Jannah #25 The Unclaimed Property in Jannah

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The concept of goal-oms is discussed, where individuals can achieve their dreams and feel confident in achieving them. The physical appearance of gods and their grave are also highlighted, emphasizing the importance of acceptance of one's home and hellfire and rewardment. The speakers stress the need for acceptance of one's home and hellfire and how it can be rewarded. They also mention a book called "Ok," which discusses people who have missed the call of Islam and how they can be rewarded with a share of their home.

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One of the most profound statements I ever heard was goal minus doubt equals reality. Basically, if you have a goal in mind, and this has a worldly component, but to us, we justify it, if you have a goal in mind, the less doubt that you have, the more that that's your current reality. And one of the things that can happen to a person is that if they're unsure of Jannah, then they might get tempted by the so called Gender of this world, right? Like, you might think to yourself, Am I really holding back? Am I really missing out because of something that might not even be there. But when you build that Yaqeen that certainty in your heart, not only do you no longer feel like you're

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missing out, but you look forward to realizing what others are actually missing out.

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I'm gonna be the photographer, the Allahu Tada and who walks in upon the Prophet slice that Lemonis very famous narration and also loss I sell them, the greatest man, in fact, the greatest creation to ever live rises from his bed. And his bed sal Allahu it was Saddam is made of these branches. And he has just this pillow that's palm stuffed. And when he rises from his bed, the prophets lie Selim, who should be living like a king in this world, right? When he rises from his bed, he has marks all over his back, because of how uncomfortable he is of Allah Aarnio Summit, and his huge rocks, what are they? They're smaller than probably what some of your closets are. And almost all the Alon who

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starts to cry, and also less likes than them says, Why are you crying? Oh my gosh, why are you crying? And he says, Jada Smith Hola. I've seen the palaces of Kisara. in Persia. I've seen the palaces of Caesar in Rome. And you're so much more deserving of that. And the prophets slice and M says, are you in doubt, Omar? Aren't you pleased that they have this dunya and we have the Artena let them have this dunya we have the hereafter. We don't care about these palaces. We care about the palaces of paradise. We're okay. And there's something Subhanallah about knowing that there is something that awaits you to where you won't strain your eyes over the things that people have been

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temporarily given. You don't even know if they're even happy with those things. So you don't strain your eyes, at their so called happiness, nor do you strain your eyes at their possessions. Because this dunya as the prophet slice, and I'm said, is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbelievers. Now, that doesn't mean that the believer is unfulfilled like a prisoner. But that means that the believer is restricting themselves for the hereafter. And the disbeliever has nothing to look forward to except for torment. And so they're going to try to make this Jamna as much as they can here. And they're going to fail. Now, when you go to your grave, remember that the prophets

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lie Selim said, that you will not just be shown your place in paradise, but didn't lie to Allah, which is your actual place. But you will also be shown your place in hellfire had you been one of the occupants of hellfire. And when Allah subhanaw taala turned you away from that place, it makes you appreciate your paradise more and said Hamdulillah. I didn't end up there. Now the opposite is also unfortunately true that people that could have had paradise or shown it in their grave that that could have been your garden. But instead, this is your chamber, because Allah subhanaw taala gave you fair warning. Now for us, when in sha Allah to Allah, we commit ourselves to this, and we

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believe with certainty and Allah and in the hereafter and what he's promised us of the hereafter. We have our opportunity now, to not just earn what we have earned, but also to claim the spoils of those people who could have earned Jana as well. Now what do I mean by that? And this is Subhanallah a powerful concept that we have in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you're walking through this life and you might feel like you're left out of the things that other people have. But on the day of judgment, they're the ones that are looking at you left out Allah subhanaw taala says hula Iike, Holman, wery soon, a Lavina, Arizona, dosa homefree. Ha

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Holly Dune, that verily, they are the inheritors, who shall inherit the fit of DOS, and they shall dwell there in forever. What is the inheritance here speak to some of the scholars said that inheritance speaks to how effortless it comes to you, right? That it comes to you just like inheritance comes to you. Easy passed down to you. But some of the scholars said this is speaking about what the prophets lysozyme said that no one of you

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Who lives in this life does not have two positions, a home and hellfire and a home in paradise. The believer has his home agenda and his home and hellfire. And once he occupies or she occupies that house in Jana, the house and hellfire is demolished. So it's Pamela think about it right now this very moment. There's a home in Jahannam with your name on it. And there is a home in Jannah with your name on it. And once you in shot lots of Anna inhabit the home and Jana that home that belong to you and the Hellfire is demolished. Now what about the homes of people who go to hellfire instead, and you want to make sure that you're not one of those could have bins in paradise. So

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you're walking around Jana didn't lie to Allah and you see these palaces that could have been for certain people had they responded to the call of Allah subhanaw taala. But instead, you will inherit their homes. And this is exactly what Allah subhanaw taala is talking about in the Quran. And what the prophet slice and I'm as mentioning that you don't just inherit your own share, but you inherit the share of the disbelievers in paradise as well. And this is a reward for when you used to proceed through this life, and used to abstain from certain things and feel left out. So now you take your share and the share of those who rejected the call in that agenda, their palaces, their gardens, and

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the things that they could have had, aside from debate. Well, the alongside annually says that it's not just the disbelief and the belief. But imagine how many Ramadan's they missed. Imagine how many later two others they missed. Imagine how many Salas they missed had they believed how much reward they could have had for there's a cap, all of that is now given to the believers who actually abided by those commands. And Allah subhanaw taala says, wait till can Jana to let you refer to Musa Bhima Quinton tap Malone. This is the Paradise which you have been made to inherit, because of the deeds that you used to do. You know, Subhan Allah when you think about the things that we sacrificed here

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and we missed out on, we say let them have it, we will take their opportunities in paradise. Now notice here that Allah subhanaw taala says Bheema quantum time alone because of that, which you used to do. And the scholars say that if you think about it, is anyone in Jannah because of what they used to actually do. But would it feel like Jana, if you felt like it was given to you undeservedly? So, while the people in hellfire are being told, didn't you get the signs, you could have responded, the people in Jannah are being told, you see this glass of wine that you have in your hand, you see this palace that you now and have it, you see this garden that you now stolen? That's because of

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what you used to do, because Allah subhanaw taala who created us knows that we need to feel like we accomplish something we need to feel like we earn something. So while none of us enter Jannah except by the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we are told constantly in Jannah that this is a reward for that which used to do and if you think about the believer as they're going through this life Subhanallah How many times will you be made to feel like what you're doing is not worth it? All this religious stuff, all this abstaining? The way that you carry yourself the way that you dress, all these things that you hold yourself back from is it really worth it? Like Can't you be a little

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funner can't you do a little bit more here and in Jana? You're being told that everything that you abstained from, here's a better reward for it. And everything that you did when other people thought it wasn't worth it? Look how worth it it is now. Yeah.

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