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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah Hello below them in WA Salatu was Salam ala Asha freedom be able to read Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He was he was he was in them to sleep and because he didn't consider for Muhammad who my brothers and sisters one of the most haunting images that has come out of this earthquake in Turkey in Syria is of a man holding three loaves of bread in his hands.

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And the caption there says that this man used to own 3333 multi storey buildings before the earthquake 33 multi storey buildings before this earthquake, you know any when you hear this I want you to actually go and look at a multi storey building then imagine that here is this building many floors

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up for apartments rented out, he's getting income, right?

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What kind of what is that man's networks? What do you think, you know, how, how much What do you think it would be worth and how much of income is getting out of all those apartments and whatnot, maybe commercial properties

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and suddenly, in a matter of 1015 seconds,

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he is reduced to the point where he is now standing in the in the bread line.

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And he's getting bread as charity from somebody else. So how Allah so Allah, the

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One of the sisters, how many reminders do we need? How many demand is do we need?

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First to thank Allah Subhanallah

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you know, a way to let

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me Mehsana lanseria Hatami Allah are no reported that Rasul Allah is Allah Azza wa sallam, he said, Hadees integrity and in Nevada, Whoever among you wakes up in the morning, secure in his dwelling, secure in his home, healthy in his body, and he has his food for the day. He's not saying week, he's not taking two days, he's not saying a month year, he has his food for the day, then it is as if the whole world has been given to him. And let me repeat this hadith. As soon as salam said, Whoever among you wakes up in the morning secure in his dwelling, secure in his home, healthy in his body, and he has food for the day, then it is as if the whole world has been given to him. And this is

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intermedia and invited. Ask Allah subhanaw taala when I asked us to have you to thank you, and to keep on thanking him and tagging him because Subhanallah

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that image of the man holding the Z loaves of bread in his hand is an image that I saw on somewhere right.

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This is not my reality. And this is also not your reality.

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If you are listening to this further reminder to this Kathira then inshallah was most likely you are safe in your home

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and you are healthy

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and you certainly have more food than

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what you need for the day.

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Many of us especially in this country in America survive may Allah have mercy on us

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we have food for months, people have a huge refrigerator then they have freezers some people have more than one freezer

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full of food

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I've heard sisters let us make this mistaken oats

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and say that never in my life will one single word of complaint come or escape my lips or go and become meta

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How can we thank Allah Samantha because remember all those people I'm not talking about the people who died who died the died and inshallah me ask Allah subhanaw taala to give them genital for those and give them make them Shahada.

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We're talking about the survivors.

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People have survived and their entire families have been matter.

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Children, one single child left out of the whole family, everybody has gone everybody has just finished

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they have lost people have lost all their wealth.

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Right people have lost their whatever valuables they had. Imagine there will be there will be jewelry and money. I love those what right?

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So Allah Alhamdulillah Allah has kept us safe and he's kept us well.

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Do we thank Allah spirit

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I remember you or myself, that the way to thank Allah subhanaw taala is to be obedient on us.

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It's not to be dissuaded or lost.

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If we give you an example, think about vascular question in your car,

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the accelerator and the brakes,

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which is more important, is the accelerator more important was the brake more important.

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Think about this, the accelerator gives you the thrill right, you floor the accident and the car goes boom, and you get speed and so on. But only because you know that you have the brake. If there is an emergency,

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you are able to and I'm not, you know, recommending that you drive fast. Please don't

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drive safely. But you are able to drive because you know that you have brakes which are functioning.

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Let's think about this and think and say that if for example, your brakes have failed, you accelerate is still there.

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What will you do? You will use your gears if you are if it's a it's a manual transmission, you will use the gears to stop your car to slow down.

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Automatic transmit transmissions I don't know what happened. Maybe they're also you. There's no gears to use the variable. there beside the point, the point I'm making it that it is the break, which is the thing that keeps you safe.

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Islam is the break in our lives.

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You see if you take our lives, our lives are accelerators, right, the NAFSA the accelerator, it wants you to have thrills. So it tells you to do things which are which you know, in many cases, we know it is harmful, yet we still do it.

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Allah subhanaw taala mercy doesn't

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allow us to destroy ourselves. So Allah still saves us.

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But Islam is the break. Islam is the boundaries that we

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have been given for our own safety. It is a safety belt. It restricts a movement to some extent, but that restriction of movement is good for us because it keeps us safe.

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keeps us safe.

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I've insisted if you didn't have this break, then it wouldn't be like driving a car without brakes.

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Sure disaster.

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Absolutely sure disaster, especially if the car's brakes have failed. And maybe indeed happens sometimes you and you don't know that the brakes of failure after it will keep testing the brakes every little while, especially if you're driving on a highway Do you almost never touch the brake pedal.

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And you won't know if the brakes are failed until you want to stop and now you put your foot on the brake and the pedal goes all the way to the floor and nothing's happening.

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May Allah save us from that but I'm saying that this is where we must thank Allah subhanaw taala the hamdulillah Allah gave us a beautiful religion Allah gave us a beautiful way of life and like give us a give us guardrails when we are walking on a path

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on a dangerous path, high above.

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If we didn't have guardrails, we would have fallen down to audits. But I'm like he was God is those guardrails are Islam. These are the boundaries of Islam.

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So I remind myself and I request you, let us thank Allah Samaritans Alhamdulillah lasondra gave us Islam, we thank Allah subhanaw taala for all that he gave us for keeping us safe

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and for keeping us in a stage where we can help others

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and that is what I want to say to you that this

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these earthquakes, these are

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one they are Hoja they are witness for us, we ask Allah to not make us make them witness against us.

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Unless showing is colored in the people he saved.

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And also this is an opportunity for us to help those people and to earn rewards.

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the tables could very easily have been turned. We could have been there standing in the in the red line

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and thanking somebody gives us a loaf of bread

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instead of being on this side where we can donate

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to the charities which are working in that area. So I strongly advise you or I strongly recommend a please give and give and give and give.

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Knowing that this is really money transfer from your dunya into your own Africa with Allah

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Serrano data does not take an SRO annuity, if you are if we spend in the path of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala returns that was manifold. And then Allah has it with him.

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And when we meet him and must return I will give us in keeping with his majesty and grace. When we meet, ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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be able to have sympathy and to empathize with people and to feel their pain and to do our best to alleviate that suffering as well as monetary to give us without reserve and to enable us that when anyone comes to us, anyone in need comes to us that this person does not have to go anywhere else. There are lots of our fellow completes his

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fulfills our personal need through us. Asana will carry Molly He was an avid member