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I don't know why everyone claps

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take every single moment of our lives as an example of how we can be better people. And

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the whole purpose of our life is to please allow us to do things that are pleasing to Allah. And when we're in an environment or a setting where for example, we're at school right now, we have to listen to our educators listen to the people that are around us that are trying to make us be better individuals trying to allow us to grow into becoming people that are exemplary individuals that we will be the example for the future in Montana or we are the example right now. We shouldn't say that we will be we are every moment we're living as an example, for the people of the future inshallah.

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We'll conclude with jinns today.

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Angels, but about the book that we're going to be Beginning tomorrow, the world of the jinn and the devils, okay, so we're going to be starting the world of the jinn and the devils in sha Allah, because I know all of you have been eagerly waiting for that. And so after discussing the angels, inshallah, we'll move into the, the jinn, those that are scared, so this is a disclaimer, for those that are scared of discussing genes or talking about genes, starting from tomorrow, inshallah, make sure that you come to the higher the light session with Google, and then you shouldn't be scared, okay, so before you come, right, and then inshallah you should not be scared to okay. And don't be

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scared of anything that is created by loss of data. Remember, we discussed that last week, try never to be scared of the creation of a loss. Yes, the loss of data will test us with fear. That's one of the first things whenever no one recommendation, you know, Kofi when he

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says that he will test us with fear things that we are scared of. Right. And one of the first things that we're scared of, in terms of human beings is things that we dislike, or things that we don't understand things that you know, might be, you know, things that we're not in tune with, we're not regularly in touch with. And so we have to firstly understand those of the creation of a loss of power. Just like the jinn that we will discuss the world or begin discussing to where they are from the creation of a loss of how to what to add as well.

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Now getting back to the topic of angels, and to conclude, inshallah, we'll just highlight a few aspects of the angels and some of the things that they do and how we can learn from those lessons. So to begin with the last panel

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shall be careful.

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with Anna gives us the example of how on the Day of Judgment, the throne of a loss of Hannah Montana will be held up by angels, angels in particular, right, so there will be eight angels that will be holding up the throne of a loss of paddleboards. Now we think of this as something that is supreme, something that's great, right, the throne of a law, this is the courtesy This is what the panel with Anna sits on. Surely it must be heavy, it must be weighted, right? It's got to be huge. It's got to be, you know, built with with strength.

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But we also understand from this that angels have strength.

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But the best of strength that you and I can have, is not strength in terms of the muscles. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that the best from amongst us is not one who has strength in terms of muscle strength and power. Rather, the strongest person amongst us is one who can control their anger. Now, controlling anger also means controlling sadness. It also means controlling ourselves when we're supposed to be controlled. It also means controlling our desires. It means maybe not yelling out when we're not supposed to yell or not speaking

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One we're not supposed to be speaking, right? Or maybe not cleaning someone else's nose with a tissue when we're not supposed to be cleaning your nose with a tissue, right. And so there's many aspects of this that we see in our lives, that we can be better individuals. And strength itself is not going to the gym, for the guys being tough and tough and rough for the sisters going and making sure that you know, have the leather in shape and they can jog. I don't know how many kilometers I hate jogging, I can jog 100 meters, but so panelized, right, we think that strength is to be strong.

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That's good.

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In a one minute moment.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us, the strong believer, one who is strong, who actually has strength within them to do something to lift things to push to run, to wrestle to play sports, and so on, is better than the moment the believer that is weak.

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But we also see that strength in itself is someone who can control their inner desires. When you want to seek out when you want to blurt something out, you control it. When you want to pick a fight with someone else, you control it, right, you control yourself, when you want to,

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you know, argue back and debate with your teacher over something that you know is nonsense, but you just want to do it for the sake of proving yourself in front of others. You control it because you understand that data prefers that over anything else. The second aspects of angels and there's only three things that we'll touch upon today. And I need to keep an eye on a clock.

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So the second aspect that we'll touch upon the Java is the angels and their control over the mountains. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as mentioned in the Hadees, or narration by

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he was asked

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by the Allahu anhu was there any day that was worse for you, as in more heartbreaking for you than the day apart? Now we know what happened on the day. Right? This half of the day when they were with the profits of

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them. And they started the battle was over, they thought that they would win, they thought that they were overpowering the machine. Lo and behold, they had no idea they didn't realize that there was an army of machine waiting behind the valley to attack the Muslims. And then they started shooting their arrows and so on and so forth. And then the Muslims began to flee. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was asked, Is there any day that you felt more heartbroken or a day that was worse,

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in severity to you, than the day were hurt. And the profits in the long run, he started to recall or recount the day when he went off to seek assistance and to seek asylum or to seek help from the people that fall if and they rejected him. And then he's returning to the Prophet so long as he says, at that point in time when he's returning, and he's extremely heartbroken. He's sad, right? He's disappointed. These are the people of his, you know, his his nation. These are his people, his relatives, his tribemates, right? The Prophet, Allah and he will send them says at that point in time, gibreel, Allah, his setup comes to him. And he tells him almost upon what Allah knows and

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understands your situation. And Allah has sent the angel of the mountains to you, and those angels will help you and assist you as much as you need. And so the angel in charge of the mountains asks the Prophet

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is there anything that we can do for you? Do you want us to take these mountains and to crush the people who disobey you don't listen to you, who don't want to follow the message that you come with from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And look at the strength of the prophets in the long run. He was heartbroken, sad, and possibly a little bit angry or disappointed with his people. Right? What does he do?

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He doesn't say yeah, just destroy all of them. They're useless. They're no good. Right? He shows his strength. He shows his strength and he tells the angels, he says no, don't destroy them.

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He says because I have hope in

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the in the future. The people, the progeny that come from them, their children, there might be people who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, who submit to Allah subhana wa wa. And that's an example for you and I, right. When we walk the streets and we talk to people that's Pella today, we're sitting in here why because there's another school that's having an event in our mustard, right? They're meeting in the in the mustard. They're getting to know our community. They're getting to know who we are to getting to know Muslims or getting to know what we believe in. Right?

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For you and I this is an example of how we need to be a walking talking example of the length of the profits of the long run. And he was a walking talking example of

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you know, Canada.

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That means that the profits,

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sallam, his life, his aspects of life, everything that he did was in accordance to the meaning when he would walk, it was the walk of the, when he would speak, when he would eat when he would pray when he would deal with people, when he would, you know, converse with others in every aspect of his life. He would live the life of a person who was an example of

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and so we see the strength of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam here with regards to how he tells the angels who come to him and say, you know, we can just destroy these people. But he stops the angels from doing that. And he says he hopes that he wants to know what data will bring from them and people who submit to a lot. The third and final thing that we will cover today inshallah

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is how Mika

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is the angel.

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Is the angel.

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Anyone knows the answer? Raise your hand.

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Rain. All correct. Yeah.

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anyone else? Whether rain

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provisions, right. So he's the angel who's been put in charge of provisions. And Mikhail, right wants to panvel which Allah gave him the ability to control the weather, the clouds, the movement of the clouds, and how rain comes and falls and so on and so forth. Now, what we see here, so panela, in terms of rain, vegetation provisions, we see how it was handled, Tana puts an angel in charge of things that we enjoy. Like we look at the clouds, and we see the rain coming and what does it rain do now today, we don't think of rain as being provisioned. But way back in the day, even up until today, actually, when I was a student in Medina, right from 2002 until January 2010. During all

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those years, it rained, while I was in Medina, one time, a year, one day.

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Now you think

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you're in the desert, what do you expect, right? But what does rain bring?

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Rain? Obviously, we know it feeds to Earth, from the earth that we get water, right of water that we can drink. Under the city of Medina, there's natural springs of water, and we need that rain to replenish it. We also notice how the panel of the trees that we get all these beautiful dates right during Ramadan. All of us are running after getting dates from from Medina. All of these dates need water. And so rain brings strength. Rain brings unity, it brings provisions it brings so much to our community, but we don't really understand it. Now, have you ever been driving down the highway? Or maybe we're inside an airplane because I'm inside airplanes all the time. And you look at the clouds

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and you see how rain is falling into distance for only over a certain area. So for example, in this whole gym, not to single anyone out this circle in the middle, right? Because no one's sitting there. The rain would be falling right in that area. Have you ever seen something like that? of course we've all seen it before, right?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about how Allah subhanho wa Taala can bring provisions in terms of rain or any other provision, he can bring Baraka, he can bring blessings he can bring, he can bring anything to any one of us at any point in time, in an isolated manner. Just like we're all sitting in this gym. And Baraka could be coming down in the middle, right where this circle is, and not a single person is there. I mean, we're all missing out on this.

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Right? We're all missing out on it

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as an example, and also kind of not just as the rain falls in one area and maybe is benefiting one farm. Some farmer in the middle of you know, Ontario, he's got rain falling on his farm, he's gonna get a lot of money because his crop is going to grow and he's going to benefit of hemp. But all the other farms around him are not benefiting.

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And then you'll notice ourselves as well as individuals, for example, how many of you are going to go on the graduation trip in the army?

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Right, a good number of you those that are graduating, right, and so so Panama, you'll notice that people go for Hajj people go for ombre and everyone that goes for Hajj and expects and hopes that their Hajj or Umrah is going to be accepted

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But not everyone's is. Yes, we hoped for it. But not everyone's is. And that's why we have to strive hard even when we go. It's not just a matter of going from heaven I went Rama, yeah, all my sins are forgiven great. No, because then anyone could do it. People could do it all the time we could do it every two months, I used to go farmer every two or three weeks when I was a student in Medina, right? It doesn't mean that every single time you go, Your sins are going to be forgiven, you have to make an effort for it. And so Subhana Allah, we realize how the blessings in the back of the last panel attalla can come to two or three or four or five people sitting here right now. But everyone

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else is just you know, fiddling with their fingers and pens and doodling on their notepads. Whereas three or four or five people are actually taking notes and paying attention and benefiting and Allah Subhana Allah blesses those 510 1520 maybe all of us that are sitting here, because he selected us.

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And so we realize how, in the way that the angels live their life and the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala commands them to do certain things, we as well benefits, we benefit from the example of the rain falling in certain areas and not others, knowing that.

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And the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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can come at any time to anyone. And that's an example for us when we are struggling, when we're going through a difficult time in our lives. And we want to, we want to seek help from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we struggle with it. We want to wake up for 200, for example, right? Each and every one of us wants to wake up at 100. Because we know the we know the blessings in it. We know that our lesson bandwidth, and it comes down to the lowest level of the skies. And he asks the angels which one of my servants is asking from me. Now when we think of this example of the loss of habitat are coming and asking, which of the servants is asking for money at the time is 200 we ask

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ourselves, how many of us are really taking advantage of that time.

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Like how many of us are awake at the time of 200 praying and making 200. So

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we can ask ourselves how many days a year we actually wake up at that time to take advantage of it. And so we see through our own selves,

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that on a larger scale or greater picture itself has many moments and times where we can benefit we can ask

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for help and assistance for forgiveness, to pass our grades, to pass our classes to get good grades to get into the best universities that we want to, I don't know, maybe have a nice car, right? Some of our some of our students really want a car so their parents don't have to drive them. We can ask anything from the last panel with Hannah and he can make it happen.

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He can make it happen. Just like the rain falls in one area just like the bar comes to one or two people, he can make it happen. But we have to make it happen to ourselves first. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't help a nation of people until they help themselves. And similarly with Allah doesn't help us as individuals until we take initiative to try and help ourselves.

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So we asked a lot of panel data to make it easy for us to understand something from the lives of the angels, the creation of the last panel. And we asked the last panel to grant us the ability to implement what we've learned so far, with regards to the last panel of angels, and to implement that in our lives so that we can be better individuals and be an example to the rest of society and the rest of our community. Whether we live in Oakville or whether we live in Mississauga or whether we live on the east and west end of the north end of the south end, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us able to implement this Deen in our lives and to be an example for the rest of society.

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So we have about five more minutes inshallah, or seven minutes for any questions.

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A little louder. It's really fun.

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Okay, what's the difference between a three and a gin? covering gin tomorrow. Okay, so let's wait until we begin the genesis of Java. Let's finish off with the angels. Okay. And then we'll get into angels agenda and so on. Okay.

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Any other questions related to angels? Yes.

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Okay, so angels have strengths, just like we have strengths, right? And angels as well. So it was the last part of the question

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Okay, so angels, even though they have strengths, we have strengths. We've been given choice. The angels when they receive a command from

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the way that Allah created them was that they fulfill the command and they carry it out until it's completed and done. Right? So yes, they have strength. And yes, they can use that strength, but they don't have a choice. The choice was given to us as human beings. Just like for example, actually, we don't use any other creations will stick with angels, even though they have strength, right, that doesn't mean that, you know, they have mental strength, so they don't have to do something. Now they do it because they're extremely obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whatever he commands them to do, they do it. Whereas us, we're obedient, but we also have the choice to not be obedient, we

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have the choice to do what we want. Whether it's pleasing or displeasing to Allah subhana wa tada we're given that mental capability as well, that mental strength. However, the angels, the way that

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he created them, was that he created them to fulfill his mission and whatever command was given to them. That's part of their creation.

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Why did Why do the angels have all of these jobs when a loss of Hannibal with data and do it himself, that's the way it was handled static, creative things, right? He wanted to have those angels take care of things. There are what can what can make everything happen on its own. But these angels come to us they spend time with us, they enjoy to be around us when we recyclable and when we pray when we're obedient, they enjoy it. And they come and they relate it back to our last panel. So there, I wouldn't really say helpers, because Allah subhanho wa Taala, doesn't need the help. But they're more like, supervisors, right, who supervise how everything is done. So they make sure that

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in the creation of the sun, the sun is doing what it's supposed to be doing. It's rising in the east and setting in the West, the clouds are moving the way they're supposed to move. They're more like supervisors rather than helpers, if we could classify it that way. But I'm also palitana does not need them. He can take them away, but this is what he wanted. He put them there appointed them in charge of looking after the flow of things and making sure that things go how they're supposed to go. Any sisters have any questions?

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Okay, that's a good question.

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In the example that we used of musala, his setup, right, hitting the angel of death in the face, and then returning to our last panel with Allah, the sisters asking, Why did he go back to a law didn't have a choice to simply just take the soul? Well, this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala made happen, right? There are certain things that we don't really know of. Right, as in. I don't know, I wasn't there at the time, right. And I couldn't ask the angel and as, I'm sure when the angel comes to me, I'm not gonna ask him either, right. But so Pamela, we do see how the angel was commanded to do something from the last panel, Adana went to do it. And this was one of the prophets of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So he had higher status than than the average person. And so when the profit center refused any hit the angel the angel started, obviously,

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I was hurt, right. And so he goes back to the last panel attack, I think any one of us, let's say, you know, as, as an example, as an example,

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you know, that as either Mr. Stewart, right, your principal asks us to do something, and we go to work to do it, and the doors locked, let's say, he tells us, you know, go ahead and go into that room and get something and the doors locked. If the door is locked, we're just gonna break the door down and fulfill what we're supposed to do. Are we going to go back and say, you know, what, I was met with a roadblock. Right? And look what happened in the meantime, but I got knocked out, right? So he goes back and tells a lesson

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and sends it back, go back, you were given this vision, go back and do it and fulfill it. So we can try and understand it from that aspect. So don't be breaking any doors down.

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All right. So that's our time for today and shall Montana

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you can come and ask me now so that, you know we don't hold it on.

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