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The importance of praying every day and not being afraid of people from the Muslim community is emphasized. Prayerers are given the opportunity to pray and to receive blessings, and the need for everyone to actively call for peace and safety is emphasized. The success of praying at night and finding the right person to address one's own circumstances is emphasized, as well as the importance of protecting Islam's image and not the image of one.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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ash Hadwen Mohammad Rasool Allah

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rockin and rollin in that hamdulillah in Idaho and a stain on our stuff you don't want us to hottie we're not you know we wanted to like it or any one or other be left leaning maturity unforeseen elements see RTR Medina mania de la Jota Allah Fela mobile Allah woman you'd live for entity that actually in Murshida Why should you Allah EDA in the law why the whole last rica the whole MOLKO alone hemmed up where you need to hire now you're more to be added will hire or who are alike Felicia in Kadir or shadow anna Muhammad Abdul Rasool was Sophie who was a little added a Manitoba lover risotto Tommaso hallelujah Akasha Phil one Ouattara can add in marriage it'll be law legal.

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How can I hurry her leg is Ivana in LA Hurlock Friday off to La sala to attend with Tasneem Weiner early he will be he won't understand to be so naughty. He you know Yeoman Dean Allama Jonah minhang I mean Alladhina amanu Samuel Sliney Hardy Otto also will help you but also the sub, I mean, Robert and Amin will also come when FCB Tapachula Emma Rana will help what Carla to Allah you Hello, Dina. I'm an otaku. Allah have come to party. Willa termo tune in to Muslim on your NAS it Sakuraba Kamala D Hala Kakuma, Nelson Wahida wahala come in has Jaha obits Amin humare Jad and kefir on one isa WhatsApp Kula Lolita certainly gonna be here with our hands in Allah can Alikum Raptiva you're

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Latina, Amarillo, taco La La Kulu colons Dida, use the LA comme la we offer la comme de Nova calm when the Utah ala Rasulillah who *a differs 1000 Alima. From our bed we begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, declaring his perfection and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed, except for him Subhana wa Tada And we bear witness that Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu wa Salam is his final messenger that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sent him as a mercy to the world as an example to us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, on his family, his companions and those that follow in his example until the

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day of judgment, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst them Allah Allah Amin, the brothers and sisters, obviously, going to the greatest gathering, the greatest annual gathering

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On earth every year gives one perspective. And subhanAllah truly when you go to Hajj, and you see the Muslims gathered there, every single year, you see the direction that the OMA is taking. You see, the obsession that we have with the beautiful buildings, the fancy buildings, the VIP, luxury, Deluxe, whatever it is that you want to call it, accommodations, and then neglect of the poor on the outside, right behind those buildings that cannot even eat or drink for the day. You see the the selfishness and the greed. You see the arrogance, you see the lack of unity, you see many things unfortunately, when you go to Hajj that would not that are not two

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that are not too appealing, and that don't make you too happy. And don't make you feel too good about yourself. And subhanAllah one of the things that

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I realized every single year as I go there, the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah just giving us the opportunity to go into visit his house, giving us the opportunity to walk those footsteps of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and then our Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and seeing and being a part of that great gathering and of course, out of, you know, especially on the day of Friday as a middle column, Rahim Allah wrote about the virtues of autofill, on the day of Friday was the hedge of the prophets of Allah and he was setting them out of hours on the day of Friday as well. And the last hour of alpha and the people making sure you see those types of things as well that that really

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allow you to realize that there is still good in this online that it's not over yet. The Muslims are not done. Allah's Mercy has not been withdrawn from us you still have people that will come every single year answering the call of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah saying, the beak Allah whom Allah beak and crying and really getting into there, do you realize that the OMA is not deprived of good but one thing that I see every single year? As I always ask my group about the people that are there living in Mecca, you would think to yourself, you know, they really have it easy there, in the sense that they get to pray every Salah in the huddle, and they get what the profit slice that I'm talking

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about 100,000 rewards 100,000 times each salon here we are praying in Valley Ranch. And our salon is not 100,000 times it is 25 or 27 times due to it being in Jamar but you know what, as much as we love our community, it's not it's not equal to 100,000 Salas as it is in Mecca. It's not equal to 1000 in Medina and you think about that and you think to yourself, What did I do to deserve this? And what did they do to deserve that? What did I do to have to live away from Muslim haram and have to pay 1000s of dollars to get that once in a lifetime opportunity to go into pray one Salah in the masjid they get to do that all the time? Why do they have that position? And why don't I have that

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position? I've been asked that question by many people. You know, is it that Allah preferred these people because when you see the people of Mecca, they're not very kind? And he would say what is it that Allah subhanaw taala gave these people this beautiful blessing. I bet they do ombre every single week and they go to Hajj every single year. And subhanAllah I would do this every single year, every single year on my way back to the airport, to Matata and Hajaj the terminal in Jakarta. If you want to call it an airport, where they fly the judge out after they finish their heads journey every single year. I'll ask the driver. Have you ever done hedge before?

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And every single time I've been to hedge the driver has said no.

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Can you imagine that? Where are you from? I'm from Mecca. Where are you from? I'm from Medina. Where are you from? I'm from Jeddah from Riyadh. You've never done Hajj before. No because this is the only time that I can work.

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I think to myself Subhan Allah, look at the blessing that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon those that have come from far away to do Hajj here we are 1000 miles away and Allah Subhana Allah Allah blessed us with the opportunity to go into Hajj and there are people that have been living there for 3035 40 years and even more than have never done Hajj before and they don't get the opportunity to pray in the masjid much. Some of it obviously is not with legitimate reasoning because we know that hajj is like Salam when a person is able to do so when a person is financially and physically capable of going to judge how just like Salah Hajj becomes fuddled on you, you have

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to do hatch. It's absolutely necessary to requirements. So for some people, that's just attempts to make more money, but for some people, they genuinely cannot afford to go to hajj and they live right there. Right next to the huddle. Can you imagine being a cab driver that every single year drops people off in a harem during the time of Hajj and you've never experienced that sweetness, you hustle and you bustle for 200 yards or 300 yards depending on on how foreign the person is that's in Saudi that you can you can get more money out of them you hustle him and try to get your amount for that day taking him to min

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taking him to autofit someone's dead Eva, and you've never done Hajj before.

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And I thought to myself, truly ALLAH SubhanA which Allah has given everyone their share, Allah azza wa jal has given everyone their opportunity. Allah subhana, Allah to Allah has blessed everyone with their own unique circumstances, those people there would envy you, because you have that opportunity. Even though you're 1000s of miles away, those people there would wish they had that opportunity. There are people that spend their entire lives at 8590 years old trying to get to hedge and when they finally get there, they don't have the hotels, they don't have the buses, they're sleeping in the streets, but they're happy because they work their entire lives to get there. Those

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people wish that they could be you. Whereas many of us in here probably have had the means to go to Hajj multiple times we said you know what? Business I could make a little bit more money. I've got this this this venture coming up. I've got this endeavor coming up. Let me delay it in sha Allah next year, many of us probably have delayed Hajj many times. Many of us have been lazy with the opportunity and I'm guilty of this as well that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has opened for the door of Amara don't take advantage of that. Allah azza wa jal gave you that opportunity. Why am I bringing this all up? Because Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has blessed you with certain blessings. And on the

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Day of Judgment, the greatest regret that you would have and this isn't about Hajj, the hope was not about how much the greatest regret that you would have is that Allah subhanho wa Taala opened a door for you to worship Him and you didn't take advantage of that door. As Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, yo mama you Keisha for unstack we are the owner in a sujood fella. Yes, totally ruined. Allah subhanaw taala says that on the Day of Judgment when he exposes it a sense of how to how to add it in a way that's befitting to him rasool Allah Subhan Allah it was said I'm suddenly authentic hadith Yaksha for uncertainty Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah azza wa jal would expose his shin in a

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way that befits him subhanho wa taala. And then every believer would fall into suit. Every single believer would fall into prostration would bow down as they've always known how to bow down to Allah subhanaw taala. When they when they were fully able to pray, and they couldn't see Allah subhanho to Allah, they bow down to Allah subhanaw taala and they prostrate so obviously now they are seeing something of Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course they will bow down they will prostrate willingly, they're not going to hesitate at all, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there will be some people whose backs will be straightened and stiffened. They won't be able to move, they

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will try to fall into sujood they'll try to prostrate because they know that they're supposed to they know that this is the part where I'm supposed to bow down there is no data here or debate here about whether it's Islam Christianity or Judaism. There's it's no longer debate. It's no longer a should I pray or not or am I praying to the right God or not? I'm supposed to fall into such the hair I'm supposed to pray here. But Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, fellow you're still to your own. They will not be given the blessing of being able to make sujood of being able to prostrate to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah on that day. Why what God can do you don't wanna either so God well I'm

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sorry. Because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah used to call them to prostrate Allah azza wa jal used to call them to such that when there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, when they were at peace, they were called over and over and over again to pray. And you might be thinking to yourself, well, I pray sometimes, sometimes I pray. Well, think about this. On the Day of Judgment, the Prophet SAW Selim he also said that as we arrive at a slot as we arrive at the bridge, the path which is over hellfire, which leads to genuine, there will be some people that will walk some people that will call some people that will run some people that will cross faster than the blink of an eye. And also

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allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are some people that as they crawl, there will be hooks, that would take them off of a slot and into hellfire. The first hook that would grab them, do you know which hook that is? A salah is the hook of prayer. And the prophets of Allah who it was set on what he alluded to, was that a person would have to make up their prayers. In Johanna Maria Billa. Can you imagine that? For what reason? Did you miss that prayer when you were here and dunya? Why? Because you were afraid of a little bit of awkwardness and you were in public. Would you trade on the Day of Judgment, that awkwardness that you had in public or that that I'm a little tired? So

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I'm just gonna wait a little bit more time? I'll pray later on. Maybe I'll pray it later on. Or you know, I'm shopping right now and I'm not really sure I want to go home yet or I'm out here. I'm out there. Would you trade that for the punishment of having

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To make your Salah up in Jahannam whenever you have the biller, of course you would, and the believer doesn't wait for them to recognize his blessing his Nirma that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah blessed you with that opportunity that you are in a country where you could pray even in the south, you could go in you could pray anywhere, and you have the legal right to do so. And the only thing you have to worry about is awkwardness and feeling a little bit of strange and isolated. That's it. Allah azza wa jal gave you that opportunity. Allah subhanaw taala gave you the ability to fast. And there are people in this world that cannot fast. There are Muslims that live in countries where

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they're so oppressed, that the governments will make sure that they don't fast they will put food in their mouth and see if they swallow it or not. They'll monitor whether or not they eat at lunch at work or at school. There are provinces in China that are like that. Were Muslims were prevented from fasting this year. You had that opportunity. Did you skip a fast for a lame reason? You know, just because you didn't feel like it that day. Are you taking advantage of your voluntary fasting because Allah Subhana Allah gave you that opportunity as well. You are here in salata Juma and there are some people that are prevented from praying salata Juma. There are people today that stood at the

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gates of Masjid Al Aqsa, may Allah subhana wa Tada liberate Masjid rocksalt, Lama Amin, and were given a yellow card to give to the Zionist government so that they could have permission to get in. And if they didn't have that card that was written in a language that they can't understand why they're oppressors and we're not able to turn that in, they would not be able to pray so a lot of Juma today, and many people were turned away today from the masjid that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led all of the MBR in prayer. They were turned away. You have that opportunity? Do you come late? Are you lazy with your obligation? Or do you appreciate that narrative that's been

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given to you? There are Muslim countries where if you go to the masjid, you're monitored by the government. Because if you go too much, that must mean that you're affiliated with this terrorist organization and this group and you start getting watched and you start getting harassed. Allah azza wa jal has put you in a situation where you're not in that situation, you can come to the prayer, and you don't have to worry. You can come to the Salah, you can come to the masjid. Is anyone stopping you? Is anyone telling you, hey, you're going to the masjid too much as the FBI knocked on your door because you're going to the masjid too much? No. It's our own paranoia. It's all in our

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head because we have young people that when they started to get religious, what did their parents tell them? Hey, look, you're gonna start being watched. You need to calm down. Stop going to the masjid so much. Your beard is getting a little bit too long. Don't wear hijab, it's dangerous in this country don't wear hijab, it's all in our head. It's all paranoia and Subhanallah that's the type of behavior which actually produces radicals and extremists and people that that lose it because that frustration builds and it's done vented out in an unhealthy way. It's all in our heads who told you that you can't participate more in the masjid participate more in your mshs get more

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involved in Darwin, things of that sort. It's in our head, Allah Subhana Allah Allah gave you that blessing. And Allah subhana wa Tada did not prevent you from the ability to do that with from the ability to come to the masjid from the ability to participate. Now why am I bringing this all up right now with everything that's going on in the world with what we saw happen in Canada, you know, the terrorist attack there and then we have in New York a guy that walks up to police officers Allah Tada item, if that's affiliated, but I'm sure they'll make it out to be affiliated, even if it's not, and starts hacking police officers, and Islamophobia is on the rise. And now Muslims have to

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worry a little bit more. To be honest with you. It was a statement that I came across from an email and according to the Rahim Allah to Allah, he comments on the idea where Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says to the prophets like Selim belif, not on ZTE, they come in Lubbock delivered the message that was given to you from your Lord in them tough Alpha but lacked a result and if you have not, if you do not do what Allah subhanaw taala commands you to do in delivering the message you have not done your job. And Allah subhanaw taala says will allow you a single coming in us and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will protect you from the people as a result of your doing your data as a result of

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your being active as a result of your doing your job, you will gain the protection of Allah subhanho To add an imam of course to him Allah to Allah he comments on that I have the first line he says he says in the feminine.

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The price of being able to live and safety and security is a Dara is that you call people to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is your lease on living in a country where you have that peace and you have that freedom and you're able to and you're able to practice your religion freely. Allah subhanho To Allah has given it a price and the price of that is that well, that doesn't mean knocking on peoples door. I'm not asking you to become Jehovah's Witnesses. That means that you actively

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are calling people to Allah subhanho to Allah, with your words with your deeds with your with your character, you are active in calling everyone to Allah subhanaw taala when you go out of your house in the morning, and you realize that you have safety and security, and you have the ability to go to work and to be respected and not be treated like a second class citizen, where you'd probably be treated like a second class human in many Muslim countries, because you're not the nationality of that country. You have that ability here, you go there with a mentality of Dawa, you go there with the hat of being an ambassador of Islam. Allah has given me an AMA, Allah has given me a blessing, I

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need to demonstrate the beauty of my religion, because Allah has given me peace and security. And he said, When the people whom I'm going to go to besides this, he says, when the people fail to take advantage of the peace that's been given to them, and call people to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal will remove that piece from them. Allah will remove and Allah will remove that security from them. Why? Because they didn't do what Allah subhanho To Allah commanded them to do, in that situation that was given to them. Now it's not all lost, and we're not in the shoes of at the moment, of course, to be who's reflecting on Andaluza now he's in in Egypt and reflecting on how

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when he was almost captured and how Muslims were doing great. in Cordoba, in Spain and Angeles, we're not in that situation. But Allah Subhana Allah has given us a blessing Allah subhanaw taala has put us in a situation where now more than ever, we are supposed to be using what Allah has given us a means of peace of security, to call people to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to counter the narrative that's out there in the media, because you know, what, if we did our jobs, if we were all out there calling people to Allah subhanaw taala, with our behavior, with our actions, with our character, demonstrating the beauty of Islam, we don't need to counter the narrative in the media,

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people will counter it for us, the day that people reject the narrative in the media, without us having to have our media, which is an important sphere as well, because it's only realistic that we also have to have our own share of the media, the day that people naturally reject that narrative, because they know Muslims, and they know the beauty of Islam through Muslims is the day that we don't have to live in fear every single time and attack happens and says, I hope it wasn't a Muslim. I hope they don't find a way to tie this to Islam. Oh, no, they pulled up his Facebook page, and he had an ISIS like, we're in trouble now. Now we have to sell to our kids when we go out. Now we have

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to be careful. Now we have to do this. Now we have to do that.

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The point is, is that we shouldn't be waiting for that NEMA to be taken away from us to make use of it that which Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. I was shocked, absolutely shocked when I went I went to Jordan after Hutch. And you know, we just we just went through the the process that we went through the massacre in Gaza. And it's not over yet. By the way, the humiliation, I know that it's not in the news right now. But it's not over yet. But we just went through this this really heated moment in the West, you had protests, you had demonstrations, you had calls to this calls to that. And I'm thinking to myself, the Muslim world must have been on fire.

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And I'm talking to people in Jordan. And they're like, actually, there weren't many demonstrations at all. Actually, people here aren't boycotting. In fact, if you go to the store, you can see the products the fruits even say made in Israel and people will buy them. People have submitted themselves in the Muslim world. It's not just specific to Jordan, it's actually most of the Muslim world. People have submitted themselves to this humiliation that you know what it's over. We can't do anything anymore. Let's just be quiet and accept our circumstances. They say, wait a minute, you guys were able to protest? Yeah, the police didn't beat you with anything. No, no one fired tear gas

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at you know, they can't even believe it, that we had that opportunity. It doesn't cross their minds. And we could sit there and say Alhamdulillah we live in America and everything is great. But you know what things can change very, very, very quickly. And we have to make sure that we're making use of what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given to us. Allah gave you a voice here, Allah subhanaw taala gave you a platform, Allah gave you an opportunity, stop running away from your responsibilities, and make use of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you. And this is again, I don't want it to become a huge tangent, the greatest Nerima that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you.

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The greatest blessing Allah has given to you as a slap. There is no blessing in your life, including your life that is greater than the blessing of Allah Subhan of Islam. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah says on the Day of Judgment, let alone Naomi Dinantian nine, you will be asked about every single blessing that's been given to you but also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that when he was once with Beckett and UModel, the Allahu Anhu and they hadn't had water for a long time they were they were dying of dehydration, and they finally got some water and as their tea

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

Taking those sips of water Rasulullah sai sallam, he looks at them and he says well Allah He lettuce Aluna and I swear by Allah, you're going to be asked about this, Allah subhanaw taala provided you a sip of water, you'll be asked about that on the Day of Judgment. What then of Islam, which teaches us to appreciate that water and how to drink that water and gives us a reason to live? What then of this religion that Allah Subhana Allah has given to us and there is no doubt that we have to be grateful for it and show that gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah you know the mahbubani for Rahim Allah had a very beautiful perspective on this. Someone asked him how do you retain knowledge and

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how do you keep on getting more knowledgeable How do you reach that level of energy How do you reach that level of knowledge we're just resides in your heart in your head you're able to diagnose situations you don't forget you don't forget the narrations you memorize you don't forget the Quran. How is it that you've managed to maintain this and you know what he says? He says Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah insha Allah tomb that as Eden, Nico, if you are grateful that I will increase you. He says so I think Allah subhanho wa Taala for the knowledge that he gave to me and every time I think he increases me in that, and I think Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the for

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Iman and every time I thank Allah for Eman, he increases me in that Allah has done has given you something so special, you should be thanking him for it, you should be proud of it, you should be grateful for it. And you might think to yourself, well, we can't do much right now we're in a situation where you know, we just have to we just have to be successful and we just have to make our world here and make our dunya here and then later on we can start thinking about these things. Let's get our feet settled first. Now remind you of a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu it was said where there are two brothers in the presence of the Prophet slice and I'm one brother always spends time

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with Rasul Allah slice and I'm he gets the opportunity to listen to the Hulkbuster listen to the Holocaust, to spend personal time with the prophets like Selim, the other brother is working and he's making money and he's sponsoring his brother who is able to do that. And this brother obviously comes to the Prophet SAW Allah and he was salam and he's upset you know, it's not fair. And again it goes back to that mentality it's not fair how come he gets this and I don't get that not realizing that Allah gave him something. Allah gave him a share of net a share of blessings and when it comes to the profit slice and I'm complaining and also loss I said I'm says to him that I like a total

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Zack Kobe. It may be that the only reason Allah gives you money in the first place is because you spend on your brother don't discount the situation that you're in Don't be little the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you some how to love that man. You know, one of my teachers said I'm gonna see shiny happy to Allah to Allah. I remember when he when he shared this hadith he cried. And he said he said somehow a lot of that man was was upset because he only got to see the prophets lie Selim a few times a week. And here we are, and we wouldn't do anything for the opportunity to see the Prophet slice I'm just one time we would wish that Allah gives us the opportunity to to see

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the prophets lice and I'm in a dream once or to see him once but that man he feels like he didn't get his fair share of life because he only sees the profit slice and um, a few times a week, Allah has given you something and Allah has given you ways to please him. And Allah has given you an environment and Allah has given you circumstances, use them. And subhanAllah you know, in that situation as well, just building on that hadith. Mohammed Abdullah McClendon, Mohammed bin Mohammed Al Rahim Allah as a famous Tabori. And you know, usually when you read about the tambourine and you read about the setup, you read about the predecessors, you you hear about these people that spend

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all night praying in Korean Malay crying in tahajjud, always reading Quran, their houses are buzzing and things of that sort. The home of Muhammad, then mackinder was always quiet. So people started to talk. Here's the scholar of ours. And this is the generation of the tambourine where it was the norm to pray 200 and keyamo level, it was the norm to pray at night. And he's not getting up and praying at night. You know what he responded? He said that my brother prays all night long. And he said so and so referring to some of the tambourine stands up in praise all night long. And he mentioned the few of the tambourine. He said, This person stands up and prays all night, he said, I spent the

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night massaging my mother's feets.

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And he said, Well, Allah, He, I would not change my situation for anything. I would not wish to exchange my position with his position for anything. He saw that as a blessing. Allah gave me an opportunity. Allah put an atma in front of me that my mother is in front of me. Some people don't have that Nirma and I can massage her feet, I can be in her service. I'm not going to give that nearmap hamdulillah Allah gave me something to do. Allah gave me a way to please Him. And the whole conclusion of that is web Attari female attack Allah, a doll archaea, seek with what Allah gave you, his pleasure, the Hereafter. And it's interesting because Allah says female attack Allah with

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Allah gave you already saying that Allah azza wa jal has given you enough. Allah subhanaw taala has given you something unique, he's given you ways of seeking His pleasure. Stop thinking about lowly gold, stop thinking about if I live there, stop thinking about if I had this much, or if I was in this community or if I was in this country, or if things were a little bit different now, no use what Allah gave you to please Him and seek His pleasure and be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And when you go to sleep at night, and you say to him did he laugh or the roof over your head and, and and the AC being on and everything like that, also say Alhamdulillah that you were able to

00:30:41--> 00:31:14

pray a lot to the mission that you could wake up and pray for the AMOLED and the rockets over your home or not what's going to wake you up it will be your alarm clock, your comfortable, iPhone five or whatever it is that you have, thank Allah subhanho to Allah for that blessing that Allah has given you a slap. We think Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and we praise him for the blessing of Islam, the blessing of a Salah, the blessing of Allah Eman, the blessing of Darat and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings and to forgive us if we show in gratitude for those blessings either in word or deed. Lahoma I mean, a Buddha was talking about Ebola commonly cited and

00:31:14--> 00:31:16

Muslimeen for stuff you do in the whole world before Rahim.

00:31:34--> 00:32:13

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever Guan Illa Allah voila. Meanwhile, Aktiva to dealing with suffering Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa barakaatuh avocado Sudha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to see him and cathedra their brothers and sisters that blessing you just had of making dua. Allah subhana wa Tada. He says that the people of hellfire would call on the guardians of hellfire, they would call on to husband to Johanna those that guard Hellfire ruler now Rebecca, you have a friend Yeoman Minella Call upon your Lord because we can't call upon him anymore. Call upon your Lord, to lighten up the punishment for us just for one day. And the

00:32:13--> 00:32:52

membership club at Rahim Allah to Allah Mohammed Amin, he says, look at the fourth, you can see four things in this message. Oh, dear Alana, Rob back call your Lord not our Lord because in this dunya they did not say Robbie, they didn't take advantage of that relationship they had with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So they'll say, Call upon your Lord, you have fifth not you and he to lighten not to end just to lighten which shows that they don't view Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in the right way. They don't view Allah as a gentle with good expectations. Yeoman just one day not for eternity, just one day meaning from the punishment. Just call upon Allah to lighten the punishment one day, and Subhan

00:32:52--> 00:33:30

Allah Allah azza wa jal, the angels would respond what didn't you have your opportunity to make their? Didn't you have your opportunity to call upon Allah subhanaw taala? Couldn't you just say Allahu wa Crapo Aleikum inhabited with Eden Allah subhanaw taala was closer to you than your jugular vein. Didn't ALLAH SubhanA wa say either set the bar the attorney for anybody call and I'm close to Allah subhanaw taala has made things easy for you. In our situation, there is absolutely no reason why no reason why we cannot fulfill our obligations to Allah subhanaw taala the extra stuff is for the person of conscience that hears this message and thinks I need to do more On the data front. But

00:33:30--> 00:34:09

if you're here and you're still struggling with the pillars of Islam, and the obligations if you will not fulfill your obligations to Allah subhana wa Tada in this situation with this much ease than what would you do if Allah subhanaw taala tested you with a little bit of hardship and put you in another country in another situation where you don't have that opportunity? And I leave you all with one story. Imam Muhammad Muhammad Rahim Allah to Allah spent much of his life in prison, much of his life in prison because of his integrity, because of his refusal to compromise this religion, despite everyone else around him compromising his religion. He went through Khalifa after Khalifa

00:34:09--> 00:34:51

after Khalifa torturing him and putting him in prison. He was beaten so many times that his body became numb to the beaten beatings. He was flogged so many times that he didn't have any skin left to be taken off of his back. But with that, what was his greatest remorse every single Friday, he used to go and he used to make horses. He used to take the bucket that was provided to him in prison. And he used to dump that water on himself and he used to do horses. And he used to dress in his clothes and he had a little a little canister, where he had some perfume. And that was the only day he would use it was Friday. And he'd go to the prison guard and he would beg him for the

00:34:51--> 00:34:54

opportunity to be released just to go press office

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

and every single week for over eight years.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

The prison guard would send him back to his son. And every single week the prison guard said every single week he would go to the corner of his cell and he would cry. And he would say, Oh Allah, I tried to go to Salafi Juma, but your creation prevented me.

00:35:15--> 00:35:52

spalla think about that. Eight years every week, all he wanted was this. That was it. The torture didn't make him cry of the physical abuse, that he just wanted to come pray Juma. Don't belittle that blessing either. Those of you that that came late, and I'm not picking on you, but this Masjid was half empty in the beginning of the ultimate. Do you think Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah would have missed that opportunity to come and be in the beginning of the hotbin amongst those who Allah subhanaw taala wrote down their names, don't just come just because it's an obligation I need to get it out the way thank Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for that, say, Alhamdulillah Allah brought you to

00:35:52--> 00:36:25

Juma. Alhamdulillah. Allah gave you this message gave you this religion and gave you this piece to be able to practice your religion and take advantage of it. Lust ALLAH SubhanA huzzah added removes that piece from us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala protection from that we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to bestow upon us the full appreciation of all of the blessings He has given to us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah, to honor us with Islam to honor us with iman. And to honor us on the Day of Judgment with the companionship a little sort of loss Allah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to protect our oppressed brothers and sisters all over the world. We ask

00:36:25--> 00:36:57

Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to grant them victory over their oppressors and to allow them to practice their religion freely. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada that those who wish harm upon Islam and the Muslims that Allah subhanaw taala foils their pluck. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that those who commit ugly deeds in the name of Islam and tarnish his beautiful religion we ask Allah Subhana Allah to do away with them. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to preserve the image of his religion and to preserve the honor of and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to preserve the honor of the believers all over the world Allahumma Amin Lama footed and what we need, not what a Muslim you know

00:36:57--> 00:37:30

what a Muslim out here even when I'm not in Mecca, Semia and Caribbean Mooji but there was a lot more footage than our Hamner white for ANA Allah to add Dibner Robina Valentina and for Santa we're in I'm tougher than our Homina Donna Coonan Amina ha serene Allah Mirza Islam Erwin Muslimeen well a little bit of color code the mean or dumb the deen Allah Allah Allah give lighting in a bit of light I mean well written I was wondering I mean being the him study mean about Allah and Allah yet little bit of the Sun what eater little Corbeau inherited fascia you wouldn't wouldn't carry with me. You're ever coming to Allah come to the Quran. First Corolla has got to come wash kuruva and Anna,

00:37:30--> 00:37:34

is it luck? What are the chroma he Akbar? Allah Haryana will not toss neurone Welcome to Salah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Allah Illallah Allah, a shadow one