Meeting Muhammad PBUH #24 – When Jibreel Would Meet Him

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The profit slice is the most generous of all people, and the Prophet sallama had given 100 candles and 300 Camels to those who suffered alongside the Prophet. The profit slice is the most generous of all people, and the Prophet sallama's behavior has impacted people, such as his partner and friend. The profit slice is the most generous of all people, and the Prophet sallama is the living example of a person who gives with their profit slice.

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This is no longer the beginning of revelation when the Prophet slice alum was intimidated or impacted by Giovanni his Salaam, by way of fear. Now you're at a point where the Prophet slicin A Mrs. Djibouti at it his Salaam. In fact, he asks to breathe when he takes a long time to come to him when he doesn't visit him as frequently. Why is it that you don't come to me as often woman that's so elaborate. I'm Robic and the answer comes from the heavens that the angels are not allowed to descend you but eat it his Salaam is not allowed to descend except by the command of the Lord. Otherwise deplete it Salaam would always be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because

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gibreel loved the profit slice alum and the profit slice I'm loved God at it his salon. Now if you're in Medina, and you're around the profit slice alum, you knew when you breed it, his serum was coming to him even outside of Revelation, because of the reaction that the Prophet slicin would have.

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Here we are in the last 10 nights and you're hoping that you're one of those blessed people that would receive the mercy of your Lord and that the angels will come to your home, and particularly amongst them will be saved to the milotic it will be the chief of the angels to breed it, his Salah. Now the impact of that religiosity on you, is to increase you in two things. kalila mina layli Maya Jeroen well as hari homea stuff he wrote was he and wily him How can that alone this certainly will matter? All right, it's supposed to increase you in praying at night, increasing is too far seeking forgiveness, and increasing in charity. Now imagine the impact on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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One gibreel at his Salaam was visiting him every single night in Ramadan. We already know what the pm of the Prophet slicin was like in the nights a little Milan that he would stay up all night it his Salatu was salam, especially in the last two nights. But what was the impact on the Prophet sly some during the day, even Vasily a lot of Tyler and Homer he says canon abuse Allah Allah who it was a limit edge within us. He said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the most generous of all people, and he would become even more generous in Ramadan haomei Allahu gibreel, one gibreel at his Salaam would meet him and Djibouti Ronnie his Salaam, used to meet him every night in Ramadan to

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revise the Quran with him sallallahu wasallam and even our bustle the alonside and Omar says that when that would happen, the profit slice alums generosity would become Kerviel. morcilla, like a hurricane of generosity. So let's first start with edge within us that the profit slice on was the most generous of people and connect that to what we've already talked about with the Prophet, slice alum. And specifically what it means here, the profit slice on him was the living example of a person who gives with their right hands in a way that their left hand doesn't even know it, right. That means that the right hands gives with such openness that the left hand can't restrain it and

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the right hand gives with such sincerity, that no one else sees it. And the only person who would know it is the one that's impacted by your generosity. Well, in the case of the Prophet, slice alum, everyone was impacted by his generosity sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he had an open hand and an open heart, and he would have thought that he can't get more generous than he already is. And a cinematical the Allahu taala. And he said that there was this man that came to the profit slice alum. And he kept on asking the profit slice lm and the profit slice I'm kept on giving him to the point that he went back to his people and he said, Oh my people embrace Islam for this man Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam gives what I actual *er, and he's not afraid of poverty, the man has no fear of poverty sallallahu wasallam and you'll see this that the profit slice I'm gonna do this, especially with those whose hearts needed to be attracted to Islam a little bit further the previous enemies of the Prophet slice on them. So So find the Omega, for example, who the Prophet slicin them gave 100 candles and then another 100 candles and then another 100 candles until it was 300 camels in total. And you'll see that below the allow Thailand who suffered alongside the Prophet slice alum, he describes these moments that when the Prophet slicin would get something he would

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immediately try to dispose of it sallallahu it was seldom in charity to a point that sometimes below the low tide and who would get tired because of how often he was trying to run with the charity of the Prophet slice of them, and give it to those that the prophets lie Selim had dictated to be given to us without all the allowance data and who says that the prophets lie Selim said, If I had gold equal to the mountain of effort, it would not please need that any of it remain in my possession for more than three nights, except for that which I would need to be able to repay my duts sallallahu wasallam so he preferred Salalah hyosung to keep on giving and giving and giving and giving. I'm

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gonna refer Pablo the Allah tada and who recounts this beautiful incident with the Prophet slice lm that this man came to the Prophet slice alum, and he asked him to give him something and also last night so I'm looks around and he has nothing right? And the profit slice on doesn't want to send him off without anything. So

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The Prophet slicin tells me says, Look, I have nothing left. But go ahead and purchase what you need on my expense. And when I get something, then I'll go ahead and I'll pay it off. So he's even giving people credit sallallahu wasallam, because he doesn't have anything to give at the moment. Now, obviously, almost all the Allahu anhu sees this and he doesn't want the profit slice them to be burdened with this. So it says he also a lot I'll take care of it. Allah has not burdened you with what is beyond your means. And the profit slice I'm showed in his face that he didn't like those words that are middle of the allowance data and who said, and then a man from the unsolved said

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Yasuda, un*, what out to Huffman they'll actually apply Allah, O Messenger of Allah give and do not fear from the Lord of the Throne, any type of poverty. So it also looks nice and smiled. And he was clearly pleased with the unsavoury his words over the word of honor and it'll be a lot of data and who, and he said sallallahu wasallam. behalf omit this is what I was commanded to do. So you could not get more generous than the Prophet sly some already was. And if you saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his normal behavior, then you would think it doesn't get any better than this. But he nailed tahu gibreel but when he saw gibreel it his Salaam the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam even exceeded standards that he had set for himself sallallahu wasallam and the scholars mentioned something so beautiful about this. They say that when you have a righteous friend, when you have a righteous person in your presence, when you look at them, they remind you of Allah, when you have a righteous companion when you're around them, you want to do more righteous deeds. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would look at Jabra, his Salaam when he would accompany to breed it his Salaam, it was like having that righteous companionship where you wanted to be inspired to do more. And that was the impact that the Prophet slicin them had on everybody

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else around him.

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