Omar Suleiman – Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth – Qur’anic Parables #3

Omar Suleiman
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I've been going through these parables and, and there has been a connection as you've seen thus far with this concept of light, the light of the believer. And we wanted to continue along the same lines when talking about this concept of *. And when we started off, we talked about the light of sincerity versus the light of hypocrisy. And we continued along that same trend, we're talking about how Allah subhanho wa Taala gives life to the earth and the possibility of reconnecting to a loss of habitat and resurrecting a dead heart resuscitating a dead heart, and inshallah Tada. Tonight, we're going to continue along the same lines, speaking about the verse of nor speaking about the verse of

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light, and have the law Blimey, and I'm joined, of course, by Stellar that's his name and Pete and the tour earthman emerging. And in sha Allah tala. Tonight, Stella tasneem is going to start us off by giving us the context for which this is shows up in Charlottetown. And then I'll continue talking about the parable itself. And Dr. Rothman give us some reflections on a day to day some some greater practical manifestations of this with the nighttime in our own life. So in Charlottetown, I'm going to go ahead and hand it off to the to sunny side, everyone and welcome back to a new week, as chef I'm gonna mention, we are talking still about this concept of node. And in fact, the parable, the

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method that we're talking about the idea that we're talking about today's often referred to as a to note that the verse of note the verse of light of guidance, whatever, you know, word we use to to translate what * is. And it's it's actually in the sutra of newer, it's sort of 24. The verse we're referring to is verse 35.

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Let's both the Shahada has men go into the details of what this parable is like. But for the purposes of context, it's important to know what it's generally about. And let's find out it says a lone wolf similar to the last one, Tyler is the new he is the light, he is the guidance, he has everything. You know, this this, this sight, this light of what the both the heavens and the earth. And it goes on to talk about the parable of how we can understand how we can even sort of try to grasp to conceptualize what that means, all of that data being that that wood and the eye and yet the level, you know, he may or she was pandadoc will guide whoever he wills to that, that *,

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again, we see this association between Huda between guidance and rule that this this idea, the concept of having that light, having that inner sight that comes with that light is his guidance. Now, as I mentioned, I had to note this verse of newer is, comes in the chapter of newer, and that essentially, the sutra was named after this, this verse. So what does this tell us? This tells us that basically, the idea is sort of the centerpiece of the sutra, so much so that the whole chapter is named sort of two more. So when we have that in mind, we're thinking, as we read through all of that, as we read throughout the entire surah, we're going to there's going to be this theme, this

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reoccurring theme, just as the chapter title tells us of newer, So pretend you don't know suit isn't new at all. You've never read it before, you're not really sure you know what's going to come. If I told you that this whole suit is going to somehow revolve around this concept of *. What would you think? Right? We're thinking about the same things we've been talking about the past few weeks without talking about guidance. We're talking about light, we're talking about Buddha, we're talking about, you know, coming out of darkness into this new world. What are some of the if you would think about you would probably think about at least and again, this is me thinking, if you're thinking

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along the same lines as I am, you think, Okay, let's try to add is going to give us examples to reflect on the world to, you know, think about things help life grows, he's going to, you know, talk about how Alice putana is, you know, the source of our happiness, he's going to be talking about his mercy, all of these different concepts that I personally would associate with noon with this, this idea

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of lights, right, more of like these, these feel good topics that really motivate us to be to search for that new word and to ask last hondata for it. And if you get the gist of what I'm saying is that you in the context of now this is in With this in mind, thinking about what new would what would that would entail what type of examples and if the pop up the last pot I would give?

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setting this I see that all to set the stage for what sort of to noon actually it's not as any sort out with legal verses. It's sort of one of my favorite sword. And you know, again, you're prepared coming in with this idea of last fantasma talking about news and talking about ways we can take this news. And what does this how do you start this today? What's the first idea? Susan Enza now had a suitor? That was fat

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Are we brought down well settled now have that, you know, we made essentially, like obligatory we were bringing this for you to follow through with certain ends and now referral fee is a movie that we're bringing clear signs all building up right we'll be building up to that momentum was that it's going to give us those as those ways of clarifying how we can obtain this new one. Now, I love that so that you can, you know, you can really think about this reflect about well, all of these are yet they're about to come are going to be signs of manifestations of how to reach that newer.

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What's the very second verse in the sutra? zania to a Zen effectively do clever magic method genja that adult fornicator you know, the female fornicator the the male fornicator the adulterer, adulterous, whoever commit Zina what what's the punishment for them? You lost them a certain amount of times. Now that whole page is all about this rules, laws. You know, what do you do if you you know, you catch your spouse cheating on you committing adultery, this massive crime breaking apart of family, all of these really heavy topics, the whole page going through testimony, oaths, court procedure, heavy, heavy topics, move on to the second page, what's the very first I on the top of

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the second page in the livina? jet will be excuse me, we're now talking about the famous story, right? So the law on her where she essentially was accused of what adultery when she This is a time when she was married to the political system, she was facing this accusation, that entire page, second page of sudipta, nor was patatas. Going through all of you, you should have done this. And this is the procedure. And this is you need this many witnesses. And if this occurs, these are the legal ramifications. Tough is right, continue all the way up until the the method, the verse that we're talking about, right now, you know, plethora of legal verses, you have the idea of pulling

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more money, now you're doing upselling tell the bleeding man to lower their gaze, called the believing woman to lower their their gaze. And this is how they should dress and this is whom they should cover from. Again, all of these is that are legal in nature. And one thing that's just in the wrap up, as to how this is connected, within all of these legal acts that go, by the way, all the way up until right before that the I have endured loss on four separate occasions. And this is saying, Well, what

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if it wasn't for the murder, the bounty of loss, highlight the graciousness of a loss, out of the mercy of Allah spawn Tada, you wouldn't have been able to purify yourselves how, you know, how would you be able to repent? How you know, you, you you can't reach a state of repentance of perfection of purification. If it wasn't for lunch on Donna's phone, is His bounty and His rahama His mercy. So all of this stuff I bring I say this all to really put into context. I have no. Now you have this is saying a lot more similar to you without how, you know Masada is the light. He's the guidance of the heavens and the earth and he brings his guidance, anyone whom He wills

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immediately what you would think, again, you would assume that the build up would be you know, okay, well, how are these legal verses talking about like this, this guidance, this, this would add this new word, and it and it really it's about dismantling this idea that, you know, actually, I should say reconstructing this idea that the Sharia the legal rules, the fifth, all of these things that we've Unfortunately, sometimes associated, you know, made negative connotations with, that all of these are, are are manifestations of a loss, that is *. There are manifestations of his light of His guidance, His mercy, his bounty, that was that is bringing us these these laws, these rules, all

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in order to bring us guidance to bring us further. And it's something I think it's just a way to really reconceptualize our standing all of the shediac of laws that really allowed that I could have put them in any other sort of these these, you know, very heavy AI ads, but it's in a pseudo * of light of guidance right before the most powerful, one of the most powerful parables know what I'm talking about almost pantalla how he is he is that source of light and of guidance. And so it's really important that based you know, just as long as contact is associated, the goodness, the mercy, the beauty in these legal verses that we to make that Association, and we appreciate the

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laws, the the the wisdom behind everything that has been granted or patata knows what's best for us. And that when it comes to, you know, the way we structure our lives, the way we understand what Chicago the physical, the laws, everything like that, that we do so in a way that we appreciate them that these again, are something

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That brings us closer to Allah Subhana Allah and our means of manifesting that Nord and that guidance. And with that, we'll go ahead and pass it along inshallah calligraphy, I think that's a wonderful sheetala situating the ayah why because you know, when you start to say a lot of the light of the heavens in the earth, that means that the guidance of Allah subhana wa tada is the light of society as well on so on society clings to a laws guidance, then they experience new or experienced light. And when they turn away from a laws guidance, they experience a little map, they experienced darkness upon darkness. And that has many ramifications and many implications. So before I get to

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this ayah, in the few minutes that I have, I'm going to cover the most frequently commented upon I in the portal, and according to some scholars is actually this I and so the Tafseer over this i is rich, because every single word has a deep connotation. But I really want to connect it to the very first parable that we started off with, which was the hypocrites and their rule, and then the believers and their ruler on the Day of Judgment, the light of the hypocrites, and then the light of the believers. And we said that the hypocrites and the first method, the first parable that we have in the portal and the hypocrites, Kindle this fire, and they make use of the lights, but they don't

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take or they don't accept the consequences of belief, the hardship of belief, but instead, they merely try to exploit the benefits of belief, when that is, when that's open to them. And when they can use that, to gain worldly benefits. And then on the Day of Judgment, what they experience is that the light has been taken away. And the only thing left is the heat of the fire. And the fire in the Hereafter, is far worse than the fire of this world. The believers, on the other hand, experience the fire of belief in this life, which means that they deal with the consequences readily accept the consequences of accepting the truth. And this life and on the Day of Judgment, all they

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have is normal, and all they have is light stretching forth before them, that guides them to the ultimate place of light genitive for those with the 90 Tyler, the highest level of paradise. So that light of sincerity, right? And so they were concealing it and it really was something that they invested in in this life, they put a lot of currency in secret good deeds and deeds from which they would only benefit from on the Day of Judgment. Right. So saw that clip to serve the secret charity, the prayer in the in the depths of the night to Monday. So they see that light on the Day of Judgment, the prophets I some mentioning that there's a bush law glad tidings of a forest stretching

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light on the Day of Judgment for those who used to walk to the masjid in the dark, right. So there they are on the day of judgment with this light. So this light in this life is guidance and guidance in clinging to the newer of the light of knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to us through the poor and, and through the practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it is guidance on the Day of Judgment, it lights the path all the way until we reached the promised place of paradise. And that's also by the way, a deep connection to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam where he described the seeker of knowledge that that he who takes a path of

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knowledge Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate for him the path to paradise, nomadic like him a whole lot to Allah. He said Lisa in kathrada he said knowledge is not compiling numerous narrations it's not compiling memorize text. But he said it is knowing angina love quite a bit. It is a light that Allah subhanaw taala places in the heart of the believer That's true. And that's true knowledge. It's not information. It is what you mix of the information with a ready heart and accepting heart A submitting hearts that then leads to actions of light and inspired actions where we find from the enlightened path of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before us so why do I set up

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this parable this way? law starts off with a law who knows somehow it will have a lot is the light of the heavens and the earth. You cannot gain light in your life until you properly understand who the source of light is similar to when we finish Salah we say Allah anta Salaam woman casilla all a lot You are a Salaam you are peace and from you is peace, then we can give peace we can spread peace to everything that's around us when we understand who the source of that pieces. So you know there are multiple Hadith where the prophets lie Selim mentioned.

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You know a llama until a llama like 110 or senapati will have a lot to you belongs all praise You are the light of the heavens in the earth are the prophets why some specifically sought refuge in

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In the light of a lost face from the darkness of this world, and the darkness that presents itself be naughty, which hit right so this is something that we find from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Allah who somehow it was,

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a beloved was a little the alone time and who he commented on this. And he said that there is no night or day no late or in the house with your Lord, no night or day with your Lord, the light of the throne comes from the light of his face and everything is lit from his lights of how to hope to Allah, his job is newer somehow in a hotel, his veil is like some kind of hotel but in the deeper sense here that a lot is the source of guidance and then nothing to Rudy he method only he the parable of his light, there is about different here, but it will have the same it'll actually have the same meaning or the same benefit to us, but they're not different here as to who Rudy he is

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referring to. Is it his light as in a lot of light? Or is it his light as in Northern lachemann, the light of the moment the light of the believer, and that's a that's a technical debate that you'll find in the books of Tafseer. But the benefit of it is still that the source of light is a loss of Hannah Montana. And what a lot is to describe now, in terms of this dismiss VAT this lamp, this torch of light is the heart of the believer, okay is the heart of the believer. So Allah says the example of his light is like a niche, and within it is a lamp within it is a lamp and in this law who feeds who jaja and then Allah subhana wa tada says that this lamp is in glass, a precious glass,

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and the glass is as if it was a brilliant start lit from a blessed tree. A blessed olive tree lasts up to one hour to be neither of the East nor of the West. Some of the scholars they commented on this, they said because a tree of the East primarily received sunlight in the morning and a tree of the West primarily received sunlight in the evening. So as the sun is setting, so this is a tree that is exposed to light all day long. It is always being nurtured by light. And then Allah subhana wa tada mentions your characterization to her you'll lead that it's oil would glow forth in and of itself when Olam Tim says who now even if fire was not to touch it no to an honour light upon light.

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So let's go ahead and you know, give this example or visualize this parable for a moment inshallah. The Nisha is in the wall. Okay, so there's this chamber that exists. And some of the scholars they say that of the benefits of that is that in the chest of every person is the potential of a living heart, a lot did not create a human being that has the sense and the comprehension and the faculties to be guided except that there's the potential of guidance there. And so, the Nisha is there, the place of that heart is there the chamber of the chest is there and then it is this precious glass this this precious covering that exists and then within it is this very special lamp and Allah

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subhana wa tada talks about this lamp, this precious Misbah, which is the heart of the believer that has in it as eight it has in it an oil that already exists, that if the fire were to touch it, then you would see light upon light, but the ZX eight already the oil already has light and this is where I want to stop for a moment. You know, the profit slice and I'm talking about the different types of hearts we elaborated a little bit on that last week when we were talking about how lysogenic gives life to a dead heart. On the profits on the life that I'm talking about. In one had Hadeeth Alban Walkman the heart of the believer, the Prophet slicin um said, when a heart that is full, a heart

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that is full fee mithril, Siraj? Yes, that it has in it. This radiating lamp, it has in it this radiating lamps, Pamela, every time I see the logical heart I love that name. Right the mom slides right so large is a radiating lamp. So Pamela, so the Prophet sites have described the heart of the believer, as a full heart full of what full of the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala, full of the pursuit of truth, full of full of very bad about that include the worship of the heart, looking for a loss of hands desiring good and so that is a heart that is ready to receive guidance it is looking for and I'll see how it's looking for advice. It's looking for admonition, it's looking for a

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healthy environment. It's looking for a love it's in pursuit of a loss of kind of what's at the heart is ready to receive and so what is it lots of parents are talking about here? Many of the scholars they say that the ZX eight the oil here is the Fatah is that pure

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pursuit of a loss of hundreds of that natural disposition to Allah, meaning this is a person who already has they've opened their hearts to truth. So they're the opposite of wapato colonna holding the Lana Houma la hobbico. For him, they said that our hearts are covered. Our hearts are protected from guidance, their opposite of Fela Zaboo. As I have a lot of clue about when they turned away a lot turn their hearts away. These are people whose hearts are ready for guidance, because they are actively seeking the origin. They're seeking the fifth one, the fifth law is zeta, it's like an oil and Ulises. This oil is so powerful that it could guide even without the fire touching it, it would

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radiate even without the fire touching it, who I think of By the way, I think of if any of you watch the first series or you heard his story elsewhere, the story of a diviner amateur, no fail, while the Allahu taala animal, you know, a man who did not live to see the way of the Prophet slice on the revelation of the Prophet seisen. But who was so in touch with his fifth law, so in touch with a natural pursuit of truth, that he was looking for the God of Abraham, the God of Abraham, it is set up, knew that there is no way that these idols were divine, knew that there was only one God county at a hand enough to have enough who would worship in an Abrahamic way, who went around the world

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looking for that one God, who looks for it in the Torah, and in the end, gee, who, by by by nature of being in touch with his fifth law, you know, rejected the sacrifice to the idols before the prophets lie, some received revelation, rejected the burial of young girls alive before what you've done. That's a story that we have been putting out before the verse came down it his fifth law was not comfortable with what he was seeing. And so the heart, if it is sound, if it is in pursuit of guidance upon a law, then it will be guided naturally towards towards ways of good, and then the revelation comes and it's like the fire hitting the dates, right? is eight to how you bleed. One of

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them's obsessed, who knows and then that revelation comes and you see some Han Allah neurona Allah, no light upon light, the light of revelation upon the light fitflop the light of natural faith that disposition, the people that want truth, you want to know what Northern Ireland looks like, look at the low end who want to slam hits him. Right and and what was he like when we talked about last week, right, like Canada may 10. Now what Jana who neuron, he was dead, and we gave him life. And we and by which he was given a light to navigate with and to guide others through that light neuron, Allah newer, so the light hits the light. And then you see an inspired individual, you see a person

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that, that loves this truth that loves the poor. And that's why, you know, it's not only allowed, I know, he mentioned that if the heart was healthy, that if a person is is is in a good place with their heart, then that person would never become tired from the recitation of the book. And for example, that when the hearts are right, then they are oriented towards a lot that comes from a lot of the guidance from the Koran. And then from the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin, which is also divine guidance, right in action, the heart is looking for those things. So Allah is that gives you this special heart that if it is good, everything else is good. It lights up everything around, it lights

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up, it gives life to your limbs, to act in accordance with that guidance, light to your tongue, right to speak in accordance with that guidance, light to your ears to hear and accordance with that guidance. So the heart is given life through that nor of laws guidance through that node of Revelation, and you see an entirely different person Subhanallah, as if a person came back from the dead, and now has life. And I want you to imagine somehow a lot of you were to live in that generation of the companions of the Prophet slice on who saw the darkest of jelenia and then the peak of the light of Islam in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and what that

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had led to and their lives and how it had transformed them somehow to love. The last thing I'll say, as a family that here as a benefit here, in sha Allah to Allah

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is when Allah subhana wa tada is talking about this new world.

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We were talking about how on the Day of Judgment, the believers have light on their hands, light in front of them light all around them, right? And the believers tell the hypocrites go back. By the time you soon Wallah and Kindle your light and that life once again. What is inaccessible to the people is the heart of taqwa. hoonah. Tuck was here, piety is here, right? True guidance is here. A person could front with their son

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They could front when they're going to the message more often they could front with so much they could front they could put on this this image, right? But what's here, and there is no way that a heart of light will have dark action, right or will have an art will have actions that are to the opposite of that. Right uninspired actions. But a person could portray light, and have none of it here. And so what is the light that you have here? Right? How are you receiving that guidance, to then act upon it with good unto them and to inspire the world around you as well? With that good neurona Allah Nord, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make our fifth law sound, to make our pursuit from

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our heart sound, and then to allow us to receive revelation through the most sound ways. And then to act in the most sound ways and then to inspire in accordance with the most sound way of the prophets on the lights on the Sunnah of the Prophet sighs I'm alarmed. I mean, and with that, in Charlottetown, I'll hand it off to doctors now.

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Several setups below us latos law matters to learn one early on, what does that Dr. Omar Spangler, a couple of things that came to my mind. The first is that this idea of a low noodle smell, if you will, or like speller, every human being depends on the sun, every plant depends on the sun, and it's only by the sun, the newer of the sun, that we actually are able to see the world physically with our eyes. So Allah is new in this through the sun that he gives us, illuminates the physical world. And this IR reminds me that the same way, the new way of life is what illuminates the metaphysical world for us. So we cannot see anything from the spiritual world without accepting that

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note of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And of course, he's a source of bore above both. One of the benefits I see from this is to think about that parable of the glass that Allah gives in this in this idea that it's a glass, and that glass has the lamp inside of it. And so one of the things that I found to be a beautiful explanation about this was that a glass what's unique about it, is that it has its, it's what's covering the newer, and glasses, both firm, it's solid. And also it's transparent, and it's transparent. And that also panel, though, is telling us that we need to have clean hearts, a clean covering around our hearts, to allow the viewer to go inside. And also needs

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to be clean in order for the new world within our hearts to emanate outside and to change society and to help and guide others. But this point of firmness as well. In one of the first theater was mentioned that Allah mentions that there's a glass around this light, because if there's not glass around a lamp that's burning, the wind can blow out it and it could turn off that lamp. And so I think about this in regards to how our light could be diminished, if we don't have that covering around it. And I'm reminded of that statement of Tamia hamdulillah that he told him, where he said that do not let your heart be a sponge for every doubt, and every kind of allegation that absorbs

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them, like one after another. He said, instead make your heart like a solid glass. And that's literally what this is saying make your heart You know, it's got to be a solid glass so that way anything that is from that which is doubtful or ambiguous, it just glides over the surface, but it never settles inside of that heart. So thus, the heart sees the doubts from the outside, but never allows them inside. And so that is one aspect that I thought was amazing that we be careful about what kind of barriers do we put around the news in our in our life? You mentioned this earlier, what are we listening to? So practical things, we don't want that fire of a man to be blown out. Because

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it can at any moment in time if we don't respect it, and we don't continue to defeat it with a proper fuel. So what our eyes do we ever lift that glass by exposing our eyes of things that we shouldn't our ears by listening to things we shouldn't are our tongues are to note that destiny mentioned this beautifully. The whole sutra is about people who spoke inappropriately. And how that is a huge impediment to the new order of a lot coming into our hearts. And that new order of love will never come out of our hearts if our tongues are not conscious of what they say. So those are just some of the things I think about that just protecting. Take that analogy of a glass very

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seriously. polish it with a court of law, polish it by being conscious of what you read, what you watch what you listen to what you touch, what you eat. Because of course we know as Allah says in the same sort of woman limit our level of a neuron from Allah whom we know because if Allah subhana wa does not give us that nor does not give us that light, then we have absolutely no light anywhere to find our clothes with one last point and that esteem you brought this point of insult to nor its commands its prohibitions, it's, it's, it's for all right, it's law, law law. And people often think that that node is all about just spirituality, right? And of course as part of it, but following the

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laws of Islam is the most obvious direct way of following the noodle philosophy.

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Hello without And I'm reminded of the statement of allies of NAB the Salaam, the great scholar. This is probably my favorite statement I've heard any fapy say scholar he said that every command that Allah subhana wa Taala sends to us in the revelation is either good for us in this life, the next life or in both lives and every prohibition of Allah subhanho wa Taala is either bad for us in this life, or the next life or in both lives. And so that really is the norm that we're trying to encapsulate in our life I asked lots of Canada to illuminate our hearts and to protect them from ever having the light extinguished. sponder globalizer the Army's phone or Salam O Allah mursaleen

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will come to

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you Mark mafex so just name I'll hand it back to you have anything you'd like to share I know I talked too long I guess since person I hope you didn't shorten your comments because of me no i

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i just want to add I think what it was one practical reality is in the ads that follow immediately after this you know I'm quite lengthy is almost half the page essentially talks about where that * manifests so the idea that follows the parable says the boots in Edina lovely and so in you know houses of worship in the homes of worship, where I was my daughter's name is raised and praise and talking about Okay, this is the location and one of my favorite is right afterwards the Java natural Hindi gelatin What are they on on the killer, that these are people, those who have * in their hearts, those who really have that new lead to leave, they are not distracted by anything

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doesn't matter if they got money in the stocks they've got no business to go to they have school they have things nothing is going to stop them from the gorilla from e commerce or from Ito's the cat from praying and giving yours again and doing what number one your obligations So following the laws, but also undeclared law. Just remember last cantata, remembering that the who is you know, the purpose really of our lives and all of this stuff. And, and our source of guidance. And I think there's honestly, there's just so much I could say about this specific idea. But one sort of practical takeaway that I always think about reading this is that there's so many, like, the whole

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concept of FOMO, the fear of missing out is so like con, you know, it's like, so contrary to what, you know, is expected of us, right? Because so many times we put a put aside our you know, school obligations, or life obligations, all of these different things. And almost always at the very bottom of the list is our religious obligations in order to you know, watch a movie with friends, go hang out, do things that, you know, if we can just, you know, train ourselves and create that willpower within us that no distraction, nothing that comes up, no text message, no social media invite No, whatever it is, that says, hey, you want to come hang out, you want to do these things,

00:32:49 --> 00:33:28

things that don't, again, I was put out as to Jonathan, what are they are trade selling things that are headed are permissible for us. But even that, like we set limits to even what's permissible, so we're never distracted from our ultimate goal of the of our salon. Right. And so one thing that, you know, and this explains why I was canceled on people I tried to like, you know, really, even if I have nothing else to do that it's okay to, you know, hold back on certain activities to trade really for that just trading that willpower to say, you know, no, for when that time comes up, you know, so long is going to come at the time, you know, that movies playing, or you're going out to dinner, or

00:33:28 --> 00:34:04

whatever it is, or that you want to start memorizing liquid on and everyone always, you know, asked me like, how you, you know, how can you consistently memorize or put on, it's mind boggling to people that you just have to choose one certain time of day and be consistent with it. Because we let all of our other worldly priorities always come in what you know, something else comes up, a meeting comes up, school comes up, we're gonna always fill in those, those gaps of time in order to pursue other things. All this goes to say, as that you want to be among those that true knew in your heart is that you have that willpower to not get distracted, to have that focus and really keep your

00:34:04 --> 00:34:12

eyes on the prize. And so hopefully, that's something that you can remind yourself next time you get an invite to hang out. So it sounded like you said you cancel people

00:34:13 --> 00:34:16

cancel on people or you cancel people cancel.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

Love another episode about canceled culture, right?

00:34:24 --> 00:34:57

Dr. earthman anything else? No, sir. I had just one idea that popped into my mind, which was this idea that you know, aloha noodle sumati was, I think today we live in an age of in America, a lot of Islamophobia. There's a lot of fear that you know all this negative speech about Islam like what will it do? You know, how will it impact the image of Islam? And I'm reminded by that verse, Allah says, You read una liotta funeral la hibiya for him will la home with him when he will, okay? He'll care for that. Just to give the parable that Allah is truly the light of the heavens and the earth like nobody ever worries that the sun is not going to rise because someone tried to cover it unless

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

you watch the Simpsons and Mr. Burns put up that thing to cover up

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

sunrype but even that, like, you know, it's you cannot fat no one can cover the light of the sun. Right? And no one can cover the nor of why no Fox News, you know, no islamophobes. And that should give us a sense of peace and a sense of tranquility, that alone will preserve this faith. And it's nor will manifest through every single house through every single city. And that should give us a tremendous amount of confidence and comfort. And so I'll close with that. Robert more frequently, like a walker. And you know, one last thing. So how was your funeral home? You know, Guru Murthy either nor allow removes them from darknesses to light.

00:35:39 --> 00:36:24

A law did not say unwalled law said no. So it's only one light, but many forms of darkness. And so there are many forms of darkness, whether they present themselves in the way of distraction or in the way of sin, or in the way of alternative paths or suggested paths to happiness and joy and fulfillment. But there's only one new word of guidance and that's the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we ask Allah, to grant a certain word that's colossal Panda hautala to bestow that note in our hearts to bestow it in our actions to allow our hearts to be fit always for guidance to be in pursuit of guidance and to make us amongst those that are guided and guiding at all times, and are

00:36:24 --> 00:37:01

on the Day of Judgment amongst those with the light in their hearts, the light in front of them light stretching far in front of them until we reach that ultimate abode of gender to fit a dose in the presence of the one whom Allah sent us like through Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah means like morphine and for a beautiful episode, I enjoy both of your reflections and inshallah Tana will see you all next week for our last episode of organic parables next week inshallah. But please do tune in tomorrow inshallah tada as the keeping connected with the program continues. So inshallah tada that's going to be going on Monday through Friday, for the next two weeks, and so a lot, does

00:37:01 --> 00:37:04

that come along later on, so don't want to lie about it.

Qur’anic Parables Episode 3

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