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I'm working on working in the company learning

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bonus 31 of you really want to talk you're already on our own we'll be done loving Rudy and Cosina Amina cbrt our Marina avatar that

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will financially the level of Alia and mercy that are said to Allah in our head in law Washington who would ask that each other level

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up we need to have one more to be able to pay one equally Sheikh

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Mohammed Abdullah who also wasafi You who work a little at the amount of Tarbela from the salah Tommaso hallelujah ketchup a woman whatever cannot remember did was very long legal her kind of hiding her lawyers you want her in the Hurly burly of Oslo to come with the same why the only thing was suddenly here women are still gonna be so nifty here your Medina a lot more John Marino Wamena Lavina Hammond warm you know slightly higher for the loss of the capital or the loss of a sub i mean over the enemy we'll see from when actually be tough Allah has or just walk on Amazon and have Karla Tada Yeah, you and Adina hamlet of Tapachula have come to five TV without a motion in the morning.

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Yeah, you will now support on the community for the property nursing. Why will holla come coming has well that's the minimum Alija than the fear on one Isa, what's up Allah that Ito certainly will not be you will have in Allah cannot equal a fever. Yeah, even the Nina handle la Hulu problems that either you're sweating, or another con we are reluctant to Nova con, one minute, one hour or so we'll talk about the first fellows and how Lima veterans, we begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for declaring his perfection and declaring that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him, Subhan Allah to Allah. And we testify that Muhammad SAW Allah

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Allah Salam is his final messenger, and that Allah subhanaw taala sent him as a mercy to the world and a guide to mankind, and the only example to be followed after him that would enter a person into paradise. So he asked Allah subhanaw taala, to make us amongst those that follow him, his companions, his family, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to gather us with them in the highest level and gentlemen, for those Allah Maha Amin, the brothers and sisters, I know it's Valentine's Day and I know a lot of people are going to be getting close about Valentine's Day. And I will not be talking about Valentine's Day at all. Because I feel like if you are celebrating

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Valentine's Day, that probably means you're committing Zina. So there's a bigger issue to be discussed, than whether or not it's halal to celebrate Valentine's Day. So I think that we need to move beyond these things as believers and talk about things that are as relevant to us as possible. So I'll give you the quick answer to that because I saw all of these threads online. You know, football about Valentine's Day about love about Valentine's Day, celebrating Valentine's Day is not allowed. So we can move on now to our actual topic. And what we're going to do is we're going to continue what we spoke about two weeks ago, which was the topic of Amana, I started off this topic,

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based upon actually chef Yeah, so we're doing this series on the signs of the last day and obviously the messengers of Allah it was southern mentioning that from the greatest science of the minor signs, is one Amana is lost when a sense of trust is lost and Subhan Allah, as we take that topic into our everyday lives, and we see how we can apply it into our family relationships into our work ethics, then we find that many of us have lost this quality, unfortunately, and it's a very rare and special quality that requires a certain level of the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala out of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. And then we had a talk at night, and Subhan Allah, one of the brothers

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asked a question, he said, Well, what do you say to the one who says that if I dealt honestly in my business, then I would never make money? What do you say to that person? And my answer was that Allah subhanaw taala is a bizarre that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives sustenance anyway. And that even if you betray those ethics, and even if you betray that trust that's been given to you by the one that you're dealing with. You will not attain of this world, not even a penny more than what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you. And so I wanted to talk about this idea today continuing on the topic, while many attempting last year gyla Maharajah Why are we so common hate to

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just talk what is the foundation of Anana talk was the foundation of trust with Allah subhanaw taala and trust with the people and Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah says, Whoever fears Allah subhanaw taala is aware and conscious of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah will always make a way out for him. And then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah time the entire concept of risk to tackle. Well, you have Zukerman hate to die Yeah. And Allah will grant him sustenance from places that he never even thought about or imagined or dreamed of. And so we take from this idea, first and foremost, that Taqwa is a meaning

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meanings of bringing lists into your life template as a means of attaining sustenance in your life because ALLAH SubhanA wants at a time, not only forgiveness and making a way out because of stuff was a result of stuff of a rather good things that Allah subhanaw taala would provide for you. And the very first thing to address with this is yet I level Maharaja, Allah subhanaw taala will make a way out for them. You know, I've had people that have handled the lat left haram businesses, for example, and they say, you know, alcohol, I own the gas station and alcohol accounts for 30% or 40% of my sales and my income. Does that mean that if I stopped selling alcohol that my salary, I can

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expect my salary to increase the next year? Now you're gonna have to struggle. Allah subhana winds, Addison, Yet Allah, Allah says you'll make a way out for you, Allah did not say that that way out is going to be easy, you still have to find a way out. And you know, if you create a fire in your house, if you start a fire in your house and the fire has gotten large enough, then you're going to have to look for more and more limited ways of getting yourself out of that fire out of that burning house. You can count on Allah subhanaw taala to provide for you that window. But if you've been kindling that fire for 1520 years, that know that you're probably going to have to crawl out of the

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smallest window of your house, but Allah will make sure that window is there. So we dig ourselves in holes. And we need to know we need to be assured that Allah will make our way out first, but we have to struggle for that way out. Allah subhana wa Tada did not mention the level of difficulty of reaching that way out. So that's the first thing. And the second thing is you have Zuko then pay through that.

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Allah will grant you sustenance in ways that you could not imagine before, which means that let's say that I you know, I dealt in a halal way or I did something right. And, you know, perhaps I suffered a loss of income in that regard. But Allah Subhana Allah would provide for me from a source that I never thought of in the first place. So I wanted to cover a few of the examples that we find from the from the biographies of our of the great companions of the messenger, some Allah Azza wa sallam, and the pious predecessors. And first and foremost, let's start with this incident to try to understand this concept. And this is an incident that's narrated by Abdullah administers a wave,

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even Allison. Okay, so it's not on the loveliness of it'll be a long time I had more than there's a bit in our world, but rather, this is afterwards this is the loveliness of it even s&m, I'm sorry, in an s&m, and he narrates this on the on the authority of his father, from his father, Islam. And Islam, called the Allahu Taala animal was the one that used to go out with aluminum foil bubble, the Allahu Taala Hanuman most frequently on his night patrols. So we talked about how Nana, there is no one that felt a greater sense of amount of than Oliver, it'll probably be a local Thailand. And there is no greater amount and trust than the Amana of leadership and authority as was illustrating

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the Hadith that we discussed two weeks ago. And we mentioned how Allah will the Allah uncared for every beam, under his authority, and under his control, and he instituted something that was admired not just by Muslim scholars and historians, but that's admired by any any man of sense, without bias that would study the Sierra of this man, because no other leader in history implemented nightly patrols to check up on his people and those that were living under his authority. And so as salam or the Allahu Taala anvil, he says that I was with my father honors upon will be alongside annually during one of his journeys, and every night Omar will take someone else but I was the most frequent

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of those sometimes we find all over the Allah article, as the means of Tobia would take Abdullah bin masu though the Allah article, for example, or even on bustle the Allahu taala, and not just his own kids, but rather some of the scholars of the companions as the means of topia for them and for himself. And they would take they would take those bags of rice and flour and wheat, and they would patrol the streets. So he said, I was the most frequent of those that used to go with the almond with the Allahu Taala on his night patrols. And he said, as we were checking on the condition of a people, we overheard a mother having a conversation with her daughter. And, in essence, the mother

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is telling her daughter, the mother is telling the daughter, to take the milk and to diluted with water, to put water inside the milk, so that we can increase the lemons so that we can increase its quantity. And as the mother is telling her daughter to do that, the daughter is saying back to the mother and aunt will be Allah and he was overhearing this entire conversation. She says, Oh, my mother, don't you know that I need money. Don't you know that the commander of the believers has prohibited us from doing that. Why did all the alignment prohibit that? Because of the cheating that would take place in the marketplace? Right? watering your perfumes or colognes your milk whatever it

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may be, you know

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portraying a greater quantity than what it actually is almost on the low side. And we'll put a ban on those things. And all the law on was very specific with his business. And so the mother responded back to the daughter and said, Where is almost right now? Where is all my right now? Meaning all mother can't hear us or see us right now. And the daughter responds back to the mother with very beautiful words. She says to the mother, yeah, oh, me, oh, my mother macaroon to the otira, who for the animal, oh, Kalibo. Officer, I'm not going to obey him in public and then disobey him in private. And she said, the very beautiful famous words. She said, What incana amado de Alana. And if

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all of this not see us right now, but II that are among

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the Lord of all our sees us right now.

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Subhanallah look at how this girl is talking to her mother. With that level of tough work. You couldn't rehearse this any better. Right? You would think it's as if it says if she knew I'm gonna be alive, I know was there you couldn't rehearse this any better. And you couldn't script this any better. And that's why the cousin of Allah subhanaw taala is so perfect. That at that moment is when Allah will be Allah Who walks by all of the houses of Medina, at that particular moment, Allah was next to that house, when that mother and that daughter were having that conversation about that policy. This is the perfect playing of Allah subhanho It's out. Now Omar will be a little tired.

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He says to s&m, he says put a mark on their door. Now if there was any other leader in the world put a mark on her door would mean that tomorrow we're coming in we're going to read this house and we're going to arrest the mother. How dare you say that all mothers not watching me right now. You know, the obsessed, the power hungry, intoxicated with power dictators that we have today would say you know what, we got it, we have to go and get her. We're not worrying about rewarding the daughter, we're worrying about punishing the mother for disobeying our orders. So I'm going to be alone who didn't tell us why. He just said, Oh, son, put a mark on the store. Remember this house? Tomorrow,

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if something is going to go down? What was going to go down? I don't know what the Allahu taala. He says, go tomorrow and find out about them find out about who these people are. So as long goes, and as somebody a long time, I will ask about this mother and his daughter. And ask them comes to find out that the mother is a widow. And so it's only her and her daughter. And they have you know, very little means not too much provides not too much provisions, which makes the answer of the daughter even more impressive, right? You know that even that even in those conditions and those harsh conditions, she didn't feel entitled to cheats, you know, sometimes we cheat without even needing to

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cheat, to get an extra dollar, they actually needed it. And she's still saying to her mother, we're not going to do this because the Lord of Allah sees us right now. So as time comes back, and he tells her mom will be a lot of time to handle that, you know, this is this is the situation of this mother and his daughter, all the time, well then calls a meeting with his sons. And he said, Who amongst you is married. So all of his sons answered, except for house and even all of above will be a lot of time and he says, you know, I'm looking for a wife. And so I'm gonna be allowed to do that. And the next day himself really goes to this home with his son the awesome to propose to her in

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marriage, Allah to propose to her in marriage, think about what that means. Not only did he not punish the mother, not only did he you know, it would have been enough if you would have given her some words of encouragement like I heard you are making her after her. But all the Allahu Anhu was so impressed by her. She didn't need to be of the royal family. She didn't need to have a royal lineage because of her Taqwa. Because of her template, which teaches us a lesson in marriage almost wanted his son to be married to her. And of course, this is what the prophets like Selim said about how to follow the law. But there were people that came before that were behind the throne, not the

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head of the stone, that were 100 to 100 means to speak Mohammed that means to be spoken to. So Mohammed is someone who gives her who collects ID 100 means spoken to by the better English spoken to by the angels, although they are not prophets in my OMA, that's probably the Allah which He always has rushed. He always has guidance to the right decisions, he knows what to do. And he and he has a source of inspiration that the average human being does not have.

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The allowance angle goes and he marries his son awesome. To this girl, and awesome and this young woman have a daughter by the name of Lena and Leila gives birth to all these prompting of Allah to Allah, what are the alongside the fifth of quarterback and wash the day? The one who the man is shot we don't even have a law son. He is to the rest of the whole of that like Roger is to the rest of the of the Mahatma month like right

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Is to the rest of the sacred months meeting a little Roger is separated from the other three months. It is still one of them. So he is to the other four for that time. What Roger is to the other months of that encounter? mojado. Think about what that means. Subhanallah from this Taqwa from this one incidents, What did Allah subhanaw taala give to that girl, that Allah subhanho To Allah simply, you know that Allah subhanaw taala only make the milk grow that Allah subhanaw taala boosts their income that Allah subhanaw taala sends a generous man the next day to give them money, or didn't Allah subhanaw taala give her something that was far better than that in regards to her Dinya or her

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field, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah gave her the son of the ruler, the son of Amina the name as a husband that would provide for them in this dunya and as for her, you know, she had from her offspring from her Salah Giardia Alma Abdullah Aziz Rahim Allah will may attempt to learn how to get high level muffins. Allah made a way out for her while you go to some form in high school. That's when Allah provided things when she has ever dreams in her wildest imaginations. Would she have ever thought that because of what I'm saying right now, maybe you're all on we'll find out on Sunday his son to marry me and perhaps we'll have a grandson that will be the fifth of Washington DC. She was

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the daughter in law of the second Aquila was the dean and the grandmother of the fifth. How amazing is that? From one incident of Taqwa from one instance of a man. We also find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam indeed Masood, or the Allah Tala annually narrates his first meeting with the messenger so Allah it was

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the Allah as lofty of a scholar as he is in this Deen, even Massoud before Islam was a man of no opinions, was a man of no status in society. His parents sold him to move in and be more apt to be his slave to be his shepherd, to be his way or the learner to be the one that would that would be a separate to a sheep and at the same time, he didn't have much physical stature. He really wasn't worth much before Islam. And also Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam passes one day with Obeikan us to deal with the Allahu Taala and one even miss Lugo the Allah animal. He says that I was in my teens, you know, between the age of 13 and 18 year old he was a very young man, and the messenger

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SallAllahu Sallam passes with Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu by him on a journey, and they don't know each other, and also lost why someone sees the shepherd. And he says to him, her lack of uncertainty helluva. Do you have any one of these goats that can provide milk

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and even mustard on the low end? Who doesn't know who use God and now he said, I'm not gonna lie to you. He said yes, well, that can do that. And

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he said, Yes, but I am a young man that's been entrusted with this flock. I can't give you any of that milk. So the prophets like Selim told us somebody this love this idea that to some Allah, Allah, He was certain. He was impressed by what I said to him. So he says that Missoula sallallahu alayhi wa sallam smile for all at 18 out of reach out in love and said, You know what, give me a goat that doesn't have any milk. So he said, so I said, Well, okay, you know, that's not going to betray the trust that I have with my owner. We're not wasting anything. So I'll bring him a goat that has no milk. So he said, I brought one without milk. And he said to the Prophet sallallahu, it

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was salam put his hands on the others of the milk. What God Bismillah and the prophets why Selim son Bismillah, in the name of ALLAH. So he says that either we have a young attorney who never He said all of a sudden and started to grow and produce milk at high quantities. He said, The Mystery of it, his philosophy was set up to Mustapha, the veteran was Sivan even, he said, then the province lies to them drink, and he gave him to drink. And he even gave me a glass to drink as well.

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He said, as I'm watching this, he says, through my eyes that can I can't. He said, As soon as I finished drinking my milk, it no longer was producing anymore. So he says, according to you, he said, I said, Oh, Uncle, I let me even have them. Teach me these words that you just said. He thought it was me. He doesn't know that this is the messenger of Allah spy suddenly. So maybe this is some you know what they were used to in that society, which was magic and spells and things of that sort. Maybe these words were special. And the Prophet he says, and this was the beautiful tip of the prophets lie some of them. He says Vanessa had somebody said the prophesy solid wipe on my

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chest meaning what as a means of encouragement, while on in Nicola, when

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you are a young man of knowledge Subhanallah he was praising him it was thoughtfully set up. Then he says, Fernanda, but that too as an organizer, whenever the profit slice of life, he said, I started asking all these people who is this man? What is he about? He said, As soon as I knew who he was, he said I went to Donald outcome, where I saw the profit slice of the meeting.

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I'm working on the Allah Tada angle and the first half of the entry. And he said I said, a chandelier let you know Allah white shadow and Mecca rasool Allah I've ever witnessed that there is no God but Allah and that You are the messenger of Allah this entire account is actually narrated, and Muslim to the mountain that led by the son of a good mystery with all of your love and time. And how beautiful is that? And even though the alone time was the sixth or seventh person to enter into a sub, now had it been Miss ruled on the Allahu Taala that you thought to himself? How much can you pay? You know what, I know how bad you really want to drink right now? How much can you pay me right

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now? What can you do for me right now that this entire conversation would not have taken place. But instead of the prophets of Allah, Allah He was someone was able to see this beautiful, this beautiful young men, that beautiful trait of Ananda, which made the province Heisman happy. And on top of that, he got the greatest form of risk that has ever existed in what is that risk, and Islam and Eman, we don't consider that risk. We don't consider that sustenance Allah bestowed upon him as a result of that. And Islam, faith, and SubhanAllah. All of this was as a result of his good quality of Anatomy of his trustworthiness. And there's something to be said, that's very special about that.

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And you know, subhanAllah, I was going to share an incident even last week, actually, I had this in my notes to share this incident. And I saw this week, in particular, a video on YouTube go viral. And the video on YouTube that went viral are two men in Saudi Arabia that are pulling up to a shepherd, or you're talking about a Bedouin in the middle of the desert, you can barely make out what he's saying. And they're testing him and they're saying to him, Give us one of Your sheep. And the man is responding. You know, I'm not going to do that. He said, It's not mind for me to get, and they're saying, Just tell the owner, that it's lost. He said, What do you mean, it's lost? He said

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to Allah subhanaw taala. There's no such thing as his loss. She said, when I go to the grave, I'm not going to am I going to be able to save his loss? He said, the owner can't see you right now. And this bandwidth man, even now in the 21st century, points up to the sky and said, but Allah Subhana Allah, Allah sees me. Allah sees me. And he's telling you it's absolutely impossible, then they say to not take me down they will give you will give you 200. And yes. And he said, even if you gave me 200,000 years, that's in the 21st century, you see what a man does to people see what Islam does to people. Even if you gave me 200,000 years, well, Allah He I will not give it to you. I won't give

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you a single one of these sheep. And then a chef quotes the incident that was going to share which is from an imam that ought to be like him, I'm not very beautiful incident from Abdullah, Muhammad will be Allahu taala. But even on the outside, I'm a one time passed by a shepherd. And he wanted to test the shepherd of that sheep. So if at all possible the alarm said, Give me one of your sheep. He says, mmm, Luke one more time, and he said, I am owned. And at the same time, I'm a slave. And at the same time, I've been trusted with the with this flock, if in all the Allahu Anhu Assad saying to the owner, what are the Matic I can say to the owner that one of the wolves take the sheep the same

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thing as the brothers of use of it so that um, so let's, let's see if this line works, just telling your owner it's more believable with with with a sheep with sheep than it is with a human being tell the owner that you know what, a wolf acres and the man responded to even amaro the Allah on one side for another according to the law, further according to the law, what will I say to Allah subhana wa jal what will I say to Allah subhanaw taala. As a result of that Eman are the Allahu tiedown, who purchased his freedom and he said to him the very beautiful words, he said, Kevin, that's an artifact, Catherine dunya that these were words after the dunya they feed you this one word that you

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said, earned you here freedom in this dunya he said what I said Allah and directly and Jackie Yama PM, he said I asked Allah subhanaw taala and Taffy of Gilman piano that it will free you on the Day of Judgment, the same word that you said that freedom in this world but ask ALLAH that it will free you on the Day of Judgment. their brothers and sisters, the conclusion of this while may yet tequila ah I love my project. We are so common hate to lie or whoever fears Allah, Allah will make a way out for him. And it will give him risk from places that he never imagined before. One of the biggest mistakes that we make as human beings is we have restricted the meaning of listen to money. We've

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restricted it to finances. And so we have because of us restricting it to that it's we simply think that you know what that means that if I if I'm not making the same amount of money or more than what I made last year, that means Allah subhanaw taala is restricting his sustenance from but what about the risk of the peace of mind of knowing that you have hella money? What about the rest of the peace of mind that knowing

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that you haven't betrayed anyone having a good relationship with your family members, being someone who's trustworthy, not having to fear Allah Subhana Allah to Allah on the Day of Judgment because you didn't fear him in this world. What about all of that? What about the bulk of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala puts in your life? And what about the things that perhaps because it's been heightened, I guess it is from places that you never imagined? The blessings that you never even associated with your taqwa? What about those blessings that come? Bliss is much broader. And Allah subhanaw taala is avanza and he is the one who gives sustenance, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give

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us a dystonia, that which is good for us, and to give us the opposite of that which is good for us. And to protect us from the punishment of hellfire. London, I mean, I was talking about when I started to be interested in the whole world of overworking.

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further Alima Kulu,

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my shoulder who gooloo ashore, boom in MS Paint, he wants to die.

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Me, whatever, I'm wanting to learn a lot. And he want to ask you about something a lot more fun. He was telling me about it. And I think I will soon come home and do some a lot of it with some of

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your brothers and sisters, you know, as I was preparing for this class that's coming up on Sunday and ici, which is about some of the important black Sahaba, which is vitally based on a work by the amount of Allah, and how racism was fought and the time of the messenger SallAllahu it was done. I thought of something to myself, which is also related to this topic. And that is particularly about beloved even robot called the Allah who

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hadn't been out on the Allahu taala. I'm not taking that stance, and said that I hadn't had one God, one God, and that stood for the truth. You know, he wouldn't have been beaten the way that he was big, he probably wouldn't have been dragged into the desert, and dehydrated and had a stone placed on him. But you know, what he would have remained his entire life as asleep. And nothing more than that. But because of his courage, and because of his tequila and his fear of ahead of the one true God. And because of that standard, he that says that he took a loss of how to what to add, after just a few days of torture, made him say that they need the master of those who give enough and one

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of the masters of this deep, and one of the people who even the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard his footsteps in Paradise, and the man that would stand on top of the character and declare Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when we stand for that which was right, and when we are ethical human beings, and when we fear Allah subhana wa Tada and all of our dealings, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make for us and make us we would have never expected before. So we asked Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us when we lose that Tilak could when we lose that sense of trust in Him, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst those that rely upon him and all of our

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dealings, and we ask Allah subhana wa jal to make us amongst those that fear him when we deal with him and when we deal with the people Allahumma Finan Nina when you're not when it wasn't me and I wouldn't miss the mountains. Even when I was in Mecca, Samira Kareem we will deal with that what Allah fitted on our continent why why now without proper now what I'm gonna enforce on our inland Nana, Nana Nana mineral paucity Allah has been carried forward to Hibbeler for fat loss from affinity why the Nina Robin humble man came out we're gonna see a lot I'm not gonna have that on and as far as you know, 30 yards in our focus. What Jana Sakina the mama Allah hawks, we must have our

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Athena p mosaddek. And Libby Allah from Africa ethnic Latina was logging in While originally being him certainly mean rebound Hola Hola. Hola without us accent when he started in Puerto Rico and honey structure and when he wouldn't tell you whether they are even coming on the continent karoun But Corolla has grown watch grew up in America is one of the things we'll lock in Wallah we are from America

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amo CD

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well in order to

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not be