Muhammad West – Youth Series – Part 03

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of men in society is emphasized, particularly in the context of fatherhood. The speaker advises men to act as a positive role model for their children, and to be a good father for their children. The speaker also discusses the struggles of being a mother and the importance of protecting children and family members. The success of the Hol centers in protecting children and bringing them to greatness, and the importance of learning to bring about greatness and helping children to live life to the fullest.
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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or Praise to Allah subhana wa tada and

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Allah will be witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to bless us in this world of Juma to forgive us for the shortcomings that we've done this week. And Allah guide us into the week to come. Allah bless this oma bless our parents, our our children, and all those who are going through hardship and oppression, Allah make it easy for them. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to convey our greeting so beloved Nebuchadnezzar Salaam, that our love and sanitation is to be upon him and upon his pious and pure family, upon his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be steadfast in the suit of

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NaVi Mohammed also laminates dunya. In galantis, to be in his companionship in gentle field, those mean will come to the law. Alhambra, we continue and will conclude this week on the series, this miniseries, if you will, on on youth, but more so in terms of parenting. And like all of us here we have doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, artisans, whatever it might be, but the most difficult and perhaps the joke that scares us the most is being a father and a mother. Ultimately, we wonder we think, how will we, you know, do this job and the this child that allow these children that Allah is interested in us, upon us, what would we do? How will we perform and swallow gives a

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parable about this in the Quran about a person who has lots of wealth and Allah says, Look to how you conduct yourself in terms of charity, because what good is your wealth? If you you leave behind you leave children of the week that are children that are not cared for? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you know, ultimately, success for all of us. What is a successful life when we get towards the end of our life? It is, you know, what good will our material gains be the the countries we visited the holidays, we've had the cost we've driven if we look at our kids, and we feel disappointment, if we look at our kids, and we feel we fail this period, and when on what what happiness is that

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whereas vanilla, a man that doesn't have much financially, but he looks at his children, he says Mashallah, they've grown up they are, you know, on the dean, they're straightforward, they're good people, they're secure. We've done our job, we can be no greater pleasure than that's behind Allah. So Allah bless us as parents, great, Amana, and we, many of us, some of you are even prepared, you were surprised when you became a parent. And, and, and this is we don't get training for this. So Allah subhanaw taala has entrusted this on us. And we learn so we spoke about dads last week, we spoke about some of the great dads in the Quran, and from the great dads from the Gambia. And it's

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something that I reiterate again and again and again, for us in this in our country, specifically in South Africa. Many kids here, they grow up without a father figure, or a father figure, a male figure that they can look up to. And we see the detrimental impact on our society. And we should ask ourselves, are we good examples for our kids? If, and I hope all of you are playing an active role in your kids lives. That even if we didn't touch on this, and something maybe we should talk about for a few minutes, you might even have a situation where you are divorced. And you don't see your kids every day as a couple that is married. How do you play a role in that life of that child, you

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should select nibble on him. He's not there every single day. But you must still be the role model of that child, that child will still look up to you and say, Look, I want to be like my dad, my dad has lived something good. And you see this people that had good father figures or grandfather figures, they will tell you the little life lessons that they've learned from them, and how you know, the people that we are is from these, you know, you know, examples that we learned a conversation that we had from our dead, we spoke about Imam Mullah, you know, when his kids speak to me about the legacy he lived in dmsp as children, it's amazing Subhanallah and I myself, you know, I

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take my own grandfather as someone that I didn't look up to. And you learn so much from these people more than books more than lectures by ants from Imams, and the for you, me, we should be those inspiring father figures to our kids. I hope one day inshallah and I pray Allah that when our kids grow up, they can look back and thinking I had a good dad. My dad told me this when life gets difficult for them and life is gonna get difficult to my kids and your kids. They will think what would dad do now even if he's not around, I can ask pick up the phone. But you know, he left me with the tools I needed to get through this. So be good role models for your kids speedy and, and we sits

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behind the law. This is the biggest issue. Being an absentee father is the biggest one of the biggest problems that we have. And I get so many phone calls. And I'm not a very active Imam in terms of marine work. I wish I could do more but I get so

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Phone calls about sisters who want to know, what is the responsibility of a father. He's not home, we've gotten divorced, I don't see him, just from a financial side. What? This, it's so sad that we have this big issue about fathers moving on not worrying about the kids. And we are left with a community being raised by single mothers or even grandparents, even so even if you find yourself listening to this lecture, and you're a mom, that is raising kids all by yourself, and sometimes even those of you are married, and your husband is home every single day, sometimes it feels I'm raising these kids over myself. That's an exaggeration. Sometimes, they will say, you know, some

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mothers will say, if the husband was without the raising and an additional child, and I'd say that I don't have this husband. Yeah. It's okay to make those jokes, right. But the other way we can't make the jokes, this gender bias things. We can't make it the other way around. Now, hamdullah sisters, if you have a husband that sees to the financial needs of the family, he comes home, and he's his present, take this as a great blessing. And if you grew up in that environment, you might have never seen a lot like come home and have a mom and dad at the house. And hamdulillah you are in the you're the lucky few that have that. But if you don't live in a household where you have a debt everyday,

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or you are a mom, that you are raising a child by yourself, what guidance is the adequate on speaks about so many different family structures? It speaks about a situation where you have a wonderful father, but a horrible mother, maybe no, maybe loot, you have a situation where you have a horrible father, a horrible male figure, but a wonderful mother rcfe wrong. You have a situation we very close with your dad, maybe you have another situation you very close to the mother, Mary amylases slavisa you have some situations where you have no parents prefer Salaam orphans. And Allah gives you guidance in every situation, every relationship, there is advice. Allah gives you an example of

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two wonderful brothers Musa and Harun and other brothers who want to kill you in abusive phrasal salam, Cain and Abel. So you have these examples that everyone's sitting here. We have different family structures and these advice in the Quran. So today we're going to dedicate this lecture to being to the single mothers, I don't want the brothers here to tune out. I don't want you to tune out here and say, Look, you know, I'm home so this doesn't apply to me and my wife, no, listen to these, these amazing mothers. And it's amazing how many of the greatest people in the history of this world were raised by single mothers receipt of the *, the five greatest ambia

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nebby Mousavi Brahim is that was a bad father figure. Maybe Moosa didn't have a father figure, really, maybe he didn't have a father, maybe Mohammed Salam was an orphan. So these great men, they became great men without having you could say a paternal father figure. And they looked up to that they could turn to for guidance. And so they were raised up. So if you are listening to this lecture, and you don't have a father, you don't know what your dad is, or your relationship with your dad is estranged. This does not mean it's an excuse for you to go back in life for you to give up for you to fall by the wayside. Great men overcame this and we'll talk more specifically about

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some of the great scholars in Islam were inspired by the mothers. So let's look at the supermoms from the Quran. Firstly, we speak about Nabi Musa al Islam. So we all know we don't hear of Nabhi Moses dead. We know that in the most difficult time when he was at the most vulnerable when the soldiers were coming to look for these babies. You know the policy of your own was any newly born child from the bunnies or if they were to be executed. This is ferons policy. And we don't know if your

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dad was so you imagine a mother with two older she has two kids, she has a daughter she has a son and now she has his baby Moosa A newborn baby and she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't have a man she can say help me we in the states and she needs to make do with in a difficult situation, how many single mothers are out the not knowing way the next meal is gonna come tomorrow, not knowing if I will have a roof over my head tomorrow. Knowing that this you know, danger around the corner for my kids things out of my control. All I can do is what can I do is offer love and prediction to these to this to the children I have and turn to Allah. So in her desperation, the single mom, this

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mother's good alone, all she can do is put a faith in Allah and Allah subhanho data, the advice the message, you turn to Allah, the theme you're going to see.

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Turn to Allah, put your faith in Him, do what you can do and allow it to take care of this experience. That's the theme we need to live by. You talk to parents and this and we all have the same feeling. I can't keep them wrapped up in a blanket and keep them locked in the house forever. We have to let go. Let them sit up. How do I know who they're going to be safe?

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The best you can do is like to take from an abusive mother

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She could do, she had no other option, but to let go and leave the kids in the hands of Allah,

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you do your part, you be the example and teach and protect them as much as you can. But then Allah will come a time Allah will say to you, there's a time when you need to let go, you need to leave them. And she putting musasa in the river is even perhaps it's more dangerous for us now just to send them in the road. We'd rather put our kids in the river safer than the environment, the jungle that we have out there. All we can do is protect them to a certain degree, and then we let them go and Allah Subhana Allah citronelle removes his mother inspired in her, put him in the river, and do not feel sad, well that has any lead to Harvey or that does any parents do your best. Put your faith

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in Allah and don't feel scared and don't feel about it. Leave them part of tawakkol is to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and make your dua, Allah subhana wa tada will be the and protect them. So we have one mother, who protected Moosa by letting go of him. And then of course, we know Philippines wife Asya finds him and now he's in a very dangerous position. If you don't know this is not from the

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from the from the Egyptian race. This is a Vanessa you could see from the features, then we know in another surah

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Asya Islam was abused and she was scared of Pharaoh she was in an abusive relationship, you think a man that kills children, by the day is gonna come home and be all sweet and loving to the wife, we know the worst you are. Side note here, the worst side of us comes out with the people who are closest with our wives know, the worst of the worst in us.

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And that's going to be the man who is best to his wife is the one of the best about why it's easy for me to be nice and kind with my co workers at work. It's easy for me to be nice with friends and family. But when it's when I'm miserable, and I'm at my worst, and I can still be a good person to my wife, that requires a great level of luck. So can you imagine a man like your own who is horrible publicly what is like in private, most of us, our private life is worse in our public life. And that's if that's the case of Allah protect us. It's not a good thing. So as to we know, she makes us do it in the Quran. She says, Allah saved me, meaningful family, he saved me from fear own and what

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he's doing and the evil of Iran, meaning she is in an abusive relationship. Yes, she has this boy. And she's the only one that can protect this child. And she has the courage when she goes through to fill out when she walks in. And she says to him, don't kill this child, you're not going to kill this child. She had the courage to speak up as parents of analog. And single mothers in particular. You don't have a male figure to depend on. You don't have someone. Usually the dad is the one that predicts This is just normal human nature. The father is the one that predicts but now you live in an environment you live in a society where your kids are faced with so many dangers, even perhaps

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physical dangers. It's your job to stand up and protect your kids. Think of a series that goes to your own and say says to the really the one of the worst people as almost as if it will be in a Shatila. He'll be in the lowest play one of the biggest criminals of all time. She says to him, you're not going to kill this child. No matter what you do and how you do but I won't allow you to harm him. And she says he will be brings me happiness, maybe it'll bring you happiness. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala used Islam as a means to protect children. This this adopted child, it'd be nice to them. Now what we learn from these two women, the one protects Moosa by letting him go. The other

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one protects him by being the and keeping him and you as a parent, you're in a different stage in your life. If you have young kids, you have to protect them by keeping them and as you get older, perhaps the best way to show your love is to let them go. And Islam is showing this in these two examples. And the way they raised him so now he says a very strange upbringing, because a lot he turns him, his mom would still come regularly to break through. His mom became a nanny, because Allah made it such that no other woman could breastfeed him. He would only drink from the nanny, we didn't know this was really his mother. But he grew up in the kind of man he grew up. So this is

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success. If you want to know what a good child looks like, when they're a teenager, Allah says when I

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was when I grew up, and he was a tall person being told is not one of the success he just happened to who was tall so even if you show it, it's fine. To You know, Manuela that we gave him hikma. Hickman usually wisdom refers to the ability to deal with people. hikma, you don't have to be booksmart have degrees to have hikma. You don't have to be an old man to get hikma hikma is how you deal with your friends, your colleagues, your teachers, basic human etiquette Allah pointed Moosa what made him a good person is he had etiquette when it came to people were ilma. And on top of that, yes, he had knowledge on top of that he was an educated person and also

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Connecticut, New Jersey boxing and this is how we reward good people. One way of looking at it is Moosa was a good person, so Allah made him grow up to be a good man. Another way is his parents were good people, and so already watered them by giving the child to grow up a good person. And we know the kind of man he was. So we're not going to talk about these miracles in every Muslim detail than that. But we know of Nabil Musa, the next ayah, Allah speaks about how he would go out quietly. And he would look for people who are being oppressed by fear. He couldn't publicly help him. So you look for a man that was struggling to lift something, and he would go and help them, you would look for

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someone that was hungry, and you would feed them. Now this kind of learning? Where did he get this from? He can get this on your own. Of course, he got this from his, his adopted mother Asya. And his mother, that was this nanny. And he learned he learned it being in the palace. Sometimes, you know our situation, we look at our situation, and we think, how can I get out of this? Sometimes you're in a, you know, socially a bad situation, you come from a gang ridden area, and you think, how am I going to get out of this, go to university make something of myself. The other thing could also be true, how can I come from a very privileged position, and be a human being that loves and cares for

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the poor, that loves and cares for the orphan that feels for the next person, the only way is to bring you down to that level, that Asya must have taken him and told him this is where you really come from. And all your privilege, you can either be like your stepdad around, or you could be someone else. She introduced him to the different life's the different paths in life. And I'd be moving around from a very young age, he had this inside of him of giving back to the community. That's why we said this when he knew how many times we mentioned the story. He comes in, he finds these two young girls, he doesn't even ask for anything, just the manliness in him. I find two women

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that are in this race. I need to help them. That's just who I am. I see someone in danger, someone that needs someone that needs help. That's who I am. I help someone. If we raise our kids like that Allah says this is what a good person is not how much damage you make, if that's good. Also know how many A's you get on your exam. But the first is hookman how he deals with people. That is success. Another example of a wonderful singer, a mother. And as we said it's perhaps more difficult to raise daughters. It becomes more tricky and hear this on the tongue of nabby. He says grandmother, he says grandmother, Elisa Lam, the wife of Milan, she really really wanted a child and Allah had not given

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her child yet. And so she made this deal with Allah, Allah. If you blessed me with a child and you'll be a boy, then he will be in your service. I will donate him to the masjid and you will become insha Allah and Abby, this was a dream. It's called imperata imraan when the wife of immigrants is beginning to LACMA mojarra, Morocco Bernini, I have made another means I have promised this child in my baby for you, this will be your soccer.

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So for them, what data and then when she gave birth, she found this was not a boy, it's a girl. I mean, she says that the laser recruit. And the boy is not like the girl. She didn't say the girl is not like the boy she said the boy is not like a girl meaning one way of looking at the month of series for a girl to Excel is a bit more difficult. There are more challenges for the female in life than for a boy and the things that diems that I had for my son. To achieve that to be a leader and to inspire and to to work for bunnies or even in your service is a bit more difficult for the girl. But unless is an accepted still, Allah says I accepted medium, she will achieve all of those things

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and move that Allah shows in medium, that those ambitions we have for our sons, we can have those ambitions for our girls, doesn't mean it's exactly the same, doesn't mean we don't believe that. We are the same equality is not meaning exactly the same. So here we have a mom that raises Miriam to be someone that will lead someone that will be an example for all the nations and in fact Allah accepted her meaning. Maria went and lived and spent time in the message. She lived until Allah subhanaw taala blessed her with a visa and this is very powerful. So the daughter of muddy and obese his grandmother, she says yeah, Allah. I asked you to protect her. This is the daughter we usually

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when we do the Ducati in Cape Town, this is the daughter we do when we do the Duplo. So part of the sooner she sees what he needs me to harmonium, she says, Yeah, Allah I've given her the name of Miriam, we're in your ego Ha. And I asked of you you're allowed to protect her because with you will do Rita and protect all her children, her children, I'm going to cheat on the regime from shavon and Allah says, Allah accepted this door. Allah keep Miriam safe and her offspring now who's her offspring, Isa Islam. The power of this of this granny the do of this granny

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so powerful that it's safeguarded medium. And

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this is something which you'll find so many times comes up, that you have parents, the most powerful, one of the most powerful daughters that are that is never rejected, that they are of the parents, for the children and the children for the parents.

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We should always the least we can do is continuously make dua for our kids and make dua for parents, especially if our parents have passed away. They can't make dua for themselves anymore. Continue to make dua for them. I always think about this, imagine you have a grandparent or a parent that's in the cupboard, and you will do it for them. And they see the atmosphere of the carpet improving, is being rewarded, that reward is increasing. If it's a light, it's even getting more light, and they will have a scene. So this is my son, my daughter making dua for me. That's the added joy of the pleasure of knowing that my kids still remember me, mela bliss and my love mercy on those in the

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public, Ella bliss, our parents that are alive, those who are with us Molokini and our kids as well, just the power of this, of this grandmother. And then of course, we won't go into detail about Miriam and of course, she's the greatest of all women. But what must have been like, I want you to picture this. This girl who's living your whole life in the masjid, who comes from a family of ambia all the male relatives are like prophets, you know, and yes, she comes with a child

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without a husband, and she has to raise this child all on her own. All Nagisa has his his mom. And we know what Nagisa come when he grows up to be perhaps the most the, as they mentioned, the most loved personality on earth is Jesus Christ. No more than half the world's population reveals this man. And he was raised as we know, exclusively by led by a woman by a woman, this leadership that he had, he and what he learned is from his mother, and it's amazing to think, as we sit beside his, his qualities of affection of softness of key, he learned that from his mother, he learned that from his mother moving outside of the Quran, the amazing stories, sometimes when we talk about the Quranic

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personalities, we feel well how can I be like mme? How can I be like maybe this is gonna be that it's not possible. I'm just a human being. Let's talk about the real people of the great Imams, the foregrip imams of the mothership, Abu hanifa Imam Malik, Shafi, Ahmed Mohammed, three of them were inspired by the mothers. Let's start with Imam Malik Malik Rahim Allah.

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Something know about Mr. Malik of all the four times in fact, many of the scholars few of the scholars at each the kind of fame, the kind of prestigious Mr. Malik achieved his life in his lifetime, he was the undisputed king amongst all the scholars. If you ask anyone in Spain all the way to China, who is the greatest scholar on Earth, they will say Malik Malik is the man that the halifa in Baghdad, when Damascus if he needed something, you would ask him a personal question. And if it really required assistance, that would mean he was the private person that this halifa would ask for advice. And if the hollyford needed something in person, he knew the policy mathematics is

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too many medical doctors. I don't travel to meet kings, Kings come to knowledge. So you come to Medina and hollyford and these holofernes didn't know the rule the world is not powerful enough. In mathematics. I never leave Medina I only leave Medina to go to Mecca for hygiene. That's it. If you want anything from me, you come to my class. And this is the Holocaust did that in America so great that when he finished compiling his book,

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which really is the foundation of

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every hadith of Imam Malik is inside Buhari, the halifa said, allow me allow me to hang this book as the cloak of the Kaaba, meaning will please publish this book on the curb and everyone in the mamas follow you might have this will be the method of the oma informatics is no don't do that. Because there are other modalities as well. And the is, you know, don't be restricted just to one we don't all want to be Maliki. There are other allowances in that so this may understand who this man was, that if we were to list the top 10 scholars of all time, from the beginning until now, even medical be top 10 top five, top three maybe in terms of what he's achieved, how did he get the chapter one

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of the mathematic story even Malik has received his father was a scholar in Medina. He lived in Medina his whole life and Medina, there were many great shifts and Adams is that was an alum. She and his older brother was following in the footsteps of that. And then he had this youngest son Malik Naima Malik's personality was one.

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He was very strong willed. He was very rebellious, even Malik love to to be entertained. In fact, he liked to dress nice as a young boy, you're still a young young kid, and you like to wear nice clothes. And he loves spending time with entertainers and musicians. So now you have daddy was the chef and that is forcing his kids you must follow in the family life

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The older brother follows you know, the older brother pleases the Father. And he follows in the tradition is successful. Malik is not interested. And his father eventually sort of gave up on this Malik and he says, You know what, you won't really become anything in life, you're really not going to be amount to anything, you're playful, you're rebellious. You just carry on, the mom had something else in mind. In my mind, Luke tells us of his first introduction to knowledge, how did he start learning, his mother saw this nature of his other son, and he needed to be inspired in different way, posh words, not gonna work, arguing lectures, not gonna work, we must be another way

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to harness this child's skills. So Mr. Malik says, My mom took me to the shop, she bought me a very expensive turban, nice, expensive clothing that only the scholars would we. So he takes me up like a small ship. And then she took me to the masjid. Now, interestingly, this lady must have known all the scholars in Medina, and Mr. Malik said she chose one specific scholar, his name was not the most famous of scholars. But there'll be a side note, also raised by single mom, there'll be a district where there'll be a quickly mathematics teacher, via

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his dad left before he was even born. In fact, it obvious dad didn't even know his mom was pregnant. And he lived some money. And he left, he comes back 2030 years later, to the house. And he comes to the wife all these years for where you been, where you been. And he says, I got busy, and they whatever, and they get into talk, and then after a few, you know, you know, after making up, he says to the wife, where's that money I left you, I left you with a credit card, you still have the credit card and how much money money's gone. So she says she doesn't know how to say this to me, she still sells husband photo, go to Mazda nabawi. Sit in a certain spot, wait, listen to the lecture and come

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back and tell me what you think. And so he does this. He says he sees this young man is giving a lecture powerful by and very learned. He comes back home. And so she says when you come back, I'll tell you where your money is. So there'll be as dad comes back. Okay, so with the money said that boy is your son in law, and I basically used up all your money to educate him, that is your investment. And that was that's the case I'm happy. So this is an idea raised by a single mom. And so my mom chose that idea. Even Malik before he quotes from the Navy. So Salaam as Hadith is howdy scholar. He gives us powerful Listen, his mother told him, his mother says to him Malik, when you

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sit in the company, have an idea before you take from his knowledge take from his other take from his character learn from Monrovia. He is his character. And this man inspires Mr. Malik, as he says to become the great Mr. Malik. He's dead, as we said was not his in his influence. It was his mom that understood this rebellious nature. He needs to be felt

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big in America, this very strong self

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image of himself. As you said he wanted to dress well, he actually had a good voice. He wanted to be a singer at some point in his life. So she made him feel special. He gave him responsibility. She gave him leeway and freedom and then chose a good teacher that she knew suited her son. This teacher is going to work for my son, and men. That's the beginning of his studies. The turning point in his life was his mother. The mother of young Shafi Rahim Allah mcsheffrey, was an orphan.

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He put his dad passed away before he was even born. He lived in Gaza was from Palestine, and Shafi his mum, as as, as the books of history mentioned. It's a very beautiful woman. She had lots of proposals. But she's immediately after her husband passed away, and she gave birth the son, she made it, she made the decision in her mind that my contribution to this dunya will be this child, I'm going to invest every minute I have for this child, my project in life is going to be this child of mine. They were extremely poor. And she thought to herself, what do I want this child to grow up one day, and she's been she felt I want him to grow up to be a scholar. The hodza was not the place of

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learning. Mecca was the place of learning. And so she picks up leaves now really, she's a single mom. She's really in difficult situations, she leaves a family as well. And she goes to Makkah, and she wants to enroll Imam Malik around mm Shafi, in the scholarly centers of learning this is think of a university. But this is maca, the center of learning of Islamic sciences, you can't just get in the end is a fee, you have to pay something you must pay for Islamic learning as well. You have to pay even shafia to pay to learn Islamic knowledge, but to get in the he couldn't afford it. Now how many single mothers you want to give your kids I think this panel you want to give your kids a

00:29:46 --> 00:29:59

better life and you understand that education is the tool to transform you that if I give my kids the education, they will go a step further than I could do. Allah has said this in the Quran that he raises people up yet we live in an era

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

There are those who believe what

00:30:03 --> 00:30:41

Allah says I raise up to people, two types of people get elevated in this world people of Eman and people of knowledge, even a person without a man but has knowledge. He gets raised up in Estonia. So in my mind, even Shafi his mom understood if I can give this boy of mine a quality education, he can become something special, but she didn't have money. So she goes to the ships of the harem. The Mufti is the big amounts, and the only thing she can really bargain with. She says, you know, the son of mine, and it's true, he's a Hashimi, meaning he's from the descendants of the prophets of Allah. And we miss him after that. How can I deprive the profits of the lambs, great, great, great,

00:30:41 --> 00:31:18

great grandchild from learning the knowledge that we learn from the process of signing up every month, how can I turn away a descendant of the prophets of Salaam? So he was allowed to sit in the classes, just by his name, his lineage. So even his father wasn't around. His father gave him something that allowed him to learn. And then of course, we know him. I'm sure he would grow up in quickly quickly at a photographic memory. He quickly rose in the ranks to become the most well known student in the harem. This these teachers would say, when we wanted to cry in SATA, we would put your feet in front you would recite the Quran. We live in Salah insight in a way that made us cry.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:58

And so Eman Shafi as he you know, his mom was his great inspiration. His mom was the one that didn't pressurizing, but told him that, you know, through learning, you can you can become something great. And when he decided when I was a teenager, he really pushed all the courses in the harem. He wanted to learn at the feet of the greatest scholar in the world, which was my Malik. And so if I'm Chef he goes or goes to Medina and the Imam the Mufti of mcast write a letter saying please Malik, I know you don't let anyone into your classes you need to have the highest of people only in only like a Ph. D class, lit this young boy Shafi into this into your class. And so Imam Malik allowed him Shafi

00:31:58 --> 00:31:59

to be in his class.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:22

Our next Mr. Mr. Melih, humble. His mother wasn't a great scholar wasn't someone who knew much knowledge like Imam Shafi. His mother didn't have the name, the the name of debate to put forward. Same story father dies before he's born, very, very poor family in Iraq, and Imam Ahmed.

00:32:23 --> 00:32:31

If we look at the end, Mr. Ahmed mislocalization, what he becomes and how his mother impacted his life, Ahmed is known for a number of things. Number one, he is the founder of the hamady,

00:32:32 --> 00:32:34

humbly method, right?

00:32:36 --> 00:32:49

humble, humble limited, but more than that, he's a great scholar of Hadith. In fact, his book of Hadith is perhaps the biggest one would have eaten all the other people put all the books together the six books of Hadees together, his book is even more compiled a lot of Hadith before Buhari.

00:32:50 --> 00:33:29

But he's not known only for that. What he's known for, is he stood alone against the halifa. When they want to change the Quran, they called the Quran, the creation of Allah, this was a new halifa change the thinking of the oma halifa wanted to impose upon the whole oma that you must say the Quran is a created thing, and not the words of Allah. And even Ahmed understood if we say this, anything that is created, is open to change, that this is the first step to changing the Quran. The minute we say the Quran isn't divine. It is a it's a creation. It's the first step. And every single scholar basically gave into the halifa, either by force. And we know this upon how many places in

00:33:29 --> 00:34:05

the world now scholars can say what they want to say they either locked up or they forced to say from the member or they don't believe the only man who stands up and says, I don't care who you are. You can hit me imprison me. I will not I will not be I will not break, no matter how much pressure you put on me. I will not break. We did he learn this. He got this from his mom. Because he mentioned when he grew up, they were so desperately poor. And he his mom could ask for assistance she had no she could ask, but she refused to ever ask for help. And she refused to ever allow her son to act like a victim. Yes, you don't have a dad? Yes, you live in the worst suburban backyard.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:41

Yes, you don't have the money that other kids have. But you will go to school, and you will excel in your school. And if we don't have something to eat tonight, Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow we find something you would say that we would go, you know, my mom had this thing. She never allowed me to be like a victim. We would I would have to go to you know, when the fruit sellers or the guys were selling the wheat when they leave for the day. There's some things on the floor. Right? So you would pick up those things and bring it home. That was okay. But you would never allow him to ask for handouts. Never allow him to be the victim in the class because of his situation. And this would

00:34:41 --> 00:34:45

serve him well. That what Imam Ahmed had that the other scholars didn't have.

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

Allah Subhana Allah makes it to acquire knowledge requires effort and sometimes an obstacle comes before you. And Lisa means is this is too much for me and that's how far they go. Even Ahmed would go beyond what others could

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

Do for example, he would say, I made the intention I want to learn. I've now you've learned all the scholars in Baghdad, I want to learn in Makkah, I'd never come. How am I going to get there? So I decided I'm going to walk to Makkah, we walked from Iraq to my case is five times in my life. I went on Hajj to Mecca, three of them walking, never camel. So I'm going to walk.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:45

Now, this kind of determination, this kind of never giving attitude in the learners from the Imams, the squatters and the shapes. He learned this from his mom, that he would say, If my mom said something, that was it, I knew this is how it's gonna go. Mom was very, very strict. Obviously, hitting his mom was and sometimes single parents.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:28

Sometimes single moms in particular, very, very strict, because you have to be mom and dad together, you have to love and be strict and stern. But it's possible. It's, you know, with everything going against you. These mothers have raised great kids, the loss of our mothers that I want to mention. And as vanilla, put myself, you put yourself in the situation, you have, that you have, sometimes you feel you've been given a deal. You have a woman with a number of kids has been passed away. The newest, the youngest, the newborn baby is blind, disabled. You imagine what will become of this child. So many times you hear kids, teachers say they have learning disability,

00:36:29 --> 00:37:09

autism, whatever it might be so many new things that come up today. And automatically we feel that they will be limited in life, that they are not going to be amount too much. They will always be a handicap, they'll always be disabled. So you have this lady who has a very difficult situation on her. Now she must have been a lady of karma, she must have been someone very, very close to Allah. Because remember, Holly tells us that she was a woman that was deeply she was albida she was a worship of Allah meaning fasting praying. And when she saw that she had the sun that was disabled, didn't deter her. She continuously made to understand a few weeks ago, this was years even. Biharis

00:37:09 --> 00:37:28

was was blind for many years years he was blind, and his mom would make sure that he will get his sight back and he will be something special and he will not be disabled he will be something in his oma and he will do something great. And so happens vanilla before Mrs. Can we remember hiding?

00:37:29 --> 00:37:29

is well known

00:37:30 --> 00:38:00

is a mom of the years of da she got a dream that Allah had said she soon ebrahimian the DA Allah will return the sight of your son and he will grow up to be someone very special. And so we know the quality site returned and he is now as we know the greatest scholar of how do you know when you say it is authenticated by Buhari what he didn't what he achieved is a service to the oma that we cannot repay that he cannot repay. Remember Hydra mala

00:38:02 --> 00:38:04

would go on to authenticate

00:38:05 --> 00:38:44

to such a degree, that no scholar before him has contributed as much the science of it that we know now the life of the Prophet seldom has been preserved many many narrations about him that the things that he did just supernatural almost almost unbelievable. almost unbelievable. He comes to bat that people couldn't believe a man could memorize Hades to that extent. So they decided to him 100 Heidi, all of them have a small ears at once. They said we're gonna recite it to you. And you tell us if you heard this hadith before. And then it's well known how did how did we all know? But they changed the name so you know how hard it is? Ahmed from Sulayman word from Hammad word from zubaid word from

00:38:44 --> 00:39:22

the prophets of Salaam said really actions by intention. So you have five six names and in the Hadith so they recite 100 Hadith to him each time he says I haven't heard this hadith I haven't heard this is a well known High Definition public people this one love the chicken party he doesn't know enough to be near the base of your those who love the Quran and teach the Quran from these are so easy howdy the others and he doesn't know it. How can't you know it off the years the 100 Hadees. One time, he says if I can go through each one with a problem in this, how do you use it? Really? It was Mohammed? As for this, how do you you mix this name first and that name second? Even the guy who

00:39:22 --> 00:39:59

imagine who explains the hardest book? He says it isn't amazing that Buhari knew these hands and how did you expect the scholar to memorize these Hadees what is amazing is that he heard the Hadith once 100 of them, and he could memorize it and say back to them and he knew where the error was in this. Now this is super, super human. It began chapter one with a mother who believed that just because my child is disabled, just because he doesn't have a dad just because he doesn't have the equation. He was also in Bora Bora is like Uzbekistan. Far from Makkah and Baghdad. The cinders of learning but the son of mine, something good will happen. I believe in Him, no matter how life kicks out, kids

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

You know, life is gonna tell your kids, they're not good enough, they're not good enough to play sports, they're not good enough to, you know, pass the exam, they are average life is going to make our kids feel inferior. It's our job as parents, to make them believe that they are special. And it's our job as parents to encourage them, to guide them to make the art for them. All these parents, these mothers, they raise great people. They had so much against them, but they did what is in the power to do. They were normal people. They taught the kids, they gave them the tools, and they made the law and live the rest of the law. For us as parents, perhaps our greatest, you know,

00:40:39 --> 00:41:17

we ask ourselves, I'm going to change the world. You look at I want to fix Palestine. I mean, it's good to have, I want to achieve this, I want to achieve that. Maybe you and I will not get to achieving those things. But perhaps the greatest contribution we can give to the dunya is to give the world a child who will bring about greatness in the dunya perhaps our investment should be in our kids, that we will have our kids grow up one day to do something great. And that insha Allah is perhaps your contribution to the dunya to be the person behind the child one day change the world knotless pantalla grant our kids as the door says Robin, Virgina, Allah granted our wives and

00:41:17 --> 00:41:18

children be the coolest of ice

00:41:19 --> 00:41:54

cream. And let us be the base of the team. It has been our kids be the base, not just good people, they'd be the base of people. Our kids be the kids be the base of US Army. And in my view kids, our kids, my kids do something great for me, they cure disease, my child, my child cure disease, when they find a solution to the problems in the world, my kids, my kids find a way to bring about harmony and happiness in this dunya when your children are my children, be people that Allah subhanaw taala loves and Allah subhanaw taala blesses in this dunya and May Allah bless all of us, I mean

00:41:55 --> 00:42:38

hamdullah we conclude the series on painting and so much more to discuss. But inshallah, next week we'll start a new series, we suddenly really said something which needs to be talked about, we are seeing in front of our eyes, one of the greatest forms of religious genocide, a country actively trying to erase a major project actively trying to remove Islam from its from its lands altogether. The plan, very strategic, very methodical, it's happening. You know, not just 1000s hundreds of 1000s of families, millions of people locked up children's being separated from their families, something we need to talk about, we talk about the plight of the wiggers, the Muslims of China will

00:42:38 --> 00:42:42

start a series inshallah next week on that, just a few announcements.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:09

Our class in sha Allah, on Monday, we will put the clause on hold in sha Allah, busy at work so our class for the whole of our machine will be on hold for now and we will reconvene inshallah, when things get a bit easier, I mean, it's how much time so could have been could bind at the moment the sheep being sold yet. 2016 and inshallah we will talk more about that as we get closer to

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any comments questions with [email protected] also, we just completed our one day course on Hajj. So the audios the books, the lectures, it's available free of charge, if you're going on Hajj. I mean, or if you know of someone who likes to is going to go on Hajj, it's a good Crash Course somebody to get you in me if you would like to receive those audios? What the material, please contact myself offers the back and inshallah we'll food that to you to cycle of Santa Monica obrigado

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