What Are The Hujjaj Doing After Eid

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What are the Hujjaj Doing after Eid?

Sh Yaser talks about what the hujjaj are doing now.

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There's no troubles over here and we'll have fun inshallah together. That's going to be the Sunday shallow

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samplers the sandbar control which is not like ranch Lake Ranch park on the meaning of Ranch, ranch view and ranch trail.

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There are a

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lot of elements that allow us anabolic anabaena Mohamed Salah, steamin catarratto mama ban. So who knows what, what is this date in terms of the date?

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What day is that?

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And the month of

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July What is it today?

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Let's count together Monday was worth

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then Tuesday

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11 for us today. All right. But now that we're actually past matter of time, we started what the 13th so what happens today, throughout this day what the judge had been doing as we were living our life, you know, going with our day, what were the her judgment in this particular day, on the 12th day on the 12th day of the hedger. It is considered the last day for a judge who kusumoto Gillian hedges Allah subhanaw taala says was Corolla happy I am in Matthew that samantabhadra to manipulate mera

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mera mera Taka. So last part that says that when it comes after the end of the hedge, the men's men aspects of how specifically Amada Allah subhanaw taala.

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remember Allah subhana wa Taala and count the days that you count, he mentioned two or three, it says whether you stay for two more days or three days, the most of the Hajaj usually they do what they call a target is that they spend the 10th of the hedger that night, at night, which is becomes the 11th. Of course, they spend that a minute, and then we'll do our germana The next day, and then asleep another night, until the following day, which is 12, which was actually today. So today for many is the last day of hedge what the hedge would do, when they go and they do the jamara. once they're done with the Mirage, before sunset, they need to be outside of minutes

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before sunset, they need to be outside of now, if they stay in Mina, and the sunsets while they're still in Mina, they are required to stay for the next day. They're gonna have to spend the night for the extra day, which is going to be tomorrow. But the vast majority of the people, they go to the gym or art and they do the ramen, and they live. Today is the day where, you know, most of the accidents unfortunately usually happen. Unfortunately, stamp fees and all this stuff. And so why because people don't want to live quickly. Everybody wants to be the first among the people to leave. They want to go and everybody says Oh, don't go at the beginning of the rolling. Wait until

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answer and just what happened.

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Everybody's waiting until answer

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to when they go sometimes they have some issues of hamdulillah so far, you know, we didn't hear anything major that happened and the Hajj and that cinema from Allah Subhana Allah azza wa jal bring them back to their former brand. I mean, a lot of these projects, what they do, they do the drama Murat and then they move out for Mina. They go to a larger area, and they stay there as long as they want until the time is to depart from Mecca. Some people they live to three days later, Sunday, they live right away. So whatever schedule they have the flight that they have scheduled for themselves, they stay in Mecca. So if they're going to be leaving tonight, they will only be leaving tonight, if

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they've lived in the next day or the day after they stay in Mecca as long as they wish. And then the last thing they need to do before they leave is to do a thorough

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walkthrough, as known as the farewell tawaf and some people who had some excuses and they haven't done that properly further from the from the idea of arafah after the viral phenomena, how they delay that until this day, as one, so they do both tawaf, alhaja and awfully father together. And if they haven't done side to side again, and they also delete, otherwise, they just required to do too often the farewell talk and they live back to the airport or wherever they actually go on the Prophet salaallah salah and he said

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that they'd be the last thing you do while you're in Mecca, to do the walk around the cabin and leave. If anyone had anything to do before they leave like shopping, for example, last minute shopping, all the stuff and so on. They should do it before they do. So the last thing they need to do is just go and make the throw off, go straight to the buses, and go outside to the airport and Sharlto barakato if they're going to Medina, they go by bus and so on. However, of course, you know, someone just needs to on the way back from them from from the harem on the way back to the hotel and they start to buy something, whether it's food for the journey or even last minute, you know

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Something to buy to take with them home and so on. That's okay. That's fine but not to make another plan for a few hours go shopping. Now let that be before you go to the to the final thought. Some people of course they make the offer in Alberta and then they go to Medina and as they spend extra day is the visiting vegetation Medina part of Hajj. The answer is no, it's not an essential part of Hajj. But obviously if someone's going to make a journey like this one, and he's already there, and Mecca, and they don't go and visit Medina alarmist

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it's just another five hour drive. So they can just kind of push themselves to stay for a few more days. They've been moneta Rosso sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and honestly,

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I don't say complete, but it's almost like it's incomplete to go for Hajj and not visited the message of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam wouldn't be that complaint. Some people they prefer to go to Medina before they go to Hajj and they leave Mecca straight back home. Other do the opposite. So I would like to do Hajj first. So I go straight to jet and then Mecca and then we were done. I would like to spend extra time in Medina just to relax. If you asked me I prefer the latter it is basically to do Medina visit after Mecca. It soothes the hearts of Hanalei just amazing and the ambience and the environment in Medina is completely completely unique. Some other people of course,

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you know, they prefer the opposite why because usually when you are on a journey, your heart is attached to what the goal that you want to achieve on that journey. So it doesn't matter how long it takes you to achieve that goal. Once you achieve the goal, every minute becomes extra

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and their heart right now attached back home. So every extra minute or hour becomes too much for them. So that's why when they go to Hajj and they go to Medina, their hearts are attached to go back home as quick as possible. So they might not enjoy it as much as human psychology but either way it's not a mandatory thing to do that journey. Now some people they have stopped doing something extra these days. They go to Mecca, they go to Medina and then guess what guess where they go they go after that

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not the by man

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although some do though,

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which is through Sunday go to the right to ruin the whole thing again. But a lot of people these days Marcia they make part of the plan to go to Al Aqsa

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they make it part of the trip after they finish Mecca Medina they go to lotsa to pray unless the Luxor and then they come back home. They do so again, since you they are already in that region. So they want to just take the time and use the time. And the best way possible to achieve all this and handle a beautiful visit to these places. So again, my last project sets on the hotjar bellami melacha bring them back home safely or manual him a melacha bring them or for Allah.

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Allah Any questions?

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I would say it's very safe. I mean, it's very safe, we go in the right time. It's very safe, what you consider harmful for you for the policies over there. That's a thing.

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So if you think that you're not going to be dealing with all these protests and maybe stone throwing all the stuff and so on, that's everyday thing for the Palestinians so you go there might be dangerous for you, but not for them and

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I don't think inshallah that wouldn't be a problem. However, I highly recommend before you go there, you asked an expert you know, on the on the region, specifically for Americans go and go to metal oxide, is it safe to they allow you even to go through? Or not that you have to prepare for that and shallow law? Yes.

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How many days are the Hajaj can do to offer the Father.

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The offer the father should be done should be done actually, within the days of hedge unless someone has an excuse, like example a woman and her period. So she's unable to do to offer the father until she becomes pure. And she was gonna stay five days till after the hedge in this case she waits until the last moment and then once she becomes poor, she makes her tawaf and she leaves, Milan now.

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Yes, they do.

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If someone stays during the night of this nightstand Minar they're required to stay for the whole night. And then they need to stay until they do they do the general Romeo jamara

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The official time the official pseudoknot time of Rama Mirage is after the world, which means after the whole time, right after the whole time they can do the Jamaat nowadays what happened because of the large crowd. So they say that the Rama Jamaat is open throughout the day in the night, any day of the day and then I just can do but those who would like to follow the sooner particularly, they would go after the wall to do that to do so, well Ah, once they do the Rami, they're done. They just leave and they go to Mexico often in Milan, Paris shakalaka.

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Now, if a woman she has to leave, you know, because of the flight schedules and all that stuff and so on. She has a seven minute seminar Mr. Louder I follow the opinion that in this case, She protects herself from the blood and she makes up awfully father as she moves out with her Gemma, so should be fine. Allah now