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The speaker discusses the struggle of planning one's life and acknowledges that it is important to respect and appreciate the struggle for the next 10 years. They suggest that spending too much time planning can lead to poor outcomes and that spending too little time planning can lead to great things in the future.

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The the struggle is not the draw the struggle is in planning your life and knowing what you want to make dot for the struggle. And what I would say is please respect the struggle for the next 10 years, you're going to be living your life, how long are you going to spend planning that? So for example, if somebody, you know, like, oh, they had a moment of insight, and they say, You know what I'm going to study? I don't know, economics. How long did it take them to think about that idea? Let's say it took them one day, how long are they going to spend investing in studying economics and how much money are they going to spend? You know, probably like $30,000, the next four years, and

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then maybe their job maybe eight years. So they're going to spend eight years with only one day's thought prep for the eight years. Does that make sense? Like even if they spent you know, five per