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In Episode #8, our humble Imam informs us of the role the angel plays concerning our character.

The greatest test of good character is how a person of best character deals with the person of the lowest of character.

The prophet s.a.w was once insulted by a man while the prophet s.a.w. was sitting with Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr witnessed those insults and when the prophet s.a.w responded with patience, Abu Bakr responded. The instant he did so the prophet s.a.w. leaves. Abu Bakr worried the prophet s.a.w. was upset with him. The prophet s.a.w. replied that when the man was insulting the prophet s.a.w. Allah sent down an angel to respond to those the insults. As soon as Abu Bakr jumped in and responded, the angel left and a shayateen came down and sat in the place of the angel, thus egging on the discord. The prophet s.a.w.  did not want to be in the presence of the devil.

The prophet s.a.w said that strength is not in how you overcome another person. Rather strength is in how you overcome yourself – i.e. the one who owns himself in times of rage, unlike others who spew words in fits of anger.

What is our beloved prophet s.a.w. teaching us here? Please listen to the end of this five minute message to learn the secret to elevating yourself in the sight of your Creator.

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So as you've got the angels reigns on your head, and we talked about this idea that a lot increases a person in honor with their humility, your greatest test of humility, and honor is going to come when you meet someone who has absolutely none of those things, right. And so you encounter people of no character, as nominal as alveolar. haemagglutinin says said, the greatest test of personhood, of good character is how a person deals with someone with with bad character, right? That's where the flaws of the tongue come out. That's where the flaws of character the flaws of the heart, arrogance, pride, so many of those things manifest in how you're going to deal with someone.

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You get to work you meet someone that's being a jerk to you, or, you know, you're on social media and you see someone that's saying certain things to you. Think about this incident that took place with the profits lie summonable backups will be a lot of time on the profit slice. I was sitting with Rebecca on the line home, and a man started to insult the profits lice, lemon and salt double Beckett. Now the profits Isilon was doing what he always did, which was responding with patients, the profit slice on did not entertain the insults in any way whatsoever. And he definitely did not respond in like manner. I will bet get on the lotto I know who loves the profit slice on more than

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he loved himself is witnessing those insults. And finally, he can't hold himself and he responds. As soon as he responds, the profit slice of them gets up and he leaves. Now back, you're seeing the profit slice on get up and leave, is afraid that he may have offended the prophets isomer that the Prophet was upset with him. So the prophets lie Selim is sitting and Rebecca comes to him and he says, oh, messenger of Allah. Are you upset with me? Is it something that I did. And the Prophet slicin um, said that when we were sitting there, before we were responding to those insults, Allah had sent an angel from the heavens, and that Angel was responding to everything that was being said

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to us. And then as soon as you started to respond, the angel left and a devil came and sat in its place. So shavon came and sat in his place on the profits license up, I did not want to sit in the presence of that shape on how to law think about that an angel a specific Angel was sent down to respond. And then as soon as the angel as soon as you respond on your, on your part, the angel leaves and a shape on comes and basically eggs you on. And that's why the profit slice and I've said that strength is not in how you overcome another person strength is actually in how you overcome yourself. LLVM Nico nafsa, who earned a lot of very powerful usage of language, the one who owns

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himself still controls themselves, in times of anger in times of rage, right, they're still in the driver's seat, because ultimately, what usually happens is that whether someone is speaking to you in a certain way, in person, or online now, since most of our interactions are on social media, right, wherever that is, you tend to respond out of the sense of pride. And in the process of that you left shavon you let the devil into the driver's seat and you take the passenger seat and that's why you would say things in fits of rage that you otherwise would never say. And so controlling yourself by yielding to the angel to respond on your behalf is what the prophets lie Selim is

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teaching us with this and when you do that, and then how you mock him Allah He said something very powerful. He said that not only do you cause the shape bond to miss you with his arrows, but you also cause him to waste arrows so you're making the shape on despair in you and being able to get you out of your elements so that you start to respond to someone with bad character with bad character as well. And again connected to the previous had the angel raises your reins raises your sight, in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala raises your station in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada what happened to him Allah tala man came to him and he said so and so said this about you what

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happened when they said the shape or not find a postman, a mailman other than you stop acting like the shape bonds. mailman, I'm okay. I'm good. I'm in my elements, the angels will take care because I said Bismillah to our culture, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah quwata illa Billah I put my trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala I was told that I would be defended festac FECA home Allah and Allah subhana wa tada will surely suffice you through those angels that he has sent. I don't feel the need to denigrate myself by responding in like manner, so I remain dignified in the sight of insult and in the process, Allah subhana wa tada honors me Neela Hey Tyler, we asked Allah subhanaw taala to honor

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us all