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The segment discusses the story of Jana, the character of Islam who will return on the day of the AMA. The segment highlights the cultural and physical characteristics of Jana's home, including its size, weight, and heat. The segment also touches on Jahanna's various actions, including her return on the day of the AMA, use of Jahanna in a scene in a movie, and strategy for protecting troops and environment. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a series on the bizarre all of us will make this journey.

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I was relying on a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he or Sakurajima in my beloved brothers and sister said Mr. ecomark with regard to

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hamdulillah night number 23, one of the odd nights, Allah subhanaw taala grant us the best of this evening and inshAllah vileda To further push ourselves to do as much as we can, the night of decreed that I can reach the angels descend, and the night in which He is that he would greater than 1000 months may Allah grant us the full year would have little to other mean, I mean on Hamdulillah we have come a far way in our cities. And we had started off by talking about the minus signs of piano. And then we spoke about the major signs of piano, the events, the 10 major signs that gel and JoJo George the descendant of Isa until the end of the world, and then we spoke about the events of the

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bodies of what happens in the cover what happens from the moment that the Roar is pulled, and Allah grant us that I will be pulled in a good way. May Allah grant us that we die in the state of Eman. I will take us with the Kalima as the last thing that we utter, as we are, we are dispatched from this dunya and then we spoke about the life and the cover the pleasures of it and the adab of it. May Allah grant us the pleasure and the gender of the cover. Grace, we have a guidance of Jana within spoke about the event of piano, which is a pillar of iman from the resurrection and standing before on the plains of piano for a long period of time and mankind will be in complete chaos and will be

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as Allah says in a drunken state completely,

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you know, running around Helter Skelter, no one king but anybody else, until and they will run from one Nabhi to the next until the results will be asked and he will make the intercession the macabre mode and he will intercede with Allah subhanho wa Taala and then there will be some peace being brought the shade of the onshore will be presented to some people and the wells, the pond of the house people will be given a chance to drink from the wells of the different Umbria and then they will be the beginning of karma and the start of it will be the lining up and everyone standing in front of Allah and there'll be complete silence all of the Creation standing in front of Allah, you

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will hear nothing, no one will they speak just the shuffling of feet and people and Allah subhanaw taala is looking at his creation. And then of course the records will be given to each person and how you're given it is an indication of whether you'll be successful or not. And then Allah subhanaw taala will call each person forward and he will have a personal court case with everybody some will be easy and some will be difficult we ask Allah Hi Savannah Hey saben yesira Allah grant is the easy questioning or Allah or even better than that Allah Masha Allah, Allah muda handle genitive radio hisab let us enter Jana without even being questioned. some very special people will be then of

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course the scale will be brought and after the questioning your deeds will need to be weighed. And if it is heavy on the good side, you know hamdulillah your place in Jannah will be almost secured. And for those who commit to check, they will be Allah subhanaw taala will call that they be chained up who Hoover who sees them grab hold of them fill Jamie's fill Ajay masala and then they will be cast and thrown through into Janam. The remainder will be the Muslims, the believers those who needed to mature and they will be they will be forced to cross over the spirit. So this bridge remember this bridge of crossing over. It's only for the believers and the monastics and for those

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believers who will good they will cross over without any without any hardship or they will struggle but they will cross over the serratus rod that bridge over Jahannam as for the believer who committed some mistakes, and he requires some purification, then he will unfortunately fall into Janam. And of course the monastic you will not even cross a little bit and then he will be full full all the way to the bottom of Jan Nam within said Alhamdulillah. For the believer, once he crosses the Surat, you will then cross a small little bridge called the contract where the final final purification of his heart will happen. And that at that point everybody will given will be given

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basically the keys to their home in Ghana and the gates of Jannah will be open and may Allah be granted Cirencester there will intergender and we'll talk about what happens to them in Jana. Now we'll move on to what happens in Jana, and this is the most difficult topic to talk about Jana, but it is possible Akita and we believe that there is such a place as Janam. And there is a place of punishment and for some people that punishment will belong and for some people that that punishment will be eternal. It is also a common motif in almost every single religion, the concept of a place of punishment a place for those who lived a sinful life that they will be held accountable for the

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for the essence and few questions before we begin. The word Jahannam Allah Allah it's not an Arabic word. You find it within the Bible.

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And it's mentioned accursed place, a place of sorrow.

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Place of hardship. And in the Persian language Jahannam is a piece of torture a torture chamber. And obviously it's not an Arabic word but it's taken from those languages and Allah has used it in the Quran, and it is the most common name of jahannam. The Hellfire is Jahannam is jahannam. Now in existence or is only going to be created on the Deaf piano. There is nobody in Jahannam at the moment, there is nobody in Jahannam Jahannam will only be accessed on the day of piano. So is it they always got the we know the Johanna Jana and Johanna who created before the item because it opened up in a hadith or I think the Hadith. It mentions that Allah subhanho wa Taala after creating

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Jana and Jana, he called Gibreel Elisa salaam, so do you believe is even older than them older than Jana and Jana, and he told you were you to look at both. And so when Gibreel went into Jana, and he explored it and he came out, he said I have never seen anything more beautiful than this place. And if anybody were to year of this place, then they will do everything to get inside it. And then he saw Jahannam Gibreel and he said I have never seen something more horrible than this place and whatever years about this would never it would work the entire life not to end up in Jannah when Allah subhanho wa Taala showed you video, the pathway to Jana and the pathway to Jana, and the

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pathway to Jana was full of patience and struggle and Zakah and Hajj and all the difficulties. So gpdo CCR Allah I worry that nobody will get to Jana. And then when he saw the pathway to Jana, the lust and the pleasure and the sin and the enjoyment. So he says Yet Allah I worry that everybody will fall into Janam except those whom you whom you assist. Where is Jana? So we is it. We know in the cosmological cosmology of the universe that we know Allah subhanaw taala has created Saba Osama at seven, squatted seven universes, one on top of the other. We are in a summer, a dunya. Dunya means the lowest one. So we are in the tiny light right at the bottom. Then there are six more

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universes stacked upon each one. And then we said of course, the he made this journey on the Saranda, Mirage, and SubhanAllah. In our series on the bizarre all of us will make this journey. When you pass away, the Angel of Death fools the soul, and then the angels of Jannah carry the soul all the way through the Saba Smls and the gates of Subhanallah, even Sudama or some

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amount of Alaba that the heavens will become those doorways meaning they will be opened up for the good, good soul and they will rise up. And then at the highest level of the seventh summer. The Mount Everest of the universe is sutra, into the tree of eternal life, this tree and Allah says in surah najem in the heart, Jana Jana is very close to the highest level of the summit. Jana is external to this universe. Jana is not inside the seven heavens but it is right on top, very, very close to the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala and that is why when we talk about Jana, the ceiling of Jana is the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala the people who live in janitorial DOS, the ceiling the

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sky is the Throne of Allah subhana wa Tada that's where Jana is so Jahannam it's not within the seven heavens but it's external and Allah Allah way it is. We all we know is that Jana will be brought out on the day of karma and it will be presented on the plains of Leanna we know that Jana is extremely huge and big and its size as we said 70,000 Angels 70,000 chains on each chain will be 70,000 angels and they will drag Jana out on the day of of the AMA and even though the names of Jahannam ha we are a deep abyss an endless of us. We're gonna be sort of mentioned if a stone is dropped, it takes many many millennia before that stone reaches the bottom of Jahannam on the day of

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Kiama Jana will be filled with men and jinn and yeah Juju Mr. George and idols and stones it will be filled with so much of creation in it yet it will still say Yo man Akula Johanna on the day Allah will ask the Jahannam Lim toilet Are you fold up now? Are you full Johanna Watercool helming mozzie no we are Allah have placed from what is there any more? Is there any more to follow me up and just so Johanna will be you is huge with so many creatures inside of it. Jahannam so in Jana, we have the Rajat so you get the highest Raja Raja is level. In Arabic. If you go higher up, you get the Rajat. If you go lower down, it's called the rocket, the rocket is a level downwards. That's why I'm gonna

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thicken the feet directly as well. They are in the lowest level so they have Janome. As that occurred, it has levels going down and as you go lower down, the punishment becomes more severe, and it becomes worse and worse as one enters deeper and deeper into Jana. Jana has gates as Jana has gates.

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Each gate has a specific person or a specific type of sinner will enter the gates of each gate of the

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Random three letter fool Abba Johanna mahadi Nafisa semeth. Well moussaka bidding, and as some scholars have said, they will be two ways that people into Jahannam the one way is through the gates of jahannam. And as Allah mentions, whenever you see the Hulu Abba Jahannam when the angels or Allah will seek them into the dose of Janam it is indeed worth you will be the Holiday Inn forever so ever goes through an interview via the gates of Jana he says if they'll they'll never come out whereas the believers the only way they enter Jana is Jan Nam through is by falling down the spirit and there is a hope that the Spirit will not put them in the severe part of Jana because from the they

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will be extracted. Clearly, Aquila, Ababa Jahannam hard enough he had so much fun with the company, if you say to them into the gates of Jana, and to Obi they're in an eternity. We're in the Johanna Mala Moreno, Jemaine and surely ALLAH says Johanna is a promised place for them. Maha Sabha to Abba that Jahannam has seven dose. Jana is a dose for Jana has seven dose liquidly Bobby mean whom juice mix maxim that it has seven gates for each of these gates is a specific class of sinner, a specific laws of cinema. And so some Allama has opined that each gate is more severe and whoever enters a worse gate, a level it will become more serious the Jahannam

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now, we spoke already about how people will be taken to jahannam. The believers as we said if they committed some mistakes, they will fall into Jahannam via the Sirat whereas the sinners the machete key and those who come with a chip will be tied up on Qiyamah and they will be thrown into Jahannam via it's those intermediary Mina V. Dylan was are also indeed the criminals are in error and madness. You will use Hobbywing affinity and I will do him whoo hoo Masaka the day they are dragged into the flames on their faces. So he mentioned this Pamela protect us being tied up and then being dragged face down through the fires of Jahannam taste of the torment of Jana. We know that Jana is

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it's an it's Pamela I must mention this. This is the topic of Jahannam if you read the hartham if you go through the Quran, we don't know that much about Johanna. Far more we know a lot more about Jana. We can mention the clothing of Jana, the texture of the clothing, the type of fruits, the type of creatures inside the the names of certain places either none of those. We don't know any names of the names of the rivers of Jana, we don't know anything the names of the valleys of Jana and the place of Jana. Why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions Jahannam but he mentions Jana far more than Jana it's something to think about, but it is there and we talk about it because it is to encourage us to

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make dua will make that dua Allama indica fall into April Alpha Allah pardon us so that we never ever have to go to jahannam we never ever have to go near to Johanna. Johanna. What is the weather like in Jana? What does it feel like to be in Jana? The province was is Jana was heated continuously for 1000 years. And it's fine as was heated and then the fires turned read. And then it continued to be heated for another heated for another 1000 years until the flames became white. And it was heated again for a further further 1000 years until it turned pitch black. So as we mentioned Jahannam is full of fire. That is extremely hot. That is not it's hot. It's hotter than any other creation of

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Allah yet it is pitch black. So one cannot even see what is happening inside Jana at present Johanna me speech that I'm using right now. Jahannam is at its its hottest, it's pitch black and it is dark. Allah the prophet who says the fire of Jahannam is 70 times the all the fire of the dunya is just 1/78 of the fire of Jan Nam.

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This is behind Allah shows you for you to think about and for us to ponder with regards to Jana. Then our responses in Jana is fee some women were humming within the me moon that in Jahannam is scorching fire and scalding water and a shade of black smoke neither cool nor beneficial. So

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the water of Jahannam is boiling and the shade of Jana is like a poisonous smoke. So the orlimar mentioned that if the things which bring shade the shade of Jana is a smoke that touches you and the water that the people of Jana will drink will boil you. Then what about the actual fire in the heat of Johanna Lau buried in Walla Kadeem there is no coolness or there is no ease in it led to booty Walla wa to Lin Basha. One of the names of Johanna is a soccer a soccer and Allah says what is a soccer lead to booty whatever, it leaves nothing except that it incinerates it. Anything that touches Jahannam becomes incinerated instantly. Lo wha Heartland butcher it blackens the skin that

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or touches the fire of Johanna. They will be blackened. Another name of Johanna is an Huhtamaki, where you will equally homage to Luma Allah the Jurmala Calella uma then Phil Huhtamaki Allah says that he will throw them into Altomare, Rama, Rama, Rama and what will make you know what is it is it is the crusher and Otama. So, if you imagine Jahannam as we said it's almost like a living creature where it constricts and it squeezes the people inside of it. And so it piles the flames on top of its inhabitants. Now Allah Hilda narrow Allah Hill Mukalla and Allah says here it is the fire that Allah has himself stoked that he Allah Himself has stoke the fire we and it will bring down upon the

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people and so spending time being locked in and covered in fire well either incoming makan and the Econ so Allah also mentions so as we talk about what is the home's like in Jana, we're going to talk about in where do people stay in Jana? The isas are either only comin her and when they are thrown into a very narrow, constricted, claustrophobic space. So you can imagine the people of Jana are tied up and they are put into like a cupboard of some sort, which places them and it's filled with flames where you have to be lucky. They're thrown into a narrow place they in bound in chains, and they they will wait and what do they do? Well yeah, the owner who Nanika Bura they will just cry out

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ya allah enough, destroy us destroy us. And the angels will talk about the angels of Jannah will say to the latter owner yo with the war on wider. They said Don't cry out for one destruction, but cry out for many, many distractions because this is where you will remain. You have to get the food and the drink and the clothing of Jahannam Allah says lay salah, whom to Amman, in lemon Korea, there is no food they eat will be for them except a poisonous thorny plant. There's only one thing that grows in Jannah it is called the comb. And this plant is so filthy, it's it grows in the bottom of Jannah. And it's thorny, and if this was if a piece of this were to come to the dunya it will rot the entire

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creation just one piece of this plot. Yet the people of Jahannam will be deprived of food for so long that they would be so unbaked the hunger becomes so unbearable that they will eat from this and it will cook inside of me to basically burn the insides laser downtown in LA Mindray la you Shinola you have an imager, which will neither nourish them, no it will take away their hunger, but still they will eat because of the extreme hunger, they will be given boiling water over it and the clothing of pitch molten lead will be put over the bodies malice panda protect this is very, very difficult things

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that the ISS the three of the comb, we have surely made it as a trial for the wrong reason for the wrongdoers. It is a three that springs out at the bottom of Jahannam the shoots of its stalks are like the hits of the devil's it mean it's only 23 they will eat they have and fill the bellies they in when Allah desire, then on top of that, they will drink a mixture of boiling water, then shell and they will then shall be returned to the fire. So they will be taken out of they are being punished. And then when they finally get some relief, not relief, but they finally exit the punishment. They will find nothing to eat except the comb and boiling water which will basically cut

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through them and burn them through. So no friend, he has the ear this day. No has he any food except Except, and some people Subhan Allah. So that's what some people will eat. The others they will eat from her mean, what is her mean? Her mean is, as the people of Johanna are being cooked and they are boiling and the blood and this, it will flow down like rivers through jahannam. And that will be boiled up and fed back to the people of Ghana. So they have no friend here this day. They are completely alone. In Janome. The people are completely alone. They don't have anyone to talk to, they don't have any kind of interaction except they're being punished. So Allah says they will have

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no friends here, nor do they have any food except the fourth of the washing of wounds, meaning the blood and the muck that flows down they will feed that back to the people of Janam which none except the sinners. And remember also on Kiama Allah subhanaw taala asked every single person that goes to jahannam have I wronged you in any way? Have I done anything?

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Did a guy disadvantage you in any way? Did I do anything against you? And they will say no Allah You haven't done anything. We know we have this feeling that Allah Subhana Allah is looking for every excuse, I'm gonna throw you in Jannah that's not Allah subhanaw taala On the contrary, he's looking for every excuse to put you in Jannah every excuse take them out of Jannah the beautiful Hadith we mentioned. Allah will say think those people that don't even that didn't do a single good deed, take them out of Jannah and into them into into into Jana. We end up with this food and drink of Jahannam way

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Leave a tree of deadly fruit will be the fruit of the sinful. Like So Allah explains because the Zack home the only thing they can eat is this plant, when they eat it, it is like molten lead that they are eating inside of it's like they pouring liquid molten lead will be will boil inside the bellies, and it will the burning of the spear it will cook them on the inside because of the extreme hunger and extreme difficulties in jahannam. So inshallah we continue Allah protect. And so the purpose of these ayat, and the hadith is not to make us despair, and it's not going to make us feel negative, but it is an opportunity. As we said, every night in the month of Ramadan every night,

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there is a batch of people who are destined for Jahannam and Allah freeze them or freeze them. And that is we make the DUA letters never ever go near Jana. And that dua when you make dua and you ask Allah for protection when Jana visualize these things, and that's the secret to make dua that will save us from the fire of jahannam. I mean, we continue tomorrow with Neela. I just reminded that sada too late, we'll start at 10 o'clock. And then last night's question, what is that bridge that the believers will have to the last last bridge after the Iraq where they will be given the basically the places in Jannah? What is the name of that breach?

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Its contract, it's B. So the

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contract is B if the contract.

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Yeah, that's the right answer. Yeah, exactly. That's B. Something wrong.

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I'm trying to find someone that

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Zubaydah Samuels.

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So she Yeah. Okay. machinima says a beta.

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Abdullah Ahmed,

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Abdullah Ahmed, no block.

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Okay. Let's see.

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Amin, G.

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Amin, G

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The oil column, the year column. So here column No. Butter for RPTS Hamdulillah. Okay, so if that's the

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alright the neck of the question What is the name of the tree found in Jana Zakouma soccer. The food will Surat

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choose the number seven was number seven.

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Number seven, the back of your corner.

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Zach, was Allah say no. Muhammad Ali sacristan was telling him Nairobi datamine said I want it