Mohammad Elshinawy – Are You a Bee or a Fly – 2.22.2018

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from Prophet Muhammad's teachings and finding one's own guidance is emphasized, as it is crucial for finding a person who is the most hopeful in the world. The speaker also discusses the importance of finding one's own guidance through finding a trusted partner and finding one's own path, and emphasizes the need to prioritize one's personality and find one's own values. The importance of adoptive behavior and adoption of a certain tendency for success is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to be practical and focus on positive reinforcement to change the world, empower people to take advantage of opportunities, and create a positive environment.
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In 100

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hours a year Dr. Medina, may Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah, Allah in the box water who would actually can ambush feminine avaliable wherever you also yeah you can come to LA haka to party 11 12912 Simone yeah you human assets for our black community for the black community

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of Allah coming as your general manager and Kathy are Manisa What's up Allah Allah de Luna we have a hand in Allah can our aching rafidah Yeah you in the temple la Allahu oh that said either you swear

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or so that both of those and Allina All Praise and Glory be to Allah Almighty God, we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we turned to Allah and Allah alone seeking forgiveness for our sins and protection from the misogynists within our souls, and the evil consequences of our misdeeds. For a member of love guide. This is a great gift that no one can take away, and whomever are loved leaves no guidance and can offer guidance and that person and we testify that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience and the absolute sense of those words of Allah and only Allah Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens of the earth and everything in them, and everything between them and everything we know and everything we don't. And we've ever witnessed the Prophet Muhammad peace and

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blessings be upon him with his prophet and his servant that His messenger and the seal of Revelation before the coming of the our

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own people of Eman Allah says in the battle you will have believed have the tough love Allah keep mindful that dutiful to Allah as best as you can, to the degree that he deserves. And do not die Do not leave this life except in a state of complete and total, loving and willing surrender to Allah a state of Islam

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to begin

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in a very famous tradition that has been authentically reported and traced to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says that the prophets of Allah Allah, He will send them swore to us and said, One lady in fcbd, I swear by the one in whose hand is my sole, meaning I swear by God

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who owns my life and is in control of it.

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In their battle and movement, chemically, Nagla

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Okay, that's fine, even

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what will will actually even, well, what lots What am txiv what I'm to see, he said, I swear that the believer is like the honeybee, in that it only eats consumes that which is good and pure.

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And it's only offers the huddling offers and it only offers that which is good and pure.

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And every time it lands, it lands without breaking anything and without ruining anything.

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And so in this hadith, the prophets of Allah Allah is drawing the resemblance and analogy between the believer and the ideal believer that everything that they seek out in their lives is good and pure.

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And everything they offer during their lives is good and pure.

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And they do that consume good and offer good while being so light in that without breaking anything in the process.

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And of course, he was the ideal example of the beauty of the believer. He was the most beautiful believer, the ideal believer, our prophets of Allah who said to them, when you study his life, you find that he lived so gracefully.

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And as a result of that he was not just able to live a good and pure life, but to enabled others he brought the best out of them so that they can do the same thing.

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But how exactly did he do that?

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One of the biggest things we will focus on today is the greatest factors that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam developed his generation, a generation of excellence through

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was that he mastered a particular art

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And that is the art of catching people doing the right thing.

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And praising them for that. Not the opposite. It's easy to catch people doing the wrong thing. And it's easy to overlook people doing the right thing for the investor, the opposite art, a much rarer art, that he would catch people and not overlook the good that they did, and he would amplify it in them through praising them for him.

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And so for example, faria neuseeland, the prophets of Allah Allah you said that one time safe

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Yeah, Bill O'Brien had this we had older I'm reading I read

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in this mirror to definitely be a future

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op, they're telling me what did you do that you have the most hope in? In front of God? Because I was made to see I was inspired to see God revealed to me and see I was made to see or he said to hear the rustling of your footsteps in front of me in paradise.

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And so he said, Yeah, so Allah

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marry me normally our chair

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FISA, it naming Elena Hattie. In that also needs to be that he got to who Micucci Valley and

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is there a messenger of God, the biggest thing I'm waiting on the most existent and genuine thing I think I do, that I tried to do that I dedicate myself to devote myself to is that I

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am most hopeful in the fact that every time I wash up as we listen to wash up the floor prayer, the ritual washing, every time I wash up, meaning every time I have to use the vacuum and I didn't walk up again, every time I wash up, I would go and I would pray with that purity, that purification that I did it. I wouldn't wait for the next grade. The moment I purify myself, I would go ahead and pray whatever Allah permits for me to pray and however much God helps me to break for that time.

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This obviously doesn't mean that the dad is going to be ahead of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him out recently to buried us this dollar seeds because the dad was the one that used to call to prayer he used to make the Ananda we just heard to the prayers even if ng to prayer so he would always be ahead of the prophets of Allah Allah.

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And so he was made to see that he was ahead of him also in paradise matching see and he heard his footsteps.

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In another incident, the prophets of Allah Allah says what Abu Salah Shari, results on Bukhari and Muslim and he said to him Lel or a teddy bear he had that were asked me early Karateka Lacan to teach me SMA Ron Meza media.

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He says, Oh Abu Musa, if you would have just seen me last night, I was standing outside your door, listening to your recital, any of the Quranic lights and your prayers, and your voluntary nightly devotionals I was there listening to your recital, you have been even one of the voices, if you will, one of the flutes raising his voice meaning that the family of David David, the father of solid it that David had,

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the beauty of your voice resembles the beauty of the family of D because when they would recite the birds in the mountains would sing their songs as well. The songs of celebrating the praises of God. So he pointed out to him and encourage him so that he could continue doing it.

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And another incident and so I was to him, the prophets of Allah who was approached by a man had came from afar and he had no place to spend. So he said to the people, which one of us is going to host the Messenger of Allah? Yes. And so a man from the unsolved from the residence of Medina went home and said to his wife on bringing over the messenger of God's gifts

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of hosting his guests. He said, What do you have at home? She said to him nothing in Lakota men just like one meal for my kids. It's dinner is all that exists in the house tonight. God I didn't even shade distract them with anything. Make them forget about dinner with them asleep. He said, No, I bring him I'm gonna make believe on eating and then you turn off the candle so he doesn't get embarrassed and think he's eating alone. This is children's food. Only enough for one adults perhaps. And so I'm gonna make believe I'm eating in the dark so we can eat this feeling because

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After them and they did this in the privacy of their own homes and I've loved revealed this to His Prophet alayhi salatu was set up. And then the next morning he asked, Where is the man who took my guests last night. And he said to him, because the IG Rama who means onigiri Kuma daddy, ha, ha has marvel at your actions in last night, that floor you pulled the paladin righteous conspiracy, you pulled up the guy for the good deeds for the pleasure of God. That is an art and our problems all said and mastered amplifying the good in people and focusing on that, compare it with the opposite end people who magnify who have binoculars to see nothing but the wrong that others do. And what

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kind of effect the opposite effect this would have on people that we find the faults in people like this such a person can never be a leader, you will not have a positive influence on the world. You will not be like the honeybee if you're acting like a fly, you know flies only lead on on rocks and stuff. So only thing they like to land on. Whereas the bee goes through the garden and it picks up the nicest nectar. And then it offers the nicest potty from that nectar that it so

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you will never be able to be a leader unless you adopt this personality trait unless we collectively as communities adopt this mindset of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you know, even in the past, the Arabs used to say in verse in poetic verse,

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They say they'll be you'll be saved, if you only lead can see that only he wants a lobby. That's a

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a dumb person

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will never can never be a leader. But everybody will get one over on you need to be intelligent to be a leader. He said, But the leader of his people at the same time, I don't know I'm going to be a leader. But the leader of his people is someone that always plays dumb, meaning parts of being a leader is to know when to overlook, and that you need to overlook a lot. And to not focus on the negative so that it'll just get washed out, so long as you're amplifying the positive on the other end.

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Otherwise, if you focus on, well, if you have the fly personality, if you just land on the rotten things that becomes your lens and becomes what you look for under a microscope. You know what happens many times number one, number one, you will start seeing things that are not actually rotten not actually wrong. And people just maybe they were just outside of context, you took them out of their car, basically. And so you assume them to be wrong because you're looking for wrong to begin with.

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Or there could be something wrong that you notice in someone

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and it causes you to forget the predominant good in that person.

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out our prophets of Allah wa egocentrism, the beauty of his personalities that he never fell into that

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he never became so judgmental of people that he was speaking from a high horse because he wanted what's good for them and human beings naturally, you're very defensive with criticism, even if it's true, right? And you're very welcoming to flattery and praise, even if it's not true. This is how we are.

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You know, in the few incidents where the Prophet SAW said and just criticize people go read them.

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You will realize it's not the same as the times he prays people when he displays something in someone, whenever lover came to him after making a racial slur at a person, the prophets of Allah who was forced to pass a verdict because they came to him for arbitration. Did God looking for this? They came to him. And then when they came to him, what did he do? He said to a Buddha, who chastise a man by holding the son of a black woman, he said to us without he's not counting on the cat Jedidiah you're a person that inside of you is not who you are. inside of you are remaining traits of the Age of Ignorance the age before the wife of Islam came that dark, ugly age and its values and

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its prejudices inside you as JD.

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And so even when you criticize a great tip with your kids with your make sure you're talking about the action or the aspect or the incident, not the person himself or herself. When I showed the alignment she slipped, and she said it's enough that Sophia is such and such she gestured to how short Sofia was. The prophets of Allah. Allah is very distantly said to her, though it was a very serious mistake that she committed to back by her sister and it's up

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He said, the quality carry Matson level musi jetAVIVA. In a hurry lemma such excellent, you have sent a statement about your sister than if it were mixed in with the water of the oceans, it would have spoiled.

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This is a very serious word you said. He spoke about the word. But when he spoke about the eye issue, in other incidents, the woman herself, he said to hold the shutter, I don't know, he said he can fold it in 3d.

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But the virtue of it shell over other women is like the virtue of 30. It's a bit of a mixed dish that was very prized in their culture, and studied over any other sorts of food. He praised her as a person, he amplified these things in their eyes, a lot was set up.

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And so you can do this as well, you know, many of times, our children before they are finalized in their molding, you can accuse them of being something because of an action that they commit every once in a while. And so you kind of staple it on.

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So your child was being stubborn in something.

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They want to feel like they exist, so they defy you. And so you say you are so stubborn, such a stubborn pig. And so in that case, if I'm such a stubborn kid, I guess I'll never get them. And so you kind of predetermine how they're going to be and they didn't have to be that way except that you're the one that concluded that this person is being stubborn.

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US labeled that that was their title. Compare that with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who only gave positive titles to his companions, your beautiful Hadith sunnah Timothy from Anna's the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said, I will have mercy the Almighty Allah was

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the one who has the most compassion in my nation towards my nation is

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I think it was named is so deep and so praiseworthy names and then he said what I said to him

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and the one that is strongest in his commitment to God's religion is what

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he said was double higher and with man and the one that is most genuine in his modesty in his honest James recommended

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he said what I've ever whom did halali What how are you either the German and the one of them the one most scholarly most knowledgeable in the lawful in the unlawful the legal rulings of a snabb is more either be German. What affordable homes ADB ferrets, and the one who knows the laws of inheritance versus the estate divisions that they Demeter what across the Hubei and the best recites the most skill is obey meaning obey. And then he said, Well, equally only letting me know what I mean who had the Illuma about obey this adventure rush.

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And every nation has an Amin Amin is a person that is most trusted with the most sensitive information that has to do with that nation. He says and the person that is most trusted in this ummah, we I mean, a Barack Obama, the trustee of our Ummah is motivated in Java, that is something you could very easily revive with the uncertain with the adults.

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I would have only had that stuff.

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And how many then do I have to select those was never gonna be about

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a lot of

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people wherever you are.

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And so catching people doing the right things and overlooking the negative and only speak about it, speak about the action and other person and titling labeling people with their virtue sample by them.

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These are some of the many things that our Prophet alayhi salatu salam exuded to bring out the beauty of people and to produce the generation that he produced it salatu salam, you know, this is

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if you contextualize what he did, it's something mind boggling. Like nowadays, we have studies that based on them, we have education theories, that speak about how people want their

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ex experiencing positive reinforcement, they call it right, their physical energy rises, I am more motivated to do something when I'm when I'm feeling this positive reinforcement. I actually have more energy physically, when I'm hearing things that are affecting the way my mind is my state of mind my psyche, and for the prophets or send them to capitalize on that when you're born is an orphan that never saw your father and hardly had a relationship with his mother. She died soon.

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you're after, and you're in a society that is just rough and tough in survival mode. And then he pulls this out and lives by you

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in a way that transforms the entire world. This is something truly miraculous, mind boggling. But after we say that, though,

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to just start somewhere, be practical, stop trying to change the world. All we want is for us to change ourselves first. Number one, by overlooking the negatives in our circles, you overlook the negative, if you have to address it side sensitive, it's so dangerous, fine, direct that address, indirectly address it in passing. And then focus on the positives that are there and encourage them reinforce them. And when you reinforce it, reinforce them with positivity. Like when your child, the children, examples are always easiest, when your child has an IEP, some of us would say the job it's not 100 Many people do it. It's that's not No, all you need to do is that's a great job. Did you try

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your best, that feeling will make them want to get more of it by getting more of more than a minute. But when you try to reinforce the positive through negatives, by saying that's good now, but you need more, that destroys the whole thing that human being already has a system just stress the process. I remember personally, with one of my children, I struggled for at least

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three years minimum. And one of them refusing to say thank you. Because they were being told say thank you. What are you supposed to say? Aren't you supposed to say thank you? It was nerve racking. Taking away from nothing would work. Until we agreed that we're just going to encourage praise, amplify put spotlight on the child that is saying thank you.

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Well, why was a week max, and he was a cake. So why did I put myself through that? And why did I put my child through that? You know, the most impressively mannered

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children I know, in the 1000s of families I've met across the United States, their parents are the most praising of them in front of wives.

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Owens, I'm so blessed to have a child as well, man, it is so and so on. I don't disclose the name. And when I spoke to him about it, this father, he says to me every night, I go to my kids before they sleep, and I say to them, I am so blessed by Allah to have good kids like you, I guess, good kids. So I gotta live up to the image. And so instead of tearing down what's wrong, just let it get drowned out by just encouraging what's right, by promoting what's right. You know, even adults have dispersed it's not even just gyms is it?

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Is it better to encourage your employees with promotions and bonuses and incentives? Or is it better to get them with the program by threatening them, they'll be fired.

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So no brainer.

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And so our profit is levels to that cause us to be like that.

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When you land, you land on good things, you catch the good things.

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And our clothes. I've heard of it a Sabbath school that adopted this is an added value of a rock solid and very beautiful. And you can do this in your schools or at home or even among each other. They have what's called quats cards, they're in American School.

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Notice that on College Board.

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When a kid gets caught, he gets one of these cards. Immediately you think this card is about to well, it's like a yellow card or authority like your dumb cards, right? Whenever a child would get caught saying salaam to everybody that can walk off guard.

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This child cleans up after itself in the lunchroom caught off guard because you're doing the right thing. Because we always catch people doing the wrong thing.

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And then our shopping cart goes around at the end of the week or the month or whatever it is in the lunch room with just really impressive gifts. You buy them with the currency of the golf cart.

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This is something that you can be creative with. So enhance your relationships and bring the best out of the people around whether their spouses, whether they're co religionists, whether they're community members or neighbors, whatever it may be.

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Our Prophet alayhi salaatu setups again, he said I swear to you, the believer is just like the beat.

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They only take what is good and pure and they only offer that which is good and pure. And when they land on something they don't break it they'll those leaves right those standards those

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stocks they don't break it and they don't ruin it

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Allah from

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above most not and I love from those three levels above not hugging that Allah

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Allahu Machina on sooner Allah from nothingness Amina mattes

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enacts an emotion and once upon that, that you no longer had to but it also required in our lives, you know yeah had helped a lot

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