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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the Bible's verse 30, which describes promises of Islam to deliver on promises. They share examples of woman witnessed recounting a story of a Roman Empire returning to their city and emphasize the importance of faith and resilience in facing hardship. The promise of an afterlife is also linked to a study on black people and their expectations of death.
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if they're good or not long was done now are getting a lot of really angry faces a lot of Mustang Subhanallah Armada asked me to lead and

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I'm from Michigan, but I was like freezing in this weather a lot of Mustang. I wasn't ready to lead the salah. But when he asked me to lead, I was thinking in the lead enough, Paul, you're gonna love Mr. Como is a 30 have sort of foresee that this is a verse that every Muslim should reflect on frequently. That is the karma, if you will.

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And this is tied to so many other things. We really don't have the time for it. Otherwise, really, we will be here for an hour. But just in short, I want to share one quick thing about this verse. I think it's verse 30, sort of firstly, that translated as those who say, My Lord is Allah in Alladhina, Kado Rabona law, meaning the Muslims, those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala. And they die upon it, they die upon it, you're going to get some good news, there's a promise. But right before that, what does Allah subhanaw taala tells you, it's tied to the Stockholm, the act of steadfastness. And what's beautiful about the good news that's coming in the Promise of Allah

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subhanaw taala. And both of these verses that you heard in beginning of both broadcasts,

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is that it's tied to a larger theme and a framework in the Quran. I was Subhanallah working on a paper for your clean Institute. And it was about the promises of Allah subhanaw taala specifically, that are considered prophecies, information about the future that no human being can possibly know. And one of the things I started noticing as I was doing research, is when you bring about all of these different promises, you realize there are many types and they affect your everyday life. The Sahaba witnessed a number of things happening at that time. So I'll give you an example. Some people when they watch sports, I'm not talking about anyone who's here. But some people when they watch

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sports, they go to an extreme, like their team winning is like a victory upon victories for them it sports hamdulillah could be moved back for some people haram for others, but in that case of Soho victory, there's something really interesting that happens internally to us. The Sahaba witnessed and Allah subhanaw taala foretold this. The Sahaba witnessed what happened first in terms of the Battle of Beddit. And they also witnessed the rebounding of an empire that had just surrendered they were willing to become a client state to the Persians, and this is the Roman Byzantines. And as reported to me the one of the companions reported on the day the news reached them that the Roman

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Empire had come back. They heard the news from Mecca. First of all, the revelation of what are you about to ruin the Romans was in Mecca. Less than nine years later, as Allah subhanaw taala had stated had told them less than nine years later, as they were in Medina near 624, approximately, they received news and one of the companions said was slimmer under daddy, Kennison cathedra. On that day, a lot of people became Muslim. Why? Because they witnessed amongst other things, the Promise of Allah came true. And I want you to imagine if you were Muslim back then, and you're being mocked in Mecca, this is the early phase of Islam you're being mocked because the Romans who had

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just been defeated in numerous battles from 602 to 628, defeated in so many different ways they were willing to surrender. Some historians non Muslim historians who specialized in Roman Byzantine history said it was on the basically on the verge of collapse to the extent that they surrendered, directly surrendered. And yet there was a rebound. No human being could have predicted this. So this is one example of a Promise of Allah subhanaw taala that took place in the lives of the companions, and it reinforced their faith, their belief in Allah subhanaw taala their Eman increased, and they also rejoiced not just because the promise came true, this was a sign of the veracity of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi salam, the another clear amongst many other proofs that the Quran is from Allah subhanaw taala cannot doubt this anymore. So if anyone had ever wondered or doubted, amongst the people who are watching the Muslim community grow, they could not doubt anymore. But then you look at the rest of the promises in the Quran. And you find just as that promise came true, every other Promise of Allah will come true. The promise in that particular Surah Surah. To room the promises were linked to the athlete, the beginning of the surah is about the Roman Byzantine Empire. They saw this with their own eyes, they witnessed this amongst many other miracles. And then they are

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reminded for the rest of the surah as this promise came true, and you witnessed it as one of many signs of Allah. So two is the promise of an afterlife. So two is a promise of meeting Allah. This is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala you're not so in the wild Allah here. The Promise of Allah is true. fell out of Oregon nochmal higher to dunya do not let this world deceive you while you're running a Camilla Hill hora. Do not let the chief deceiver the devil deceive you as well. Meaning to distract you, to make you doubt to make you wonder about what happens when you die. And then finally coming back to the first verse that I started with. The idea that was recited at the beginning is a

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verse that every Muslim needs to reflect on because it comes with a boost of motivation and faith, steadfastness resilience, coping with hardship, the ability

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to look ahead, that Allah is promising you, and this is a beautiful, beautiful glad tidy, if you hold on to your faith and you die upon Islam, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all consistency upon Islam and the ability to die upon Iman Allahumma Amin The Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that the angels will come to the angels of Mercy tetanus has led him only acre to Allah to Hoffa, Walla, Jefferson who have no fear nor sadness, there's no sadness or fear for the one who dies in a good state. We grieve we feel sad we may feel fear at times and discomfort thinking about what's what there is after death, but those who die in a good state are promised by Allah subhanaw taala for the

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whole family who motor home yeah, has anyone there's no sadness for them, and then they're given the glad tidings of Jana WEPs you know, Bill Jannetty let you continue to do the promises of Allah subhanaw taala are many. In fact they are so many inshallah Tada I was not planning to do this but I'll plug it in. Next month I will be coming back to Dallas inshallah Tada for another of Institute and mass Dallas will be hosting this inshallah Tada, we will have a three hour program exploring the promises of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, with some of the stories of the companions, what they experience and the promises we all engage in or with or through every single day of our lives, such

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as the promise of making dua, the Rooney study black home, what I'll ask of you just as an advice and this is something I try to do as much as I can, is to read the Quran with a specific theme in mind that you're looking for for today. So the next time you read Quran inshallah Tada right after this and shout out before get back to the game. Next time you read Inshallah, tada look for the promises of Allah, you'll find that there are so many that in a class of 100 people I asked them just within 60 seconds, open up randomly the most has read from anywhere you will come across a promise of some form. So as you're reading the Quran, look for the promises of Allah subhanaw taala

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and make sure that you're taking in these promises and they're they're being internalized, you're not just reciting them, so that you can act upon them. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who believe in His promises while de la la, Allahu Allah, Allah never breaks His promises. May Allah subhanaw taala has to die upon Iman to be a source of guidance for others to be resurrected in a good state and to be given the glad tidings at the time of death as well along that mean salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa, are suffering

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