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The interviewer discusses the importance of the upcoming weekend of the Easter weekend, including the importance of the Easter weekend, the importance of not taking advantage of the " blame time" and the "has been around" of the "has been around" of the "has been around" of the "has been around" of the "has been around" of the "has been around" of the "has been around." The interviewer also mentions the importance of not taking advantage of opportunities during the pandemic and the upcoming weekend of the Easter weekend.

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and my nephew claims that he is a prophet of Allah. And he claims that he receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens in the earth. And listen to how he describes it. He says what our Allah He meant out of the Quran. Allah had the deen Radiant Life rather, there is not a single person, I swear by Allah upon this religion, other than these three people, no one on earth, except for these three people. Now I fief could have done something with that. He could have went up to the prophets of Allah who it was Saddam and investigated the matter. But he did what most people would have done, which is wait it out. Wait to see what's going to become of this affair. He didn't necessarily

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oppose it. In fact, he didn't express any hostility to the prophets like Selim. He wasn't someone that had any skin in the game when it came to the idols of Mecca. But he waited it out. And I want you to imagine as you see the sights of the camera today, what is it like when only three people are standing in front of the camera, worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada properly. And later on, he would become Muslim towards Santa Monica, towards the conquest of Mecca. So towards the very end of the span of the Prophet slice on his life, and indeed, he's blessed because he's a companion. But he would frequently be heard saying, Yeah, lately, Tony Quinto, labia, I wish I would have been the

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fourth, I wish I would have been the fourth, I wish I would have been the fourth. I could have been the fourth. I could have went there. I could have asked him something I could have found out about this religion. I could have went and prayed next to the prophets lie Selim in it. If we thought about the alignment, Khadija will be alone and how behind us I could have been the fourth. And I want you to contrast this reaction to a much more famous story, what a couple of NOFO will be allowed to touch on what UCLA is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. What UCLA has prepared his entire life for this opportunity? He's gone all over the world studied a scripture

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that's completely unfamiliar to him learned languages, I mean, done levels of investigation that only a handful of people even come close to doing in Makkah.

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And he has the prophets lie some and Khadija will be Allah Tada. And right in front of him.

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And the profit slice I'm describing the experience.

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And as what aka here's the experience what UCLA is already as some of the scholars of Cedarwood have mentioned already in his 90s he's extremely elderly, he only has a few days left to live. And this opportunity that he hoped he would have encountered early on in his life shows up and his first reaction I want you to pay attention to the the ordering of his words. Yeah, late and if he had general I wish I was young, late any Hakuna Hagen is usually Joker komak I wish I would be alive when your people run you out.

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It's Pamela before he even mentioned to the prophets license, you'll be run out. He already is expressing regrets. I wish I was young

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Subhan Allah He worked his entire life for this moment. And the moment shows up when he only has a few minutes left in life. And he's saying I could have been young and I could have been with you when your people run you out. Now the prophets license reaction is wait. They're gonna run me out. His first reaction is I wish I was young 810 You come to Jeddah I could have been with you when that all happens because he waited for that opportunity. And of course, as it shall be alone, he narrates that what aka lived only a few days after that, all the Allahu Taala now the prophets license said that I saw what I thought were the level or two and Jana all by himself. So the output is there, the

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reward is there. But that opportunity that he prepared himself with how many times when you read the books of cod you hear about these elderly people that passed away,

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that had great children great descendants. But why because investigation paid off. Allah knows why he chose him for that time. Allah knows why a man who was that sincere and dedicated, did not get to be 30 years old or 40 years old. When that he saw that came to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah SCADA is perfect.

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But there's something there. Now if you take the example of what aka

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who prepared for the opportunity, who investigated the opportunity before the opportunity even came to IP Phil kindI who simply encountered the opportunity and then waited out to see what the investment was going to bear. You have a couple of mindsets. None of this is random. Most people take the fifth way or the Allah Tada and most people wait things out. If you think in terms of dunya we investments worldly investments most people strike

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At an opportune time, when they're able to do something, what aka was not someone who simply came across the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he waited for the moment he was studying, he was investigating. And as soon as the opportunity was in front of him, he renewed his commitment to live up to that opportunity, with every fiber of his being around the Allahu taala. And so sometimes when we talk about missed opportunities, it's because of the time that you live in. And Allah subhanaw taala knows why he puts you in this time and why he didn't put you in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the companions. Sometimes, it's not knowing the blessing of what's

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in front of you.

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And that's why the Scholars mentioned at the end that knowledge is one of the greatest ways proper investigation of knowledge is one of the greatest ways to make sure that an opportunity does not escape you. If you read about the virtues of something constantly, if you're reading about the virtues of the AMOLED, how are you going to miss the AMOLED? You're reading about the virtues of coming to the measuring how are you going to miss coming to the mesures you're reading about the virtues of voluntary fasting? How are you going to miss out on voluntary fasting, and the list goes on and on, of course, so many more things that are outside of the realm of what we typically deem as

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riba of worship, that there are opportunities upon opportunities upon opportunities, but if you're not studying those virtues, you might miss it. There's a famous narration from our beloved Norma Radi Allahu anha used to follow the footsteps of the prophets of Allah Harney was salam. And he heard of the Hodeidah about the Allahu Tada. And when the messages say that whoever witnesses the janazah and then follows the janazah had to defend until the person is buried. Allah subhanaw taala I will write down for that person to to plot two mountains.

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In one narration, the size of Earth in one narration, us vulnerable man myth, the smaller of the two mountains. It's also an authentic hadith is like,

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so if you attend the janazah, you get one mountain, like a herd of good deeds. If you go through to the janazah and you witnessed the burial as well, then you get to a staccato Houma, Mr. Duterte. And Allah knows best if the smaller one would be the one where there is less exertion, which is attending the Janaza in the masjid. How many more people attend to Janaza in the masjid than actually follow it to the graveyard. That discrepancy is always huge, unless there's someone that was very well known to the committee. And even then there's a discrepancy, right? Why? Because I've got to get back to work. I've got to get back to what I was doing. I've got to get back to what

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I've, you know, my meetings for the day, very few people can take out that time and say, let me go. Now I've been on model the Allahumma. He hadn't heard about the reward of going to the graveyard itself. And so when he heard who say that, he said, you heard that from the Prophets line someone? He said yes. And he said something, so go ask, shall we'll be alone. And have she heard that from the Prophet slicin him as well. He wants to really make sure that he's not hearing two different things here. And he's sitting in the masjid.

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And he's got these, these rocks in his hand. And he's nervous, he's picking up the dirt. He's waiting for the answer, basically, the equivalent of pacing, and the man comes back from Omen moment in it. So the lower Manhattan confirms indeed the prophets lysozyme said that whoever prays the janazah, and then follows it, until that person is buried, will have two mountains, the size of Earth, or the smaller of them the size of a hood, and he throws the rocks that are in his head. And he says, How many mountains have I missed out on?

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How many calories? How many mountains did I lose, not knowing this, so sometimes you miss an opportunity.

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Because you don't know about something? And that is the beauty of what we have in this time. Subhanallah at no point in history, can you look up the falafel the virtues of an action like you can right now information is easily available to you. But at no point in the history of this on mobile, you find less people acting upon these virtues, even though they're available to us. And so it's investigating the virtues of something, and then making sure that you don't miss out on them. Sometimes it's not knowing the opportunities that are present to you in a place where you live. You know, Subhan Allah, one of the narrations that we mentioned in the stories of the Sahaba of a Buddha

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or the Allahu Taala anvil is a narration from Allah comma, or the Allahu Anhu. And I was thinking about this incidence, as I was thinking about this cookbook, he went to a shop, he lived in Iraq, so he went to Syria, and he's pursuing knowledge in different parts of the world. And he says that I went to a sham and I pray to darker eyes in the masjid and I said, hola hola. Yesterday, Lee jellies and Salah Oh Allah facilitate for me a good companion. Let a good companion come in. So he said, This man walks in and people go and they sit around him and he's clearly their chef. He's clearly their scholar I'm coming is a tad Berry. He's not a Sahabi comes later on in the second generation.

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He says this is clearly an important man. And he said that person comes in he sits right next to me. And I said to him, who are you? He said I'm up with that little the Allahu Tada. And I will come I said, Subhan Allah, I asked Allah subhana wa Tada Oh Allah grant me a righteous companion and then Allah brought you right here right next to me, one of the greatest companions of the Prophet sallallahu. So I'm sitting right next to me in the masjid.

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And I'm with her that says, Where are you from?

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He says, I'm from Kufa in Iran. And I want to read that response to him and he says, an ISA he comes la he was said, Allah de la ya la Mova, you didn't you have amongst you and Kufa that secret keeper of the prophets lie some of them who no one else knew those secrets except for him. Who was he talking about? Are they familiar man? So alkimos said yeah. And then he went on, he said, Elisa fie community Adjara Allahu Allah, the Santa Ana de he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yanni Mina shape en. De Don't you have that person that lived amongst you in Iraq? That was protected from the shape on the tongue of the prophets of Allah or any of a sudden he's talking about a martini acid while the

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Allahu Taala and he said yeah, and then he said, Elisa fecal Sahiwal

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a cure Elisa reconcilable C whack Don't you have that person amongst you? Who is the companion of the C whack of the prophets I'm going to use to carry around the C whack of the Prophet slice on the Slippers of the Prophet slice of them and accompany and bring his will look to Him. And that is a beloved number suitable the Allah Hutan. So I'll come on says yes. And then he starts to ask him all these questions about even miss Ruth and things of that sort. Now Alabama is a great student, a great Tabori. So he clearly took advantage of those opportunities. But I was thinking about the SubhanAllah. How many times do people not take advantage of the opportunities in their own location?

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And they say if I got over there, right? How many of you said if I move to Dallas, and then you don't attend to how, because in Dallas, how many of you took advantage of the places that were already present to you the scholarship that was there, the opportunities that were there, how many people say if one day I get to go study overseas, if one day this presents itself to me, and sometimes that's not taking advantage of the place that is there in front of you. Sometimes the scholars mentioned it's not taking advantage of the times and most of those times, are the downtimes of the Ummah, the downtimes of the Ummah, on the prophets lie some praised the work of Shaban. He

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said that that is a month you'll follow NASA and that people become heedless in regards to because it's situated in this awkward place, right between the sacred month and between Ramadan. So while everyone is thinking about Ramadan, the Saudi Hoon are already thinking about Shabbat and how they can make the most of Shabbat. You're in one of those last times right now, by the way, you're in a sacred month, which is the hedger going into the month of Allah Muharram. But you're in this awkward space between our alpha and our Shula. And for some reason, most people think it's over after alpha. You're in this time, the low times the low seasons that still have high yields, where Allah subhanaw

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taala has placed all these opportunities in front of you. But most people don't take advantage of downtimes that's why the most blessed time of the day for doing that is one between our asset and market because most people are exhausted at that time. I've caught them myself. The evening remembrances of Mr. Google of the law and who said, most people are not thinking about God at that time. Most people are thinking about unwinding at that time. Right? Let me get home and collapse on the couch at that time. I don't want to think about anything else right now. But that's a time in which the Euro is blessed today on the day of Friday. That's a time in which the Euro is bliss. It

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starts with the job, the hour of acceptance, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to catch it Allah mean. And then finally, dear brothers and sisters, most of the time, we're not paying attention to the closing gates of Jannah that are in front of us, which are these opportunities that Allah Subhan Allah to Allah has given to us and Subhan Allah, there are two ways to look at this. Either the gates of Jana are closing, because of a circumstance that will not be present tomorrow because our circumstances are changing, or the means by which we have to pursue a particular date of Jannah is not going to be there for us. So in the profit slice, I'm talking about a slight hetu

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welfare of health and free time being the two most neglected blessings of people. Either the circumstances changing, or what you have to pursue is changing the means by which you have to pursue that closing gate of jungler. There's a particular circumstance or a set of circumstances that you have right now, that give you an opportunity to pursue Jana in very specific ways that will not be there tomorrow. Allah knows what they are. Allah knows what circumstances will change, or what means will change. But every single one of us has something present right now because of the stage that they're at in life or because of what's available to them to pursue genuinely

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it and it's not necessarily going to be that way tomorrow. And subhanAllah you think about that with your parents. And there are multiple narrations about this, of course, the famous narration with the Prophets lie some sent that young men back from the battlefield to his mother. What's more exciting than dusting your feet and getting, you know, getting into the thick of it with the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam and the prophets, like some imagine says go back home to your mom.

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Right? Go back home to your mom. And that's where Jen knows that it's at her feet. Again, it doesn't sound as exciting. It doesn't sound as glorious, but that's what I saw last night. I'm telling a man and his time. Go back to your mom. There's something that is special there. And subhanAllah there is a narration there's several narrations, one of them from an how to fit or ugly, or the a lot of times I don't know what Akima Allah in the janazah of his mother and as he was crying, the people asked him Why are you crying? He says Lima Allah app key why should I not cry? What could overly currently abandonment and web agenda when one of my gates agenda just closed?

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Another narration from say there'll be a low tide. And

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if one gate closes, then rushed to the other gate. You have two parents, some of us who can Allah have lost one of those gates, others have lost to some of us don't have both of them present.

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And again, at what point in human history has connectivity been easier? Has it been easier to connect to someone to FaceTime to pull someone up on a camera to call those gates of Jannah are open to you, if they're open to you, if one has closed, go to the other, if both have closed, then spent in their name and make you out for them. But there are opportunities that are available to you that will not necessarily be available tomorrow. SubhanAllah. And I'll end with this comment. I never thought that I quote Warren Buffett and a hotdog. But there's a statement that he says and I thought it was really profound because it fits this. He says beware of the investment activity that produces

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applause. The great moves are usually greeted by yawns. He was talking about dunya we investments, material investments. And you'll find this ribbon and Josie Hakimullah and other great scholars that they compare the way that people look for the investments of this world to the way that you look for the investments in the hereafter. Most people enter Jannah with very little fanfare. May Allah make us from the people agenda for ordinary actions that had extraordinary rewards that they took advantage of the majority of his agenda, the majority of the people of gentlemen

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and so be introspective every day not just of the sins that you committed, not just the blessings that were available to you, but the opportunities that you have for that day may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to take advantage of each and every single one of us of them in a way that is pleasing to Allah I mean I'll go to all the other stuff without even looking when you start the Muslim investor if you don't know follow him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever is one I learned a lot I mean when I appeal to them what's happening a lot most of us said I'm about to grab the camera so we can Mohammed and Salah it was such a while early he was so happy he was selling to SEMA cathedra Lama for a million minutes well Muslim in one Muslim out here even on what Mr. Nickerson here and Akari when would you without Allahumma fiddling our Hana Wi Fi network out to dinner rather than on Wahlen and for Santa while I'm tougher than our top 100 And Hakuna nominal ha serene Allah him in the careful when kidding with your HIPAA alpha five for Ana. Allah I'm officially Valentina Oberhelman McNamara bonus Ivana Babina

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Havilland as well as you know the reality now Kurata i What Jana then what's up Tina? Imana llama is that this Namo Muslimeen dealership coworker living with determinada the alumni to keep while Amina build Ottoman Regina with one and Albanian Saudi mean are about Allah Allah Hi I'm glad they will accent when you talk about NRN and fracture it will Moon carry well belly arrow coming out and looking to the Coronavirus Corolla has caught up on watch crew who aren't gonna use it as well as the Corolla he Akbar Allahu yanapuma Tostan Arun what things?

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