O Allah, I Love You Even Though I Disobey You

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The importance of acceptance of Islam's claim to love the god's aspect is discussed, along with the idea of loving oneself and finding one's love through actions such as disobeying. The segment also touches on the concept of love for Islam and its connection to faith. The importance of finding one's love for someone in a specific way is emphasized, along with the importance of finding oneself in a state of worship and finding one's love in a specific way.

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Aren't we begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, the brothers and sisters last week, as we spoke about this concept of personal one and Allah subhanaw taala, expecting good from Allah, even as you fear your sins, we

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talked about how it's actually important to embrace that tension that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned our joola that I hope the best from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and I, at the same time, fear my sins, I fear the effect of my sins. And subhanAllah you see that one of the beauties of test Skia one of the beauties of spirituality as it's defined in Islam, is that it doesn't leave these concepts open ended for the mind to define it. For our house for our desires to define it as we see fit personal London Allah I expect well from Allah, I love Allah, therefore I'm good. I have no obligations upon me. No one can tell me that what I'm doing is wrong. I have nothing

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to worry about. Because I love Allah and I expect well from Allah I know in my heart that he's going to forgive me you can't do that. There is a there is an obligation, there is a structure a framework for us, Nevada and Allah subhanaw taala for expecting good and Allah and as we said, that is when you are doing good that you expect good from Allah. So after your sin, when you are repenting, you expect the lust forgiveness, when you're in hardship and you make dua you expect the last answer to do and after you seek to remedy yourself of those sins, you expect Allah's forgiveness and you expect his Jannah and you wish for the best from him as you are doing the best that you possibly can

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do. Now when it comes to the concept of loving Allah subhanaw taala to heavy clean. And I came across something from Amazon and also the Allah Tala animal that's narrated to him, and is narrated to several people as they were passing away from the seller from the pious predecessors. And it sparks an interesting discussion.

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In his last moments as he's passing away, his final dua, he says Allahumma inni or hymnbook are in Quinto, RC IC.

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O Allah. You know that I love you. I love you, even though I used to disobey you well as to Aziz and found pasta, whatever in ferrets, either. I'm not in any position of strength to support anyone else or help anyone else. I'm not in a sense to seek forgiveness on behalf of someone else. I am completely in need of you in these moments. And I know that I love you. And so as he makes this admission, I love you even though I disobeyed you, what can I do Allah ilaha illa Antoine de cada de que la cocina Mohammed Abu Carlos Sudak. I bear witness that you are one and that you have no partner and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is your slave and Your Messenger. This

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beautiful statements that is attributed to him and as we'll see many others, actually brings forth a very interesting moment of introspection that a striving person would have, even as they are leaving this world. Now when we talk about the love of Allah subhanaw taala it is connected constantly and in fact we've had hooked was about it constantly to the obedience of Allah. So just as a personal one and Allah expecting good from Allah is connected to doing good for Allah. Do you love Allah is connected to Do you obey Allah subhanaw taala it's throughout the Quran and throughout the sin and throughout the statements of the seller. In fact, we find hustle and bustle Rahim Allah says Mr.

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Coleman and the home you born Allah, that group of people made the claim that we love Allah subhanaw taala and we had the ISO Allah tested them with a verse pull In Kuntum to have one Allah for Toby Rooney, you will become Allah. Say that if you truly love Allah, then follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah will love you back. A claim was made. How do you waive the claim by your obedience to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is of course obedience to Allah. In November Lima, new hippo motohiro The one who loves obey is the one that they love. This is the basic definition of love of Allah subhanaw taala and how to earn the love of Allah subhanaw taala in

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return, but there is one issue that needs to be discussed, which is we all disobey Allah at times. We all have moments of distance from Allah subhanaw taala we all commit sins. So what does that mean? And how do we weigh this concept of loving Allah which is the weightiest claim, and by the way, the greatest testimony

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To the sweetness of faith, the prophets lie Selim said, the greatest sign of someone who tastes the sweetness of faith is what that they love and that they love Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu wasallam more than anything else. And so that love of Allah is not just something of the heart, a matter of the heart. It's a claim that has serious implications and as the greatest testimony to whether or not you're tasting the sweetness of faith, so when you have a direct correlation between love and obedience, and also the fact that we all disobey Allah, the question becomes, to what extent do we disobey Allah? How much do we disobey Allah? And at what point in our disobedience of

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Allah can we no longer even make the claim that we love Allah subhana wa Tada. And you have this narration, that you start with? Where the prophets lie, Selim is dealing with a generation that includes the likes of Rebecca salido, the Allahu anhu, and amaro the Allahu anhu, and its model the Allah and when I read all the Allahu anhu, and also includes the likes of people that were really really struggling with this new religion, that were really struggling to change their lives in accordance with this new system. And in this very popular narration, a man comes to the Prophet sly summer rather is brought to the Prophet slice alum as a recovering alcoholic or as someone who

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cannot beat his alcohol addiction. He constantly keeps on returning to his alcohol over and over and over again. And someone says as he's being brought forward, Allah Humala and Homer, Toby, oh Allah curse him, how often we have to bring this man to ya rasool Allah, what a shame What a loser what a nobody, he can't stop drinking alcohol and he lives in the time of the Prophet sign Salam.

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What is the profit slice on respond with? He says, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lurtz Allah and who who follow Allah Hema, and him to interview you him Bula how rasuna don't curse him, because I know that he loves Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I know he loves Allah and His messenger. In that man's heart, you can't see it with the exterior of the alcohol. This does not justify the sin of drinking alcohol, nor does it belittle its severity. A person's prayer would not be accepted.

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When they're not when they're in that state. But in that heart, there is something he does have the love of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the hope is not just that it would save him in the hereafter. But that eventually, that love of Allah and the messenger that certainly dwindles and diminishes every time he gets drunk again, will overtake that sin, and will become his dominant feature, the love of Allah and His messenger and that indeed became the dominant feature of that man.

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To hear the prophets lie, some say about you, when you're in your lowest point. I know you love Allah and the messenger. What about us when we're in our lowest point when we feel our greatest distance from Allah, and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah still believes, or still, I'm sorry, gives you the opportunity to come back to him, and still has joy when you make Toba to him. subhanho wa taala.

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So I know he loves Allah and His Messenger, but he stuck right now. And there is a connection between the sin that he's committing right now and the state of his faith as the prophet slice. I'm setting another authentic hadith law. Yes, nice. Zanny Heaney USNI Well, who am Walkman? Well, yes, Robert. hamre Hina Yes, Rob. Well, hello movement. When is equal? Hina Jaesik. Well, hello McMann the profit slice I'm selling an adulterer does not commit adultery. While he is a believer, and a person does not drink alcohol at the time that they're drinking alcohol while they are a believer, and a person does not steal at the time of their stealing. While they are a believer and another

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narrations, the prophets lie some sudden he does not kill while he's killing. While he's a believer. Of course, these are major sins. But in that moment that you're doing that type of stuff.

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Are you a catheter? No. We don't make tech feet of people. We don't say you're a disbeliever of course unless you make these things halal, unless you actually claim that they're permitted. But the belief is not present with you in those moments. There is a severe deficiency. It's about right all the Allahu Anhu was the narrative the Hadith explains it's like you're taking the job of iman, the soap of belief, and you're putting it on a rack while you commit those deeds. Subhanallah it's a powerful analogy. If an imbecile the Allah Tada Anupama, he said that this is you and your faith. And when you're committing those sins, it's like this. And when you return back to your faith, it's

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like this again. So it's like you're intentionally taking off that EMA and taking away your better senses taking away your belief and you're putting it on the rock for some time, while you commit the sin and then trying to put it back on, but eventually it stops fitting the right way. Because every time you commit that sin you distance yourself from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada a little bit more. And so the idea here is that while you claim to love Allah subhana

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No, it's Allah. When you indulge the sins, you can't say that in this moments, I am in a state of love of Allah. But the prophet size cinema saying that a person could indeed be in one of these states and there is still something in there to be redeemed to be salvaged. Now, what does this mean for us? What does this mean for someone who's like, well, he's talking about the alcoholics and the adulterers, he's talking about this person and that person, I don't fit into any of these categories. Even the most righteous people from this OMA would wonder, Where am I? With this love of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Hamid of noir sir Rahim Allah to Allah, a man came to him a great

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scholar, he said in your handbook, I love you for the sake of Allah, Allah Habakkuk Allah the captain if he may, the one who you love me for love you back from the hell Well, Elijah, who then he turned his his face and he started to cry. And he said, Allahumma inni rubrica and who have black, we're entirely mobile.

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Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from being loved for your sake while you're angry with me. Someone loves me for Allah. And Allah is upset with me. Allah is angry with me because of some sin that I'm committing and putting a distance between myself and Allah subhanho wa taala. So the alcoholic and the person who's that far away, has to have hope that there's something in there indeed a true expression of Allah's love, that's dwindling, but it needs to be redeemed. And the one who's in a state of worship and scholarship has to be so worried about losing the love of Allah subhanaw taala that it drives them

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so that when they pass away, they could be like for the familiar man, what are the Allahu Taala and who looks to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the last moments of his life. And he says her the he argued was a 10 minute dunya This is the last hour of my life. Allah hung in Nicotero Allah more in need or handbook, so directly Fini ca IC.

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O Allah, you know that I love you. You know that I love you. So blessed me in this meeting with you?

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Could you say that at the time of your death?

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If death was coming to you today? Would you be able to say Oh Allah, you know that I love you. You know that I love you. So bless this meeting that I'm about to have with you the inevitable meaning that I'm about to have with you. What does this mean for us practically Dear brothers and sisters when I'm thinking about the love of Allah and do I love Allah subhana wa Tada even though I disobey Him, I want you to take a moment and to think about the intentional sins that we commit, put the size of the sins on the side, you know, we usually talk about in them an AMA Lavinia, that very early actions or by intentions when we're talking about the good deeds. But there's a difference

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between that intentional, repeated sin.

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The sin that you wake up to every single day, the sin that you have accepted as a natural part of your life, the sin that you do with intentionality, and with consistency.

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And then you still claim to love Allah subhanaw taala. There's a problem with that.

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The scholars differentiate between the sins of the lover of Allah and the sins of the one who transgresses the limits of Allah subhanaw taala the sins of the lover of Allah are slipups their mistakes, there are things that happen along the way. And a person wakes up when they fall into those sins and even sometimes the major sins happened May Allah protect us from them. But we see this with the Prophet sighs I'm talking about this man and that person that might have fallen into that and never thought they'd fall into that major sin. There's still a chance for you. That doesn't mean you didn't love Allah subhanaw taala that means you really felt bad, but it doesn't mean that

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you didn't love Allah subhanaw taala but the sins of the lover are slipups the sins of the lover of Allah subhanaw taala they happen less frequently and without intentionality. You get caught in a moment, caught by an environment you your desire takes you somewhere that it shouldn't have taken you but you come back to Allah subhanaw taala in sincere repentance,

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the intentional sins, the intentional forms of disobedience, the ones that are conscious choices that you make, even if they're small, even if they're small. As the mountain was Azadi Rahim Allah said, Imagine taking a rock and dripping a drop of water on it every single day, in the same spot, it doesn't matter how strong the stone is, you'll destroy the rock. Even if they're small, the repeated recurring ones, they kill the heart. And when you kill the heart, you kill the ability of the heart to love Allah subhanaw taala and that's why you find the scholars emphasizing the recurring nature of sins, the accepted sins, the sins that I'm no longer telling myself or even a

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problem anymore, because I'm telling myself that well Allah subhanaw taala surely still loves me and I'm still okay. Your brother or sister

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Don't ignore your Lord. Don't ignore Allah subhanho wa Taala don't accept these things as a daily part of your life, that you can go back to over and over and over again and keep asking Allah to protect you. Keep asking Allah to protect you from any of these sins, the minor ones or the major ones, and especially the intentional ones, the recurring ones.

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And how do we get to this place where we're asking Allah Subhana Allah Ya Allah,

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I love you even though I disobey you Subhan Allah, the Most Powerful narration and there are about five of them but for the sake of time, the most powerful narration I came across in this regard was in a cemac Rahim Allah to Allah when IGNOU cemac was passing away,

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called Allah Hama in Nicotero, Allah ma N ne Quinto is going to arsikere or hippo and Akona Lin Manuel to Uruk.

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Oh, Allah, you know, that when I used to disobey you, when I used to disobey you that I hoped, and I loved to be amongst those that obey you. That I don't want to be amongst those that disobey you. When I find myself in the state of disobedience. I'm not proud of it. I'm not okay with it. I'm not complacent with it.

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And I want to be from those that obey you. And one narration he said, or hippo, manual three, or even if I was amongst those that used to disobey you, I always love those people that obeyed you. I always wanted to find myself in that category of people that obeyed you in that category of people that loved you.

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And I'm asking you, Oh Allah, to make me amongst those people that love you and that are beloved to you. I'm asking you for that even though I know I'm gonna slip up.

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And I'll do my part, to wake up in the morning and to ask myself, Is this sin worth this relationship with Allah?

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Not just is the sin worth Hellfire or punishment? Is it worth distance from Allah subhanaw taala and then at night when I go to sleep and when I wake up and I make my prayer, Oh Allah, count me amongst those that love you sincerely, and that are beloved to you Allah Who in this book will help them and your ebook will Amman Allah do you Korea guna Illa Hubdoc Oh Allah we ask you for your love and the love of those that are beloved to you and the love of every deed that brings us closer to your love Allah humma I mean Akula colorada was tough Allah you will accompany started must mean for stuff you know in the whole awful rain.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was having him on Willa Benalla to his net in the center of Patna urban our attack Molina Islam Kemer melta who Allah Allah Dinham and Kalina. Robina wala to him Milna Myrna Takata Lana, the wire for Anna Waterland our Hamner Antimo Lana from sooner Alan Coleman Catherine about Allah and Allah help me with it with x&y Italian portable we inherited fracture you wouldn't wanna kill you at Valley, your Illumina Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla of croquembouche Kuru right in their mouth is it locum whether the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Yarlung Matheson Arun masala