La Illaha Illa Allah, a 24/7 commitment

Abu Bakr Zoud


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A lot of social, he said was

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directly Akin. worship your Lord is a command worship your Lord until eliakim reaches you. What is eliakim? There is nothing more yaqeen and nothing more certain than death. Yeah, and he worship alone until the day you die is wobbled on a hot day to kalliopi? Will mmm Jose De Lima Omani has something. He mentioned that

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Shahada day in which is La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah is made up of seven words. And these seven words make 24 letters, Len delay de la la Mohammedan. rasulillah is a 24, seven word that you live by? Well, this is why Quraysh will machine again, what also the loss of alarm I don't even send them would often give them down. He would say to them, they would say to him, What do you want from us? What do you want? What is it that you will tell us? He talked to them nothing other than kulu La Ilaha Illa moto?

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Just say that, you know, hey, Lamar, you'll succeed by if I ask you something. If it was just a word, why didn't they said if it was just the word? Why didn't they say it? They do even the most arrogant of kafele Quraysh understood that it's not just the word, my entire life is going to change. If it was about a word, I'd say it would say it 100 times no problems that can be understood. These are the arrogant machines again understood that this is not just a word, so they always refrained from seeing it. This is a word that's going to change your entire life top to bottom. Because now you're going to enter a contract of slavery to a law social 24 seven. Until

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then, have Dr. Kelly again until you die.