The Patience of Jinn and Humans

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And then you have the jinn, which are like us and that they are called to spiritually restrained themselves, but they have the capacity of being satanic. And in fact, they were a failed experiment amongst themselves, not Allah failed them, they failed themselves, because the corrupt Jinn who did they prey upon by the way, the righteous gent because they have gin that our saw that as well so the corrupt gin were tyrannical towards the righteous gin and they, they filled this earth with corruption. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala took away the feed off of from them. And then now you have the human beings turn. And you have the angels that are watching this. And he talks about,

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well, what's the difference between us and the Angels And subhanAllah I want you to actually marvel at this for a moment in sha Allah Tada as we're in the last two nights of Ramadan, every single area, every single Hadith, where the prophet size and the mentions to us, Allah calling the angels to witness human beings is witnessing them in the capacity of their subject is witnessing them in the capacity of their patients in a shadow a little better either when it comes to their desires, or when it comes to trial and tribulation. So when it comes to their desires, when you wake up and pray the prophets license that Allah laughs at this person and he calls the gem look at this person

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leaving the comfort of their bed giving up their sleep leaving a you know a companion leaving the coolness the warmth of the bed the warmth of that of that companion, whatever it may be and then going and making will do in you know in these harsh circumstances by the way, you know that those taps hot water and cold water taps don't exist everywhere in the world even today. Right Subhanallah like look at this person getting up and basically torturing themselves right to do will do in the middle of the night. Right? Despite the temperature of the water leaving the coolness and comfort of their bed Yeah, I'm gonna go oh angels look at this person. Look at this person. Look at this

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person. Oh, Monica Oh angels, who chose a gathering of hate instead of a gathering of wasting themselves away. Look at this person Oh angels who came out to the day of alpha covered in dust and disheveled look at this person Oh Malika, who just lost a child. And still the same inner rely on La Roger on will hamdulillah look at this person are angels. And the angels love this person and they showered praise on this person. Because this is where the human beings shine. When you choose suberb when you choose patients, Allah says, Yamanaka look, look at them. And the angels love you and they honor you because they don't have envy towards you. The way that the the way that the jinn and the

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shayateen are or some other human beings might. So I'll just mention one statement here. Carla Qatada Rahim Allah to Allah halacha Allah Who Subhana Allah Iike regulon Billa Shaha wahala Kulda im Sha Tin Bedard. Recode wahala, Carl insaan or general Allahu UCLan. Mashallah. Thurman Volibear occlusion whoever who for whom Iron Man or Woman of Valor Bucha what to who? Abdullah? Who for who are Kalba he says Putana Rahim Allah said Allah created

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angels with reason with the faculty of reason, but they don't have desires. The angels have never eaten and drink. Can you think about that for a moment? The angels have never even tasted food Gibreel Alayhis Salam has never digested a morsel of food the angels live to please Allah and they are created completely independent of food and drink that actually in and of itself is something to take a step back and go wow. creatures that have existed for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years, and they never had to have a sip of water. And that's why when they went to visit the Brahim it was set up. And Ibrahima Islam pushed the food towards them. They just kind of stared at him.

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They look like and that's where Ibrahim is not Oh Josephine FC Eva like what's wrong with you guys? Why are you not eating the food? What's the stranger's just came to my house and they're not eating Gibreel mica eel, they've never put food in their mouth. They've never done anything to satisfy a desire. They have the faculty of reason. Without shallot. I want to make a comment on the story I try to share. So Hala some people want to read the story they have a different way of looking at it. One of the most interesting that I got a question from someone who said chef Are you saying that all this food went to waste

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and I'm like ah Hold on.

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Yeah, ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah is bringing you the example of of remedies you know we had these three angels come in the form of human beings to teach the teachers about a great lesson in regard to dealing with comb loot and and this brother Marcia was concerned about the food that they brought him or Assam cookie and this is all going to as I said, Well I wasn't there yet.

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Just saying how people Subhanallah things differently their focus are different. It's like the man who asked Imam a shabby Rahim Allah what's

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A bonds wife's name. He said I wasn't invited to the wedding. I don't know. I have no clue. But at the end of the day here Hala Kola who Subhana ilmenite here including?

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Bellagio, Howard honestly marveled at that for a moment. These angels only see the glory of Allah. They love the worship of Allah. This right here is their metaphorical sense their desire, they see gatherings of hate. This is what gives them happiness. They have zero Shaohua Allah created them with no desire, what an incredible creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah says, Well, hello. Then he says, Well, hello Colaba. Allah created the animals with Xiao Hua betta Akun unlimited desires but they don't have the faculty of reason here. They're not thinking about, you know, again, consequences or theater or the hereafter anything of that sort or the obedience of Allah or the

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disobedience of Allah, Allah created them as an example for you. And you look at that, right? Well, Hello Pal in San Juan Jadeja who UCLan, masha Allah, then he created you.

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And Allah gave you some of this. And he gave you some of that Allah gave you the faculty of reason, he gave you an option to think before you do. And he gave you the desire to choose whether to do regardless. So it gave you the option, the faculty here to think before you do, and then the desire to choose to do regardless of that. And he said, from Nevada, UCLA, OSHA, whatever, when you choose this, over that desire, then you are with the angels.

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And when you choose desire over this, you become an animal. And in fact, you can actually go lower than the animal and become like a devil, you can actually rise above an angel, because a person who chooses Allah subhanaw taala, over their desires is even better than the melodica as we spoke about last year, I want to Josie Rahim, Allah Tada was much if I would like to give a metaphor for people to understand the meaning of this. So when we say that if you if you put your reason above your desire and your instant, what does that mean, you ascend above you become in the level of the angels. But if you put your desires ahead of your reason, that means you, you go down, you descend,

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you go all the way down below even the level of the animals. So what does that exactly mean? Why is it so why is it easier to go down than going up? I think we all laws of physics, it goes with gravity. It goes with gravity, because we've been equipped with that nature to desire, right? As part of our instinct in order for us to procreate to survive, to feel, you know, good to validate ourselves, all these things, we need them all these desires, whether it's an intellectual desire, or to be for example, validated or an emotional thing, or even physical thing, we all have those things we would like to fulfill them. And they gravitate, they gravitate. So naturally, if you look, go, if

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you look on you follow, your desires are gonna pull you down. You go with gravity, and there is absolutely no effort on you to do that. You know, like, malice can protect us all from from from defeat. And but if someone sitting you know, on their own, suddenly they see something while somebody's walking in front of them, and they're not dressed appropriately, right? Do they have? Do they feel anyone is pulling their head to look at that individual, for example, that person? No. But it's natural gravitation to look at these things, maybe at this out of curiosity. So if you do that, you go with gravity. So you descend, you go down to the level of the animals. But if you use the

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code that we talked about, yes, I do have that desire. I do have that instinct. However, as human beings, it was codified with a code of ethic that is coming from Allah subhanho wa taala. Like telling me, Look, I know you desire this, but I'm telling you don't look at it.

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The animals don't have that. But humans do. Because Allah subhana wa Taala wants you to exercise this patience in that moment. What makes a person look away, look down and not pursue that, look, that Eman that they have that is based on that knowledge that will help them be patient in that moment. Why because now I'm taking I'm thinking about that delayed gratification versus the instant gratification animals. They go with instant gratification. Humans, they've been told look, delay your gratification. You have a code of ethic that I have given you to pursue that so you're gonna have to ascend above, obviously, when you start going up. It requires a lot of energy and a lot of

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effort. So to simplify that the Prophet saw Sam says Helfer to Jana to Bill Makara will refer to Naropa showered Johanna was surrounded with what with all the desires,

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and Jana was surrounded with all the hardships, basically to go to agenda you have to cross all the way through all these

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hardships to get there. It's not gonna be easy. So a lot of effort and if you want to see the example of the life of the prophet Sallallahu wasallam Allah subhanho wa Taala told us to the prophets Allah Salam fareeda ferrata fansub this is for us to be patient in volunteer Lee patients that goes way beyond. He said them called Farida for after fansub well a lot of bigger follow up, which means when you're done given down when you don't give him down, I mean, how much doubt with a professor Sam you know how much effort he put in his Dawa in Mecca? Everything on his energy? SallAllahu wasallam so after a long day, we'll give him dollar. What do you expect the instruction

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that would come to him? Get some rest. All right, take a break for the next day. Instead, Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Salah Salem for EDA, for after fansub when you're done giving Dawa, go ahead, stand up until you feel fatigued.

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What does that mean? That was the hour for the people right now work on yourself. Which means for all of us to exercise that volunteer to patients right now. It's not natural to you. It is not natural to because natural, what's natural to you, you go with your desires. What is that natural is to go again voluntarily against the desire for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala I cannot emphasize this point. Enough in regards to in order for you to be patient. You have to strengthen your iman in order for you to surrender your Eman. You have to practice what you know. In order for you to be able to practice that you have to expand on your knowledge. Because Allah says in my

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actual law, how many badolato Allah ma those who truly those are truly fear Allah subhana wa domanda servants are those who have the knowledge

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many of us today they avoid knowledge why? Because I don't want to have any judgments me like hey, take notice is bliss.

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Well good luck with that as a as an excuse before Allah subhana wa Donna. So you need to expand your knowledge. What does that exactly mean? This life is not for you to get rest this life for you is to toil and work so hard. seeking knowledge is important. We come here every night in sha Allah, Allah in the month of Ramadan. I hope that what you learn, you guys going to expand your knowledge so you can start practicing more so you can start to your Eman so you can strengthen your emotional shield so that your patients become inshallah to Allah, your way to avoid all these difficulties you go through chicken I want to give for the notetakers at least something that profound, also profound

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principle that we have here from Chef Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahim Allah quoted in a million Rahim Allah mentioned this from Abdulkadir in the southern chapter, and photo Lape.

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He says that

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any member of the Father Jelani says that a servant has three things.

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Because remember, there's acceptance, and there's endurance, acceptance and endurance. Tomorrow we'll talk about techniques of endurance. All right, tonight, remember these three things, Saba requires acceptance of three things, a command that you're obligated to carry out. So Allah gave you a command, you have to know that command and you accept it.

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No waffling around with you know, well this and this and that. And some scholars say this and some scholars say that when the only scholar that says otherwise is someone that has no name on Google that you found somewhere on YouTube, whatever it is or some Tik Tok, you know that she came across that somehow uproots you know, Illuminati and Laura what is known in the religion by necessity, the amount of the OMA the consensus of the scholars, none of that no no acceptance, Quran sunnah, consensus of the Scholars, this is how Islam has been understood for 1400 years. This is acceptance, Allah has commanded me to do this, I'm not going to go rethink something because I'm unable to do

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it. All right. This is extremely important for this generation, because this is how it is lost how knowledge is lost, because no one says anything anymore about the standard. So the standards themselves get compromised, because everyone's afraid. So ever that is in regards to our worship in regards to our eating and drinking in regards to our dress in regards to our relationships in regards to our social interactions. There is a standard here that's been upheld. It has to be accepted here by the author. I'm not going to try to undermine this and if I'm falling short of it, it's a weakness on my own. So he says Rahim, Allah Tala Abdulkadir, the first one is a command that

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you are obliged to carry out. The second one, he says, a prohibition that you are to avoid. So first you have the bottled, the command that you are commanded to carry out. And then you have the Haram The prohibition that you are commanded to abstain from so don't try to make the Hello, hello. Then he says number three and this is perhaps the hardest, a divine decree that you have to accept. Accepting the color of Allah subhanaw taala accepting the power of Allah

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means that I'm not going to question Allah, or say anything that is displeasing to Allah in the midst of my hardship. So this is the level of acceptance. Now what you want to do is build from acceptance to endurance and each of those three things. So three things that there's acceptance, the command, the prohibition, the decree, I accept these three things from Allah subhanaw taala. I have patience and acceptance. How do I build endurance, you want to go with the commands, we'll study later, you want to practice patience, by working on those commands of Allah subhanaw taala until they no longer yield difficulty, but they yield joy for you. No longer is Salah, a burden. Salah is

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a joy for you no longer is fasting a burden. Fasting is a joy for you no longer is giving charity. It's a joy for you to give charity, right? You want to build to a place of joy that's endurance. When it comes to the Haram, you want to get to a point where you have water you have what's known as extra caution that the scholars say when you have a normal Sunday with someone or be an environment not fair, who says Tarak Nana's fun Hello. That we left off half of her out of things out of fear of them being haram, that you have a natural aversion as the prophesy sunset yourself your soul starts to feel uncomfortable with the haram to where something is even gray area and you naturally get away

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from it and you have rebel you have pleasure and abstaining from it. Like I'm not gonna I'm not worried about these things that I'm holding myself back from because I know that Allah has something greater for me in the hereafter. Right? So you build from acceptance to endurance and then when it comes to the partner of Allah subhanaw taala where you're actually able to verbalize and hamdulillah in that Allahu Allah Hey, Roger and hamdulillah

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Ralina belie Robert within Islam, Medina will be Mohammed inside sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nbia were pleased and please do Allah I'm pleased with this now. I'm pleased with Mohammed sighs. So the first level acceptance and then inshallah Tada, what we'll speak about over the next few nights and No, tomorrow night is techniques, we'll talk about how to build that endurance in each of these three buckets of sharp claim Rahimullah, then it concludes with whether the last thing he talks about is how when it comes to building your patience, it also grows with you mean it's a process. That's what he's trying to say. So look, you don't you're not born with it. You're not born with

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that level of endurance? No, you grow it as you grow old and new life as well, too. So he says over here, well, I'm a helical instead of 50 day a Marine officer when the sun was first created, which means when you're born, basically, you're born, you're born kind of like still not because we don't have all the faculties there. Lemieux fluffy Illa. Shehata Lolita, a lady who matters really, because we were born with without the the faculties of the mind and the physical ability to do things and so on. The only thing, the only thing that was given to you to be patient with is what? Being hungry. So that's when the baby especially when they're hungry, what do they do they cry. When

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they don't get food, what do they do, they just cry themselves until they fall asleep. That's the level of patients. Some adults act like this as well, too. Sometimes, unfortunately, he goes, this is the first thing called for subgroup, if you hadn't had the measure the subgroup behind the human at that level, his patience is basically is involuntarily just like the animals. Because I have no other choice. I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep. But what I said I woke up at a museum over to several FTR before reach that level of cognition, when they become old enough to recognize the difference. You guys don't have that ability to make these choices for either Valhalla at Fisher how

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to live. When that child grows to the age where now they start desiring to play.

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Like when they become two years old, for example, the terrible two of their lives, of course, obviously, are the parents lives obviously. Because now they have the desire to play is that the who were the sovereign ftld Now they've been prepared to exercise that voluntarily patients, such as when they parents tell them, hey, don't do this. If you do this, I'll give you that if you don't, I'll give you this. So now they exercise to you as a parent, teach them to exercise that voluntary patience. But if you don't exercise that with them, because you're too overprotective, or maybe just you know being too easy with them, they will never learn to be patient with these things. And as a

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matter of fact, a lot of parents so those who are mashallah helicopter parents don't want their children to grow or deal with negative emotions. So their kids never really exercise patience against these things because their parents take care of everything for them. So when they become adults, they don't have the skill. And that's why unfortunately fall easy for these for these mistakes and errors. Pile fairy that Allah has been a shower to Nikka authority over to sober when they become old enough to desire intimacy. That's when now the level of patience has been intensified.

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You need patient unit hardware patience right now. It's not just a matter of you know, the kids are come to you out of the game. So you

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See if you have to be patient with these friends and not, it's a big thing right now, there is an instinctive desire that is extremely, extremely strong and intense desire, so requires intense level of patience. So what he's saying is, look, you as a human being, you grow with this level of patience and endurance you grow with with you, which again, the segment for the parents and the individuals, if you don't allow your kids to be patient and exercise patience with them, because you want to be generous to your kids, give them whatever they asked for, they never learn to endure patience when it comes to real tests. So he says over here called worry that the heart Rockcastle

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Tom Larkin, when they reach now that level of recognition, they reach the age of maturity right now. So the previous one was about puberty. But now about Russia, rationality here, it says correctly, that the hardware castleconnell Actually, we're going we're covering the Stan vigencia server. Now, he says when become mature, and they raised another develop the faculty of reason and mind, they need an army, an army of patients visit soldiers of patients, which means what your tests are going to be even more because ALLAH SubhanA wa now that he has given you the faculty of the mind, the reason by what you just right and wrong, you can acquire knowledge by which you raise your Eman to

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in your patients against these things. Your tests are going to be so many. So you need what you need an army soldiers that will help you to be patient right now. Why? Because your tests are going to become right now more frequent. And eventually you're going to have to always keep yourself clear. So you can make the right decision about choices in sha Allah Allah. So the point here is making Rahim Allah is that you grow with it. You're not born with patience, you grow it. And the last point that he mentioned after that, he goes, When you get to this point, what do you need in order to have

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those those soldiers of that will help you reach that level of patience, because that's when Sultana Naboo comes in, which means the knowledge of the world the knowledge that comes from the Prophet, the knowledge that comes from the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem, when you have conviction, and you believe in the akhira and you believe in the Haram and halal, you believe in the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you believe that Jenna is hot and true, and so on, what are you gonna do? You will delay your gratification

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and you will endure patience. Why? Because I want to ascend to be the level of the angels not the sentiment the level of the animals. Allah Yeah, I think inshallah So tomorrow is going to be a very important one because we'll we'll get into some of those techniques of dealing with with get instant gratification and things of that sort and there's some profound insights inshallah so let's say a few questions within the last hour right now with the report that you are good for you on the screen. And I'm gonna take few of the questions that we had earlier inshallah who,

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once again,

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for the system, we'd like to make sure that your your Padlet is actually different color. And if we have any of our audience who are watching with us from

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out of state, or even internationally, make sure to write for us where exactly you're watching from so at least we can take some of the questions that comes online and shallow Donna

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sure if there's a request here so before the stream started, we were asked about the question of counseling. So I think it's important to mention once again, now that seeking counseling is not from the disk praiseworthy Chautauqua of complaining because you go to counseling to learn mechanisms by which you can, inshallah try to have, you know, patients going forward not to merely complain or things of that sort. So you're actually taking a step forward and shot lots of data to learn healthy tools, healthy mechanisms. And so this is not the opposites or an opposition of southern patients in any way. And in fact, in Charlottesville can even be rewardable So no one should should look at us

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as belittling that that that tool. So we have a few questions coming up right now Mashallah. from different places or to one of the sisters she's asking

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how to shadow canal Mala. Okay, fishermen have some sub will angels are the angels share with us any of the categories of patients? Can you go over the spot? I think I've been claiming to have Allah He mentioned that will come to the angels.

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The patients is different than ours because they don't have really the consequences like us in terms of making a choice. So they're only been created and designed by nature to be patient in regards to fulfilling ALLAH SubhanA wa Salas commands so the patient is actually is not, it's considered involuntarily. This is how they were designed, because Allah says lie also Allah Omraam Well, if

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they've been designed like this, they would never disobey Allah subhana wa in whichever command that he would command them. And they will also put Allah subhanaw taala as commandments. So that's why we say it's in that in that way that the involuntary that's different. It's actually the question is even there in Taylor for how to Shotokan and Monica fish ate them in Sama, Saba Peter, colonial totally. How are you? How are coding him were Marathi for him. But Reba what

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blah, blah home, can never see Lana.

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He says so he's asked him to lay him or him Allah has asked so do we share anything with the angels in regards to sublet? He says they don't have to fight against themselves the way that we have to fight against ourselves. They don't have to fight their desires are a bother to them is like how we breathe. Allahu Akbar, they like breathe everybody, right? So to them, they're the oxygen of the angels is worship. Right? This is exactly how they live their lives and this is how they live their existence.

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And subhanAllah how amazing is Eliza? Allah Aziz al Hamid, like you think about people. I mean, this is just a reflection, but you think about people and someone thinks like, their disobedience will decrease from the kingdom of Allah in some way. And the prophets lie. Some said there's not a span of four fingers in this entire galaxy and all of the heavens except that there's an angel that is standing there or bowing or making sujood praising Allah subhanho wa Tada there are angels that were created from start to finish in such the in prostration, only praising Allah subhanaw taala. So you think you know you're gonna you're going to take away anything from this deen or take away anything

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from the kingdom of Allah when you disobey Allah subhanaw taala that's again a person to a point of delusion with with their pride. Now, a question comes from one of the brothers says,

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in terms of the reward, if I wasn't patient at time of hardship, am I still gonna get the reward for the of that hardship that I got to go through basically, is patients considered an extra reward. So the element mentioned, the Hadith where the prophets lies I mentioned a suburb and the supplemental hola that patients is at the first strike is like the Hadith where the prophets lie some says lie. You know, I had to come Hatta until the end of it. No one of you believes until this and this and that. What it means is that you have not perfected you have not reached the peak of faith until you love for your brother, what you love for yourself, not that you're not a Muslim. Likewise, true

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patience is not the first strike. However, what that means is, even if you missed the window of a saltwater Lulu, of the first strike, there's still patients that comes after that, that's rewardable patients. But the greatest reward, the truest patience is realized that the first strike that's where you have a moment where you have an opportunity, but long term patience is indeed rewardable. And long term patients is measured by progress, not by words, but by progress. So yes, there is such thing as long term patients and coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Some people Subhanallah it's easier for them actually. And this ultimate ruler, because of the way that they're created, or the

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nature of the trial, and the beginning, they say it Hamdulillah. But then as time goes on, they grow resentment, they grow anger, they grow sadness, and grief, and then you find them depart from that patients. So patients is throughout that entire process. Another question coming from from Minnesota, a sister, she's asking, Will parents be held accountable for not training their kids in patients?

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That's mine.

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Will parents be kids are all patient? How much? Will parents be held accountable for not training their kids in patients? Now, spoiler alert, for Rahim and people basically, they don't know, they don't have the skill, even to train their kids, they don't even have the skill themselves to be patient with their kids to start with. The thing is that your kids really going to learn from you.

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The kids, your kids are going to be learning from you. If they see you patient, then hamdulillah they will learn that through observation. It doesn't matter what you tell them really, if you practice it, they will learn that from you. But no matter how much you train them to be patient, but if they don't see your patient, you always, you know, always annoyed, you're always gonna look agitated, you're always complaining, you're always you know, yelling at them, no matter how much you tell them about being patient, they're not gonna listen to you. So therefore, definitely, you need to exercise that with them and fellow Darla, so if parents failed to do that with their kids, or

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they're gonna be held accountable for that? Well, I hope not because maybe when they're kids, they're one thing but as the kids become adults now it's your responsibility.

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Yes, when your kid I will blame your parents. But once you become an adult, don't blame your parents anymore. It's your responsible right now to start learning about exercising patience. Inshallah, Donna.

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Another question.

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What does it mean, when you can have patience with some situations and not with others? What does it mean?

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This is why you don't mock anyone, or you don't look down on someone. Some people excel at a bad thoughts or acts of worship, because they come easy to them, but they struggle with others. And you might Excel and in particular about then someone struggles with that particular act of worship, and you might look down on that person. Likewise, some people endure naturally for whatever reason, you know, said he has just talked about a household that you grew up in, you just endure naturally, for whatever reason, a particular type of trial better than others. That doesn't mean that you've generated patients inside of you. That just means that you were able to bear that particular thing.

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motion of trial because you were you were kind of accustomed to it. It's like if you lived in cold weather, right question from Minnesota, if you live in Minnesota your whole life, right? You can bear freezing temperatures a lot better than someone who lives in Texas. Okay? Because you're naturally accustomed to it, that doesn't mean you're necessarily a patient person. That means that Allah azza wa jal gave you circumstances that made that particular trait easier for you to bear. So as a Muslim, you want to complete yourself, you want to try to be balanced, you want to try to fill in your gaps, you look at what others have, that you don't have. And you try to have that instead,

00:30:36--> 00:30:50

you look at your failures, where others are not failing, and you ask yourself, How can I stop failing in this particular regard? And when you see others failing in a way that you're not necessarily failing? You ask Allah for protection from that and you ask Allah subhanaw taala to help that person through

00:30:52--> 00:30:55

a question coming all the way from Canada. Mashallah. So,

00:30:57--> 00:30:57

why did you go?

00:31:00--> 00:31:10

Okay, what's the best way to observe patients when dealing when dealing with it physically? Like being tested with health? How do we exercise patient the situation like that?

00:31:12--> 00:31:17

First of all, Canadians are very patient people. Mashallah, do we have any Canadians here? Any of y'all here.

00:31:19--> 00:31:24

So you apologize for everything and, you know, you're constantly patient, mashallah, in your nature.

00:31:26--> 00:31:28

But on a serious note, when it comes to health,

00:31:30--> 00:32:03

you know, it's really interesting, because the different types of conditions that we're familiar with right now, and I'm sure the medical professionals here can appreciate this, you know, back then you read about fever, sickness, death, right? Like, they don't really talk much like they didn't really have different names for different types of diseases. This person at the age of 42 years old, suddenly got sick, they had an intense fever, they passed away, right? Allah knows what that would have been diagnosed as whether what what it was coming from, where the infection was, and so on, so forth. So you'll find all these Hadith, it's actually a rich, you know, portion of Hadith where the

00:32:03--> 00:32:47

prophet size says, Don't curse and Homer like don't curse, fever, because fever, it takes away your sins, and it raises you and your degrees. So you'll find all these Hadith about the fever, because the fever is like the most obvious manifestation in those times that a person has some sort of underlying illness. The idea that a fever, or the prophets lie, some says him an anxiety that you're facing, not a single thing comes to you of a fever earning xiety, or even the prick of a thorn. And you are patient with that, except that ALLAH subhanaw taala erases a sin by it, and elevate to a degree by it. So when a person takes with that they have a constant source of edit with them, even

00:32:47--> 00:32:55

as they're trying to seek a cure, and they're asking the law sponsor for a cure, then bitten the Navitat it makes it more bearable to know of the reward that exists for it.

00:32:56--> 00:32:59

So many questions about marriage and patients.

00:33:01--> 00:33:03

Is it okay to be patient when trying to find the wife?

00:33:07--> 00:33:29

Question from the sisters also the same? How do we exercise patience in the pursuit of marriage when the opportunity is not coming away, for example, all these kinds of things. May Allah subhana wa Taala give those who are looking May Allah subhana give them the righteous power they're looking for but me and make it easy for them to find them in this dunya and acarya Allah. Now in regard to this matter, look,

00:33:31--> 00:33:58

obviously the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he recommends for us never ever to rush into marriage. Allah subhanaw says, Holy Quran, settlement agent in son was hasty, what's great hasty, we always want to rush into things. Now, the interesting thing today in our time, is as much as we desire to get married so quickly. Unfortunately, the people when it comes to make any decision, they just kind of they freeze.

00:33:59--> 00:34:25

And as a result, they rather forego an opportunity because now they're not sure about making the decision or the choice. So they want to have the certainty of just not even making the decision and hoping for a better opportunity to come easier for them, then really enjoy the patience of dealing with the situation that we're in right now. And investigate and ask and so when we say being patient over here, you need to you need to pursue the path that will help you seek marriage and get married.

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

Not looking not trying, not asking not pushed out but yourself out there appropriately, properly. Of course, you know, for marriage, that does not defy being being patient. No being patient is put, do all the effort first. And then wait what Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge for you. When a man came to the masjid the ProSolo Salah Salem and he had his camel and he asked Russell Yara Salah do I tie my camel down or do I trust Allah subhanho wa Taala he goes you're gonna have a talker, first of all to Canada and then trust Allah subhanaw taala with it

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Same thing over here. You need to do everything in your power to get married and shallow Tabata code I mean by that of course reach the means that will help you get married inshallah to Allah. And then after doing everything, then you trust Allah subhana wa Tada with the judgment and be patient with the outcome. The idea is this, we talked about the subject of marriage. Our young men, women today unfortunately are so afflicted with that because we have too many options too many choices. And because we have access to so many options, nothing is satisfying to us. And we keep waiting for the one to cap it on to come and happen. Yes, it's a very serious decision to make but I hope we felt

00:35:39--> 00:35:50

that our young men and women today they are brave enough to make the decision make the choice and inshallah to make the best out of vanilla Zildjian artificial have any comment or

00:35:52--> 00:35:53

I won't touch that subject.

00:35:55--> 00:35:58

Current and shallow tile Tala. Last question in sha Allah.

00:36:02--> 00:36:04

Again, how do you maintain patience in marriage?

00:36:07--> 00:36:11

Oh God, something about wife and husband. Yeah, Gemma alpha, find something else.

00:36:15--> 00:36:26

Okay, so the last one here to show love? How can someone who has endured a lot of hardship and remain silent, but they're burned out and starting to lose their patients? What do they do?

00:36:31--> 00:36:33

Well, look, I think all of us

00:36:35--> 00:36:54

can maybe relate to that where you kind of like your what you know, fails you in terms of how to act upon it. I think that this is where you kind of look back at your capacity and ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase your capacity and to relieve you at the same time. When you look at that you're at the end of sorts of Bukhara.

00:36:55--> 00:37:35

It's really interesting, because a lot of times if we look at the car that we're supposed to recite, and we just kind of read them like robotically, like okay, the prophets like some said, Whoever reads these two ayaats at the end of the night, kapha tots enough for them. Like pay attention to the words. What I've been allowed to ask is not in nesina, or Atlanta, a lot better whether Techmate Idina Aslan Kemah Hamilton who Allah Allah, Unum, and Commelina or bene, one, two, Hamin, marilao Takata, that RB, O Allah, don't give us what we can't bear. And when we fall short of that word for Anna, or for Lana, or Hannah, forgive us, partners, forgive us have mercy on us, enter Mowlana

00:37:35--> 00:37:45

phones are not uncommon caffeine, like this do is so powerful, because it's an acknowledgment that at times, you're going to feel like you're out of steam.

00:37:46--> 00:38:24

And you have to seek refuge in those familiar places of remembrance of Zakat, and kind of look at them a little bit deeper, because the solution is there. But you got to go back to that. I think that when a person feels like they've endured it for so long, obviously, sometimes there's an unhealthy buildup where recourse is being delayed, right, where a person is just not taking a step towards recourse, a necessary step towards recourse and then sometimes there are things that are completely out of your hands. And you have to say to yourself, ALLAH SubhanA, which is preparing for me a great reward, should I practice a greater sense of resilience? Oh, Allah helped me have that

00:38:24--> 00:38:41

resilience. So going back, and this is the power shift of a manager or whatever. Like that there is no shelter and no refuge from you. Oh, Allah accepts back to us I may Allah azza wa jal grant us that shelter. May Allah subhanaw Make it easy for all of them. yatta yatta. I mean, if I may add to the chef.

00:38:42--> 00:38:59

I think one of the reasons why people they really feel burned out so much, because they focus so much on the results on the outcome. Like we are fixated on a specific outcome from the effort that I'm putting there. And if I don't get it, there is not working, or was that losing steam or losing patience. We don't realize that

00:39:01--> 00:39:09

you're not responsible for the outcome. Because you're probably going to be doing everything perfect by the book, you're still not going to get what you wish for, because Allah will test you.

00:39:11--> 00:39:50

And Allah subhana, Allah promised and he said that he will test you will everything. Be sure you will hope you will do and when XML Amala will unfold the Manitoba sovereign, he said I will shall try you and test you with everything diminishing of health and wealth and food and sometimes security and safety. All of that will diminish the overshoot of slavery, give blood tattoo for those who are patient. So many of us unfortunately, we focus so much on the results. That's what makes us realize, you know, I've been patient for too long. Look, patients is a lifestyle. What does that exactly mean? means my job is not to focus on the result as much as on putting the effort there. I

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

need to put my effort there. So as long as I'm putting my effort there, hamdulillah whatever result comes out of it. I trust Allah's judgment. However, that doesn't mean I cannot do

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

recalibrate and look back and see what went wrong and why didn't get what I was hoping to get. And so, of course you're gonna have to go all the consultation that Jeff was talking about earlier. Hey, I need I need to start looking into my effort. Am I doing the right thing? Am I missing something? Am I so you need to put the effort in sha Allah Allah but focus more on doing the right thing. That's all if I've done everything right, if I've done everything right, who cares about the outcome? Oba Casa de was the example and this Rhodiola Ronaldo look at the time when the whole Davia when the Prophet Salah Salem, he promised the Sahaba to go for ombre, after they won the Battle of

00:40:38--> 00:40:53

100. The following year, they went with a ROM and they went to DO armor for in Makkah, the McCanns banned him from coming in. After so many negotiations, they eventually they came up with that deal that you go back home you come next year United armor right now. And anyone who becomes Muslim

00:40:54--> 00:41:19

when you guys have to return them back to us. But if anyone comes back to us, we're not gonna send them back to you. So many, too many people that was injustice. Like when we thought we saw that there was not a fair deal. So what he did, he kept going to the professor semirara Sorolla, why do we have to accept this? Why? We were almost there, we could see Mecca we could see the cover even what can we go to make the ombre? And the professor says Jamar, let go for us.

00:41:20--> 00:41:59

Leave it and Homer was just like not being patient in that moment. And it goes to the back row. So do you have a backer? Once you talk to the Prophet sallallahu sallam? That's not fair? That's not so he was being impatient in that moment. I will go across the hola Juan. He This is the man who really just he does this these things with their son. He told them a simple message. He goes, Don't you believe he's the messenger of God? He goes I do. Because it then fills them herdsa just follows follow His ways. Like listen to him. Omar Rhodiola and he was eager Of course, you know to for the results. You promised we're gonna go to camera. So for him, the outcome of this trip should be what

00:42:00--> 00:42:01

do the camera

00:42:02--> 00:42:38

on the camera was not accomplished. For him. He said we failed the mission. So he became impatient a little bit in that regard. Over close the deal. He didn't care about doing camera or not. He cared about what we did our best. We came all the way to Makkah. Allah subhanaw taala has a different thing for us from the prophets of Allah was ALLAH. So he said, Hamdulillah we go back home, we listen and obey. So what I'm saying to the brothers and sisters over here is that you need to focus more on doing your part, as long as you do it right. According to the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and according to the skills and the guidelines, whatever

00:42:39--> 00:43:13

thing that you deal with, whether it's at work or family relations or anything like that, as long as I'm doing my best, I'll handle a lot of damage and I should be fine with whatever outcome. Can I try to change that outcome and recalibrate? Absolutely. We go back to consultation, do our best again. And if we don't get it one more time, we did our best. You can do everything right. And you're still going to be tested. And the example for this is no Allah has Salam whom Allah subhanaw taala gave him a long life. He which in which he has spent 950 years in Dawa

00:43:14--> 00:43:28

950 years in Dawa if anyone if no one deserves to be spared, again, the pain of dealing with hardships of that nature about Dharma with him. Still Allah Subhana Allah tested him with his non-believing wife and son.

00:43:29--> 00:43:44

Did he feel the mission? No. He did everything in his power, but he had no control over the outcome. Allahu Taala heard and shall have to conclude here with the light of Oracle Darla and see you tomorrow night insha Allah azza wa jal Kamala Harris salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.