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The speakers discuss various topics related to prophets and their teachings, including plants and trees, the significance of shaping culture, and the importance of the "load tree" in Easter. They also mention various plants and trees, including the "ice tree" in heaven and the "load tree," and their potential reward for Muslims. The importance of the "load tree" in religion is also highlighted, citing its potential reward for Muslims.

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The Prophet saw a man it is for them was once walking with his entire entourage and his entourage is not like the entourage of anyone else. He has the birds forming a canopy above him. He's got the humans at his disposal animals, insects and even jinn are moving at his order it his setup. And as he's walking by, with this entourage, he passes by a worshiper, and the worshiper who's a humble man, he looks at Sulaiman, it is salaam, and he says, You have no doubt would look at our park Allah one can Alima Oh, son of David. Allah has given you a magnificent kingdom, Saudi monarchy salaam, he heard what the man said. And he stops the entire entourage. And he goes up to that man and he says,

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you see this entire kingdom of mine all of its with its glory. He says what law He lets us be hat on fee Sahifa T movement hygroma RT have no doubt he said I swear by Allah that one test beer one word of glorifying Allah from any believer is better than all of this, which has been given to the Son of David, from an aura to Livni that would you have had because everything that's been given to the Son of David is going to perish. What tests be ahead to tap and this test we have yours is going to remain forever Subhanallah in one moment, you can plant a tree in paradise that is greater than the greatest kingdom of all time to exist in this world.

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Now we've spoken about the gardens, the soil. Now what do you plant in those gardens? What does it look like to actually harvest the crops of those gardens? The prophets of Allah Hardy who has seldom said I met Ibrahim it his Salam on the night of it so that when marriage on the night journey, and he said yeah, Mohammed Accra Mehta community, salam, O Muhammad, give my salam to your own already custom Ibrahim right nice to them sending salam to us through our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said in yah Mohammed, tell your OMA that paradise is by yerba to torba as the tilma it's a land who soil is pure, and its water is sweet. And he said it's an empty white plane.

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And the trees of that plane are planted with Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar. So you plant trees in paradise with your test to be and you think about how many trees we have failed to plant in our garden Subhan Allah and what are these trees like? So let's actually go through the descriptions and this takes some time when you go through the Quran and the Sunnah of the various trees and plants that Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us so let's start with the smallest plants and Paradise Allah Subhana Allah mentions to us that in paradise, there are aromatic plants. So everything smells good, of course photo what I had was agenda to nerine, ALLAH SubhanA,

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Allah says, so there is rest and Rehan Rehan and Rehan literally, is sweet smelling plants and here is used as a symbol of complete satisfaction. So you think about your eyes being closed, and you're laying down in Jannah and you smell the plants that are all around you and the plants don't necessarily have to be outdoor. So that's just the plants that I had. So what are the trees like if the flowers and plants are so beautiful, that you would admire them for decades without worrying about the time for one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the trees of paradise are of the hub they are of gold. And in one narration from bustle the alongside and they are green

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emerald, with branches of red gold. And of course there's diversity in Java. And if you think about the trees of this world, what's the least attractive part of the tree? It's the trunk right? But here in Jana, the trunk itself is so striking. Imagine the trunk itself is made of gold and emerald. And then the branches and what those branches bear is even better. Even the branches themselves. Allah subhanaw taala says though, if none, lush branches, lush branches, let's not even talk about the production, just what they look like. And then he goes on to say in sort of the ramen, though, ah, if none, that in these gardens, there is plentiful fruits, palm trees, pomegranates, and panela

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the wonder of these trees is that the beauty doesn't compromise what they produce, and vice versa. You know, usually beautiful trees don't have anything to bear in this life. But look at how Allah subhanaw taala describes them and sort of to the WildCare Allah subhanaw taala says V said that in my bone, while Claire Hinman, Lord while little limb do it, well not in my scope. Allah subhana wa says you have thornless Lok tree

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He's banana clustered with spreading shade, constantly flowing water. And Allah subhanaw taala says with key hats in Caffee, la, la moku it in one hand, I'm newer, and you have abundant fruit, never out of season, never out of stock. Now if you know trees, you've noticed that this is really out of the squirrel. And so one day, a bedwin came and he said, you know, sort of Allah. Allah has mentioned a tree in paradise that drives us crazy. And I don't think that there is a tree that causes more harm to people than this tree. And how sulla Assam said What tree are you talking about? He said, the city to this low tree. It drives us crazy here. It has all sorts of thorns and the

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prophets lie some said well, doesn't Allah subhanaw taala say said that in my bold, a thornless lo tree. The Arabs had never seen that before. And what it is, is that the Prophet slice and I'm said, Allah has removed all of the thorns of the tree and replaced every thorn with a fruit. So the same place that we knew the tree to have thorns, it now bears fruit and stuff. Now you may have noticed I also said bananas, Paul hen man, Lord, and yes, banana trees and Jana are amazing. And he my medical him Allah He loved bananas for this reason, because he said they're the most similar to the fruits of Paradise, and unlike all the other fruits in this world, because you can find them in any season

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of the year. But don't feel guilty if you're not crazy over bananas here because you will be in Jannah and shall let's add. So this is the general theme of trees in the Quran. They're lush, they're beautiful, and they are satisfying. But then we have some specific trees that are mentioned in the Sunnah. And first you have this tree that the prophets lie some said, takes 100 years to cross. So when Allah subhanaw taala says, spreading shade London mum do the profit slice and M said there's a tree in paradise, that a swift rider on a swift horse would take 100 years to pass the beneath. And some of the scholars say perhaps this is referring to the tree known as pull that now

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pulled up you may have heard the word like the word cow thumb. It has a general meaning of glad tidings. But it specifically refers to a tree in paradise as well. Just like how cosa can refer to the specific cow without the fountain of the Prophet SAW Selim or it can refer to glad tidings. So in the famous Hadith when the prophets lie, some says, pull by Laura, glad tidings to the strangers. Specifically, this may mean glad tidings to the strangers of the tree of Toba and Paradise. And there is a connection here you are to be a stranger in this life, just like a traveler is the profit slice and I'm said who takes a break under a tree and then proceeds with his journey. So the

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prophets lie Saddam Hussein. The reward for that is a permanent tree that you forever rest under as a believer in your actual home. And another narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to burly man, Ronnie, what am I gonna be while pulled by Lehman arm and maybe while I'm here, Ronnie, he said, Sal, Allahu Allah wa salam Toba for the one who saw me and believed in me and Toba for the one who did not see me yet still believed in me. And He repeated the seven times sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and that is the way of the stranger we cling to the example of the one who already passed from under this tree of dunya. And we wait to be gathered with him. salAllahu alayhi wa salam

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under the tree of Toba and paradise that was promised to us through him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now what's so special about this tree of Toba? The prophets lie some said that this isn't just a huge tree in Jannah, but it's also the tree that produces the fabric for the clothing of the people of paradise. He said Salah Hardy was salam Toba is a tree and paradise that has a journey of 100 years under a shade. And the clothes of the people of paradise come out from the outer parts of its flowers. And there was a bedwin Once again, who asked the prophets lie some of the question and they always used to ask the prophets lie some questions. They said, so are the clothes woven or are they

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created and people laughed and the prophets lie some said Why are you laughing? He said they grow out of the branches of the trees of paradise. So yes, clothes actually come out of the branches of this particular tree and Jana SubhanAllah. And how strange and what a beautiful reward for the strangers pull that in Florida. Another tree the prophets lie some mentioned is sheduled out the shahada, a special tree for the martyrs and the prophets of Allah Harney was set up said that the souls of the believers are birds hanging from a tree of paradise until Allah subhanaw taala returns them to their bodies on the Day of Resurrection. And of course with the Shahada. They have their own

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specific tree their own particular place where they get to enjoy the shade of the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala as well as the tree

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Have a Janna then of course, there is not just any said that I'm not just any load tree. But Cinderella tell him when to her the ultimate load tree, which marks the highest boundary of paradise. And this is the only place that the profit slice and I'm saw Djibouti, it is Salam in his full form other than the revelation of certain width. So he said that Djibouti and it his Salam, at that point, was staring upwards, and he was in awe, and it was like he was flattened and a sinner. And he said, Sal, Allahu Allah. He was salam. That when I reached that low tree similar to the Montana, he said, It's fruits look like the clay jugs of hudgell. Its leaves were like the ears of

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elephants, and one of those leaves could cover the whole of this ummah. And he said, it had colors that are absolutely indescribable. Let's panela a few. you've ever been to the bottom of the ocean, scuba diving or snorkeling or whatever it may be. And you've seen the colors at the bottom of the ocean. They're not just incredible. They're actually indescribable. So imagine if that's the color at the bottom of the ocean, what the colors in the highest heavens are. And some of the scholars they make an observation about our connection as Muslims to the idea of the load tree and the application of the load tree. And that is when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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entered upon his daughter as she had passed away. And he said, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam wash her Bhima in was said that in wash her with water, and then some of the leaves of the load tree and put on her cat Flora camphor in its in the last Washington particular. So we have connections to the trees of paradise and how we plant trees now, and how we reflect those trees in our lives. And subhanAllah you even see that Allah subhanaw taala describes the faith of the believer like what, like a palm tree, but not just any palm tree. He says Subhana Allah to Allah, Oslo Hertha. But while further to half his summer, its foundations are strong, and its branches are high in the sky. To to

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Kota Kula Hainan in the labia, it produces fruit at all time by the permission of the Lord. So the tree of faith is not seasonal. And the trees that it produces in paradise are consistent as well. And the reward of the believer who is like a tree to everyone else in this life is literally trees that extend their shade in paradise and beautiful low hanging fruits always in production and within reach. And the more that the fruit of your knowledge is beneficial to others, the more the fruit of your reward in the hereafter. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when the Muslim visits his sick brother or sister, he is harvesting the fruits of Paradise until he returns. So it's

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not just that the visit itself Allah Subhana Allah gives you with the garden, but every single moment that you are there and bringing comfort to that person, Allah is harvesting fruit for you and increasing your share. Because Allah subhanaw taala will always bless you with more even when you think you're doing so little. So whether it's that one test to be Subhan Allah, or when the Prophet sighs So I'm said the lowest branch of ima is removing a branch from the road. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I saw a man strolling in Paradise because in this dunya he saw a branch of a tree laying on the ground and he removed it because he said I don't want this to harm the believers

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and as a result what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada allows him trees and Paradise under which he can stroll and he can enjoy everything that is there. So you have your trees, you have your garden, you have your fruits, now how sweet will the rivers be beneath you?

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