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Omar Suleiman
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Salman who Marija and Kathy are on one isa WhatsApp Allah Allah de Tessa Luna b He will or harm in Allah can add a camera peba Yeah, you had Adina Amman will topple la Haku colons, Dida, ustelecom Erema Lacan way of La comes in overcome many alternative la hora Sudha HuFa defesa films in our Lima from Emma Barrett. We begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that

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served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessed path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah man, I mean, the brothers if we can shift some over here, it's Ramadan, mashallah and Juma packs up even in Ramadan as well. So inshallah if we can move some people here that would be wonderful to accommodate all of those that are coming, especially to the back corner.

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So I want to put you in an image and a realization that maybe many of us don't have in the moment. And it connects specifically to this experience of just coming back from Amara May Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us all the opportunity to do hajj and umrah and have it accepted by Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah I mean and you get to the main thoughts you get to the station, obviously when you're about to transition into the camera and the hedge and then you put on what is known as the haram. You wear the two white cloths the women wear the most basic of ayat, most basic of clothes, and then you make your way to Mecca. Now I want you to imagine for a moment, if in Ramadan, you had

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to wear a haram for all 30 or 29 days. You have to go to work and haram you have to meet people in the Haram you're driving on the road and fram you went shopping and a haram people would see you and they would think what is going on with this person. Clearly they're in some sort of state, you know, when you come across sometimes people in their religious garb, maybe in a place where it's not expected in an airport, right, the way people probably feel when they see a job in a turban in an airport or you see a Buddhist monk or you see a priest. And imagine if you're walking around the nephron how different the world would view you are and how different you would view the world in the

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moment. Now here's the thing. Iran is actually not the cloth Haram is a state of being haram means prohibited. It's a state of being. And the cloth is merely the maximum of what is allowable when you're in that state of prohibition. Meaning what you're actually in a state of a haram in Ramadan in a different way. It's just not called the haram. But what it means is that there are temporary prohibitions of things that would otherwise be permissible for you to become more conscious of the blessings of Allah upon you, and the prohibitions that you undertake on a regular basis. So you're in a temporary state in which your permissible intake is forbidden, it is prohibited. And the only

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thing that's different about Ramadan right now in that regard is the set of prohibitions and the garment that you are allowed to wear, but just imagine if there was a Ramadan uniform for a moment, if you had something that you were wearing that indicated that you were in a state of fasting, and how different you would be when you're dealing with the world and how much more conscious you would be. And subhanAllah some of the wisdoms that Elena mentioned for a non physical identifying factor of Ramadan is that the goal of Ramadan is taqwa the goal of Ramadan is God consciousness. It is to make you so aware of the unseen, that you're thinking about his watching you at all times, no matter

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how noisy or how many eyes there are around you outside of his sights and his comments. It's a it's an exercise of Taqwa of God consciousness, consciousness of an unseen God. Therefore, there is no indication of any scene transition when you enter into this month, because you're supposed to activate that in your mind and in your hearts, where you start

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Thinking about Allah subhanaw taala in a way, that while there is nothing physically restraining you from those things, there is something spiritual, you know, who knows what will be, you know, invented and what will be put on Amazon. I hope this isn't a business idea, right? But like, if there was a fasting tracker reminder, you're about to eat and something buzzes you, right? You don't have that. In Ramadan, you have taqwa, you have an idea, you have a thought in your mind, where you're proceeding with the world around you. And even though there is nothing physically, that distinguishes you from outside of Ramadan, and in those moments, it's all in here. You're thinking

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about Allah in a way, I can't do this right now, I would not dare do this right now, I would not violate my fast because that would cost me my agenda. That's the mindset.

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Of course, I'm not going to eat or drink. Of course, I'm not going to indulge in these things, because it's obviously haram. And I don't even need the physical reminder in front of me that this is haram for me to engage. So the logic of both hajj and umrah is the same and that Allah subhanaw taala temporarily suspends your permissible intake so that you could become more aware of your prohibited intake.

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But the idea is in Ramadan, especially Taqwa quotevalet, calcium, can I click the button under the name and publikum the handler can touch upon fasting has been prescribed upon you, the way that it was prescribed on every community that came before you. So you can be more God conscious, you're more aware, it's an internal mechanism now, by which you start to recognize things that you should and shouldn't do, automatically, they become so much more natural to you fitly, which is an original inclination. Now I want you to think for a moment, this was a reflection that I had some handle on Ramadan in particular, and an homage when you're going from the station, all the way to Mecca to

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perform the pilgrimage.

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At that point, subhanAllah it's, it's amazing to see how everybody, no matter where their religiosity is, goes into this hyper, you know, conscious mode of making sure they don't do anything to violate their pilgrimage. Right. So whether you're Ultra religious or not religious, whatever that means, all those terms are relative, but I think you all get the point that Subhanallah at that point when you transition to Ramadan, when you go into your haram all the way to when you finish your pilgrimage. Suddenly, what's the mindset? Everyone's coming up chef? Is this haram Wait a minute, I accidentally washed my hands with soap. Is my camera gone? What do I have to do? Do I have

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to pay something now? I fell asleep and a little bit of my hair was exposed? Am I okay? I wear a shoe instead of a sandal. Am I okay? I ate this food. Am I okay? I took a shower. Am I okay? I had to do this. Am I okay? Suddenly everybody is thinking about not compromising their pilgrimage. And they have this mindset. And let me tell you what's not happening in their Onra is people are not sitting there and having these large philosophical discussions you know, Why did Allah make this haram and haram and not this haram and phenom, what's the logic of this? And can you explain this from a logical perspective? Because I'm not going to do it? Unless it makes sense. No, everyone has

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their because I paid my way to come here. So I could go home forgiven by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So my mindset is summon WAPA and I hear I obey, I hear I obey. Allah told me to do it this way. I'm going to do it this way. And my concern becomes not messing up my pilgrimage, until the moment that I come out of a haram. And then it's my decision whether or not I want to make this a lifestyle change, or this was just for the moment. But imagine if we had that mindset in Ramadan,

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because the consequence of your being here in this dunya relative to your overall existence, is a greater consequence than the time that you go to Umrah or Hajj for a few weeks of your life compared to the rest of your life. Your lifespan here compared to your existence is a smaller window of opportunity than the few weeks that you would go to Mecca for Umrah or for Hajj and you're so diligent in those moments. I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to do anything to compromise it because I have an opportunity for something amazing from Allah subhanho wa Taala Lisa Allah who deserve ill Jana, there is no reward for it except for Jana, and the Prophet sighs I'm setting an

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authentic narration about Ramadan and listening, ma'am. That whoever fastened on Milan Eman and YT seven will be forgiven, like the day that their mother gave birth to them. The same reward that we hear for hej forgiven for all of their sins. Imagine if you had that mindset all the time.

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That you know what Allah says don't do it. I'm not gonna go Google away out because I don't do that and I'm gonna I'm not gonna go find my way out. Allah and the messenger SallAllahu Sallam told me that this is my way to Jana. I hear

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I obey and if Allah makes my heart tranquil by giving me some of the greater wisdom and the spirituality then I'm able to submit myself with greater love with greater joy with greater longing. But I'm not going to mess this up. And you know what else when you're on that pilgrimage, there is no small infraction Subhanallah everyone becomes hyper McKean hyper God conscious, right? A little bit of this a little bit of that a little bit this Did I mess up Did I mess up? Did I mess up? And let me tell you what's not happening on the bus on the way to Agra and hamdulillah all the times I've been to Ramadan Hajj, I've never heard backbiting on a bus or on a train on the way to Mecca. I

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mean, that would be pathetic, right? Imagine you have a few hours and people start gossiping and talking about people no one does it. I don't hear people listening to music on the way to, to the Caribbean. Right? They now have these trains that go from Medina to Mecca and they put these entertainment systems on the train just like a plane hamdulillah till now I haven't seen anyone watching movies trying to catch up on the latest Hollywood release when they're on their way to the cab because they understand small window here. Small window don't violate this. I have to make sure I get this right.

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Now look at the Hadith of the Prophet sighs I'm particularly in talks about fasting. Well Sula, Sai some referred to fasting as a shield. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as somo Juna Mala Mia Rika sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, fasting is a shield, so long as you don't sabotage your own shield. You're walking around right now with the shield, the things that you might have been accustomed to the small things, the little conversations, the cursing, what you're listening to what you're seeing, you've got a shield right now, if someone comes at you in a way that typically outside of Ramadan, you go right back at them, you say in the site, and I'm fasting. Now I am

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fasting and you hope that I am fasting in the site I'm in Ramadan becomes in the Muslim, I'm a Muslim outside of Ramadan, that the only thing that changes the terminology outside of Ramadan because you've become more aware of the shield that you're carrying, and the Prophet size some gave a logic particularly to fasting in regards to how it connects to our other acts of worship. He said in a hadith to Caribbean original the Allahu Taala and who called a cab, a Salah to Bucha Hana prayer is a proof of your faith, a salatu berghahn Prayer is a proof of your faith. While so Juna, and he said slightly solemn fasting is a shield Hasina. It is a fortress that you build around

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yourself. So prayer is a proof of your faith. And fasting is a protection of your faith. Because prayer at the end of the day is a temporary state that you enter into at times of the day. Fasting is a state that you are in from the morning to the evening. It's a protection of your faith. So you're keeping the gains that you gained from your prayer of consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala there is no time that you're going to exert yourself more in consciousness of Allah than your Salah. Right then your prayer, there is no time where you should be thinking more about Allah subhanaw taala than your prayer where it actually becomes sinful to let your thoughts wander intentionally

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about other than Him. So fasting, think of your prayer, as the time where you're exerting yourself where you're consciously thinking of Allah filling yourself with that you're not looking at your phone and pray, you're not doing anything but thinking about Allah fasting now is how you protect that it's when you put that shield around that faith, and he said, was sadhaka and charity. And this particular narration totally will hopefully, it extinguishes your sins, the way that water extinguishes fire.

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Look at the logic here. Prayer is where you exert yourself and you prove your faith, you enter into the highest alertness of Allah subhanaw taala that you have. Fasting is where you try to protect that as if you were wearing a uniform as if you were wearing a haram that said, I am fasting I'm trying to protect my Islam right now. I'm trying to protect my fasting I'm not going to make myself lose this opportunity. Because I don't know if I'll have this Ramadan again, because you know what, you can't pay for a trip to Ramadan next year. Allah knows if we're gonna be here next year or not. Allah knows if we'll even make it through the end of this and blah, blah. And then charity totally

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will hopefully, and the right amount mentioned here, that charity extinguishes the way water extinguishes fire, the profit slice I mentioned the small sense, the small sense, meaning what as much as you exert yourself and God consciousness, you're gonna forget sometimes. And so that charity that you're constantly giving the small charity that you're constantly giving, the small things that you're constantly doing, they are expiating, those infractions that come along the way and you start to see here Subhanallah the logic, the coherence between all of your acts of worship, all of them, are to make you more conscious of Allah subhana which Allah in a way that the temporary

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It becomes your permanent states. The temporary becomes your permanent state. So I want you to think and shout let's add, as you're driving as you go to work as you move on with your life as you're contemplating taking that next step to Allah subhanaw taala What if you were in a haram? What if you were in a haram? Someone came up to you and said, brother, sister, you know, this actually violates the Haram What are you gonna say? Leave me alone? No, you're gonna say Oh, wow. All right, let me let me fix this. What if you were in a headlock right now. You are in Haram. But you're in the Ramadan Islam. You're not in the Haram of Hajj or Umrah and this is far more consequential to the

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rest of your life into your existence. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to develop that shield to develop that God consciousness to where even when we can't feel a new cloth on us. We feel the garment of Taqwa that Allah talks about the garment of God consciousness upon us may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow our concern for his pleasure to overcome all of the temporary pleasures that we seek on a daily basis and may Allah subhanaw taala allow our fear of his punishment to stop us from doing anything that is blameworthy or out of fear of being punished or being in a disadvantage in anything that is worldly or material and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us forgiveness and grant us Jana in

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this month alone. I mean okolo colada or stop Allah you will commonly cited Muslim investor fill in the hole for wine.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman who Allah Allah has offered me and me not well Muslim in our Muslim at Aloha, even humble Ahmad in Naka Sameer on Caribbean Mooji. Without Allah and Muhammad Allah and our Hamner wa for ANA wala to Robin alumna and Fuson our inland software then I will tell Hana learner corn and lemon l ha city Allah him in a careful and get him into Hibbard alpha for ANA Allahumma Fridley Wally Deena or Bahama Home I cannot I'm gonna see Laura Robin I have done admin as well as you know with the reality now Kurata Aryan * Linwood Sakina Imam olam on sort of one and multiple Dafina FEMA Shadrick is already one

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MongoDB Allah Marisa is number one Muslimeen dealership to Academy and well done man. Dean Allah Allah, Allah wa immunoblotting Minnewaska to never find them and being himself I mean, read about Allah and Allah he will be loudly with a certain way to the reporter by the way and her and fascia he wouldn't wouldn't carry well above the year it will come la la come to the Coronavirus Corolla have Croco, Moscow Rohan and there is a blog com. What are the Kula Jacobo Longyang my personal own working with solar

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