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spinarak mama Rahim Allah is in

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the schema. What are

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all the

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panelists who want to stay in hoonah sofiero.

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Allah subhana wa Tada. Quran said adronis dibbler come and this

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is what the Arabs call a conditional sentence Joomla sharqiya, the only StG blucon. So whenever you have a conditional sentence, it means that whatever the proposition of the sentence is, it's predicated on the condition being fulfilled. So if you don't fulfill the condition, then whatever is being told is not going to happen. So Allah subhana wa Adana says the only as the developer can call on me, and I will answer you. So what Allah says is, if you call on Allah, He promises to answer you as to who. And that's the condition that he puts that you just call on him. Now, if you look at the word that our, like the Arabs, they say that I do, and he called or he invited, or he prayed, it

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could mean he prayed. So if you look at the word though, the word has to do with an invitation. It's an invocation, or an invitation. Like for instance, if I invite someone in my house, I say out to eat at I called him to my house. And so what you're doing is you're inviting somebody into some part of your life. So when you call on Allah, Subhana, WA, tada, it's like an invitation. you're inviting Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to help you. But every invitation has certain aspects that make it appealing. No invitation is answered simply as an invite. For instance, if somebody who you don't know at all invites you to some place, you're likely to say, That's all right, because you don't

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know the person. And you might ask about him later. But you're most likely you'll just ignore that person. Or, for instance, if you invite somebody to dinner, and then when he gets there, you serve him a glass of water. And you say, well, that's the dinner, he's probably not going to return an invitation again, if you invite him for dinner. So what you do or what humans do, they tend to do when they invite people is they prepare something. And so the invitation is appealing. There's an appeal to it. Now, when you invoke Allah subhana wa Adana, the scholars stated that there are certain conditions. In other words, there are things that you do now, there are circumstances where

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those conditions are completely thrown out. For instance, somebody who's oppressed when somebody is oppressed, if they call on Allah subhana wa Adana, there's no conditions, even if he's not a Muslim,

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an oppressed person, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Lisa Bane, Bane and marumi will la hijab. There's no hijab between Allah and an oppressed person, Willow cafe, even if it was a cafe, somebody who reject just calling, you know, pleading because he's being wronged and Allah subhana wa tada is just so even just like we would side if we're fair, if we're just, if we saw a Muslim, if he's oppressing somebody who doesn't believe in Allah doesn't believe in his prophet, we're gonna side with the non Muslim. Like, should I help Ali, when he sided with the Jewish man against Satan alley when he was admitted meaning because he's being fair, so Allah is fair also. So even if one person

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is says Allah exists and believes in his profit, if he's oppressing somebody who doesn't believe in Allah doesn't believe in his prophet, Allah subhanaw taala sides with the press, in that case. So those are places where there's no conditions are thrown out. But in normal circumstances, there's conditions to everything. And this is why a group of people passed by Ibrahim even add him in at basara. A city in Iraq, in a famous city famous for scholarship for great saints and, and people of Allah subhana wa Tada, famous for grammarians, and many, many other things. The dates of Basra were also famous. It was a place of immense abundance from Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, but these people

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he was in the marketplace and he passed by some merchants, and they said, yeah, this hack, that was his luck, you know, oh, Father is hot. We have a question for you. And he said, What's your question? He said, in Allah subhanho wa Taala erroneous Did you block can you call on me? And I will answer you like Andrew Who would I used to Dubliner you know, we call on Allah but we don't see that I was answering us, which already indicates they're ignorant because you're not allowed to say that the Prophet prohibited that. When you call on a lie, you're not supposed to say I asked a lie asked Allah. He didn't call because there's two eyes that allow you the beautiful, he will actually defer

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answering the prayer to the Day of Judgment.

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There's people that Allah just loves to hear them complain to him. So he'll just just to hear their complaints, Allah subhana wa dannah will defer answering their prayers.

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And that's why one of the Persian poets told the story about the man who was calling on Allah calling on a lot and a skeptic walked by and he said, How long have you been calling on a law? He said, Oh, yours? He said, Have you got what you've been asking? He said, No, he said, Then why do you keep calling? And so the man became confused, because he was simple. He was avid. He wasn't the atom. He was just devotee. He got confused. And then he fell asleep. And he had a dream. And in the dream, one of the people some say, came to him and said to him, why did you leave your prayer? He said, I've been calling and I didn't get the answer. He said, No, no, your prayer was the answer.

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Just that you're at the door of Allah subhanho wa Taala is already an answer.

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Because you know who to go to. And whether he defers it or he doesn't is irrelevant. Because your certainty enables you to realize that just being at his door is the place to be. So they said we call on Allah He doesn't answer is he said, because your hearts are dead. In other words, in order to call on a law, you have to be alive. The dead don't call Allah subhana wa tada says, Do you hear that? Do the dead here, you know, so the dad can't even even if you answered they wouldn't hear they wouldn't where he said that he can be an approval come admitted, the Ashura t shirt, your hearts are dead because of 10 things.

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And then he told them what these 10 things were. And this is a hikma from one of the righteous people of the early community. He was a great word of God and people recognize him for his uprightness, he said out of tamala for him to add to hopko you know our law, but you don't fulfill his rights. That's the first problem. Your hearts will die because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said, vanaman, who La ilaha illa Allah knew that there is no God but Allah, and knowing there's no God but Allah and saying, There's no God but Allah are two different things. You see, because even the hypocrite says that, you know, hating Allah, but knowing and saying are two different things. So

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he said, You say you know Allah, you know Allah, but you don't fulfill the rights of Allah. And now margaretha knowledge of Allah and His Messenger in genders love. That's the nature of knowledge of Allah and His Messenger, the more you know about the prophets, the license, the more you will love him. The more you know about Allah Subhana, WA Donna, the more you will love him. Now the lover is obedient to the beloved, that's the nature of love. If you have somebody who claims they love you, and then they never do what you ask, then you should know there is a false claim. They don't love you. They're just giving you lip service. Because the nature of love is that you do what the one who

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you love, ask. And that's why one of the poets, he said that you claim to love our law, and yet you disobey Him. You claim you love our law, but you disobey Him. And then he says, this is a wondrous type of reasoning that you're using. We've never heard of that before somebody claims they love. And then they don't desert la with RCU. You claim to love on land, and you disobey Him. And then he said, in caribou Casa de la Tato, if your love is real, you would obey Him in and demand your material. Because the one who loves somebody is always obedient to them. One of the women who had somebody who was in love with her, she said to him, tell me about the one who loves me. And he said,

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I thought it was unhealthy. Ashoka Lila has forgotten kasatochi you know, tell me about this one that loves me and don't detract and don't embellish, you know, just give me the straight truth. And so the poet said, his states, in Kenya alone and motivate them will put coffee and guru What could he do?

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If he thought that he would die from thirst and you said, Don't drink he wouldn't drink.

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That's the state of the lover.

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You see, the one who claims to love and the one who loves are two different that many people claim to love. A Shakespeare he said love is not love that alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark that looks on templates and is never shaken. That's love. Love is not something that changes when the situation changes. people claim they lose their faith. You know, I lost my faith. They didn't have faith in the first place. You can't lose faith. Because when you were tested, suddenly you lost your son gets taken away, your wealth gets taken away. That's when faith is tested. That's when the metal of a person is shown is not when

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things are going

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Well if everybody's a believer, when things are going well is when things are going horribly. That's the test of faith. So you say out of them, allowing them to add to heptyl karasuma, Quran Phantom, Ruby, you read the Quran and then you don't act according to it.

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You read the Quran and then you don't act according to it. So if Allah subhana wa tada says an AMA wakulla nesea.

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Speak well to people. That's an AMA from Allah, Allah wakulla nesea persona and then you're going around cursing this one accusing somebody cuts you off the road. La Atlantic ally, you had a basic right that's not wakulla nasya phocoena right. It's not anything that happens in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada either a Saba Tomasi between what do they say? Hello in LA we're in a la Roger on when an affliction hits them. The first thing they say is we belong to Allah and to murder. In other words, we're his property, he can do whatever he wants, and we're going back to him. In other words, we know he's gonna reward us for any tribulation we had. So that's in the Quran, Allah says that's

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an attribute of the believer. So you read the Quran, but then when an affliction comes, you're all over the place. Why me? Why is this happening to me? What did I do? Look at all these bad people over here? What's happening to them? That that's what people do. They read the Quran, but they don't apply it to themselves, they apply to so and so and so and so and so and so. Really, they apply to the rulers. Why don't they obey the law in the Quran? Why don't we obey Allah in the Quran? Allah says, Allah

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saadian say to the believers lower their gaze, Allah subhana wa tada says Allah Deen whom few Seraphim Hachi own people that have who sure in their prayer, their people, they do the prayer. You know, it's they can't not put a Deak just like a chicken packing. There's people that they'll go to the supermarket. And now go over avocados for five minutes. Just to get the right. They'll check all the different watermelons, you know, and they'll teach you ways of doing it. They'll show you No, no, you see if it's dry here, and I had somebody teach math, it's all science to pick a watermelon. Where does the watermelon go in one and out the other?

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But where does your prayer go? It goes up to Allah subhana wa Tada. You give more to a watermelon than you give to Sasha. And Allah says that you're closest to him when you're in such depth. I mean, that's the state of Benny Adam. It's an amazing state. People will read a newspaper, they'll spend every day they'll get the Wall Street Journal, they'll get the New York Times and they'll read and all these things that have nothing to do with them whatsoever. Nothing You read about some man in New York that went bankrupt and this that and the other and you won't take 10 minutes for the book of Allah 15 minutes 20 minutes, but Time magazine every week,

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read through it cover to cover the economist read through it. That's what people do with their life. So if they were reading the four are not it people aren't even reading the Quran anymore. Or give some time to the son of the prophets a lot is that people get they get agitated. They'll watch television, they'll watch a movie for two hours, people will watch a movie for two hours, excited, waiting to be Oh, I can't I can't just wait a second. I got to see what happens here. But one of the things in reading the Quran is makrooh to look to the end of the Jews

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to see when it ends, right to see when it ends. So how much more do I have to go?

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But they'll rewind something, a sports thing, rewind it, let's see that play again.

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And we know that in the Hadith, the prophet SAW and recited verses over and over and over again, the same verse, he recited the whole night.

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But people don't watch a rerun over and over again. Look at his play. You got to see this. Do you see that? Look at that kick.

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That's what people do. That's the state of Benny Adam. It's a pathetic state. It's a pathetic state because people waste their lives. So we read the Quran. We don't act according to the Quran. The Quran tells us that we should have fear in our hearts that we should have or that we should have love. And then he said at the rhassoul forum. He you claim to love the profits allies and but you don't follow his center. I'll give you one example. The son of the Prophet on Friday is to take a shower to wear your best clothes to wear your best clothes. If you guys were going for a job interview. You think you'd look like you look today.

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If you were going for a job interview, would you be late for the job interview? No. You'd have your CV ready, you'd prepare

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The night before you'd be doing all these things, right, that's what people would be doing for a job interview for their dunya not for the euro for their dunya that they might or might not get. They'll go to links and extremes to impress people about their dunya. But they won't go to any links or extremes to impress Allah subhana wa tada about their alpha.

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Right? People wear t shirts,

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t shirts. I don't I wouldn't even go outside with a T shirt because I have a more of a sense of dignity about being part of Benny Adam, than to wear a T shirt out in public that's an undershirt Muslim, never wore undershirts in public, even our peasants, you go to side Muslim, and you look at how peasants dress in their daily life. And maybe it's changed now because they've watched so many. Lucy reruns, right? I don't know, maybe it's changed. But that's the way it was when I met the Saudis. I saw peasants that look like kings, because they had some sense of their own human dignity. And that's the way our women were as well. But people don't have that anymore.

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People don't have that anymore. Seriously, when I was growing up as a Christian in this country, we weren't because I was I was orthodox and Orthodox is more. It's like, it's more rigid than Catholicism. Right? We had to go in our Sunday best when I was a little boy, a child dressed well, we go and you had to sit there quietly and patient and you would listen and they would do kitty liaison kid for hours. It's a three hour mass. That's what I grew up with. So Islam that was a breeze Juma.

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But that's really that's the way it was. I went I wouldn't think of going to Sunday in clothes that I wouldn't wear to a job interview. So people claim to love the problem. They don't follow his Sunnah. They don't follow his Sunnah, and little and big things, but primarily the big thing and part of his Sunnah is just to be kind of people to speak well of your brothers, not to back by to treat your parents well to treat your mother. Well, you know, just be human. I mean, what's happened to people just being human visiting sick people, we've got sick people. in hospitals, we've got sick people, people come and go, they die in our community, and people don't even know about. There's

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people that die. That's not a community. That's atoms that haven't formed a molecule. Communities are bonded together like molecular bonds. That's what molecules are. And that's the whole basis of existence is molecules. If it was just atoms that were born, you couldn't do it. So people claim to love the profit. And then he said, You claim taco noon in the Chapin I do.

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So I'm going to stop there and I'll finish in Shannon's in future hook but because it's worth going to