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The speakers discuss the importance of bringing people together to achieve their individual goals and legacy, as well as the need to uphold their legacy and bring them back to their hearts. They emphasize the importance of finding happiness and bringing others to the realm of Islam, as well as the need for cooperation and good behavior. The speakers also touch on the importance of avoiding solicitation and creating a community for people to achieve their goals. They share personal stories about the influence of the Prophet and the importance of not forgetting the prophets.

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Spinarak man Rahim in Alhamdulillah Inanna do we want to stay in on our stuff we're gonna study we're not Milby he went to Tokyo rally he went to LA liniment Shuri unfussy Nam and see RTR Medina, when you have the LA Huhtala for LA mobile Allah woman you will follow her the shadow law in the law why the who does Sharika Lachlan will call on Him and you will you need to hire more to be added he'll hire well who are equally shaitan Kadir shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdi who will rasuluh wasafi You who were harira Abdullah Manitoba lover rissalah Tomasa Halal on workers Wakasa for Luma whatever I can add an edited by law later how can i Hurry Hi lazy one Illa Halleck for Ali off

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double Salah to atoma Tasneem why the early he was lucky he womanist tend to be Suniti he either young within la Madonna minhang Amin Alladhina almond or I'm you know slightly hard to Otto also been happy what's also the sub? I mean, I mean we'll see come when FCB Tapachula or Kodama Rana will help Wakanda Tada. You are live in Amman otaku la haka Ducati. He was in LA and two Muslim on uns with Sapporo Bakula the Halacha ko Minassian Wahida Hara caminhadas Jaha Well, that's I mean humare John and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up Allah Allah Lita certainly want to be here without harm in Allah Khanna and eCOGRA Kiba you are living in Hammond chapel la Kulu colons so the the use the atma

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the Commonwealth law comes in overcome one of nuclear Allah a lot of Sudha who forgot the first 1000 are Lima from my bed. I'm going to ask everyone to move forward from now inshallah since we already have an issue in the back.

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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and asking him to send his peace and blessings upon the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to overlook our shortcomings and to overlook our sins, those that are committed intentionally and those that are committed unintentionally, and to clean our hearts and make us amongst those that meet him with a submitting a peaceful and tranquil heart. And we ask Allah to join us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest level of generative Philadelphia's Salaam. I mean, the brothers and sisters

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this concept of a community comes with many different

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ways and I know that last week the whole thing was about building a community and establishing a community in many ways. And when we talk about unifying our ranks, we often talk about it from a very practical perspective. We talk about it in a pragmatic fashion, in the sense of unifying our efforts in the sense of not letting our differences come between us and things of that sort. But at the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has made this an issue of the heart and Allah subhanaw taala praises this community and how he unified our hearts while passing will be Abdullah Jamia wala to follow up when Allah subhanaw taala tells us to hold on to the rope of Allah and not to become

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divided. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says what kurunegala to Allah and ECAM is quantum for Allah for Bina could all be come for us back to him being there and Mati heat one. Remember the fever of your Lord, when you were nothing but warring tribes warring Bedouins, who had all sorts of difficulties could not get along whose parents killed off each other who would fight over the silliest of things. And Allah subhanaw taala United you through that rope of Allah, Allah's parents out of brought to your hearts together, for all smart, don't be near Mati he Juana and like that you became brothers, just like that you became brothers, you went from wanting to kill one another, to

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actually becoming brothers who would die for one another. And it was a very beautiful community. And when we talk about the Sahaba, and we talk about the Companions, obviously, you know, we take them as an example. And we have to worry about our own selves. But this idea of actually bringing people together to a point that not only do they wish well for one another, but they pray for one another, they strive for one another. And that's not even limited to their own generations. They care deeply about those that have passed, and they care deeply about those that are to come. They are actively trying to make sure that they uphold the legacy of great people that came before them that tried to

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establish righteousness on this earth, and also leave behind a world that is not corrupt. And that is one that our grandkids and our great grandkids can grow up also worshipping Allah subhanaw taala and thriving both in the worldly sense and in the religious sense. And Allah establishes this throughout the Quran, Allah tells us and it's very powerful because he mentioned to us the prophets that came before making drought for us supplicating for us, and the prophets that he chooses to mention making up for us supplicating for us, for the believers for their brothers and sisters. That would come 1000s of years later in that is a lesson Allah chooses to mention to us before anyone

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else nor Holly is the first or soul the first messenger of God, praying for the believers, a man who obviously was bitter about the the rejection that he faced over 950 years, but at the same time, he still had a love for the believing men and women that would come after him. And so Allah mentions his do as the first dua in the Quran as the first supplication in the Quran. For all of the believers to come when Allah subhanaw taala says follow a bit fiddly worry why did they worry manda holla at me now, oh Allah forgive me and forgive my parents and all that will enter into this house as beliefs. Everyone that enters into the sanctity of Allah subhanaw taala into those that place of

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protection, which is EMA, which is belief. Then Allah chooses to mention to us Ibrahim Adi has salami, the father of the Abrahamic nations, the father of Edina, Hanifa, here, monotheism and those that worship Allah subhanaw taala in the way that's most beloved to him. Allah mentions Ibrahim making your art for us in many different ways. He says a lot better for me while he while he they are well meaning, Oh Allah, forgive me forgive my parents and forgive the believers. And the scholars say here that there is a trend. He's making dua for himself, for the parents that pass and for the believers that are to come. For those that will come after him. Then Allah brings it back to

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us. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, one of the Niger Omen Bardi him and those that came after him, those that came after these generations of believers, after generation after generation striving to uphold the same message of ALLAH striving to establish righteousness and justice and mercy on the face of the earth Allah says and those that came after them, you're gonna benefit Alana was the one in Medina Saba Kona Bill Iman. Allah subhanaw taala says that they say oh Allah forgive us and forgive our brothers we reciprocate the Quran. Forgive those that came before us that surpassed us in faith. When I touch on fecal Rubina, Linda Nila Xena Amina one oh Allah don't place in our hearts

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any hatred for those who believe take any sort of hatred out of our hearts for the brothers and the sisters that are around us for the believers that are around us. Now I'm not going to take this in a

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direction of the effects on a community that it has. When people's hearts are united and how that brings about a more cohesive unit, a more cohesive OMA, that's able to be more productive because they're not distracted by their differences. Because when you're engaged in negativity, it naturally hinders your productivity as an individual and as a nation. But I want to bring this back to our hearts, to what Allah subhanaw taala addresses as the core of it. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam teaches us as in accordance with this idea, that it starts with wishing life for people, you know, because it's an actual psychological disorder. I can't think of the name. It's a

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long German name. People that that actually, you know, find happiness and pleasure in the misfortune of others. There are people that are sick in that sense, that they actually take joy in the in the misfortunes of others, when they see others struggling, it actually makes them happy. And that's something that the prophets lie some warns us about. Both that we be the victim of God and that we are the perpetrators of it. He taught us in his duat sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say, Allah in the earth will become Minahasa today, Oh Allah, I seek refuge refuge in You from being overpowered by debts. That's are not fun in this world debt when you're when you're living in debt,

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and you know, it hinders your spirituality. It hinders many things, many of your pursuits. And so the prophets lie. Some taught us that it is in fact healthy, to live a lifestyle where we don't place ourselves in debt, one of the wisdoms of the abolishment of Riba the institution of interest and usury in his society, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then to ask Allah subhanaw taala to free us from debt. That's part of our do as it's established through multiple drives of the prophets lie Selim. So he said, Allah in the earth will become involved but today was all a battle I do. And I seek refuge in you, Oh Allah, from being overcome, or by being overpowered by an enemy by someone

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who wishes me hard. And he says, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mashallah till Arda, and from from the evil of those people that take pleasure in my misfortune, from the people that actually watch from the sidelines, I when they see my life collapsing when they see terrible things happening to my family, when they see terrible when they see me struggling spiritually, when they when they see me falling off, and engaging in things that I'm not supposed to be engaging it when they see me going down. And when they see me tanking, they actually find joy in their hearts, the profit slice. And I'm taught us to seek refuge from Sumatra to Arda, from those types of people and from them being

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afforded that pleasure. And the prophets lie, some tells us I mean, look, it will come back around. So he warns those that are like that those people that are like that those people that actually do take joy, and seeing other people fall and then seeing other people fail, that actually do find some sort of happiness out of it. And he says it his thought was that um, Latos here is some utterly archaic, don't ever allow yourself to have that Sumatra to have that that feeling of ill will actually wishing that for your brother. And listen to what he says some Allah Islam, he says, For your harm of Allah britannique he said, Allah might have mercy on him, and lift him out of that

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misfortune and then test you with it. And there's another narration which the prophets like some it's a weak narration, but it's something that the companions on the scholars quoted, that whoever humiliates his brother or his sister with a sin, He will not die until he has committed that same sin. Subhan Allah, we ask a lot of protect this, you see this, you see, and it doesn't necessarily have to be your peer. You see a young person in your community struggling and you lock them or you don't feel any sense of of you know, of goodwill for that person wanting that person to come back and find Allah subhanaw taala instead, you mark that person you taught that person, ALLAH SubhanA

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Horta, Allah won't let you die until you are guilty of committing that same sin and some manifestation. Don't be that individual. So before we can even talk about wishing well for people we up to lift the evil of the evil of Samantha the evil of, of wanting bad for people in our hearts, despite and the hatred that actually would make us find happiness and the misfortunes of others. Instead, we find ourselves being directed by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, towards this habit of making your app for people actually wishing welfare people and taking the time out to actually supplicate for them to supplicate for those that have been crying to you so to supplicate

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for those that have not been so kind to you to supplicate for people that you've met to supplicate for people that you've never met before to supplicate for people in your locality to supplicate for people that are in Syria that are in Burma that are wherever they may be to just to let your drought spread across time and across place. And let it become a habit of yours where you

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actually force yourself to pray for people when you actually force yourself to make dua for people and Dr. Oz economy we all know you know, many people might know me Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for him was was attacked in the Philippines a week ago and is recovering now we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant him health and safety and protection. He said something very beautiful once he said that if we made your app for each other, as often as the profit slice Allah made your app for his enemies, then we'd be okay. Subhan Allah I mean, we find so many instances of the prophets like Selim making their art for his enemies, Allah Allah fondly call me for now phenomena. Yeah, and when

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we spoke about this a couple of weeks ago, were the messengers like some is being attacked and overheard and saying, oh, Allah, forgive my people, they just don't know anybody. If we were able to bring that same love, and that same compassion, and that same drought, and implemented amongst each other as brothers and sisters, we'd be in a much better situation.

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And that's, that is the community that the Prophet slicin wish to establish. And that's the spiritual bond that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wish to bring amongst us, and He Himself initiates the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will have probably a long time, but Andrew said that I went to the prophets like Selim, and I asked for his permission to perform Omaha and the prophets like Selim, he gave Omer permission. And then he said to me, Laurelton Sonny Hakim, and

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don't forget me, oh, my brother, and your prayer. Can you imagine the prophets lie? So I'm telling you to make do out for him. Don't forget me in your prayer when you go to Omaha, Omaha, probably Allah I mean, and this is a beautiful testimony to who he is that the prophets lie Selim made it a point to ask him for his due out now if we're being very honest with ourselves, the prophets like some really doesn't need to do out of Omaha probably alone. We need his intercession sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we need his heart we need we need his example. I think his follow up was set up. He sucked. But he's bringing about a culture of bonding spiritually, and actually making your eye

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out for one another. And it'll be a long time when the prophets like some told him don't forget me. And your DUA, oh, my brother, he says Keti mutton, Maria Siboney MLBB had dunya he said that this word, I wouldn't have traded that sentence for the entire world. Somehow love the entire world being presented to me was not more beloved to me than the profit slice. And I'm saying to me, don't forget me and you're doing and then became a culture. The narrator of the Hadith also won't be allowed to other animal when he met shorba short but when he heard the Hadith from awesome he said to him a slick nya if he did, he said, since you're narrowing the Hadith to us make dua for us. It was a

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culture make your art for us make their art for us that we that we actually encourage one another to pray for, to pray for us. And we keep that type of bond and that type of well wishing. Now at the end of the day, no one's do is going to be more sincere for something that you need most likely than your own, except for probably the death of a parent. You I mean, you're at for some good in your own life is probably going to be more powerful and more sincere than anyone else's do out for you. But that's a culture. That's something that the prophets like some wants to bring about amongst us not to depend on Dr. Another person, like I'm really messing up can you make that for me, so I can

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continue to mess up. But you're, you're close to Allah subhanaw taala Allah will accept your forgiveness. It doesn't work that like it doesn't work like that, but at least to bring the hearts together. And the prophets lie Selim teaches us even more than that, not just as a means of empty words and a make they're out for me and make they're out for me and so on so forth. But, but really more than anything else, to wish well for people, while they don't even see us and to make do out for them, without them having any clue of it, because vape without anyone even even knowing about it. And that's something that's very beautiful and very powerful, because it's between you and Allah

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subhanho wa taala. So far, and if not, Abdullah will be Allah to Allah and who he was. He was the son in law of the great companion of wood that adopted the law. I know he was married to the daughter of a Buddha. And so one says that I was on my way to Hajj and I went to the house of my inlaws, I would have gotten on with that.

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And he said, and I only found my mother in law I found him with the doubt will be Allah, Allah also a great companion. And he said that she said to me to read hijama you going to hedge this year? And I said, Yes. And she says February will be higher. She said, so one you go make the art for us. For England to be a Salalah Aren't you a Sonoma county board because Verily the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say that what will matter is a monster job but only a few he'd be very laid, that the deer out of a brother for his brother, is answered by Allah subhanaw taala it is Mr. Job devata vape but when it is unseen when no one knows

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was about it and she continued she said that he said it his thought was that um and see he Malecon you amino Allah dua II on his head as he makes your at his head there is an angel that is saying I mean to his dress couldn't imagine earlier he every single time you make dua for your brother or sister that Angel says mean well that can be Mythili he mean and for you as well so you get two benefits out of this the angel is saying do for you is making do out for you. Because you know at the end of the day you're out is probably not as good as that angels do.

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And also your brother is getting that benefit your brother and your sister is getting that benefits. And that's something that's very beautiful because many of the scholars they taught us that if you want something in your life then make they're out for your brother your sister to have it as well. Make dua for your brother and sister to have it as well you'll probably it'll probably be a better chance of you getting in it getting a part of that second assignment. Tamia Rahim, Allah to Allah, he said that I don't know from which avenue hope comes in my life and which avenue good comes in my life. You know, there are different avenues that good comes into your life. But if I engage myself

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in making they're out for people's Apphia for people's well being their health, that Allah subhanaw taala would send health my way and if I engage in making your app for my brother and sister, to have goodness in their wealth and Allah subhanaw taala sons wealth my way. And if I engage in my you know, in doing that for my brother and sister, for something that's good, anything that's good, something of this accurate, then I hope that Allah subhanaw taala would send me the goodness of this market as well. Meaning if I'm asking Allah, Oh, ALLAH forgive my brother and sister Oh, Allah guide my brother and sister, the angel is also saying, Well, that could be Mithuna he and for you as well.

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It's not just tangible things. It's not just you know, it's not like you walk into a car dealership and you see a car and you say, oh, Allah give my brother this car. Right? And you definitely don't do that for someone that you want to marry, oh, I'll give my brother this woman right you pursue that person and you do what you got to do. But it's a general risk for good wanting for good. And it should extend far beyond something of this dunya far beyond this world, to actually wish for guidance for them to actually wish for forgiveness because Allah is teaching us particularly to ask forgiveness for people. Oh ALLAH forgive that person, oh Allah grant that person genuine, oh, Allah

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guide that person, and to engage in that frequently. And you know, subhanAllah this idea of doing it behind their back makes it far more sincere. It makes it far more sincere because sometimes there becomes like leverage, right? You know, I can't believe you're doing this to me, I make they're out for you every day. Right? It becomes a form of leverage and an argument or in a discussion. But Allah is teaching us the Prophet slicin was teaching us to keep this habit when no one is seeing us when it's just between us and Allah subhanaw taala. And this is something that we also learned from that we are to solicit peoples throughout not just by words, but actually by being good people. Do

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good for people so that they'll want to make up for you. Do good for people so that they want to make their art for you. And oh my god will be Allah on her once again, we come back to this beautiful couple she said that I once heard of making her out throughout the entire night that they're out of the profit slice. I'm alone Mackinac Center, karate, Jackson Hole at all. Allah as you have beautified my external appearance, as you have perfected it, perfect my character perfect my internal appearance. And she said, I asked about that God will be aligned. I was like you spent the entire night making dua for good character. You didn't ask Allah subhanaw taala for anything

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else. You know what he said? He responded, and he said that, that whenever a brother wakes whenever a person has good character, and he shows that good character to others, even when he is sleeping at night, his brother or his sister is waking up making their art for him. And so that person and he actually said that the Muslim is forgiven, the believer is forgiven, even as he is sleeping, even as you've gone to sleep. If you're in the service of people, you're someone that helps people, you're someone that's there for people. When you go to sleep at night, those people might stand up and make dua for you. And he said, Verily, the believer is forgiven while he is sleeping, even as you're

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asleep, that person continues to seek forgiveness for you. And so if you have good character, you have it all. If you treat people, well, then you have it all. And on the opposite end of that, obviously, is that you don't do anything to solicit a bad supplication from someone. Because as a half of the biological Rahim Allah Allah says that if one Muslim one person that you've wronged, makes dua against you that can nullify the death of 1000s of people for you.

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If you wronged one person, and that person calls upon Allah against you, and they have a right they have a hack. This isn't because they felt like they were wrong, but they were indeed wronged. And the Prophet salallahu Salam tells us that the do out of the room, that the supplication

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Have a long person, les Sabina our being alive, he's up, there is no veil between that person's do and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, that's enough to avoid the death of 1000s and 1000s of people for you. Why because of that person has a right upon Allah subhanaw taala. And you took that person's rights, you took that person's rights. So you live your life in a way, you act in a way that people would naturally want to make their art for you. You don't even have to ask them for it. You know, I've been taking Angola to Allah He said that when you give charity to someone, you don't ask them you know, to have it. Sometimes when you give charity someone you say make do out for him. He says,

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don't ask them for that because Allah tells us and sorbitol inside la multidomain Kandra. And what I should call that we should want nothing in return for our territory. And there is a form of jazz up your eyes a form of payment. So don't even ask for Drive. Just be good to people, does give charity to people. You don't have to make them feel like you're demanding it from them, make them want to make they're out for you. And when you live your life in that way, when you're someone that makes your heart for people and wishes well for people that Allah subhanaw taala will send people your way that will do the same. Allah subhanaw taala wants to create that type of community. One of the most

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beautiful things I've ever seen in my life is that one time in my hedge group.

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I've heard of people like this, but this was my first time actually seeing it. That there was a brother in my hedge group who was making hedge on behalf of Imam and no Rahim, Allah Tala.

00:26:30--> 00:27:05

And I'm sitting there thinking to myself, like Subhan, Allah thought, you know, how many years later hundreds of years later. And he's still thinking about the goodness that he got from email and no way. When I asked him why he said, because the first collection of Hadith that I studied, was out of our Aina nella, we were the 40 Hadith of NLP. And it changed his life. You know, it changed his life, it benefited him. So if you're someone who benefits others, you will naturally have people making their app for you. Even if they come hundreds and hundreds of years after if you've done something good enough, if you've been there for people, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will turn those

00:27:05--> 00:27:44

hearts so that they will make their app for you as well, even if you yourself are not soliciting it. And on the opposite end, obviously, do not be a person now toggle to Sabah cardi company manual other Don't be a person who voids his charity by men and other which means by boasting about it. If you go to your brother and your sister and you tell them that you're making your as a form of men as a form of boasting, then it can actually be a form of relief, it can actually be a form of showing off and can actually be against you on the Day of Judgment. It can mean absolutely nothing. If you say it sometimes as a form of hurt as a form of love to show that look, I love you, then that's

00:27:44--> 00:28:28

fine. But when you say it with the intention of boasting that it takes away all of the baraka all of the goodness of that you're out which is why the prophets lie some specified Villarreal hype, when you're all alone, and no one sees you how beautiful all alone and no one sees you. And you push yourself and you bring yourself to say, Oh Allah, guide that person. Oh ALLAH forgive that person. Oh Allah, that person's going through hard times, make it easy for them. You actually push yourself to deprive yourself of sleep in the last third of the night, to make dua for people to ask Allah for their goodness. How beautiful is that? An imam Raja, Allah to Allah He said that just as that

00:28:28--> 00:28:34

brother is belonging late is unseen. The angel is also unseen. And both of them are making

00:28:35--> 00:29:15

both of them are making their art. So there's, it's a beautiful equation, it's creating this, this this tranquility and it's creating this correlation. And this companionship between brothers and also between angels and human beings that the angels are making do out for you because you are making dua for that person without that person even seeing you. And I'll end with a beautiful story. And it's one Subhanallah that that, you know, that is very touching. It's not the prophets like Selim, but it's very touching and it truly is an example for us. And it shows you how a family is also established and how children are raised with good Adam with good manners. Abdullah Imam, Imam

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Muhammad Abdullah, the son of Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah. He said that I used to see my father every single night when he would wake up for a piano lead when he'd wake up for his last third of the night. He pulled out a Sahifa he had a little tablets. And he had on it, the names of all sorts of people that he would make their software at night. That's probably actually used to keep a list of people to make their app for at night when no one was watching it. And he said that I've never seen on that list he used to erase and put names and so on so forth. I've never seen on that list any less than 70 people. And he said the people on that list included his teachers. It included his

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scholars and included his parents and included his family members. It included his students

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It included the people that tortured him in prison.

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It's Paula when he used to stand up at night he even had the names of the people that were torturing him. And they used to torture him when he was in prison. And he would stand up every night and he would read their names and ask Allah subhanaw taala for goodness for them. And he says one night, he was really tired. And he slept past the usual point of the night where he'd wake up. You know, these people didn't have alarm clocks back then, right. They woke up at a particular time it was instilled inside of them to wake up at a particular time in the night. So he said, he usually used to wake up at this time. And he slept a little past up, and he said, I saw a makeup and he was sweating. So I

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went up to him, and I told him what happened. Did you see some sort of nightmare? Did you see some sort of shape on? What happened? Why are you sweating? So he said that while I was sleeping, he said, I saw in a dream. All of these deceased brothers and sisters, all of these people that I usually make that for his teachers and, and the people that he used to know that passed away, Pamela crosses generations. And he said they were all standing in front of me. And they said, how la quinta for as long as the Elena to Warren, shouldn't you stand up and light up our graves a little bit? So didn't you stand up and ask Allah to forgive us and send something away? How there are people that

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passed away, and this shows you when he would stand up, he would stand up so sincerely for them. It wasn't just reading off the list of ALLAH forgive Mohamed Omar No. One by one he takes his time he reflects on their circumstances he empathizes with those that are alive and he makes them out for them. One by one with his enemies. He asked Allah subhanaw taala to guide them and to forgive them. One by one by those who passes away he mentioned the good that they used to do and he asked Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on them and forgive him. And so how many dead brothers and sisters that have passed away? are wondering the same thing about us? Shouldn't you be up seeking forgiveness for

00:31:58--> 00:32:28

shouldn't you be lighting up our graves with good deeds and forgiveness on our behalf? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people whose hearts are filled with the love of Allah subhanaw taala and the love of the believers and the love of people and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a people who are driven to sincerity to sincerely make their heart for their brothers and sisters, those that have wronged them and those that have assisted them, those that have passed and those that are living alone, I mean Akula polyantha was stuck for a while he will come when he started the Muslim infrastructure and the whole world.

00:32:51--> 00:33:25

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Allah sweeties kitty Marta, Adi he also he was salam to Sleeman Kathira We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forgive us into purify our hearts we ask Allah subhanaw taala and not to allow our hearts to go straight after they have been guided. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to remove any form of zeal, any form of hatred or envy or jealousy or pride from our hearts and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to unite our hearts and unite our ranks. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us productive as individuals and as communities and to be amongst those that strive with the methodology in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

00:33:25--> 00:34:01

sallam to bring about greatness in this world and to achieve greatness for themselves and salvation in the hereafter. Allah Allah fit in what we need me nuts when we're singing I will Muslim out here even on Walmart in like a semi on curry booty boo that works a lot. My friend and our wife one hour or two at Dibner are gonna Valentina and fusina are in a tougher line. I will tell him that. Then I caught in the middle ha serene La Mina CAFO when Kareem went to head with alpha 511 in the CAFO And Kareem went to head with alpha five for Anna Allama thirdly, Wiley, Dena, Rotherham, Omar Kamara bonus era of benevolent admin as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan will Jana limit

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subpoena Imam Lamassu mustafina famous article Autodromo Viterbi Allama is Islam or when mysoline was in the Szybko Academy and then there are the ultimate article Vitamina with Vitamina worth reaching out with one and invading himself I mean, about Allah and Allah He hadn't even done what he thought about when how and in fact, he wouldn't want to tell you well about a year ago when Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has to come or screw right in there now is it luck? What are the Corolla Corolla he I don't want to toss in our own welcome Salah

00:34:33--> 00:34:35

Allahu Akbar Allah like one should