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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of honoring Islam is discussed in a series of messages and advice. The speaker emphasizes the need to be truthful and accept others' actions, while also praising people who do not give up on Islam. The upcoming "month of Nos" is focused on celebrating, while the "month of Nos" is focused on showing happiness and trying to make others happy. It is also important to avoid religious matters and not to be afraid of the future, while showering mercy on one's parents and not to be afraid of the future.
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coolamon one to be higher. The Kabbalah homina woman Kuma Tod inshallah our hotel today will be brother was dead Majid Mahmoud inshallah.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. We start by saying Allah is greater than everything and anything La ilaha illAllah there's no deity worthy of worship, but Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa Lila Hill Hamed. Once again Allah is greater than everything and anything and All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is not your traditional 800 bar. I understand. So just to make sure if you guys can hear me beep once.

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All right, okay, okay. I'll handle all right, Zach, and we'll lock him in Alhamdulillah we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala with say a lord knows what he's doing we say Alhamdulillah which means Allah is the all wise Alhamdulillah means Allah is greater than everything and anything Alhamdulillah means every positive attribute is given to Allah. When a steady know we seek Allah's help without Allah, we are all helpless. So we seek Allah's help when Estelle Pharaoh and we seek Allah's forgiveness when our who billahi min surey and fusina and we seek Allah protection, yes from the evil that is outside from the virus from the devil from negative evil people, jinn you name it,

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but one of the ultimate protections We ask Allah from when our Oh Billahi min Shu Ruri and fusina we seek Allah protection from the evil in US May Allah protect us I mean, terrible al amin Manya de la Fela, Moodle Allah, whoever Allah guides, no one in the world can misguide. No marketing, no advertising, no friend, no virus, if Allah guides you, no one in the world can touch you. May Allah make us of that group. I mean, if you say I mean beef twice,

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okay 100

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then Rasul Allah teaches us woman noodley La Villa de la, then the other side is also true, and whoever has been advised, and whoever has been told to go to the right path, and they were spoken to clearly sincerely and they rejected. They went astray, Fela had the Allah, then Allah may never guide them. It's up to Allah subhanho wa sallam. Allah says, I want to be let him in a shavon rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah. levena man who are you who believe so every believer pay close attention. It

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Be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Welcome waku said EDA and say that which is the truth No matter what happens in your life, you say say nothing but the truth. May Allah make us truthful people. May Allah every make every single one of you truthful in your intention. I mean, may Allah make your speech truthful? I mean, may Allah make you walk the talk? I mean, I mean, this is Colin said either, and if we are truthful people, you know what happens to things ready? Do things if you're truthful, do things number one, use the halochem Allah, Allah says, I will accept everything that you've done, Allahu Akbar. May Allah accept from all of you the Kabbalah min now i mean come,

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may Allah accept your fasting. May Allah accept your prayers. May Allah accept your da, I mean terrible. I mean, what's the other thing? Allah says, Well, you know, back home and Allah will forgive and overlook your shortcomings. Then Allah ends it with the equation of success. You want to be successful. You want to know how to be successful, he really is ready. Allah says, or my youth Ilaha Rasulullah and whoever obeys Allah and His Prophet, that God Fast Forward was in Lima, then you are have attained the highest level of success. The more you obey Allah and His Prophet May Allah make you all successful. I mean, terrible. I mean, brothers and sisters, may Allah bless these

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beautiful faces even though you're behind windshields. May Allah bless your beautiful faces. I mean, terrible. I mean, I asked Allah just like how we are gathered today. May Allah gather our swizzle prophet in Genesee, I mean we ask our

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Lots of hydro to accept from you, brothers and sisters, all you who have been ordered to fast and you fast it or you have been recommended to stand up in prayer and you prayed. I asked you by Allah, what do you expect in return from Allah? Or you through the virus through that isolation? You still worship Allah? What do you expect from Allah? Before I tell you what to expect? Let me tell you what Allah does to those who transgress. Let me tell you what Allah does to those who disobey Allah. Then you tell me what will allow do to you or you who obeys Allah ready? Allah says, Allah says yeah a badger leadin Astra who Allah and force him, oh my slaves who have transgressed. They've went above

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and beyond in since Allah tells these people that duck Natoma Rahmatullah. Allah tells these people don't ever give up on Allah. You always have room to be forgiven Allahu Akbar. Allah says in the la hora de novo Jamia, Allah forgives all sins. If this is what Allah is saying to the one who was transgressed did sins that you and I may not even imagine? What will Allah do to you or you who fasted and all your prayers allow October you know what Allah does? Allahu LA to Kumasi Raja min who have fought law, Allah promises you blessings upon blessings May Allah shower you with blessings me. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah you obey Allah. Did you know that? Allah subhana wa Taala boasts? Yes

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to the angels. Look at my slaves. Look at my servants, they fasted they pray they mentioned Allah you obey Allah. May Allah make you of that group. May Allah be proud of every one of you young and old. I mean Noble. I mean, look what Allah says in

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our amela I'm Alonso leha for Ola, can you bet de la hussaini team has worked

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on rahima as for those who have done good, do you guys know the result of what you did the Ramadan? You want to know? Look what Allah says, Allah says is not just going to reward your good deeds. Allah will make all of your bad deeds out all of your all of my messed up stuff in my life. All of what you've done in the past has not been erased. No, it has been substituted to the good deeds. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is the one we deal with. Allah subhanho wa Taala you know why we celebrate? Our brother from Fox News has asked what's the celebration all about? And every one of us should know why we're celebrating. Because Allah told you and pay close attention. Why are you hear?

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Why are you celebrating? Look what Allah says. While he took me in on a data value to value to cap the Euro la Holla

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Holla Holla contest guru. We're celebrating the Allah gave us a chance to witness Ramadan say Allahu Akbar. Allah gave you a chance to fast the month of Ramadan. So we're so happy we used to always spray Oh Allah make me with this Ramadan

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with this Ramadan and you did so we say Allahu Akbar, that we were celebrating that we have witnessed the month of Ramadan and we are excited that Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive us me narrable alameen May Allah protect you all, may Allah protect you. May Allah honor you. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when he left his hand, let's leave you with the advice inshallah advice we have done well. And you and I may say we cannot worship alone now. after Ramadan the way we did no more than that is correct. Things are very different, especially with this virus. I was laughing at myself today. You know why? I was putting

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in Cologne. So I put a little bit on my cheeks in case I get kisses. Then I realized Coronavirus no one is gonna give me a kiss. Mashallah no put that Coronavirus vilella right. You do all these things and he suppiler things are very different. May Allah grant us all Jenna I mean, will Allah mean for all that you're going through me Allah keep you steadfast. And that's the advice to round up our hotbar Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then came to him. He says Yasser Allah Cooney fill Islamic cola. There is no one who had an Iraq era so Allah give me advice. Give me a comprehensive advice that I will no longer need to ask for advice after it. Give me the most

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powerful advice you can give me a prophet of Allah. You know, what's advice

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He said, going, meant to be law he's mistaken. He told that man say I believe in Allah say I believe in Allah. Allah meant to be law. We all believe in Allah. Allah, Allah, then be steadfast. Then walk that talk. Don't make it lip service, walk the talk, do what Allah told you to do and be away from Allah told you be away from as much as you possibly can. But brother magic, let's be very honest. What's the matter? We cannot be perfect on the straight path. Yes, Allah and the Prophet know that. That is why Look what Allah and the Prophet said ready? He said, is the key move while on top. So he says be on the straight path. But no, you can know that you cannot always be on it. Know that you

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cannot basically be perfect Allahu Akbar. That's why he said you will fall today maybe tomorrow maybe tonight. Maybe next week. May Allah protect you all. So yeah, rasulillah Yeah, Allah. If we are on the path and we What should we do? Look what he says, For set D to work horrible. He said, Do your best. May Allah make you be able to do your best thing I mean, the prophet said, do your absolute best to be on the straight path. Do your best to pray for an answer and measure it and your best of ability. Do your best to respect your parents. Do your best to honor eight. Yes, this is from the science of piety taqwa. Do your best to stay away from the harem. Do your best to

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celebrate. But avoid making fun of religious matters. There's a lot of fun ways Alhamdulillah just that clown you see that clown when you drove inside that clown My daughter is three years old. She drove by that clown over there. And she said, Oh my god, I love a. That's how simple Some of us are. That's all what it takes to have this nice symbol to show a loss of anger that we love you Allah, we will honor what you told us to honor and that's how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was. So be happy. Show your happiness and do your best to make others happy. One more time. Show your happiness. No, be happy. Show your happiness and try to make as many people as possible happy. And

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that's how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on the day of aid ready for this on the day of aid. The Prophet of Allah and his wife at Isha, they heard some noise happening in the masjid celebration, a group of Muslims that came from Africa. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he heard that celebration, and they used to do some dances with the spheres. This is authentic narration. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked his wife, Ayesha, Tasha, Hina tangerine. Would you like to see the celebration in the masjid? She said, Now I'm jasola Yes, here also I would love to see the celebration for millennia. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he carried Asia. How did he carry here on his back? So he carried is on his back. And then he says, the Canada hug de Allah. my cheek was touching the prophets cheeks, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. May Allah allow us all to hug the prophet in gender say I mean, so I came, her cheek was touching his cheek and she was looking from over their house over the fence to see the celebration. And he kept holding it and holding it. She says hot melt when I got bored Look, when I was done. The Prophet says hi spooky. He had enough. She says Nam he said thread heavy then go ahead. So he made sure people were happy. He made sure fun was taking place within the right parameters. May Allah

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make you all happy? I mean, I mean, the Kabala minimum income May Allah accept from us and you be happy May Allah grant you happiness in this life and the afterlife. Allahumma Hamner medical he was at Kula she may Allah shower His mercy upon every single one of you. And that's Allah And yesterday Lana de novo Anna May Allah forgive us all. I mean, Robin alameen Allahumma. Hoberman you have book will have grammar in your Caribbean a lot of big O Allah grant us your love and the love of the ones who love Allah and the love of the actions that lead us to Allah Allah love Allahumma Jan Amina ballerina be amenable alameen O Allah make us be dutiful to our parents respectful to them, whether

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they were dead or alive. May Allah shower the mercy upon our brothers and sisters who passed away from this virus. May Allah accept them as martyrs. May Allah lift the hardship from the entire world I mean herbal alanine, Allah allow us to be among those who celebrate it and

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no right way yeah Allah accept from us our fasting yeah Allah accept from us our donations. Yeah Allah accept from us our supplications I mean, Allah mean desirable lo halen if the hobo was good beep twice

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serravalle como rahmatullah wa barakato

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