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AI: Summary © The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam praised the person who joins a gathering and leaves it almost unnoticed almost. The importance of quiet in one's life and how it can enhance one's joy is discussed, including the loss of enjoyment of life and joy of the world. The segment also touches on the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of Jana, and the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty and joy" of the world, including the "beauty
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The natural disposition of the believer is actually to be silent unless necessary. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam praised the person who goes into a gathering and leaves it almost unnoticed almost all the Allah Tada and who mentioned that a person who talks too much is likely to make too many mistakes. And if you make too many mistakes, then you're more likely to enter the fire. So the believer is very measured about what they hear, and what they say. And as they are measuring every single word and considering whether that word will be for them or against them, and observing prophetic silence. Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards them with the silence of paradise. But

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it's not like the silence of this world.

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When you think of many of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, they had every reason to be arrogant, but instead they were very humble, like Rusnano, the Allahu taala, and who was known for his modesty, yet he was the richest of the companions or Hudy, double the Allah Tada and her despite her prominence, despite her prestige, despite her beauty, or the double the allowance, Anna Anna was known to be a woman who was extremely humble, extremely modest. Now, we already spoke about the special home for her these little deal outside of China. But remember, one of the things that was said to her digital, the low tide and her in the glad tidings that were

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delivered to her is that there is a home in paradise for you, where there will be no noise and no fatigue. And subhanAllah the word that is used is muscle, and Allah subhanaw taala says, la EMS to whom fee Ha nossob That in paradise, they're not going to be struck with any type of exhaustion, any type of annoyance why because they bore all of that in this life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Think of how many times had these are the Allahu anha heard an insult Think of how many times she comforted the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam while the noise was taking place outside of her home. Think of how many times for these all of the law Juana applied the qualities of a bottle Rama

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and the servants of the Most Merciful. And then think of ourselves. There are times where you hold your tongue and you want to say something so bad. There are times that you remove yourself from a gathering, where you don't participate in certain gossip or certain backbiting. And it gets to a point where it becomes disgusting to you where your fitrah kicks in, your natural disposition kicks in and you start to feel an aversion towards those things. And so you want quiet. Also there are people that talks about getting away from everything because that's the only time they can relieve themselves from stress. Allah subhanho To Allah mentions la Tessmer ofI ha la here, you will not

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hear in paradise, any type of idle noise and who is this for Allah Dino home on a lovely morning alone, those who protected themselves from it and this life, Allah gives them an eternity without it in the next. Now there's something very beautiful about this you know when you want to go take a walk in Jamaica and you want to go meditate if you will, or sit at one of the cliffs of Jannah and just look at the rivers look at the water. Allah subhana wa Tada says lyase Morona V ha la one in LA Solana they will not hear anything in it of idle talk except for Salam Salam so they're constantly hearing salaam salaam Salaam and you never get sick of Saddam and Jenna, I've just sent up, you've

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spread peace Tetsu Jana be Salam. And you enter into Jana in peace. This is Dar Salam, this is the abode of peace Lama enter Salam o Allah is the source of peace, to hear to whom Yomi alicona Who salaam, the day you meet Allah subhanaw taala. It's salaam, you hear a salam from Allah. And the angels are coming to you from every direction salaam salaam salaam salaam, and you don't get sick of it. And subhanAllah as you are sitting in Paradise, and enjoying the quiet. One of the things that the scholars say is that those who brought quiet and peace in this world, they now get to enjoy the quiet in the hereafter. They're not annoyed anymore, just like the person that's enjoying himself in

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Paradise because of the tree that he removed from the path because it was a source of inconvenience to the people. Now he gets to enjoy the gardens of Paradise, the trees of paradise. So you're sitting there, and you're relaxing. And you know, sometimes when someone is quiet in this life or someone is, you know, looking at nature, staring into nature or taking a walk, there's something that's bothering them, and that might be why they're quiet. So they might be quiet on the outside and it might be noisy on the inside. Maybe they're overcome by some sort of grief. Maybe they're trying to sleep but they can't sleep they can't rest because their thoughts are so noisy. Their

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troubles are so noisy, they're here

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think so much they're feeling so much and there's pain inside this taking away their enjoyment you know Subhanallah if someone is grieving you could put them on the most beautiful beach in the world, but that grief is so noisy and troubling and the outer beauty and the outer quiet is not going to quiet the inside. But here's what happens to you and Jana last Panesar says Hola Hola. Hola him When at home? Yes, I know that they will not fear nor will they grieve. So while you're sitting in Jannah, and enjoying the quiet and breathing in the fresh air, and no longer bothered, and not exhausted or fatigued, you say Alhamdulillah Hilah the other band and hasn't All praises be to

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Allah, who removed sadness from us? There are no more worries that stop you from peace. There is no trauma in gender. So you're not thinking about anything that's going to disturb your thoughts. It's quiet out of joy and relaxation. And as we said, there are no hard feelings anymore in your chest when is that no MFI saluti him in detail. So all the hard feelings are gone, all the emotional turmoil is gone. All the thoughts and anxiety are gone. It's just sitting and quiet and in peace and people Subhan Allah in this life, they tried to go to quiet so that they can remove stress. You don't have stress anymore in Jana, one dip and Jana and stress no longer exists. But what do you

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want to listen to in general, and this is where it gets really beautiful and very interesting. So I didn't say that had a fatal the Allahu Anhu he said that there are forests of golden bamboo in Jannah that are loaded with pearls. And when the people of paradise desire to hear a beautiful sound, ALLAH SubhanA wa it's at a sense a wind, and it will bring about all the sound that they desire. So think about the wind chimes of Jana, and the birds chirping while you're sitting there. And one of the things that we avoid in this life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is sinful music and and one narration from Mohammed bin and weekender. He said that on the Day of Judgment, a

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caller will call where are those who protected their ears and themselves from the meanings of amusement and the instruments of shaitan put them on the dunes of musk and then Allah subhanaw taala will say to the angels s mero whom Tim G D with to me the caused them to hear my glorification and my praise. So the angels start to do the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala when the angels do wicked you know think of beautiful when Studien or LA people that recite the Quran or recite beautiful poems and beautiful sheets. Imagine listening to the angels glorify Allah subhanaw taala together and shot up know how shall Rahim Allah, he said that Allah will say to the angels, my devoted slaves

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loved beautiful voices in this world, but they abandon some of them for my sake, meaning the sinful ones, make them here what is even more beautiful, so the angels will start to glorify and praise Allah subhanaw taala in a way that they've never heard before. There's no album like the album of the MILA Iike singing and you can hear that in Jana, and that can be your soundtrack while you're walking in Jana, and strolling and enjoying the quiet. But it doesn't stop there any moment. ozotic Rahim Allah He said that there is no one who has a more beautiful voice among the creation of Allah. Then it's Rafi and it is Salam. I told you we'd get back to him. Remember, it's the law feed who has

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his lips, pucker to the horn to end the world. Now he no longer does that. And he has the most beautiful voice and Allah subhanaw taala will command him to sink and there will remain no angel in the skies except that it will suspend its prayer to listen to its raw feed it has Salam and that will continue as long as the last panel which Allah wants. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will say, if the people knew my greatness, they would not worship anyone beside me Subhan Allah, but it doesn't stop there. What about the prophets of Allah? Remember that would it his Salah and what he has of beauty? Maliki no dinar Rahim Allah explains the I were in Allah who are in denial, Azusa Wahoo

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cinema AB, that verily for him that would already have Salam is closeness to us, and a good place to return to. He said that when the day of judgment comes, a high pulpit will be put in Jannah. And Allah will say, Yeah, that would glorify me with that beautiful and melodious voice which used to glorify Me within the world, and that will that

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will start to glorify Allah subhanaw taala and that will capture the attention of all of the people of Ghana and give them joy. So thicket beautifies your quiet and dunya while increasing your reward in Jana, but what does Dickey to do for you and Jana? And if this is the beauty of all of the voices and the sounds, the birds chirping, the angels glorifying Allah, the wind chimes, the recitation of the prophets. What are you going to sound like in Jannah when you glorify Allah

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