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kind of didn't want to stain the ones I put on Stephanie. Why don't we really want to work in RNA when we learn Marlena Cerulean fusina Woman see RTR Marlena and you have to be allowed to Allah for Allah. Allah. Woman will tell you they don't really have mercy the shadow Allah. Allah wa whack that would actually go

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hand up will you meet what what how you know you're the only employee what who are in a coalition for the santa ana Muhammadan Ramsey who was Solo was Sophia who was illegal. And then a Manitoba lover rissalah Tommaso hallelujah okay so for a woman what's the rock in Ireland are headed to the bay bought legal How can I help you hello is Ivana in the Herrick bar you're forced to sleep while early he was talking to you? I'm going to send them a sunnah TV in a young Indian llama Jana minquan Amina Latina Amman Juan middle Fulani has gone to law school can have to auto awesome so I mean no glamming or sleep when actually we talk a lot as though Jeff or call them or not. We'll have all the

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time but yeah even Edina and Taco block have got to got to hear whether to motion in lower on Tuesday morning. Yeah, even national support of that formula the HELOC in the nursing Wahida wahala come in has

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a minimum hourly job and because he had no money Sir, what's up ladies is going to be your prom in the lava Kennedy from Rock Paper, you went to the nominal couple level affordable covenants. So these are your slip Lokomat American we have good luck and overcome what are your plans, and also the other cars and fellows and how they met? Very good begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we were witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him Subhana which Allah, we thank him and we acknowledge His perfection and we acknowledge our own imperfections. We acknowledge His blessings upon us and our sins that have ascended towards him.

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We asked him to forgive us for our shortcomings. And we bear witness that Muhammad from Allah audio sunnah is his final messenger, who was sent to mankind as a mercy and as a guide. And we asked the last panel to add it to make us amongst those that accept that guidance that followed his example. And other eventually gathered with him and his family and his companions in the highest level of gentleness with Philadelphia alumna I mean, their brothers and sisters, if I was to ask you, and if this wasn't a hotel where you could respond, I'm sure if I was to ask this question, I would probably not get the correct answer. If I was to ask, Who is the first Nemi the first prophet that

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ALLAH SubhanA Medina has mentioned to us in the Quran that ALLAH SubhanA wa to add a warn the Prophet twice, along with or admonished the prophets eyes on him with his example. I'm sure that most people would say it's probably most it is set up. Because the example of Musa alayhis salam is so frequent throughout the Quran. You can hardly read through a Melanie Surah Surah that was revealed in Medina without a mention of borsani Salaam. And as an Lucia Imola commented that the entire Quran almost was a story of Musa who set up. Its frequent in the Quran, you find many prophets, many examples that are mentioned throughout the Quran, you find the story of use of

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patinas salaam was revealed to the prophets lie some of his most difficult times. However, the prophets Allah Allah mighty was salam was given the example of a certain prophet early on. And it's the first example that was given to the messenger so Allah it was set up to him, and it was also in the same surah in which the first example was given to flourish. Where Allah Subhana Allah says possibility hook me up Mikaela Techwin calstock Heavy Duty is Nanda hola Macedon, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said so be patient with the Command of your Lord and do not be like Sahib and who do not be like the Companion of the Will, the Prophet Yunus, Adi to set up who would be named in later

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sorrows as Yunus as the known but here Lancer can Katsuaki that hood Don't be like the companion of the wealth, Allah azza wa jal did not leave it there. Allah subhanaw taala said specifically is nada wha hoo on that loom? When he called upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as he was swallow, because you decided this film was a great prophet. He's a great nubby. He's one that we can take many lessons from, but particularly in that instance, Allah is warning the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam don't give up like Eunice it is that I once did. And it's interesting because in this sort of sort of alarm, which was revealed in the very early days of Islam, Allah azza wa jal also warned

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leash in bello. Now he came out but no one else have an agenda to Allah Subhana Allah Allah says that we have tested them the way we tested the people of the garden and Allah gives us the story of the people of the garden. And just briefly because it connects very much so to what we we've been speaking about in the previous weeks about risk and sustenance of trusting, trusting and Allah subhanaw taala and understanding that Allah gives to the one who earns in the halal way and who acts in accordance with His guidance. Just briefly the story of the people of the garden. Were a people that set out

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I had a very generous father that used to give from this vast garden of his to the poor, and they used to show up every single morning. And then his children were ungrateful. And they said that we will go out one night and we will take all of the fruits, we'll pick everything so that the poor people will not have anything left for them. And Allah subhanaw taala instant completely destroyed their garden. So that was the first method the first analogy that was given to grace. Don't be like those people. And these were people that felt like the dunya was in their hands that waited to see their own fruits that felt like their own fruits were in their own hands, but we've come to realize

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that they were from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam awarding that you should understand that the fruits of your datawalk are also in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, just as the fruits of their dunya are also in the hands of Allah subhana wa jal possibility hook me along with it. So be patient with the Command of your Lord. Why that's a con Casa even filthy it Nanda, well who am I? And Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the story of you and decided to set up this prophet that was very similar to also loss of Allah Azza wa sallam, and that he was sent to a people that did not believe in any gods. He was sent to pagans, people that

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believed in many gods I'm sorry, that that were not people of the book. They weren't added Kitab they were also unique in that they also denied after they denied the existence of the Hereafter, which is very, very, very rare in the history of the world. You don't find many people that deny the existence of an Acura even if they had a skewed understanding of it. So you decided to Salam was similar to the prophets why Selim in the end, he called the people Unison no matter he called the people and the land called in anyone in Iraq. And eventually, as he continued to call his people and warn them, he warned them of the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to Adam and gave them three days

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as Allah azza wa jal used to give destroyed nations a warning. Now usually what happens when another he warns his people of the punishment, they increase in their mockery, as we see in the story of your holiness, the story of Buddha it is Salam. Usually when you tell these people who are so arrogant to accept the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala, to area to accept the guidance of Allah, they will simply mock you even further. Now, the people of the Prophet salallahu Salam Quraysh, they were worried about the AKA, they knew what the profit slice on them had was true. And in fact, sometimes when they asked the profit slice of him as the amount of value Mahima Allah said, one

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police would ask the prophets I said and that's a sad one is the our part of it was mockery. And part of it was we want to get ourselves ready right before the day of judgment comes. So they would put their hands on the mountain, the province lights on when he started to talk about the day of judgment and the destruction from Allah subhanaw taala. But their arrogance kept them from accepting the message with us it is salaam, he warns his people, and then he leaves his people without being given permission by a loss of having more time. And he goes to board a ship as we all know the story. And in that time period in those few days as the people see the clouds gathering above them,

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they did something which is very untraditional, they made Toba to Allah subhanho to Ireland. They accepted the message of Jonas Alia salaam, even as he abandoned that call and stood out to the ship, and they started to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa sallam. In the meantime, Eunice it still sets out, he boards a ship with these people. As these people are out And subhanAllah these clouds that came that were supposed to destroy the people of us I didn't sit up. Instead, the weather became very severe. And that shift started to shake violently. And so they all were forced to throw their luggage overboard. And then eventually the luggage was not enough. And so they cast last to

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see who they would throw overboard amongst them and they chose the lodge came out to you and it's it was salam. And this prophet of Allah, who left his people thinking that they have denied the message and that they would never come back and that there was no hope in them, and that the destruction of Allah was coming to them anyway. Instead, is thrown off of the ship in the darkness of the night, and he's throwing in the middle of the ocean. And while he's thrown into the ocean, this huge whale comes and swallows and then plunges all the way to the depths of the ocean, and has given Mr. Udo the Allahu Taala and was set in managing. He was in the literal match the darkness of the nights

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under the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the stomach of that will all the way at the bottom of that ocean. Imagine what units on Easter lamb was going through. And in fact, when you're deciding As Salam woke up, he thought he was dead. Because I mean, imagine if you were in that situation, he thought he was dead. Then he realized he could move his feet. And he realized he could move even though he was suffering from the excruciating pain of that burning acid in the stomach of that whale. And he heard

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The pebbles at the bottom of the ocean making test to be glorifying Allah subhana wa sallam, and he realized that he was alive. And he submits himself to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and repents. And he makes the dude and he calls upon Allah and says, Oh Allah, I'm calling you from a place that I don't think anyone else has ever called you from before. I doubt that anyone else has ever been in the situation that I'm in. And Allah, Allah, Allah, he's probably right, that no one else would have ever called the love from the stomach of a well at the bottom of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere, a prophet of Allah, and he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala. Adam, with these beautiful

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words, La ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah in the country, you know,

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there is absolutely no God, no deity other than you. And how perfect are you so can how perfect Are you in equal to men? A lot of you. I was from the transgressors and acknowledgement of Allah's perfection, and an acknowledgement of his own imperfection. And he continues to make this draft in the bottom of that ocean, possibly to be hooking me up with the Kilala Kozlowski did Hootie is Nanda well who am I? loader and the worker who never met Lumbee had not a blessing of Allah fountain, the Nerima Allah was proud of what's out of fountain and so how to love the beginning of the surah was Matt and Tim be never meant to be could be mentioned on by the neuroma by the blessing of your Lord

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you are not a madman had not the Nirvana of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah bound you, that novena will Allah he will who am as more he would have laid bare, dead and blameworthy and sinful. Now this is something that's that's crucial. Because with Uranus it is set up, he calls upon Allah subhana wa Gehenna. And did he ever ask Allah subhanho to Allah to get them out of the stomach of the world? Did he ever ask Allah Subhana Allah O Allah give me another chance to get me out of the stomach and I'll be better? No, he called upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with Toba, thinking that he's probably going to die. And he called upon Allah Subhana Allah with Toba tenemos souhan. This is one

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of the biggest problems that we have sometimes in our Toba and our repentance to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we're only repenting because we face the world the consequences of our sins, and we want a lot to fix that for us. So I suffered because of something haram I did, and I'm calling upon Allah Subhan Allah, why because I've been changed, humiliated. You know, my family hates me perhaps I broken off a relationship. I've lost money on the sin. So Oh Allah, a stump Itokawa to bootleg but in reality, what I really want is to get out of this mess that I'm in right now. But you will miss it. Instagram calls upon Allah subhanho wa Taala for no other reason, and for no other purpose,

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except seeking His forgiveness. And Allah subhana wa Tada said, had had had the net amount of Allah not come to him, he would have been laid bare, and he was blameworthy, instead that will spit him out onto an island. And he lays there completely naked, with no clothes completely covered in acid under the hot burning sun and continues to burn in that same those same words, la isla in Japan and in an equal to Melbourne. I mean, how perfect Are you? How perfect are you I was from the transgressors, continuing to make that job. And when he finally recovers, and he goes back to his people, he finds that his people are coming to him, begging him for guidance, begging him to teach

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them the the go ahead and teach us we are ready, we have sought forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala as well. There are so many lessons that can be derived from the story. And it's very difficult for us to take care of to deal with all of them and just to sort of hold them up. But at the same time, there are many lessons to us as individuals, especially those that are working in the field of not not alum criminal law school law that are trying to establish Derawan in this country that are trying to deliver this message that are trying to establish institutions for years to come. Projects for years to come. On the individual level. Allah subhana wa Chadha shows us something very crucial.

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And that is that if Allah would have left Eunice alayhis salam to himself, think about this, if Allah let Yunus give up, walk away and let Yunus and he said I'm going to ship and left him to himself in could land, just completely abandoned units, Ali Salam would have gotten himself killed. Why? Because units would have been overthrown, he would have been thrown off with that ship and he would have drowned eventually, and he would have died. Think about that for a moment. And so a person should never wish to be left alone by Allah subhanaw taala to Adam and a person should never wish that he has his own affairs in his own head. And that's why we're taught to say every morning

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Every evening yeah hey do the art by you be romantic and acetylene have slightly shocked me couldn't? Why that's a kidney either leprosy or for time. You call upon Allah subhanaw taala al Hi, are you the one who never ceases to live and who never ceases to be in control of that which he of that which is under his power never ceases to sustain. We in our multicast study, I seek refuge in Your mercy us Let me shut me could fix all of my affairs correct all of my affairs. And don't leave me to myself. One that's a Kennedy elapsing. I never want to be left alone by you, Oh Allah, don't leave my affairs to me or entrust me with my own affairs, not even for the blink of an eye.

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I need you Oh Allah, for my dunya and for my article, and so Eunice it is set up. Had he been left alone he would have died. Instead, although the pain that he went through was excruciating. Instead, he survived because Allah subhanaw taala said that well, that swallowed him and eventually spit him out. And Allah subhanaw taala says after that though, this is something that's very crucial as well. Vegeta that will rub booboo, which I love women of sila hate. Allah chose Eunice it is set up as a result of what he went through. And what this shows you is that attack in humanism. Number one, the one who repents from a sin cannot Madame Bella is like the one who has never seen before. So ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada not only purifies you as a result of your sin, Allah subhanho to actually put you in as it is set up in a higher station with higher regard after that. tovim and this is something that Allah azza wa jal teaches us with Adam Alayhis Salam, Adam Alayhis Salam made a mistake, but at the same time, as demanded by Ibrahim Allah, He says that Shavon thought that he succeeded whenever he caused the money and set out to make that mistake, but when he didn't realize is that whenever the dietary dies, and you may loosen the last one, the diver dies to the bottom of the ocean. Yes, ma'am. He gathers the pearls at the bottom of the ocean from a young talker at Monmouth and Oprah

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and he rises once again. Adam Alayhis Salam was better than the sight of Allah subhanaw taala after his total Yunus it is the land was better in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala after his tilma was chosen and that's why the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam said Daya codon Aluko no one of you should say at a height on the news that I am better than Eunice and the right amount the different weather that not the prophets of Allah are you some of this better than Eunice or whether no person should say that as a means of degradation as it comes in the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim Hadith good sea lion but the reality that it is not permissible for a servant of Mine. It is not befitting for a

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servant of Mine to say and a height of newness that I am better than Eunice. Don't ever think for a moment that you are. Yes, he made that mistake. But look what happens as a result, a legendary to a legendary Toba a legendary example of why one should never give up on Allah subhanaw taala Adam, or a wish to have his own affairs entrusted to him in this dunya or in the auction on his worldly or in his in his affairs of the hereafter and Subhan Allah how amazing is it? That the prophets Allah Allah it was done because now we come to the lesson and download the lesson for those who want to do something meaningful for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who want to establish the data in

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this country. How amazing is that the prophets of Allah Allah us Salam is reminded of Eunice Ali is set out once again, on the worst day of his life. What was the worst day of his life? But I saw the Allah I'm asked the Prophet twice on what was the worst day of your life? And the prophets like some of them. He said that there was no day that was worse than the day above. Can you imagine the humiliation? Can you imagine what it's like to walk for miles between two lines, while the children spit at you curse you stone you beat you and you just lost your wife, you just lost your uncle, you have no moral, no emotional support. And you have to go through that, you know, subhanAllah if you

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look at, you know, reality TV today, a lot of people watch reality TV and I remember reading a study on reality TV about how they have a policy in reality TV not to let the contestants sleep for more than two hours so that they can easily be irritated. Because even if a person is completely rational, and it is a very patient person, if you put them through sleep deprivation, if you spit up them, if you break their morale, if you curse at them, then they'll eventually lose it. No reality TV contestant has ever been through what the prophets lie someone went through in reality, no one of us has ever been through. And at that moment, Allah azza wa jal sends the angels to the prophets

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isolated Jubilee rally is set up and the agent who controls the mountains and gives the prophets I send them a chance of vengeance even

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The most patient person in the world would have taken them and said yes, you know what? I'm done with these people 10 years and there's no use of these people. They've rejected me. They got there, they've even gotten worse as I called upon them more. But Allah azza wa jal also sons, the prophesy son of a young man on that day as the prophets lie, someone was beaten. And, and the little company decides to slam by the people and cursed and emotionally, you know, just traumatized. And he stood in that garden covered in blood and he slotless Allah, and Allah Subhana Allah sent to him, a young man by the name of Deus, and this young slave was sent by his masters who noticed the prophets of

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Allah it was sudden, in that garden they felt sorry for him. So they sent him rather Allah azza wa jal sent him through them, I guess to come to the province of Allah it was southern with some grapes and the prophets why some of the takes these grapes and the prophets, Allah Allah adios Salam says Bismillah, in the name of Allah.

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And I does knows because he's been around Pagan Arabs his whole life that the people of this land, don't say Bismillah

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said, Where did you learn this from?

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The people in this land, don't say those words. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Where are you from? And I Dustin I'm from the AWA, and in Iraq, and the Prophet's life sentence that mean all of that anger silent when the view is silent, from the land of the rights of servants, and the righteous Prophet unisoc No matter.

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And the man at dusk looks at the prophesy set up and says, we may use Rica and maybe how would you know that he's a prophet? How do you know anything about us? And the Prophet twice that I'm so who would that be? He is a prophet, and I am a prophet and the prophets are brothers. And I dust starts to embrace the prophets of Allah by Nicolas seventh, and accepts his message on a date when everyone else rejected. What is that show you how amazing is the color of Allah subhanaw taala the decree of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that on that day, Allah azza wa jal sends one of the offspring of the believers in us it was set up to remind the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, you never give up

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because it was never in your hands anyway. This data was never in your hands, this dunya is not in your hands, nothing is in your hands, nor should you wish for it to be in your hands. We asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to correct our affairs, to give us success now worldly affairs had in our affairs of the hereafter and to protect us from ourselves and to make us amongst those who remained firm and believing in Him and believing in His power and he asked the last penance item to forgive us whenever we forget a lot of

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stuff from worrying about police officers. First of you in number four

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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coming to the landlord anatomy what I want to get out a lot of you when I have people to live with local Sunday was telling him about a cut out and he goes through the cut Mohammed is full of love it was son of it he will suffer your son as a significant Halo. their brothers and sisters there's a hadith which is narrated in Abu Dawood, and it's not authentic. It's a Hesson Hadith in which an incident takes place with all women of Ababa with the alongside it even during this era. were cited not everywhere possible the Allahu Taala and who comes to honor the hubbub of the Allah on says yeah, I mean it's me. I want to complain to you about Krishna even I found about the Allah who can

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you imagine Earth man having a complaint against him? And amaro the alarm who said what what is it? what possibly could Earth man have done, that the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was coming and complaining about him? And so sorry, though the ultra adverset Has anything changed in Islam all over the ALLAH and he said no. He said, Because I walked by or is not even a fan and I said to him, a Salam or Aleikum, wa Rahmatullah you're gonna cancel and he didn't respond to me.

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So I wondered why he's not responding to my salah Alma or the alarm. So this is strange. So he took Saturday, and they went to a restaurant to see what was going on and so on with the law and who goes to this man and he tells her it's not why didn't you respond to the salon massage? He said, Sir, I had never said stuff to me. Said I don't What are you talking about Saturday never sets that up to me and so I know the law who insisted I said so down to earth man said you never said set up to me. And so they kept on arguing about this until Saturday reminded Earth man and Earth model the launch I handled he remembered a moment when he was deeply engrossed in thought and Sagol the law and would

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pass by him and said set up and he forgot to say why Negan was set up so if mama the hola and was starting to apologize, and he told him that I was trying to remember a giraffe that the prophets of Allah on he was telling the tortoise

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Do an app that would relieve any person in distress. And Saturday will the alone time and who said I will tell you that there I will inform you of the drought you were trying to think of? He said I remember when we were sitting with the Prophets for the love it was salam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Shall I not inform you all of a draft that if the one who is in hardship or anxiety says it, that Allah subhana which Allah will surely relieve him of his distress, as the province eyes on him said that are all the men that were meant interrupted him and started asking him questions and the prophets lie some never told them to do, as we see happen in so many

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different narrations people become impatient, they interrupt the prophets why Selim, so the entire community is deprived. Sad was there and Sauron said, I followed the province like Saddam after that, and I followed him home. And he said, just as the prophets like Saddam was about to enter into his house, I started to stomp my feet and make some noise so that the prophets lie some would notice me and he said sola sola sights on turned around and he said, What is it Oh, sad, sad and all the love of time and also the eldest lil Allah, you didn't finish telling us that your app but if the person and anxiety and distress says it, Allah subhanaw taala will assure the relief from his

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hardship and also lust why Saddam said that is the dua of my brother Eunice La ilaha illa Anta Subhan Allah in the Quran to mean a lot, I mean, anytime you acknowledge Allah's perfection, and acknowledge your own imperfection, you can expect amazing things to happen in your life. And you can expect Allah subhanaw taala to make things easy for you, whether you're pursuing the dunya or whether you are pursuing the Dawa, or whether you are pursuing your own status and agenda. The brothers and sisters we have unique opportunities with him that he loves living in this country to establish these Masada to establish these Islamic centers. And this special Islamic center this

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special message that you're a part of right now with hamdulillah which is growing, and I'm proud to be a part of it. And I'm proud that that we get to enjoy the benefits of those people that established a masjid in Valley Ranch, which people all over the country look towards. We have a unique opportunity in sha Allah to Allah, please do come and support it bit naughty to Ireland next Friday at our at our annual fundraiser in Charlottetown. And there'll be special news and special events and Chef gasca and myself we'll also be discussing a 21st century Masjid Inshallah, to add what the message is supposed to do we ask ALLAH SubhanA TADS put Baraka in our data to combat okay

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now we're going to put bottlecap in our efforts of deep probing, the dunya Hassan what will ask you what you have been working on other than not La Ilaha illa Allah subhana can inner you know what I mean? For Benalla lambda and Persona what ended up just the Relena What's up Hannah? Diana Conan let me know Costa Rica and Hola Hola, Ferdinand our Hamner, one finding our website a lot of tourism meaning there will be a lot of main knots but most of the main or when was the mount even what Mr.

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Curry when he was there was long term divided into proper unrecoverable messy la Welcome to happen on him in his words you know the reaction of Kurata Aryan which are in a loop Sakina Imam Allah Marisa Astana when was the mean was in the circuit will tell you mean what I'm going to the llama athlete you bloody mean of his body mean was great and I was waiting on the meaning study mean regard to love in Allah He hadn't broken and we were there sadly he will go away and hide in fracture. You wouldn't want anyone buddy. You had to go to another country that

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was Truvada and aromatic is exactly what a lot a lot of young artists

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learn he can keep Ebola EB Buffy Holden turning a leadin Are you mean

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are you low