The Deen Show – Woman gets Hijab Ripped off her by thugs, police in UK do nothing

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AI: Summary © A woman describes how her friend was bullying her and eventually they were all assaulted by police. She describes how the woman was on the ground looking for something and was approached by police. She describes how people are now falling apart and becoming dangerous, and how the woman is worried about the consequences of her actions.
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pilots and misunderstanding well we call on on you on your community. You know if somebody is speaking to you violently and saying God those Muslims they stink, we shall go right there women are Why did you go through this? So my very good close friend of mine, she had a hijab ripped off a couple of days ago in Leicester. She's traumatized. The police did not quote came and came and questioned her husband and not the people who did it. These are real things that really shaped people. So what are you doing in your community? dear viewer? What are you doing to stop the hatred when you hear it? Tell us more about this What happened? Was this in the news Was this something

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that was just a isolated incident that happened in your neighborhood now or with your friend? Was it something Why did this happen so she's a practicing Muslim woman with

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a convert hamdulillah and someone just off the street randomly came and just know that they've been so so they've been some bullying by this gang of about five adults. They live in the same building and they've been shoulder barging and you know, making comments was it go back to Iran? I think they were saying to her some random you know, it's normally Saudi Arabia then a way Iran came up but anyway, they'd obviously read something on the internet that day. And so they've been bullying them and other Muslims in the block for a while. And this particular day it tipped over and they they pulled her hijab off and she was actually on the ground looking for it outside her home. And her

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husband went after them on his own which is dangerous and there was a scuffle and then they called the police they ran away laughing they called the police and the police questioned him and said did you start the fight? Did you do this and now they're so they're so upset by their interactions with the police they don't feel that they can report it so we're still working on this inshallah and once you know sister is ready when she's ready inshallah she will show up but this is it's a fight brother it's a fight because you're upset you don't feel the police are on your side and then you've got to get the guts to go in and see them again and be bullied by the state and that's that's really

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is this like a group like Tony Robinson like the EDL or something or do some local thugs are local facts for a bit of fun bit of a laugh so the police I mean they're still there and she has to still see these people and there have there haven't been any consequences they haven't been charged with any knock on the door, knock on the door. Has there been public outcry? Some public pressure from that? She we've got we've got a group called mend and we're in touch with them Muslim engagement

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and we're going to be speaking to them inshallah, about this. Hopefully, this can get out and there can be some more public pressure. Isn't the the mayor there? Muslim? in London? Yeah, yeah. The southern side. This is where where's this at Leicester? This is less than a couple of 100 it's about 150 maybe 125 miles away?

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Yeah, but this is what the here's the here's the issue, brother. This is normal for Muslim women. It's like, oh, he gets better spat out, nevermind.

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It's becoming more normal in the UK is it's getting worse rather than better.

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It is what it is I've left. Make no mistake I left. I left because I'm afraid that that society is falling apart. And I wish I wish it well. My daughters are there. My friends are the my my family extended family there. But for me as a Muslim, I felt I could it and it's not just about faith. It's not even just about ethics. It's about the commercial material society. When you take away people's material goods, and that's what's happening now in the UK. It's happened post COVID people fall apart and it becomes really kind of dangerous and that Yeah, a lot. A lot took me from that of hamdulillah

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