Nouman Ali Khan – Counsel & Healing from Surah 7 Aayah 31, 32

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The historical backdrop of before the Prophet So Sam is discussed, including the holy Bible's use of the word "has been" and the importance of shattering clothing as a form of worship. The speakers emphasize the need for culture to be strong and for individuals to learn to be good and pure. The history of Islam, including the use of language and religion to create confusion and chaos, is also discussed, along with the need for culture to be strong.
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Okay, well this is an experiment this for most lotto said, I'm

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the user whose main late nights in Ramadan, so I figured I'd make use of them. And as I was reciting some stuff that came to mind that I think everybody can benefit from. So chocolate, it's a benefit to all of you, those of you that are not going to catch this live tonight and catch it later on in childhood benefits you whenever you catch it. So these are IR that belong to sort of RF, that's the seventh surah of the Quran. really powerful, very beautiful, sort of the Quran. And in the beginning of the surah, Allah talks about the creation story, the creation of other valleys settlement, you know, the entire story, which is mentioned in the Quran altogether seven times, and this is one of

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the more elaborate places where it's talked about, at the end of that Allah addresses the children of Adam, multiple times. And this is one of the places in which he addresses them. So a little bit of quick background about these ions, because they're, it's really, really interesting stuff. What Allah azza wa jal talks about here is let's talk about the historical backdrop of before the Prophet So Sam was assigned Prophethood in Macau. And the mccanns had forgotten the original Abrahamic traditions on which the city of Mecca was actually founded. They incorporated a lot of their own religious perceptions and mix them in with the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. So some of those

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things that Cyril I've talked about, I'll simplify them for you, because the details are pretty, pretty interesting. So they said things like, well,

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you are so sinful. So when you come to perform pilgrimage, you cannot perform them in the clothes in which you have committed so much sin. So what they would do some say is the men would actually perform their tail off, they'd go around the Kaaba, they go around and naked, they take their clothes off and go around and naked during the day. And the women would go around and naked during the night, that would actually be in complete and completely * and exposed, when they would do the toe off. And this was actually an established tradition. And in fact, some even add that if they were found wearing clothes while doing it, they get beat up. And the only exception was the people

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who lived in Makkah. So the outside pilgrims that came, it was hard for them to wear clothes, unless the people of Macau, the host gave them some clothes to wear. And this was considered some sort of a righteous,

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you know, a way of considering the sacredness of the Kaaba and how we're so sinful, and therefore we can't even wear our sinful clothes there. And they consider this actually a good thing, a righteous thing. And, of course, we don't believe in any of this. And Allah is teaching us that over time, you might dress something evil in some spiritual language, and you might dress it making it sound like you're doing something spiritual and some something righteous and actually it turns out to be something evil and things like covering ourselves and dressing ourselves is actually something Allah considers what makes human beings beautiful. Right so it's against modern sensibilities exposing

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more and more of your body is considered beautiful, but actually in court on

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the principle idea is that Allah gave us clothing as a heavenly gift. And so he says, under Allah Allah can live us and you are so article militia in the same surah we have sent clothes down to you meanings clothes are a heavenly gift from Allah did this the urge to want to dress up and to clothe ourselves is actually a heavenly gift. So he says here Yamani, Adam, children of Adam, who luzina Takuma and Aquila Masjid, and hold on to your beauty hold on to What Makes You Beautiful. And every place where you're going to bow down, meaning every Masjid and replace in time where you're going to bow down, which is a lot of time in place. So Allah is telling us that actually, he wants us to look

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our best when we come before him. And part of that is actually covering ourselves properly. He's not only shattering the cultural ignorance that the, you know, the people of Mecca had established for many centuries, and it was an established thing. Like nobody questioned it, you know, when something's going on for 1000s of years, that's just what it is. And the Quran shattering that, but it's actually creating something else, the idea of doing such that this is, remember, this is right after the creation story, right. And in the creation story, all the angels were commanded to do such that in honor of the creation of other medicinal so human beings, when they do such The, the

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children of other when they do says that when they put their head on the ground, they're being reminded by that act of worship before Allah, how much Allah honored them, that he commanded all of the angels in existence to cut to do such that in honor of their creation, and it's actually a such that that recognizes what an honorable place Allah has given me such that is such an incredible, you know, opposing forces of things inside of us. First of all, such that is the most humble act, you can do your faces on the ground, and yet at the same time, the size that is reminded of how much Allah has elevated you even so that the angels were commanded to do so is that it's a reminder of

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that. So because it's such a commemoration of our honor

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We should be our best, we should dress beautifully and cover what Allah commands us to cover when we're doing *. So he says, first of all, at the time and place of doing studies that it's a place where you're being honored. And then he tells the he takes it a step further. So it's not just about commenting on the cultural ignorance of that time. But I'm Kim for all times. So what Allah did is, instead of commenting specifically, on their issue, Allah commented on it in a way to address that culture is going to be or ignorances from culture are going to be mixed in with religion, using righteous language for centuries to come. And this video will be an antidote to all of those corrupt

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mixings of culture and religion. It's going to solve that problem over and over again, across the centuries across cultures. So he says, localu isobelle 1234. Here's the principle, eat and drink. And don't go overboard because the mccanns created another thing. You can only eat food that we give you because we're the people of Mecca. If you come here, and we other food is haram for you, they created that. In other words, what's the what's the the specific issue was that but what's the overall idea? The overall idea is that culture decides what is right and wrong. Not the word of Allah, not actual revelation, that culture is creating its own set of halal and haram. And Allah is

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saying no, eat and drink and the only thing I expect you not to go into is don't go into excess law. 234 don't eat too much. Don't drink too much don't become too excessive. In the law, no local was referring because certainly he does not love those who go into excess. Coleman Rama Zenith Allah, Allah, the legendary buddy What beautiful words he says, tell them the Prophet says I was commanded to say tell them who dare forbid what Allah made beautiful what the beauty of Allah Viva describing here, the things that Allah has made Hello in the previous iron, your clothes, food, drink all the things elimate permissible who comes in dares to make haraam? What Allah meet Hara, what Allah made?

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So you know, there's the opposite is commonly known, right? Some things Allah, Allah has forbidden some things and people make that Hello for themselves. We know that's a crime. But the opposite is also a crime if Allah has made something permissible, who dare come out and speak against what Allah has made permissible? Let me make a quick comment here. Well, it's going to be heavy for if you really contemplate what I'm saying, it might have some pretty serious implications on how you think about your life. What happens in our culture sometimes, is that our culture places certain restrictions on us, whether it's American culture, Pakistani culture, a Malaysian culture,

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Senegalese code, it doesn't matter what culture, right our culture, please consider something's wrong. Or you don't have the right to do certain things. Even though in Islam, there's nothing wrong with it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. You as a slave of Allah have the right to do that. You have the right to eat that you have the right to marry this person, you have the right to, you know, get that kind of a job, you have to write you have these rights, Allah has given you these rights because he has made these things for you. But that culture comes along and says, Yes, Allah says it's hard. But I come and say it's hard on your family comes and says that's how we decided,

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even though Allah has given you these rights, we decided that this is how about for you. And the response to that is it doesn't matter what authority you have, like, for example, parents, spouses, any any relationship where there's some level of authority, the authority, one human being has over another has limits? And what are those limits? they can, they can expect from us our responsibilities to them, they can expect from us what you know, we owe to them, we and every relationship has rights and responsibilities. But in any relationship, if I start imposing on my daughter, or my son, and I have children, if I start making some things forbidden for them that

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Allah didn't forbid, right? And I say no, no, I know what lessons but you're not doing it. You can have that. It's one thing to discuss the wisdom behind their decision and all of that, but over our over the principle being if I decide to prohibit what Allah himself did not prohibit, then I am overriding the word of Allah and that's when this idea comes to life in our cultures. Who Who dares to forbid? What the beauty of Allah meaning these things that Allah has made, hello, are actually what it's the beauty Allah Himself put in place for you and me. And let me tell you, everybody, the ones that he brought up for his servants, this over and above everything else, before I am a son or

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daughter, a husband, a wife, a brother, a sister, an employee, before I'm anything else I'm Allah, slaves, Allah slave, and Allah as my master meets some things permissible for me. And then he says what the body may not list and good and pure things from the provision that he opened up. There are some things that are meant to be good and pure. Even if your culture tells us it's bad like in the Macan society, if somebody was dressed up going to hide Oh my God.

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During full Iran, what kind of evil people aren't these they're gonna dress and not be naked when they do. This is how they will look at it. We think that's crazy. But at that time being dressed was crazy. And this is bold and crushing that culture smashing into it head on and saying, No, if something is good and pure, you don't get to condemn it. If Allah has made something hard on, you don't get to come and speak out against it and say it's immoral and deplorable. But today, Muslims are so afraid and ashamed, almost of the love of Allah. First of all, we don't understand it properly. But once we do understand it, because somebody else doesn't think that it's fair, or it's

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a it's an acceptable law of Allah, or principle or an ethic, we started apologizing for it. No, we don't we don't apologize for the law of Allah. Because it's something that allowed me beautiful and things that he made. halaal are always good and pure and good for us. Then he says bull here, Linda Dena amanu Philharmonia, he said, tell them, tell them tell the children of Adam, these things that have been made good and pure and permissible, and the things that the beauties that Allah himself has put in these things, they are for those who believe in this life, then you're meant to have them nobody can deprive you of them in this life. Harley SATA, Neo melty Yama, and a pure version of that

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will be given to them in the next life after on the Day of Resurrection, because alakazoo fasudil is that is how we explained the miraculous signs and then the last part of this is so beautiful, you go many other moon, for people that want to know. In other words, cultures can establish right and wrong, only when people don't want to learn what when people want to learn, and people actually want to know and they come to the word of Allah, then Allah will make things very, very clear. Then cultural oppression gives because cultures have good things in the two, but cultures have oppression in it too. And that it gets convoluted with the religion and presented as as this cocktail mix, then

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the seal actually means separation, that is how we separate the meaning we separate the signs. This is this is the truth, this is false. This is oppression, this is justice. This is how long, nobody can make it. Hello, this is Hello. Nobody can make it hard on for people who really want to know, the Quran will have the answer for that. What a beautiful, beautiful and you know, antidote to the corruption that is caused and the oppression that is caused by cultures when they mix things in because these people you know what they said, Allah wants you to be naked. Allah wants you to do hygiene this way. Allah doesn't want you to eat this food, because it's sacrilegious. So they

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actually, not only did they create this in their culture, they attributed it to God. And you know what Muslims can be capable of that too. I know of cultures, Muslim cultures, I don't have to name particular ethnicities, but they'll come up with all kinds of wild rules that have nothing to do with Shan era. There are cultures in which you know, if a husband and wife haven't been in the same, you know, home for over a month, or you know, for whatever the guy went to work or travel, if they haven't been together for a month automatically, they're considered divorced, what, who came up with this as a Muslim society Muslim for centuries, and they believe craziness like this. Why? Because

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how am I my manhood, Rama Zenith Allah, Allah azza wa jal, everybody brought to you but we know this. We don't understand what Allah has made. Hello, we create our own crazy hot arm that has nothing to do with actual harem. And then this stuff happens. So I pray that we're able to sincerely study Allah's word take a step back and everyone the ones in authority and the ones under authority instead of fighting with each other. Let's take a step back and understand Kadima, tala heal earlier, the word of Allah is in the highest place. Let's honor the Quran. Let's put it in its place. Let's try to understand it with humility. And then when Allah is teaching us something that

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is, is completely against our culture, let's not have the response that the Quraysh had because we're actually believers. So our culture should not override the word of Allah. May Allah azza wa jal help us to take the best of our cultures because that's something Allah created. Even culture is something Allah created, that he may allow us to take the best of our cultures and to remove from it. Anything that goes against his word. barakallahu li walakum cemani can deliver Qatar

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