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The speaker discusses the afterlife of Islam and the importance of facing one's mistake to avoid it. They explain that death is inevitable and people may experience loss and anxiety, and discuss the meaning of heroism and "odder". The speaker also emphasizes the importance of preparing for the worst-case scenario and embracing reality to achieve a righteous life. They stress the need for work to consider creatively and finding ways to diverse skills and use them globally.

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How many

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you want to study or want to stop feel not want to be left with surely fusina wanting to

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learn the language

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or may you please follow her the Allah Washington one La ilaha illallah wa Masha you can wash into unknown will have more than optimal Manasu Yeah Even the livina like half budget party one atom alternate

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law when in terms of Nelson Mandela What's up law in Alana from you don't even have time. All praise is due to unlock the One who created death and life in order to test you to see his best intervenes, we praise Him we seek His help, his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in a wall from the evils of our sins and the evils within ourselves. Whomsoever Allah guides because they sincerely seek guidance and unkindness die, and whoever he rightfully causes to be led astray because they do not sincerely seek guidance. None can guide that your witness that there's no deity worthy of worship except the law alone. And I've ever witnessed that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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peace be upon him is His servant and final messenger. Allah the Exalted reminds us in the Oval quota and what is translated as all you who believe all believers, be conscious of a law, and let every soul reflect on what you have sent forward for tomorrow. Let every soul reflect on what needs you have sent ahead for your afterlife and be conscious of a law. Verily, a law is aware of all that you do.

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It is estimated that on average, 150,000 people pass away every day around the world on average.

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And it's estimated that perhaps every 30 minutes or so every half hour, approximately 3000 People will die. 3000 souls will depart from their bodies in this world in the next 30 minutes on average.

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We know death is inevitable. We know this. In fact, in a number of studies in psychology and philosophy, there's a term for this mortality salience. This is the awareness that people have that death is inevitable that it is guaranteed for room for all people, atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other people. Death is inevitable. We know this. It's a fact. No one can deny this. Nobody can say it's not possible for me.

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The question is, how do you feel

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when you reflect on death? And I want you to reflect on this question very cautiously, because it is hopeful that we will present five death changing questions that can change our lives and our African lives. But I want you to ask yourself, not how you think about death. But how do you think about your death, your departure? Because you know that it is inevitable? What do you feel when you think about your departure from this woman?

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Fear, anxiety, mercy, love, hope longing to need along. You feel ready, you feel prepared you feel like you've done enough? Are the things you need to leave behind are your sins you need to overcome. Might you have regrets tomorrow? How do you feel about your death? This reality?

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When we look at the studies regarding mortality salience, we find that people respond to this death anxiety. Generally, with one of two things all people will generally think about their own death,

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with their actions in their lives and their goals and the things they do so reflect on yourself for a moment on your one of two categories. And of course, people may fluctuate. The two categories are

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to embrace or to escape. When it comes to the individual reflection on your death, your departure, there is an embrace of death as a reality and then there is an escape psychological escape.

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With regards to the first time where it gets a given for believers, people with religious views strong religious views. A great number of studies across a number of years and fields diverse in their backgrounds, and researchers have found people with strong religious beliefs about the afterlife about their own situation after death, tend to buffer overcome their death anxiety. So their religious belief helps you to cope.

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With that, and of course, we're not surprised by this. And number two escapism. And I don't want you to think when we say some people escape psychologically, that we're referring to atheists or agnostics or non Muslims alone, because even as Muslims and religious people in general, we may slightly fall into this category and other Muslims severely fall into this category. How would we know what is escapism? To escape psychologically, is to ignore the reality to be distracted by something else. So people who try to escape thinking about death will distract themselves with worldly things will become very busy, even if what they are doing is completely useless. mindless

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entertainment, countless hours of streaming videos, entertainments, video games, socializing, and sometimes they will make goals for themselves that are not connected to an ultimate objective to the afterlife to Allah. So they become distracted with his new hobbies, these new leisure as these entertainments at the expense of their athletic expense of their afterlife. Why is this a problem? When Allah subhanaw taala reminds people in the Quran reminds us very powerfully

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of God. You ever been distracted by mutual competition for worldly things? Until when? How does zero turn on and off until you visit the graveyards? And this has two meanings. And we'll cover that in sha Allah, and a future booklet. I want us to consider how we feel about our escapism. How often do we fall into this category as Muslims, that we become distracted and we feel uncomfortable with the reality of death? What is the greater obvious problem here? What is the obvious problem for a person who lives the life of escapism, they don't want to date them on their death. So they become distracted by worldly entertainment, temptations, society's invitations, the whispers of the devil,

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may Allah protect us all.

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And Allah reminds us for the evil that Allah will tell you ladies of the Runa remover in the Naboo. Paco say indeed the depth you try to run away from you think you're running away from it, it will still encounter you will still find it, you'll still experience it is guaranteed. I want you to think of the following analogy. Imagine someone is told the hurricane is coming. Guaranteed 100%. And here's a map, here's how you leave the city, here are the tools you need. But you need to leave now. And the person is afraid and they're anxious. Oh my god, this hurricane is coming.

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Escapism would be for someone in that situation to ignore it. Turn on their TV, watch TV for a few hours, go to sleep, fulfill their desires. And the hurricane is coming doesn't change the fact that a hurricane is coming and does not. The preparation is the only thing that is why is unreasonable.

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Someone tells you this building is on fire and you need to leave what do you do? Here's a map. Here's how you leave the building here that escape route, here are the tools you need. Here's a fire extinguisher and the person ignores you. And they sit back. And they don't want to face the reality of this fire that is coming. This guaranteed inevitable moment. So they distract themselves with her entertainment with their home with their sleep with their thoughts. What happens? We know that this is not reasonable. And yet as human beings and even yes as Muslims, we do this all the time.

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escapism, running away from thinking about our own inevitable departure. And I know yes, it's an uncomfortable thoughts. And that's exactly why I show live on a Sunday. Elsa, is it not uncomfortable for us to think about that? The one who was longing to meet Allah subhanaw taala is preparing for it. The only reasonable thing to do is to prepare for that moment to leave that building that's on fire to prepare for that thing that's coming. Can anyone is take death? No. So why would we not be ready for it? Why can we avoid thinking about it? And everything around us in society and numb the distractions that are around us our email abundance. It's easy for a human

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being today to waste time with useless mindless entertainment until the day that they die for it for over a century a person can watch videos and they won't run out. What does that tell us? In terms of our strategies, what it is that we need to be doing? I want us to consider some questions when it comes to this anxiety that we have. Because some people have a fear that they've been transformed psychologically do they channel into one escapism, so I don't want to think about it, it's too uncomfortable. So the sphere instead of transforming it into something that will lead to future regret. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who created death and life in order to test you under the

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Hanukkah lotto a coyote a new master lamina gave you the same for the same thing you fear gave you the tools to overcome it. Allah is the One who created death and that what you fear about it, or maybe anxious about it, gave you the tools so that you can embrace it and

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You embrace it, you find yourself liberated, liberated from the shackles of a dunya connected to a higher purpose knowing that as soon as your soul is leaving your body, so long as you do what is pleasing to Allah, the first thing you will hear is Allah to halt or wala toxin or have more fear, have no sadness, no place you're going to is righteous see us live truly a righteous life. I want you to consider the following five questions.

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The first when it comes to your own death.

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If you were to depart from this world, tonight's if this was the last thing you create for you in a dunya, and you're moving on to the Africa to Allah subhanho wa Taala to the setup. And that was the first question is What have you left behind? Think about concrete things, examples, maybe a soda you gave to some organization that you forgot about years ago, maybe you raise a really righteous child, and you're investing a lot of time raising religious children a very vague and confusing times in your radically skeptical age. Maybe you left behind something of beneficial knowledge you taught someone who left behind. Maybe you

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facilitated something good for society. Maybe you volunteered for local and global causes. What have you left behind? Number two? Why have you sent ahead? When you leave? What will you find waiting for you in your account?

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Well, the term will nestled up but let me so reflect on what you have sent forward for tomorrow.

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Number three, what might you regret tomorrow that you need to repent for today?

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There are some people who as soon as their souls leave their bodies they start to say I wish if only

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and we have so many examples so that we are reminded so that we don't fall into these traps so that we are not distracted in this world where people say yell at them Petunia hayati, I wish I did more for my life my hair after another person says go away turn the corner to law but I wish I were just so that I will not be punished on that day. Another person says yell at him. For Holly Isla I wish it did not take so and so's and Fred why because they misguided they influenced me in a negative way. And the last example yeah lady Tony you know Turkey Jamia, I wish I did not receive my book of deeds. These are words of regret. And the believers will follow the command of God and the

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revelation given to us Do not say these words in the next slide. But it cannot be based on false hope. You cannot expect that thing that you are not working for. Work for it. And you will find your son towards Allah your piety in terms of your knees will bring more of the mercy of Allah to you. In the documents alone. How are you gonna Marcin? May Allah protect us from the regrets of tomorrow through the actions through the productivity of today? Number four, ask yourself what can you do better moving forward? If we don't ask this question on a daily basis, we are going to be missing. Ask yourself.

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How will you die?

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Alone? Mozilla Hussmann Harding. Oh, Allah Brantas evidently, how will you leave this world the last 24 hours of your life in this world? What will you be doing? Nobody can guarantee how they need this one, nobody can guarantee them. And that might be a frightening thoughts. But the fear should be channeled into what's productivity, good habits, something righteous.

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A few nights ago, some of you many of you perhaps have heard that one of our dear brothers from the Michigan Community at the age of 23 years old, probably behind why he may Allah have mercy on a new part of town to a hostile cattle attack, may Allah persona and all of those, we departed before him. We leave this one. There are people who left this world they died while they were giving lectures, there are people who died in Tsutsumi at home in the middle of the night praying to hunt you. There are mothers who died giving birth and saying the Shahada. There are fathers who died protecting their families.

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And to contrast this, the reality is there are many people who cannot say the shahada at the time of death. And they were talking there are people who are told saying that either in the last approximately 25 years ago, this took place in Kuwait. C'est la vie. Now we know event of singing lyrics. Musical lyrics say that, you know, can you hear us I can hear you say that I know what you're not saying it's

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a sister who was going in the country cover her hair. She refused to rip down while she had the free will, at the time of death where who they're trying to have her say that anymore. And she's screaming taken off of me. She's screaming, I don't want to be covered.

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She's not able to say the Shahada. You cannot control how you will respond in the final moments unless you lift upon something. And that yes, maybe a frightening thought. But Allah subhana gives us what we need to embrace the reality and be ready for that moment. live a righteous life and you will die on it by the will of Allah and the prophets and the ones that have informed us that you will be resurrected upon what you died upon. This is

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Not to make someone feel bad that right now, they were not doing what they should have been doing. He was not praying she was not wearing a hijab, whatever it is an obligation of a lot. It's upon you. Start doing it now, do not procrastinate. Because your heart is still beating, you still have hope. If your heart is still beating, forget about what happened yesterday. Repent for it, but move forward for today. And think about that moment in which you need a loss of power to Allah tomorrow. The believer never loses hope. And Allah does not allow us for one test to lose hope. And he makes that explicitly clear in the Quran. So the one who's looking for progress remembers what's in them

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and Allah Behati deeds are judged by their conclusion. If you messed up yesterday, if you are not a good Muslim yesterday, if you fell into major sins yesterday or even today, you still have hope. But don't procrastinate. Don't wait until tomorrow. For for everyone who departed there was no tomorrow. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all a righteous life and the optimism and productivity and mercy and hope and endurance and perseverance to keep working towards him so that we have as well a righteous death and may Allah subhanaw taala was erupt us in a righteous state and righteous company along with me seek forgiveness from Allah is the Ark forgiving the Most Merciful Ubuntu holy ha That

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was something was even at home for so few in number 100. Enough was slaughtered.

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While early he was suffering, eat well, and well, in the long run and advocate on your side do not and Debbie.

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Sunday while he was sitting you to see

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it was reported the rough moment I felt about the long run was visiting the graveyard one day with a companion of his and he started to cry.

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And as Ben was crying his companion said your beard has become what what how much you're crying? Why is this the case? Like why are you crying so much.

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And as they're in the graveyard, he explains and this is reported by tippity. He says I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Indeed the grave is the first stage of your afterlife. Your first stage of the accident is not to begin with a match on the land of gathering or the actual Hasaan. It begins when you leave this world when your soul moves on and your body dies.

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The green is the first stage of the afterlife, Whoever passes through it safely with his when celebration.

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Everything after that will be easier for him. But whoever passes through it with the difficulty, everything after that will be difficult for him. And this is why our reflection when it comes to the grave should be one of productivity. I don't want to be a person of regrets. We don't want our community to regrets. We don't want anyone to regret the moment that they depart from this world.

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And therefore the only wise thing to do prepare for embracing the believers will be celebrating as soon as they die. And they are in a sad state. Those who are righteous are not sad right now.

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It is the living who have to deal with the reality of a dunya and anxiety they might have departed from a dunya that attachments they have to this world to their goals, their habits, their dreams, their aspirations, their families, their wealth, their homes, their cars. These attachments make it difficult to embrace the reality that we are not meant for a dunya you are not meant to stay here. One day soon I will check out from this world. And I ask Allah to make it a righteous ending. And one day soon, everyone here, every single person who's alive today will also check out we'll also department and I ask Allah to grant us on a righteous ending. When that day comes, we want that to

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be a day of celebration. But that requires work that requires effort that requires collective unity, in terms of our vision as Muslims. And this brings me to my final point. As Muslims when we think of the reality of why we were created, and the reality of the inevitable death that we will experience Old and young. Whether you think you are healthy and you have a long life when you have a lot of wealth and you're attached to your wealth.

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The reality is we will depart and it may be sunny. For some people, it may be abrupt and we ask Allah to grant us long, righteous, healthy lives.

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We have to consider that as Muslims. Our goals or objectives are not individual rituals between us and Allah alone, but must extend to the Muslim ummah must extend to the people around us must extend to society. And that includes non Muslim seeing the effect of Islam in their community that requires us to think beyond just the home during this pandemic, more and more people are thinking of the individual self, understandably so more and more people are thinking what do I need to do for my family and that's it. And this requires a little more work for us to consider creatively and with long term vision, how to work with one another and the impact of Muslims working

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together for a global causes locally and globally, and how you might not see the effect in your life, but if you are sincere and you do something, even if it seems minor, that's not played on every level, you should not be a little any good deed that effect might come about in 100. The raising of righteous children, which on its own is a great and noble task, not just with doing something good for the community and noticing for one or two causes in the community but think globally as well think globally in terms of where you can use your strengths and your skills and how you WM diverse skills as Muslims, people working in many fields contributing to their fields, think

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of ways to utilize that for the betterment of the Ummah and working with one another as a community and they have lost the power to Allah unite between our hearts and grant us a good conclusion to this life and they also apologize and forgive us for all of our shortcomings among the abuse along with that anymore, we need a one on one missing you know when listening in one word along those opener hustlin Fatima when are you playing it on a young you know, young women are better allowed to zip Illumina data in her data or haven't been

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in the hands and well? Yeah, we

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saw that bit Fluvanna Allah consoliads snail rsmc CV along with ServiceNow or is it mostly along on ServiceNow was it mostly along with somebody developmental psychology nobody could even come along woman's radar that was solid enough he couldn't even come along with any kind of animal stimuli and was lucky enough he couldn't be couldn't be makan we couldn't even icon ya and Jelani will come along we'll go ahead and investigate the upside and he invited me along to be done and receive even at volume in Yeah. Yeah, as he used to be on a weekly reality together in July when they come on. Tina dunya hustler. What do you say? What do you have? One what's going on?