Where To Find My Future HusbandWife – Marriage Tips

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First, make sure you find the right platforms to get married.

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the right platform, the wrong platforms, the right platform is that you go through family members to find somebody, you go through friends, you can go through your local Imam, you can go to local masses, if that is not possible, okay? And you can't get it done through family, friends or whatever. Some people turn online right now online, there is a world of you trying to find a spouse, okay? There is a world and there's a genuine world. However, most of the matrimonial services out there, the Muslim ones, okay are plagued with people that are not serious. They're not serious about marriage. That is that is the fact only about 30% of people on those sites are serious about

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marriage. So in this case, I'm going to ask the sisters to please more than the brothers brothers do, you have to protect yourself? You have to predict the Dean anyway. But the sisters are more vulnerable, right in this regard. And we know that we know the sisters become more vulnerable. So I'm going to ask the sisters, please put your mom's number on your profile that this is the contact number call my dad, my dad's gonna pick up the phone. My older brother is going to pick up the phone let the guy know this. Because if he then calls and he starts, you know, wanting to fly to Ottawa and your dad's on the floor phone, he's gonna go Hello, hi. Hello. Okay, please. And I'm saying he's

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gonna get the message if he thinks that he's gonna just chat to you and sisters need to also protect yourself. Why? Because you're going to think well, it's a bit of adventure is fine. I can talk to him without my dad's, you know, without my dad's contact without him coming in between, I can have my

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my brother on the side. I'll use them when I want. But you're now going to join danger. Because what happens next is the brothers. Okay, that are on there. Some of them are not serious. They just want to just want to mess around with you. I just want to get you in a place where it's haram. Okay, and not only the brothers are messing around now I'm getting a lot of reports sisters are messing around. Right this was this is in the new day and age sisters are messing around the coming on these sites. And they asking, you know, the same Yeah, let's just go. Let's just go and see each other. Next stop is Costa Coffee. Next stop is a coffee shop. Next Stop stop is going to be in a place

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where it's alright. So and they justify. They say, You know what, it's all justified how they say, you know why we're in a public place? Whoo. You're in a public place. Are you? Yeah, but what about your private conversation on that table is private Rasulullah sallallahu has told us no man gets together with a woman in secrecy except shaytan is the third amongst them. Right? You might be in a public place, but you're on a I know you're on you're on a table that is that is that is in a public place, but your table is private, your conversation is private, and therefore it's not allowed to be there. What should happen is that if you want to have a conversation if you want to and you

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shouldn't get to know each other and try and find out about each other before marriage, where he's supposed to be with your mom with the sisters father their or her older brother, someone's who's gonna who's gonna who's gonna prevent the loose talk from happening it's for your own protection my sister and it's for your protection my brother because next thing you know, Xena is around the corner from that from that Costa Coffee Shop from that coffee shop. Next thing they're gonna, you know, they're gonna go to the hotel, it starts from the lobby of the hotel and it ends up somewhere else, you know, they're going upstairs, you know, like, they're going they're going to something

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which and the thing is the man justified? Am I justified? No, we're not going to touch that we're not going to do anything but you know what Rasul Allah is Allah has already told us how it all happens okay? So yeah, he's a Muslim he's told us that the is commit Zina by wanting to listen to the first he said the eyes the eyes commit Zina, by wanting to see then it's the is that one listen, then it's the tongue that wants to talk and that's a small dinner. That happens a smooth fornication of Tang tang that happens then he said about the feet that want to walk and the hands that want to touch and then after that, he said the actual dinner that is there and this is something that is

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happening I want to tell you from real stats out there was taken from American youngsters and and Canadian youngsters in real research. You know what two out of three of them have already committed in our before marriage. Right? And this is not far away from the UK. The stats won't be far away from the UK. It's very, very sad that this is happening. Now you want to get married? Yes, but please protect your alpha more than anything else.

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