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Do you want to know?

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time that I set out my Lake home, the greetings of peace, peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen Show. Today we have another exciting show. We're gonna be talking about our youth. This is for everybody. Everyone can benefit because somebody is a youth, or you got some kids, teens that are out there, and some of them are getting in some trouble. So when we come back, we're gonna have our brother all the way from Minnesota. inom shake has sad, Hassan and then we'll tell you his nickname that people calling we come back here on The Daily Show.

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Mohammed is His Messenger.

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There's only one. Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe? Maybe it's just to break the ice. Sit all the way cool. Like you said, Peace be with you my brother hamdulillah. Thanks, brother. Thank you for being with us. hamdulillah thank you for inviting me this important occasion. Thank you. Yes, you also have a nickname. I heard that. Some of the youth and people you know, the US and Germany. That's what they call me, Germany. Uh huh. Yeah. So you're the cool shape.

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Exactly, that sometimes they say like, they call me like

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shekou Chava. What you mean is like, the shock of you. Because I always involved in all US activities or issues, like, all the time I'm with them, like, you can say like 24 seven of them. So so you with the youth, but you're also you get serious now because that is serious business too. But you also an attorney, you teach your professor at Islamic University. Talk to us a little bit about Yeah, I teach.

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adjunct professor of William Mitchell College of Law, I teach Islamic law, Introduction to Islamic law. Basically, it is like a comparative comparative type of subject. What I do is, I teach law school student is a principle of Islamic laws. And then I compare to the principles of American legal system. I also teach Islamic University of Minnesota, which is the only Islamic University in Minnesota I teach two subjects This one is it's called like McClellan, Islamic and Arabic, which means the introduction to the Islamic law. And the other one is like a typical Islamic, especially a one which means like fifth one that focuses on a bad that especially rule is related to the Salah

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from A to Z. At that one.

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I work for Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis. I'm legal advocate. I do

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immigration work, which means is

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anything related to the immigration law, almost, I do help most of immigrants.

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majority of them are a Somalis are Muslim, or more East Africans, but they do help like Hispanic community, Hmong community, and other communities. coming to our office for seeking free legal services, we are free legal service. And I do also presentations about their rights, know your rights, especially what's your rights when it comes to the Homeland Security, we I do that. And this is like, a good connection to my office because for example, we have youth who have a problem, and they end up to the deportation procedure. And then as immigration unit office, we try to help them to find way out from this deportation procedure, which sometimes is very difficult, especially for

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the Somalis. So you're very active, you're out there not only helping the Muslim community, but you're helping anyone, any African American or Caucasian doesn't matter. You're out there. And that's what Muslims should be doing. They should be active people who are benefiting the community is Yes, yeah. It's only it's not only that, what I also do is i'm board member of Red Cross, yeah, of Minnesota. And I've been bond board member since 2007 2008.

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I'm also a member of Advisory Committee to the board chiefs, chief of the police of Minneapolis and chief of the police of St. Paul. Yeah. So that is here. Also good connection to the police system, so I can help those young people out

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of trouble. Okay, and that's our topic today. The young youth the Shabaab says yeah

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Lot of them today are out. As some of us who've been in Jabalia, you get caught up and you might get mixed up in the cultural norms and you got colors some killing each other over red and blue, some killing each other over good boyfriends and girlfriends you know you talking to my girl, now you talking to my guy, and next you know the guns are being pulled. And now you got to some even doing stickup, all sorts of things are going on? Are the movies to blame? Are the parents to blame? Are we to blame? Let's talk about this you can give us some some real situations. This is a I remember always to two poems it is both of them are Arabic. Let me translate them in English. One says like

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Locanda salmon wacka de la Tato la que tenemos la raba. Which means when you are in defense, and in the battle, if one arrow could face you, you can defend yourself. It's only one arrow. But the point is, if it's more than one arrows, coming from different directions, you will have difficult to defend yourself. And that's the situation of our young people today. Like many problems, fitna if you want to call that and all types of the social problems coming from every direction, they cannot stand alone to resolve those problems. They need help. And then another poem that I remember, according to your question, was very important. I love that poem. that poem says in English, like

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you threw me in a big ocean in the dark of the night and a big wave and you do not teach me how to swim. And at the same time, you tight my my two hands and legs

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How will I survive That's the meaning of the poll. So this person will never survive. Yeah, so that means like, I'm talking this now about the Somalis are almost almost our East African

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immigrant communities who live also about 10,000 in, in, in Minnesota, so when they come or they came to Minnesota to America, they they are not well equipped to know about the system about the culture and

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they are blind so they end up to find out like way out from where they are when one day face all these difficulties and to create your own system or they might join to the system exist the system that says Like, we can help you and that's why when you ask like this young people I talk to them they are with me right now. So I am Chanel and so system mm. We have six young people who are with us we have eight of us right now. Yeah, so two of them were like street boys and one of one of them was

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from gang system Yeah, that's like their street boys like out and being in gangs and running and then we divide them sometimes like street boys is still attending this coolest but we have three boys the who are the gang system that left the school drop the school and do all types of the bad things harming hurting people and stitching and all this. So we divide and categorize them but one of them was even like gang leader organized head head. Head of head man head man well armed doing all that like violence. How did you deal with him now? Okay, this example like the one that who's with me right now he has been with me almost the last since 2007. He loves this now he left the gang

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system. And the way was like there was a fight one time and that fight fight caused him almost

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to slaughter him like from neck down to the opposite opposing gang cut his cut his almost his street gang fight through gunfire and he ended up to the hospital. And he has been there he has been in coma for 30 days. He was in coma he was in coma so he's not anymore. And then what happened was the doctor said he said after that he might die. No he had like a life support system and then family and Doctor they sign that the family sign that he cannot be any more in the system. Yeah, let him die like and then doctor gave like

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signing papers that

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he might die after six hours six hours. Yes, it was almost done let's uh Hold it right there. We're gonna take a break and be right back to hear this story back on a deep show.

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Me Why are you becoming Muslim? No, I give a very frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angel.

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Talk is a guy. He's the number one rap artists in the world. He sold over 16 million records worldwide, the millions the million. He was a young guy where basically everything that's

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Somebody you would think that life is all about. He had everything you can imagine.

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Back here on the deen show, we're talking about the brother, he was in a coma. And they disconnected the life support. He was on life support. Yes. Talk to us what happened then? Okay, what's happened was the doctor came and told the family that he will die after six hours. And then we fortunately came from the mosque. So our young people what we do is like as Imam leading those young people, we visit most hospitals when we visit also non Muslims. We wish them well. Yeah. So and, and we went to hospital, we saw one of the member of hospitals told us there is a young boy that is about to die, would you please go and place and read some type of publications. And then I said, like, Oh, this is

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the right time. And because he's young, I'm leading young people, I want them to reflect to this person. And we have some type of historical background and the fire the gunfight that he has been an all this we came on we saw like a man. But whenever we came, what's surprising was

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the doctor told us there's a type of movement, his body, he feels, but he cannot move at all. Yeah. And then as an Imam, I went and I bought his hand on my hand. I said, we are going to read some Quran on you. And we ask Allah God to give you Shiva. Now Quran is the verbatim Word of God Almighty. Yes. Okay. And it's basically an Muslims traditionally, whenever they're sick, or whenever they're not feeling well, they used as a medicine. So is this like, we do a rookie on him? Exactly. We did vokalia, which means like,

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reading specific verses of surah chapters of the Quran on the body of the same person. Okay, that's what we did. And then after that, when we were at the end, I said, this is a like, aplicado. I know, the doctor says, this is your end. And it is the last momentum of your journey. But we believe in Allah, which means whatever is the destiny. So you might die today, you might not die today. But I asked this question, this is what happened. I say like your hand is on my hand. Will you promise, if God give you life back, that you will join $2 caravan, we have a US dollar caravan, which was like a group of youth trying to help street boys and girls right now, not only boys anymore. So out of the

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street out of the violence, will you help us? Will you promise he's on his deathbed. This is this, you make a choice. You can do good or you continue doing evil? Exactly. Yeah. And you know what he said, this is the first time even the nurse watching moved his head saying like,

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yes, this was like a miracle. We did. finished all type of nuclear, which means like recitation on his body recitation of the Holy Quran, and we left.

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And then, after a few days, we found that he's alive. And then a couple months, they brought him back to his home. And we finally ended up coming back, coming back to the real life. And he came to the house. Yeah. We saw him walking, coming to the Islamic center. And how long was this after? It's after a couple months ago? A few months? Yes. Few months. Yeah. And then he said, Do you remember? I said, like, I remember you say, like, I'm here for the promise. Now he kept his word. He was true to his Yes, yes. Allah healed him. Yes. took care of him. And he convinced me like, I'm paying, I have to pay back to Allah. Yes. And then I said, like, okay, here is the young people and introduced to

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the young people, and then we start helping him, like, rehabilitate. We brought him back a process called ports of rehabilitation, young people who came out from this type of life, which requests like a lot. And then after long discussion, we agreed, because our center has, has approximates, like,

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the first floor is mosque, and the second floor, our apartments, so most than if we think like, we have a young person who's qualified to put him there, we move him there. And that is like type of isolation from the rest of the society. Yeah. So and then he has to follow rules, because we don't want him to be connected back to the gang system. Yeah. And and he was head of the gang. He was not member of the gang. Yeah. And you know, how many calls that we could receive all this? no cell phones? Nothing. So discipline here in discipline. So we call like a tarbiyah. Yeah. So and then I define tarbiyah for

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me is like it's like Islamic discipline, discipline.

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system that helps the person

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not only physical discipline It is like mosaic or comprehensive type of the disability. Yeah, it's spiritual, educational, physical or physical exercise. We have a ship Nolan, who was teaching him martial artists martial arts. Oh, yes. Yeah. To balance his life. Yeah, he's one of the students of the busy doing good. Exactly. And then educational. We have two type of educational attending the programs that we have we call like, the Hala, Calacanis, like Islamic circles. He's studying like, how to pray, and how to read the Quran. This is the first time after 10 years evolving with the gang system, nothing to do with the Quran with the good things. And then I rejected him with the GED

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program, GED programs, the program that qualify you to go to college after three or two years. Yeah, depends on like how far so you've actually got a complete system. Yes, good system tell us because we only have a little bit of time, we want to hit a certain few more important points. Tell us for those youth, and parents who are trying to get some advice for their youth, the parents might have not been implementing the way of life that the creator wants them to implement Islam total complete submission to the will of the Creator, not their desires. So the TV has been raising two kids. Now the big teacher, the music, the hip hop and to kick in 50 cents and all these and it's innocent,

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they leave the kids in front of the TV. And now they wonder why things and they're acting as imitating these other people give some advice. Now, to those parents whose children are in gangs, the women also they might be out there going to the nightclubs. And now you have their attention. The children, the youth are listening and the parents, what do you counsel them to do? You see, first of all, I don't know if every method can afford to have like people who can, who can be like Maura be in Islam, we have like a category of the people like or who are in the mosque or Islamic centers, a teacher, Mr. Mousavi. Mousavi is someone who has who has like a comprehensive type of

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Islamic knowledge. Not only he knows how to teach, but not only he can lead the salon, you know, he knows rules of the Salah, but he has practical approach to resolve people's problem. So that's even that person is called like, more upbeat. So my point is, like, we need first of all, many more upbeat, and more happy is the one that the kid in front of him, not only he teach the Quran, and the kid lives, but he's connected to the kid and his daily life. So what even he does when he's at home? So for example, we have like a program that what do you do when you're at home? So three type of the program to help your mom and your dad. So for example, one of the parts of therapy is, once you come

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from the school, you kiss your mom and dad, and you say thank you all the time. And you say like, whatever you did, like for me, I will never I cannot like paid back. But but but thank you. And then you ask the first question, before I do the homework. What do you want me to do? How can I help you? That's what we teach our young people. And the second is do your homework, the school duties. And number three is disconnection from TV in case that you want to watch TV, only the news because you don't have enough time to watch the TV. And and basically like for example, our center, we have like homework club, we want the students to come to the mosque and do their homework. People who have

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difficulty we have tutoring. And then we have coaches like for example, East Africans, they love soccer, we have a soccer coach. Now we are trying to be like a basketball coach. So that's the fiscal path and we have martial artists in the mosque. So students who are attending

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the non allow things the Haram and replacing it with Yes. And then during the play, we do we do teach them even like for example not to use the bad Latin, any bad language for example, they are playing and one hits the other one the other one, so the one hitter says like stuck for Law and the other one says the F word. Yes, something like that. Yeah, to avoid all bad things in Assisi, Lex Subhana, Allah hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar. And then we advise the parents most of the time to bring them to this program, because if we if they bring them the kids will involve these programs and they become good examples and the other Muslim kids and even non Muslim kids will help. Like for example,

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we have like 30 we have like almost in a year.

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About 50 young people, non Muslims became Muslim is because of the example of our young Muslims or non Muslims. This would apply to all the kids. As for me, why not 1213 year old This is the best example that I can share with you David 30 year old, Caucasian

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He saw like Yang, from messy data. And he was like, I want to be like you. Yeah, he's like, What? What do you mean? Because I am 13. But I'm involving drugs. boyfriend and girlfriend. I do all this bad stuff. But you don't do it. Yeah. How did you get all this? And he said that I'm connected to the Islamic Center. Yeah. And he explained, you know what happened to his father Muslim called me? Yeah, let's hold it there. He called you David's father called Yes. Let's take a break. And we'll be right back.

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When you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners.

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this wrong?

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A single unambiguous statement, Jesus Christ, who says that I am God, I'm ready to accept.

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Back here on the dean show, we're trying to share with you some experiences from the youth and some advice and you're talking to us about David. David's father called me say like, I'm David's father. I'm not a Muslim. I don't know nothing about Islam. But David has a friend of from your center. And David is involved in many bad things. I wanted my son become like one of the bestest Auntie's. He's, he's, he's about to drop the school. And then is it true? Like if someone joins to your center becomes like, drag free and he talked about the word spread? You come here wearing drug free gear? Free everything like a baton? baton, you will be free. And then you know, he said,

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he wants he wants to accept Islam as a father.

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Do you agree that your son accepts Islam because this is the key because he will if he accepted Islam, he has to follow system system, certain rules. And those rules are the ones that guide him to be free from all this. I want him to to accept this lie. Can I send him tonight? And he came nighttime, the mosque with the young people they've said, as usual. A shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah wa shadowman. So accepting Islam. Now tell us Let's start with that we got to start to wrap it up. When you say accept Islam, what does that mean? Because there might be some people out there now that you know, they accept Islam and what they're going to be terrorists now or to accept Islam.

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They accepted Islam to change his life. So he doesn't want to be like, like, evolve all types of the dragon's head, an alcohol, young people drinking like a beer, and all bad things he wants, he wants to be like, a nice boy,

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good grade, and

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avoid from all types of the violence, you said this thing that he declared it should want. That means shadowline allowing presentations like I wouldn't there's only one God, and that God has a book called like Holy Quran, and I will follow that teachings and that is part of it is avoid all bad things, drinking, drugs, violence, and all this. All the other you are saying like, I will have only one example. When you say like about what this prophet Mohammed's final messenger Miss, like, I want to have only one example to follow. And the human example is Prophet Mohammed. So he was not drug dealer. He was not violent person. He was not like a man that hits his kids and all bad

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examples in every aspect. As a father, as a son, as a brother, I want to follow that person as example. That's demeaning. And that's what they accept and change his life for the better yet for the better. And his family loved him. Even his, his, his uncle came ahead that he wants to talk to him. Yeah, took 30 seconds we got tell us where this community center is. So if someone wants to drop by and visit 478 University Avenue West, St. Paul, Minnesota, and our telephone number is 616512246726. Yeah. And we have a website WW. That mn da da w h dotnet. You have some event coming up coming up? Yes, we have the first unwalled Muslim youth convention on May 29. at the convention

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center in Minneapolis, we're expecting more than about 2000 young people coming to that convention pennant from our experience that's on the website information will be yes. Okay. Sounds good. Thank you for being with us. May Allah the creator of the hazards, rewards you and abundance thanks, whether they for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Welcome. And in short, you've gotten to learn again, that that call to the perfect system, your kids might be out there getting involved.

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Then all sorts of drugs and killing each other over colors and following the worst of examples. But when that person comes to the realization that all the other systems, they won't perfect a human beings life, your moral code that you are born with gets off track, you want to get back on track as the one who created you, to guide you He is one and alone worthy of worship. And he set the best examples for you to follow. Moses, Jesus, Abraham, these were messengers and prophets of God and the last and final messengers sent to mankind. This is a living example. Today we have his living example recorded and authentic tradition. So we have the verbatim Word of God the ad, and his

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explanation of it, the Hadith, the sin, this is the example just like Jesus was example at that time, Abraham was example at that time, we had the last and final messenger and you see the outcome that comes from this, worshipping the One God alone, establishing a connection with him through the prayer, the fasting and leaving off all vices, drugs, alcohol, and dating and you see what happens illegitimate children are you come together to marry in harmony, men and women the right way, the way that God Almighty wants them to come together in marriage. And these are the things that our brother II mom they're doing at this data center and this is what the Muslims are doing. And we

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invite you all to this beautiful way of life, the way of life all the messengers. You can visit us here every week at the deen show calm we have a radio program also at the blog section. And we'll see you next time. God will and until then Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. No speech is better than to do that we'll call people to Allah and to do the work no speech is better no nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person on the log giving you the ability to guide someone the last permission to create is permission that is better than everything in this world but in the whole world and everything that's in it in another generation is better than the best of wealth but

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if we really felt that he would not be get out giving and this is something that we encourage all the MSA is all the Dow organizations the machines to get this we want to print more we give these to the non listeners for free for free for free Warner Brothers in

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deeds comb each name, everybody sleep.

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I arrived and asked a lot of thinking me. Oh la You see, oh la you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to begin my cinema

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today, your mother

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runs away. Ola guide me