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The history and importance of Islam are discussed in a series of segments, including the use of "the Greatest Showman" program and the importance of trusting Islam. The use of the program is emphasized, along with the historical significance of reciting Prophet Muhammad's teachings. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink.

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Imagine if you're walking on Earth.

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Knowing that you are from the people of John

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there were some hobbies we'll have that glutton from the Prophet.

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And if we were to witness

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one night during these final two nights,

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Allah will write us amongst those who are saved from head fire. Hence, you will be from the provision.

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It's only one act.

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That's why

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we need to

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increase from the efforts

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and hardships

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even those who used to pray, aid or capital for try to do more.

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Certainly, you would catch it.

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of Muhammad Reza Salam I met today with the brothers who are doing TKF.

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And I told them about the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Ali so salaam

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when he made a ticket in the first 10 nights of Ramadan,

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and then Gibreel came to him and he says, it's not there.

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So he made the ticket off in the middle of Ramadan and jubilees came and he said, he's not there.

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And then he made a ticket in the final 10 days. And then gibril Kenny says, Allah has told me to tell you seek it in this final 10 days, it's there.

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The power is Allah here.

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He recited sort of the beginning of the HA

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the hunt the smoke, which is one of the major signs of the heat after

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and the sewer talks about the seeds of the Day of Judgment.

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The season, the Day of Judgment, the seeds of piano,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala starts to the hand went in. Now who feed in mobile aka in Kona moondream. We have revealed it in a night of power in a blessed night in Anza. Now three legged robot aka ALLAH is talking about the plan.

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It is the Quran, that gives value to Ramadan. It is not Ramadan, gives value crema to the Quran is value to Ramadan. If it was not the Quran, Ramadan will not be what it is today. In the Anza no fee day that didn't move our Chi in that guna multiline fee.

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about Freetown and the people and how much they left behind.

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They had so much come to our community and everything

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was all in one backcombing carry on that imagine can Wolfie have got Danica?

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The left behind them so many beautiful goddess ALLAH is talking about the agenda and what they have left behind. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, verse 2324, went you Musa alayhis salam when he told him the SAP at Liberty Leyland in the computer, what will kill the Halawa? Take my people but you saw crossed the knife crossed the river because the ocean he had 100,000 people following him and fill out is coming from behind the Allah has given to Musa fortunately Bill can

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hit the ocean with your staff. The staff would not open the ocean Yet Allah azza wa jal told him to make that move just to hit the motion with your stuff for and then the the ocean Barton two ways got pulled the ravine each way is like a mountain and that Musa is crossing and Venice line are crossing with all their belongings with all their husbands and wives and fathers and mothers and animals and whatever they could you know carry from their belongings they were crossing at most that keeps on looking from the back that you know fill out is coming Musa keep smoking and then people are crossing 100,000 It's gonna take them a while to cross so they managed to cross and then Musa keeps

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looking at these chemicals so Musa took the step and he started hitting the the ocean to fight back to close back. Allah did not tell him to do that. Allah only told him I said for sad Evangeline and in the community. We're talking about Raha leave the ocean behind you parted, so that fell out and his people will be drawn. So he goes out and then he crosses and he looks back Kingfisher down, and then Allah subhana wa Italie that marvelous job. Allah ordered the ocean to post

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Acting. This is the trust on Allah subhanho wa Taala learning about how to trust Allah spell even Musa was scared even Musa was hitting the ocean with the staff but Allah did not tell him to do that. So it just says go I take care of

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in Surah to Jessie, which the shift will remain the same as the source of the con Allah azza wa jal talks about those who are arrogant. Those who are arrogant in denying the way who are denying the words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah says verse number seven, what you normally call the affecting a theme woe to those affect the lions those who deny the book of Allah will lose who denied veto hate those who deny that yes now it

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is to my

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my goal was to kill those who listen when they listen and they you smell at law they listen to the Quran, they listen to those and then return them back. Allah azza wa jal says the machines will be either having any give them the clutter ideal of the severe punishment.

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Allah subhanaw taala says verse number 23 of our ATM Anita hada ILAHA were also in Salah and Jeff here. What's what's how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Oh Mohamed, have you seen those who have taken their own whims and desires out God? They take their whims and desires as Illa

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Allah subhana wa Jalla says another man on halfa MACOM Allah be upset

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agenda here. And it is all about that source that desires that people they think you know, the way they look is more important than anything, the way they you know, their body is more important than anything the way they dress is more important than anything, even if it's doing haram. They're fooling their whims and desires. We need to learn in this final 10 days how to condition our whims and our desires to be in accordance to the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in South Africa, which is the third surah he will cover five soloists today. He just finished off he moved to Hawaii and just yet and half and then and then solar to

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Hamburg Allahu Akbar. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in South Africa, verse number 13 in Medina Paulo ora Bula, again about steadfastness about the that Tibet you came in Ramadan, you pray that even those who didn't pray for Ramadan, they woke up and they came to dimension that they was on what's going to happen after Ramadan. Allah is saying, il Allah Dena Pamela Bonaga. So Mr. Camel, those who say our Lord is Allah, then they remain in the state of steadfastness, what's going to happen to him for the TOEFL, and he wouldn't be there. They have nothing to fear and they have nothing to be afraid of, or to be sad about. Allah subhanaw taala says coup de gras. How will

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gentlemen hopefully,

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this is why I said, Well, how would you feel if you were to know that you're from the people agenda? Those who remain steadfast, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Those that will inherit us have agenda, the people agenda hopefully has valuable and then verse number 50 II, Allah subhanho wa Taala one more time.

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Talks about the honoring of the parents talks about honoring the parents overstated insanity why the day he said that the windy day he extended a hammer to oh, well, we're gonna have to call her Allah Xhosa. No, he's talking about the mother but the perfect when he says your mom, your mother, your mother, your mother, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, and we ordered, we'll see, you know, we gave the order of the incense, we want

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to be good parents who treated parents with honor Allah subhanho wa Taala admitted to

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his mother, he the mothers bore them in hardship, and then deliver them in hardship with all due respect. Men didn't have to go through this hardship. What the man's hardship is little bit different for the man who was old pleasure with all due respect, but for the woman, burying them is hardship. Pregnancy is hardship. Delivering is hardship before the delivery is hardship, the mood change, the the the chemistry change. So many changes that women go through I've taken this when I was doing my my toaster. Mitosis when I was doing my personal development coaching certificate. There was a sister it was a Muslim sister she was to give a speech and then she brought some ice and

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then she gave each one of us the attendees some ice like ice in a cup of ice and then she put she says put your hands inside the ice. So we all put our hands inside the ice and then she started talking even a speech none of us was concentrating on the speech. We were concentrating on

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the eye Our hands are freezing in that ice is saying you're not listening to me are you You You're being you're being you know you're concentrating on your has been frozen and you're being paid. That's how a woman who's pregnant fees

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when a husband now he comes from work and he will just and he wants that this woman you know when she is going through that pregnancy the lessons

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boy she bears in, in, in, in heart in the hardship and even the delivery is hardship

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May Allah forgive us give chocolate today today three chocolate for all the sisters even those who don't answer just give them just give them three

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and then Allah subhana wa Tada verse number 29 why

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some of us be listened to the Quran maybe maybe with all due respect maybe we It has not moved us a bit for some the jinn they heard the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says verse number 29 Wait salam ala cannot follow me on genius.

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CheMin was coming back from a five, four month where he went to five given that nobody wanted to listen to him, they did not believe in him. So he was coming back to the gym, they were floating around, they heard that there was a man Muhammad was a sedan talking about the identity of her one of them a bunch of them they heard Prophet Muhammad you know, they started calling each other the gene from Matka from a five collagen from Medina companies you know Sally there from the genome Pakistan from the gene of Morocco, from the youth of India from the Dean of Egypt. Come, come, come come they all came this. This is the Quran Prophet Muhammad insight into what did they say? Your

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Honor, as

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they started giving the genius giving the hour as he will listen answer to the call of Allah 100 is calling us to Allah answer. The sudden God embraced Islam, Prophet Muhammad Chair of the Prophet Muhammad wanted Akbar Allah who wanted Medina, Prophet Muhammad wanted to people of Allah, Allah Horton, the people of Medina, Prophet Muhammad, one of the people of Allah, Allah wants to Jin to embrace Islam. You see, Allah wants something, he wants something, eventually what's going to happen? What if Allah

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Allah wants my brothers and sisters, all of you with me Inshallah, rather than Hauswirth, Muhammad, all of you that just want to entertain him a little bit, not entertained, to remind myself on yourself of the day of the Prophet Muhammad, this is the day when we shouldn't be saying this. And you all know that Allah humma in the Capital One, to help with alpha for all of us, Allah in the Capital One to simple alpha for Anna so that Muhammad from time to time, keep on if you remember, just keep saying that dar insha Allah Who to Allah Allahu Bucha Allah says, Salah Muhammad, Allah subhana wa Tada he says here in verse number six, you know one gender Tonga

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is the one you understand the brothers and sisters this is all of you traveled to earth when you enter. You will know you mentioned in gender you will know your place in gender more than you will know your own home. You see when you go drive to your home sometimes you may make a mistake and whatnot not driving your home. What are you gonna do Shana? You will know your home better you don't need no GPS whatsoever. Allah Allah, Allah who know will let you not have wet your blessing Jenna is you will go straight to your home as if you've already been there for so many years back so Allah subhanho wa Taala says about Jenna quickly how many years now? 20 time

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how many Jana? Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in the Quran?

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No, seven.

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Know how many how many? Huh? three in four or four or in Seoul. That's Mohamed in Seoul, that's Mohammed he talks about four rivers, rivers I'm talking about the reverse sisters for medical setup for the fall and the Pakistani Indian.

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The rivers that Allah talked about in the Quran in surah Muhammad was the chef who is going to recite four rivers what are those rivers? Methadone Jannati lady that he worried that Moutoku three ha and then tell me first river

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river Honey Honey Honey Are you out of milk? Water

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nope god I'm sorry. Somebody else from now the brother brothers. I want

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all the rivers

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oil water

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wine milk, water and water

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alcohol and wine is haram

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haram they're not allowed me to pile on here but highlight where in mashallah it was of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi.

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Pakistan, very script not that's not the one

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not let's read the script. That's not the one

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Vikki Stanley all the way from Medina by the way,

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I thought he was

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the zealot

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by Salah all the same Mashallah.

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Congratulations for Reavers, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about and there is one more reverb which was given to the Prophet Muhammad.

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That River

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river called the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you all to drink not from the river listen to meet before you go May Allah has panna cotta that grants you the chance to drink from the hands of the prophet from the rivers of our cultural data. I mean, is that good luck and welcome to consider American Catholic