Omer El-Hamdoon – Stories From The Past #20 – The Desert knows his footsteps

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about a man named Hisham who shared his son's sham during a circumambulation in the Blackstone. The man was approached by people who were not giving him space, and he sat there and they were watching him. The man eventually sham drove into the house and showed them his sham, causing frustration for the people who were not giving him space. The story also touches on the fact that Hisham's son was arrested and imprisoned, and the fact that he was given a profit to write a Arabic poetry.
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the story that we have today is

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quite a delightful one. In some aspects, obviously other aspects it isn't but it's related that Hisham, who is the son of Abdul Malik, who is from the ruling dynasty, the Romanian ruling density, Abdul Malik Marwan was one of the rulers and he shared his son was on doing Hajj. Now, as he was doing hedging during the Kawarthas circumambulation going around the cabin,

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he Shan would be doing the power off and you know, when he came to the Blackstone, as you know, is the sunnah to when you approach the Blackstone to touch it to kiss it. And because it's just one, Blackstone, it's only thing that one person can do it and one time, obviously, people crowding and they just and that's how, obviously, it's happening from that time, but even till today, so he was approaching it, people weren't giving him space, you know, it's just crowded. So, almost like frustrated with this, he just erected the stage for himself. And he sat there

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you know, with the other nobles from a sham.

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And they were just watching people. And they noticed that a man Kane who was Ali, Ibn Al Hussein, if you're highly, you know, the pilot who was the great grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a very noble man, a very,

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very learned scholar of Islam, and obviously from the lineage of the Prophet salallahu animus and now he came, he was looking very, very elegant, very handsome, smelling beautifully as well. And

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they say he describing that he had like a, almost his head was quite swollen from a long frustration, by the way he was when he was doing it. Often, he approached the Blackstone, people who would open up and make space for him out of respect to him, and honoring him for his knowledge for his status and for his lineage amongst the prophets. I think, even though he will not from the ruling party, so somebody from close to a sham, looked at that and saw that kind of almost strange, happening, he said, Who is this?

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So he sham didn't want to give him to give too much attention to Alibaba and her saying, so he said, I don't know who he is. Now, there was somebody there a poet called El forest Dakka, woof Eros. And he was quite upset by this kind of notion that he sham said, I don't know who he is. So he

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wrote, or he had already some sort of poetry but you know, the people in the past they didn't even need to have written poetry. These were people who, you know, poetry was second nature to them. So when he heard he shows us, I don't know who he is. He said, These beautiful words, which

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they start off in Arabic, have a levy Tadalafil Baja or what?

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This is the one who the desert knows his footsteps, had a lady terrified about how our partner who will be to care for who will Halal haram, the house, hustle Allah knows him, as well as the sanctuary of mica and beyond. And he continued to talk and speak about liberal Hussein and his obviously his his lineage with the Prophet sighs and he said, This is the best. This is the best

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of this the son of the best of all Allah sleeves. This is the pious, the pure the clean, the standard. This is the son of Farbe Lima, if you did not know who he is, yes, you're saying you don't know who he is. I'll tell you who he is. This is the son of Fatima with his grandfather prophethood had been sealed and you're saying Who is he doesn't affect him? For the Arabs know whom you deny. And the non Arabs know him. And he can't he carries on with his beautiful, you know

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praising of Ali Adnan Hussein to the extent that he said, If the people of piety are counted, then they are the Imams and if it will ask who are the best of the earth inhabitants it is said they are by loving them. Evil and calamities become this

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East, the end and by loving them goodness and bounties can be increased now, he sham when he was quite upset obviously, he was made to look like

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out of place, you know who are you to say you don't know this great guy. So he ordered that for us that this poet to be imprisoned and indeed he was imprisoned between Mecca and Medina. Now the news of imprisonment reached at 11% as obviously this was the the poetry at that time was the media, you know, conveyed. So I even I sent sent to him 12,000 Silver coin saying to him, pardon me, Wolfie rice, if I had more I would have given you but for us that he refused to take the money. So let's take the money or son of the Messenger of Allah. I didn't say what I've said, you know, for any money, which was unfortunately, some of the poets or a lot of them were doing that they were they

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were saying these beautiful poetry to get money to say that but I was really four out of anger

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and in defense, for you know, for a loss of Hannah to Allah and his messenger SallAllahu Sallam and I wasn't seeking any reward or compensation but Alan insisted he said, Look, I asked you by my right over you, that you must take it for Allah knows your heart knows your intention and knows your position. So he accepted it. What a beautiful story. And indeed one for four for the books. But what's more important, let's say is the fact that this

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poetry is beautiful. And if you want, please write to us at Kingston Oak [email protected], and we'll send you a copy a PDF file of the Arabic poetry and also the English translation, which I translated many, many years ago when I was in Sheffield, and inshallah we'll send that to you by email, just give this in this note and request that. Shall I take care snowing

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