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The speaker talks about a series on the heart to heart, emphasizing the love of his life and his daughter. He promises to be a good role model and gives guidance on leadership and friendships. He also emphasizes the importance of shaping one's life to fit the culture of the mother and offers advice on making it happen.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome to a new series on the heart to the heart. I dedicate this series to the love of my life, my daughter, and that's why it's called to my daughter, my dear unborn daughter. I remember the first time your mother told me that she came from the doctor and said, Honey, I have some good news. The doctor told me I'm pregnant. I'm frustrated to thank Allah Subhana Allah, Allah for the gift he's given me. I placed my hand in her tummy.

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And I felt a kick. I put my ear down, I start listening. I start talking.

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I was fantasizing about the day that it will be called the father for the first time.

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I remember the day that you will be calling me Father, I'll never forget that day.

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I forget what it felt like for a long time to hold something in my hand.

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I have held a lot of things in my hand before but I've never held anything like you.

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I remember the day that I waited for that day to walk you down the aisle. I'll never forget the time that you smile to my face, for the first time

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took the misery away from my life.

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I'll remember the day when you raise your hand up to be held.

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I'll never forget that you will own my heart right there. And then I will know it too.

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I promise you to be there for you when you arrive in this world.

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And I promise to hold your hand and never let go.

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And I promise to be a good friend to you.

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Not just the Father.

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And I promise to navigate this thing called life.

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Indeed, you're on a journey. I'm sure you make right choices with the righteous environment and the righteous company

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promises to be a good role model for you because I remember say diplomacy

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among the greatest of the terrain

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he remembered when you heard the about taqwa.

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While you're Saladino thermochemical, famed warriors on dolphin hoffa, Allah him folia Taku La Jolla Paulo, Colin Salida. Fifi Fellini Jr. progeny is that you have to have to downpayments the love and the fear of Allah Subhana Allah violenza in the righteous utterance.

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So I'll remember to be a good role model for you. I remember to pray pm lead for you. I remember to view Allah Subhana Allah viola, so we can protect you.

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And I promise you to help to discover your strength and talent. I'm sure you will be great in whatever it is that you choose.

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I promise to support you in whatever you choose.

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Because I know that you will excel in it. I know you will do well, in which path you take.

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I promise I'll be tough on you when I need to be.

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And I promise to give you credit and encourage you deservingly.

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And I promise to lead you as a leader independent that you are. But don't forget who you are.

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Don't forget your identity.

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And don't ever forget where you come from, why you're here for and where you're going.

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I promise to be sensitive to your emotions and feelings.

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And I promise to teach you about your own who you truly are as a true Muslim, as a woman that Allah raised the three times higher than men because of who you are. You are half of our Deen. You are in every aspect of our life. You are protection from the Hellfire, but only if I raise your right. And that's a promise. I'll be there for you. To take you on your school day for the first time you'll be walking away.

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I promise to be there for you. When you graduate. As you know that you will make me proud.

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A promise to take you on horseback riding

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on a promise to be there for you.

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When you become a beautiful bright, I know I talked to your mother.

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I said honey, let's raise this beautiful child to be a gift to a good man to raise the righteous family, raise a righteous children of their own. And I asked your mother to make sure it's a gift for a person that will make do out for us as a righteous wife

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Make dua against us.

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And I do promise to choose the husband that deserves you. Because I know who you are, and you deserve the best because you are the best.

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And I do promise to walk you down the aisle, it'll be very tough for me, well, Allah, He, Allah knows how I dread that day. I do love and fear that day.

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But I promise you, I'll be your safety net. No one will come through me. Unless they have what it takes.

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I'll be the guardian. I'll be the one to choose. Just because I love you. And for that, I promise you to love you forever. You know, you have rights upon me before you even created.

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Most people when they asked me what is the number one decision you have to make in your life, and most of them say it's marriage actually is not.

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Number one decision in anyone's life is to have a child. Number two is to get married. So when Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with a child, we understood that it is for make it or break it for us because it's a hadith of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Kaffir be muddy. If men are eudaimonia, quote, it is sufficient of a sin for those who lead astray who you have as children. So number one, writes for you upon me, my dear

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is choosing your mother.

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I remember it has an embassy, Rahmatullah Lee.

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When a man came up to him, he said, Please help me to raise my child. He said, it's too late, says What do you mean it just a newborn child? Is please help me to raise them? Is that is too late. For the third time you repeated the same statement is How could you say that he says raising the child is by choosing the mother, you understand that the statistics show that a man will only spend 20 to 60 minutes a day

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where their child

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that's why I will choose the one that will nurture you, the one that deserves to be your mother, the one that will take care of you. And I promise you, I will not be the dollar sign that

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I remember, I was in a different country in a different city. And we're lucky for the first time I said this story to my class. I said about that man that came from work.

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And her child, the child came running toward the door and wanted to hug the Father. And the father was angry and tired. He pushed the child away. And the child went home, crying.

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And the father now recognizes that he made a mistake. He goes back to the child's room and knocks on the door is please forgive me, my child. What is it that you wanted to ask?

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He said that I just want to ask you How much do you make an hour?

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He said I make $20 an hour.

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He said that? Here's $20 Can I have one hour of your time?

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And will law he when I heard that story. I promised myself never to be $1 sign that and I changed my life. I changed my schedule. I changed everything to make sure that I will spend time with you. Because I do and I remember the time I came from work I couldn't hardly wait to just hold you put your my chest

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and go to sleep.

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And I promise you to give you the tools to be able to fight our biggest enemy. You know that Allah subhanaw taala warned us about him in the Quran. We stated

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I will be Lana chautala Jean Carlo right ahead. Lady Carranza la lane, Attorney in

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Latin Canada to Isla de la. The attorney kana is the one that comes that holds the reins just like the horse. I know that you love horses. But now it's time to make sure the reins are placed properly, not upon us. shaitan will never come unless you say so the second right for you upon me, my dear. Not just choosing the righteous mother. But making the DA that you are is robina hublin as Virginia with the retainer kurata mo Jelena tequila Mama. You know, I looked for a mother for five years. I traveled around the world to make sure I do.

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And finally I did. I'll tell you about it a little bit later when you become one yourself and shower and there's a job before you even created

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It's in the Hadeeth it is authenticated,

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alone version The shaytaan was never shut down models and everything we do we start with Bismillah because of that, in the name of Allah, will Allah protect us from shaitaan and protect our children from shaitan

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so I can hardly wait to put you in my arms. My dear,

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Sweet dreams, my precious, but I will see you when you come.

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So I start and finish with this beautiful robina habla nemen as Virginia where the return operate is number 39 mama will Allah grant is to be the apple of the eyes, our spouses, our children, and make us leaders for them with the pain. I mean, after that one al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam Ali, it was your terrain. I will see you on the other side, my dear