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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the surah Rahim Allah and the exception to the rule. The speakers discuss the criteria for being exempt and the importance of practicing good deeds in achieving acceptance. They also mention the importance of testing one's actions and the potential for success in life.
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One of the most powerful sources in the Quran is actually the smallest tool in the Quran. Imam Shafi said about the surah Rahim Allah rotana, he said that if a lot only sent down this surah as evidence upon His creation, lack of a term that will be significant for them Surah Rasul Allah subhana wa Tada swears in the beginning by the time that we all know it also. And then also Palitana tells us in in Santa Fe, who said in that Eben is this version is that every single human being, no matter what, no exception to the rule, that they are inclusive, that they are in loss. And then in the next verse, Allah says, Ill accept Now, the second verse, everyone's in last, the third verse in lead,

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there's an exception to the rule. And this exception, if you want to be from those who are exempt, or those ones who are not in last minute, the ones who are going to be saved and the ones who are going to be successful. There's a criteria there's certain characteristics that you must have. And Allah mentions in his verse four characteristics in the living Avenue and all starts with your Eman, true Eman. And what is true Eman. It has to show up where and the actions that's why law says right away in Lilina avenue I made a sign ahead those who believe and those who do good deeds, what is the third thing we have to do after we believe and we act upon our iman once a while. So Bill help, will

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also will help that they prescribed for the help for the truth that they call to the Huck they call to the truth, meaning that they give Dawa to Allah they call to Islam. They call others to come and to believe and to act, whether we're talking about to non muslims or muslims bringing them back to the deen and then after that Allah tells us what was sold is Southern that then they call to practicing Sobotta practicing patience. Why is this Why did Allah mentioned after the Eman after the good deeds after calling to the Huck, the issue of suburb because sober. If you're going to call to the house, you're going to act upon it. They're going to call to you're going to be tested. You're

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going to go through difficulties just like the prophets and their companions just like they went through their follow subhanaw taala warns us and tells us that you're going to be tested. But in the end, what are you going to get? You're going to get Jana and you're going to find in this life and Hannah the halau or the sweetness of faith so there's nothing better to sweetness in this life. You could be tested go to some difficulty, but then in the end, Allah will be pleased with you and your vote agenda.

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